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  1. animation

    love you noah

  2. Abdul Muiz Ahmad

    Really enjoyed the stream and the scary moments will be waiting for your next livestream on part #2 of the Resident Evil 8 village

  3. Hunijooo

    Wait noaaaaahh I thought u were taking a break!!!🥺 ohhh uuuu

  4. Dilprit Khinda

    1:32:45 INHALE HER SCENT NOAH(simp)J456

  5. Dilprit Khinda

    I WAS IN STREAM AND BUSTE A PHAT SHEEEEEEEEEEESH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. IsoNxte

    I hope you know we are expecting a speed run Mr.Noah

  7. MrGinpachi

    Am I the only one who doesn't find the lady attractive at all. I know for a fact many people do. I get Noah needs like a bit same as he did with dying light but honestly it's fucked up. Just my opinion no one asked for.

  8. MrGinpachi

    Am I the only one who doesn't find the lady attractive at all. I know for a fact many people do. I get Noah needs like a bit same as he did with dying light but honestly it's fucked up. Just my opinion no one asked for.

  9. Logan Flores

    I'm excited keep up the amazing content Noah!

  10. Arch angel

    Is it me or is the gilded rose blueprint in the black ops cold war battle pass kinda connected to RE Village? One of the wepaons is a shotgun and you are looking for rose.

  11. Justin Hughes

    Can we get a Loud Ones of this map in the future?

  12. javier Lerma

    Lessss gooooo!

  13. ComicAbyss

    Can we make this the most liked comment???🤷

  14. Ryan Arnold

    Said he was playing all the way through but actually only plays about 2hr of it lol 😂

  15. neokosy

    chat was down astronomical everytime they see mommy

  16. Ronald Williams


  17. Alfie G Sleet

    1:32:45 Laughed my ass off 😂😂😂

    1. Alfie G Sleet

      @ComicAbyss GG's

    2. ComicAbyss


  18. ComicAbyss

    Me liking my own comments 😢😢😢

    1. Julian Ceja

      Like 👍 😍😍

  19. i CHIMP

    why is it actually creepy?

    1. ComicAbyss


  20. Jeffrey

    🔥 Mommy 🔥

    1. ComicAbyss


  21. neokosy

    my laptop crashed right after it ended

    1. ComicAbyss


  22. Kingdeathslayer0

    Mommy milkies

    1. ComicAbyss


    2. Jeffrey


  23. 6flu6ffy6


  24. Suhtther

    damn noah you thirsty lmao

    1. Killaz mane

      down bad

  25. Exposzed

    I was in the stream

    1. ComicAbyss


  26. Ecliqse Whirley


    1. ComicAbyss


  27. KnucklesXAkiza

    Really enjoyed your livestream Noah, can’t wait to see more tomorrow. 😃👍🏻💙❤️

    1. Julian Ceja

      I missed it Ehhhhhhh 😡😡😡😡😡

    2. Julian Ceja

      Dude I don’t have time

    3. ComicAbyss


  28. Corn

    Kinda hard right now ngl

  29. The Night Owl

    Keep up the great Noah overall

    1. ComicAbyss


  30. ComicAbyss

    Noah didn't give us a sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh 😢

  31. Kshitij VERMA

    HELLO I Don't know what to type

    1. Kshitij VERMA

      @ComicAbyss sheeeeeeeesh

    2. ComicAbyss


  32. ComicAbyss


  33. ComicAbyss


  34. YBKBranden

    Have a wonderful night Noah J means alot to me whenever I watch your stream it helps me get through my daily life whenever things aren't the best for me thank you for everything

  35. crazy golden

    yooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo nnnnnnoahh

  36. NanoS23

    Nooooooooo i missed it

    1. ComicAbyss


    2. Julian Ceja

      Sorry pro it was soo late at night so I couldn’t make it through it

  37. Ninja Cyborg


    1. ComicAbyss


  38. ComicAbyss


  39. Randroid 101

    First actual comment

    1. ComicAbyss


  40. Zamauree

    You are the only IRvision I will sit here for and hour to watch

  41. Nobody

    Please quit for real this time.

  42. Rich Porter

    I entered the boss battle after 1 hour of setting it up and instantly died😑

  43. Aaron aka HanZ

    I watch you and Dr. D. I really like the your genuine and kind demeanor is the only COD content that I actually like to watch. COD is my favorite game franchise (until halo infinite puts COD back on the shelf) but a lot of the content created around it isn't for me. I appreciate your videos and streams and the fact that you are sticking around. Idk if you go to Therapy but I do and I will be the first to admit that it helps even when you are a regular assed dude with no serious trauma or tragedy in their past or present. Pick up a side hobby to help decompress and don't make content around it. I recommend 3D printing, Gundam models, airbrushing or even hiking.

  44. XxianxX_897

    Omg u didn't leave me yay

  45. Determination Is Great

    DLC 11

  46. John Martinez

    55:13 out of context

  47. BuzzerBeaterTV

    Love Noah, but kind of disappointed he did something like this. A lot of people have made so many of these “The End” videos which sucked to go through but they eventually came back to it. I’m not pressing any judgment and I’m happy that you’re back but I feel like if this was really the end, it should be the end instead of pulling our strings. Either way, I’m happy that you’re back. I had a hunch that you wouldn’t be completely gone and thank God it’s true. Just some input.

  48. Jake Doc

    really connected to this vid

  49. Clifford Wylie

    32:16 Lol...

  50. I Sam

    thank you this past academic year I have done all online school at texas a and m Galveston and after the freeze, the fishing has absolutely sucked. fishing is one of the things that I had to clear my head and work on me but when that was hurt your videos and your selfless personality were reassurance and a sign that there are still good-hearted people in this world. I had a friend who passed away at about the same time frame and she was that influence that I had in my thoughts and life that always made me what to help people and that role is now filled some of the ways you thank you. I wake up every day now wanting to make someone's day that much better or even easier. it was sad to see that the channel was ending but I always knew that people like you are out there. I cannot think of you enough. I feel that it is worth it to fight to be a better person again. there is always room for improvement no matter how good we are I am not stopping there I want to be the best person I can. thank you.

  51. Homer_Ate2

    geez, can anyone say CBF'd!

  52. ScarFace


  53. Famous Games

    Someone asks if this map is official Imagine treyarch dropping a new map in 2021

  54. JacksVlogs

    happy 5 mil noah

  55. Asding29


    1. Asding29


  56. Envoy Dueling

    Realized he has no other income haha. You came back for the money dude.




    Hail IRvision Algorithm

  59. Matthew Kelly

    Are these maps on Steam?

  60. bilishu aliss

    Why I’m back. Insert it’s business meme

  61. Beaverdam83

    the end said Game Over ... not you win doh ?

  62. Mr. Black0ut

    To see a compilation of more than a decade’s worth of success isn’t enough. The raw joy and emotion and depth is what makes NoahJ an absolute legend. The skill and the novelty have been evident since day 0, but the genuine good nature, the selflessness, and the desire to make the world a better place are what makes NoahJ immortal. Here’s to the 5,000,001 and beyond 🔫🧟‍♂️🏆

  63. Jose Hernandez

    fucken love you dawg

  64. The Lone Alpaca

    I feel like this whole video was them just trying to get pack-a-punch.

  65. it's that one guy

    if you ever quit youtube thats when ill know zombies is compleatly dead. you are the soul of the zombies comunity. your what keeps bringing us back togeather everytime they make poop fart games

  66. it's that one guy

    if sludgehammer doesn't make zombies thats a good way to lose some income. most people that buy zombies nowadays are zombies fans. i never here anyone talking about multi becasue its poop stains every year

  67. josh parker

    this is the decent

  68. MeMeSArEgOodF0rKiDs

    It didnt work >:(

  69. Ruben Torres

    31:52 zombie was packing heat even when dead

  70. Zippy Channel

    I'm sad that I can't get GrubHub since I live in Mexico I wanted that blue cheese burger😫

  71. Hugo Zeng


  72. Isziah Ruru

    that didn't last long

    1. Isziah Ruru

      @bilishu aliss MMMMM ahhhh yes thank you

    2. bilishu aliss

      found your Chanel and seeing how positive you are put me back together I am in a happy relationship now and wanted to thank you for giving me your positive energy.

  73. Ty Rembert

    1:33 this guy has a split personality I'm actually worried

  74. Calvin Peller

    The level of self control is non existent.

  75. Trpin

    Homie got 1 mil views and decided that wasn't enough so he came back

  76. Swamp Talk Podcast

    “If you’re not on round ten in 5 minutes give another code.” Noah: okay! Noah tells Siri to set a timer for TEN MINUTES

  77. A Normal Person

    I've been watching your videos for years and you helped me learn my favourite zombies map DE (even the fire bow), and just happy to have you back :D

  78. Fish Hand


  79. Seth McDonald

    we love u noah

  80. dinno nuggies01

    noah is becomeing a super saiyans