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  1. 00ABBITT00

    Giant Bombs own Jerf Bakcalara?!

  2. D tramvaia

    This idiot needs to unblock me, he is threatening the well being of my nation!

  3. Matthew

    It Legit Works Usually I Dont Chat or Say Trash And I Dislike All The Trash That Doesnt Work But This Legit Work Lol

  4. saelom217

    They can preserve everything but they cannot preserve the human soul

  5. Dave H

    I need an app that will transcribe my conversation over the Internet in real time for a deaf student I am supporting. Can Otter do this?

  6. Cousin Chris

    PS5 looks like a router capable of Wi-Fi 7

  7. goose

    Rover:ah yes, I survived landing on mars Solar panel:and we will explore together

  8. Bernadette Vaughan


  9. Levi

    I’m trying to get an iPad so it can last long .. but I don’t want apple care beacuse it’s expensive

  10. calvin shapudi

    i see more than 2.8 million views. what are you trying to do bro?

    1. Michael Lawrence

      Via Website S e l f h a c k c o d e . C o m it work please

  11. Kartik Manogar

    Nvidia going to have to slash prices. But then amd will respond with gg bios update. Damn what a time to be a AMD fan boy.

  12. Papa Chibs

    This makes me wanna buy an apple product just to piss off google

  13. Ad Den

    my Aunt used to have a blackberry, im never a fan of the blackberry, nice video though. Im a huge android fan.

  14. Intra Meta Archi

    The new one has got this ambient sound feature.

  15. ToxicIntrovert

    Lol they talking about 4K but most people have a 1080 monitors.

  16. etc

    Like the video. But whats with the dust and dirt all over the phone?

  17. Ranxx Demi

    remember intel graphics cards .

  18. Tom Sawyer

    her hair is grey but she is so full of energy

  19. Randy Bradley

    Also like the fact that if you hold down the mute button on the controller mic it will mute all of your audio so if you have to talk to somebody you won't have to grab your TV remote/etc... to turn the game's volume down as well.

  20. clancy dsouza

    3:40 just imagine the ps5 demos that r gonna be in stores, and how many people are blowing on the demo controller, well the demo also gives u free covid if u know what I mean 🤣😆🤦🏽‍♂️

  21. The Incomparable Mr Heath

    Jack Dorsey’s beard looks like Keith Richard’s nether regions.

  22. Abram Hodgens

    What about for content creators? Video encode/decode? 3D rendering? Lightroom/photoshop/after effects/premiere?

  23. 80 iridium

    Me as a 2080 Ti holder after hearing this news : -Dancing like a dying worm on a hot sands XD keep do what you do AMD \M/

  24. Ahmed Haitham

    What the name of the keyboard you use ??

  25. Abhishek Sharma

    Can’t believe it’s been 11 years and we still don’t have a good stock Android phone

  26. Cooper G Farrant

    I love fitbit for trying But samgsung galaxy watch 3 kills this

  27. EVERYDAY Gaming

    I have a xbox 360 S i wanted a xbox one S but is too £££ :)

  28. strafe

    His voice couldn't catch up to his brain lmao.

  29. DCC Doyle

    I want to see a body language expert's comment on this bare faced (!) liar. The blockade of the WP and conservatives was in force while he was denying it in his testimony. He's perjuring himself - Indict him now!


    Why is he allowed to advertise his company?

  31. Heych - Verse

    Me: I wish I could forget this traumatic experience Neuralink: Say no more

  32. menassie samuel

    3:04 republicans be like Facebook needs to go

  33. Ruben

    0:35 flat earthers are triggered

  34. Gaylord Focker

    Ok, bit off topic. The guy with the RDNA 2 shirt and under the text you see the code of dpad + ab buttons and start button. Am I the only one who remembers when playing Contra on the NES back in the 90's that was a cheat code for unlimited lives???? Sorry it just gave me a flashback as a cheat code for Contra, haha.

  35. Triva Gravia

    the sad thing is how these Tech guys seems to treat Algorithms and Humans as similar units with the same mental and moral abilities and independent from each other. Algorithms have to be regulated...

  36. Thomas Dixon

    Its good for platform games and driving but id rather use the xbox controller for fps games, The playstation controller is terrible for cod and bf

  37. Marcos charles

    He helped me get some info such as whatsapp, facebook, text messages, call logs and even phone conversations that I helped needed for proof of his secretive affair, the first time we spoke, we had a very long phone got consultation in which he gave me all my options that he could think of to resolve my case, and he even recommended I try other options before hiring him, which shows that he is honest. I decided to hire him and I am very glad I did. He is a fantastic. investigator and a great person: to all loyal partners out be there if you have a dishonest be partner don't hesitate to contact him via at Text +1 (254) 470-7461

  38. menassie samuel

    13:33 the lady is plugging her book lol

  39. MD Ashaz Iqubal

    A boy was there behind you at the clip 1:58

  40. enedene dubedene

    Ein Murks. Der Plattenteller hat einen Höhenschlag.👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼😱😱😱😱😱

  41. Big Zed

    I am 85% deaf on my left ear. Causes? Too many antibiotics when I was little, the medication damaged my nerve. Can the implant "solve" this problem?

  42. menassie samuel

    7:26 the guy is speaking truth and ted Cruz says he’s lying they referred to the source refering to the source isn’t distributing it

  43. Maru Misu

    Why not just use gas or diesel instead?

  44. e efilysp

    Would you please look at your arms mate.

  45. Maggot Giver

    Humanity will always search for ways to "cheat death", it's just what we do.

  46. Fiqi

    Intel: *giggles*

  47. The Peaceful, Happy, and Bountiful Life

    I just woke up from a really bad dream about armageddon comming very soon. It seemed so real that i was shaking and so confused when i opened my eyes. I dont believe in visions really but im scared right now. It is set to happen in Feb 2021. Its just a dream right?

  48. hanley majalang

    The current occur because u didn't close your door, its not in sleep mode...you are so lucky the current is under 10A.,if it is higher it will blown your multimeter 10A fuse...

  49. comdiver0703

    look at his pupils.....dilated ...and the light is from the side and behind him not in front.....they never change........ if i was to guess....... its an opiate hes on

  50. Mo Meaux

    She’s great lol

  51. Gillian Webster

    Cannot find the transfer button. Struggling to figure this

  52. Patrick Wright

    Lol they think they buy there way into heaven delusional

  53. BASS Ackwards

    I’ll bet you there’s constant updates like windows 10

  54. Rashid

    So funny to see Jeff deliver something straight

  55. D'Johns veress

    Oh my god, reading those Live comments is quite honestly cringe (Nvm, reading permanent comments is the same) People, i'm not claiming that watching and paying complete attention for a hour straight is easy, but most of the bs that i have saw and read either being a question or a insult to the product or more likely to elon, was answered in the first 10 minute..

  56. Jason DeBoy

    That kinda sucks. No USB-C on iPhone is the reason I got the iPad gen 8 instead of a more expensive iPad, so that my ports will match. Also if iPhones just go Port less I hope they come up with a way to connect a HDMI cable to the phone, if not I wouldn’t want one.

  57. Saksham Singhania

    Nobody: Me looking at Marques littering the questions 4:53

  58. Frenk

    Just missing a small fusion reactor lol

  59. v f

    It is so much slower than xbox.

  60. Aaron Cabalo

    He sound like a teacher to me. 😂

  61. Muhammad Abdul Malik

    Love his non chalant, passive aggressive mood 😂🤣

  62. semira semira

    It is fiction there is no planets just Male water and 7heaven above science is deception stick to bible find phorphet Enoch words