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  1. Emnader Rahal


  2. Finding Happiness

    ..... dude... the toothpaste is still at the bottom of the bottle.... if you are going to photo shop BS at lest do it right 🤦

  3. Saba Hussain

    I knew it

  4. Nergiz Akkuş

    Gayet iyi

  5. fati Mh


  6. krisha kaye ballena

    He is the type of guy who would chug a whole bottle of listerine because the orange juice was too spicy

  7. Nergiz Akkuş

    Bence gayet güzel

  8. Jonathan Games


  9. Kaka _

    So awesome even the label changes color

  10. Azzan Bin Adnan

    no make more vedeio fakeeeeeeeeee

  11. kayz playz 2

    When you left you poured in pop to do that

  12. Hailey Abbymisty

    That’s fake gold you can see the screws

  13. rexynator [j.o]

    He just cut the thing when the camera turn


    The comment box is full of what kind of a guy he is 😂

  15. Leonardo Mendez

    They kinda look real tho

  16. Fun'z Unlimited

    POV: He's the type of guy.......

  17. Jana Abou Naga

    He’s the type of person to drive to a McDonalds that is 1 hour away, get his food, drive the 1 hour drive back home and then call McDonald’s and complain that his fries are cold

  18. Seve Step

    Mas tontos y no nacen

  19. -The_ Last-


  20. Aliyah Miah

    Bruh this dose not work

  21. Ninja. Y

    No one: The comments: "He's the type of guy to-

  22. Keyla ÙwÚ


  23. Maria vega

    Es mui bueno

  24. Данила Караилиев

    Why is he happy? He's just take a fake gold

  25. Anna Urbaniak

    The fake

  26. Pedro Martell


  27. Jade

    He is the type of guy who would take a shit standing straight up

  28. Malha Moussaoui


  29. Sykk

    Not wastin the pins

  30. Aabid ali

    Hme bhi moka do

  31. Nidia Castro


  32. poke leaf

    They literally see what is inside

  33. Dharma Grandhi

    Is it realllll 🤔😱😱

  34. Aslı Ertr


  35. Rodrigo

    Man its fake ;-;

  36. Marjan Vc

    Zo. Cool

  37. Reem Almusaher

    🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 👏 wow

  38. جيتان JYTAAN

    كنت عارف🤣

  39. Sonela Kola

    He's the type of guy to say no to something he wants to do.

  40. vardhani durga

    Fake alert

  41. Mahesh Babu

    Text to speech......Ha ha ha ha ha..😂

  42. Venom FANS

    His the type of guy to rob a police station

  43. XxYoplaxX

    Its not life hack its just mcdonalds scamming us

  44. Mamaco


  45. Central Intelligence Agency


  46. Irene Kakai Walekwa

    Brush i see some screws on the back fake

  47. RDH Cory

    When she screamed she sounded like that scene on monsters vs aliens when that woman saw all 4 of them

  48. Джузо • 15 лет назад

    Белорусы: О! Повезло, повезло

  49. herding

    Как сука

  50. Мистер Банана

    bad fucking edition saw friend

  51. Queen Bee's

    This is the kind of guy who puts a ruler under his pillow to see how long he slept

  52. freckxL

    Fiz isso não deu certo e quase apanhei

  53. Marcela Pereyra

    jajaja 😂😂 se la crello

  54. Dharma Grandhi

    Is it 🤔😱😱

    1. Dharma Grandhi

      Is it reallllllllll 🤔😱

  55. Wr Sf


  56. Böcegim


  57. the carl

    How is this a lifehack you’re just wasting a lightbulb and the outcome isn’t even useful in any way

  58. Alex

    And the Oscar goes to...

  59. JaxonStuff Studios

    I already knew this was a jump scare-

  60. wendy zelina miranda pérez

    No veo comentarios en español :"v

  61. Q7Q كحك

    wow too scary i can't open my eyes wow

  62. Anna Urbaniak

    The cool😎

  63. YT Leoncraft

    That’s not real

  64. Yoli Maxegu

    He's the type to pause an online match

  65. Danilus Maximus

    Both fake af 🤢

  66. Dylan Weber

    hes the type of guy to open his open his window to see whats outside

  67. Ömer Denizyılmaz

    I hate you and im reporting it

  68. Arpit Vashisht

    Did anyone noticed that the video of tiktok which he played only changed colour in region below sticker not above🤣🤣

  69. S E 7 E N

    Yee sab mee chavthi krtaa thaaa..

  70. Dhreadful

    "Hey dad, why is my name rose"? Dad: well when you where a baby a rose fell on your head. Girl 2: "hey dad, why is my name daisy?" Dad:"well when you where a baby a Daisy fell on n your head". *Retarded laughs*. "Oh hey brick-" Get it? Btw the dude name is brick in the vid🙂

  71. حيدر ابؤ حيدر


  72. Gricel Caceres


  73. finn petersen

    i like how it says "I won real gold at arcade" as the "real gold" has screws on the bottom

  74. Anna Urbaniak

    Fake the magic

    1. Anna Urbaniak

      Sorry no magic

  75. Hecker 99

    Hes the type of guy like me who wonders why there are so many "this is the type of guy comment "

  76. Chirp

    The thing is. This entire thing is made to just fry your charger plug. So the underagers that believe this. Maybe you shouldn't have a phone.

  77. Justyna Barrow

    Btw that’s a frickin fake banana

  78. SUHA Al KAKE


  79. anbu raj

    It is fake

  80. Gibbys DerpStation

    Hes the type of guy that'll go to a Doctor's Appointment and ask for an Apple to get outta there