Charlie Green (CG5) is a singer/songwriter/music producer.

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  1. Lay Siang Tan

    If is me i will think is brown cuz he always find the body.

  2. Jorizkiel Chua

    the blue guys is already ded? why? cuz blue was the cap thing at the lies song you can see at the end of it the ble guy died with that cap,until all new crews joined and know why blue is already ded....

  3. Creepto

    1:10 3:23 4:43 3 plafceholdea

  4. Nateisdope YT

    Danganronpa. :0

  5. Anubhav Thakur

    Ngl, pewdiepie's big chungus anthem should have incorporated

  6. panda freddy's pizzeria YT

    This song should be called memories

  7. N3Øn Øn 30 FPS ツ

    Cg5 instead of so now everyone’s sus you could do better figure out who’s not sus

  8. David Černín

    Verygod wow!


    "show yourself by CG5" you know orange it the first death "lying 2 me by CG5" and orange is safe

  10. Hyphen

    The fact there is a danganronpa part makes me very happy

  11. Black Crewmate?

    ??? Where am I in this vid last MV I did a real big role you know

  12. Twisted _

    He protecc He attacc But most importantly.. He is *s p e e d*

  13. G 5

    <G5>< I AM!

  14. PotatoLover

    3:18 i thought a turtle was flying 😂

  15. CC_Cody

    Man the background Melee music tho

  16. Anamation Squad

    Brown: Ellie in elec *lights go out* Brown: oh shi-



  18. เพลง ้า้Phoomjumphaa


  19. Izz Hazim

    I like this song Do you like this song? #ilovethisesong

  20. Daniel Da Silva Pasquini

    imagine a music that the impostor actually wins

  21. Rok games widziewic

    2:20 My boots when i back from the beach

  22. Nam nung


  23. Dave McKearney

    I SAW A BODY LYIN THERE it was right there

  24. Ezekiel Olimpo

    Hey CG5 can you make a song of cartoon dino please

  25. Justanotherrandomperson

    Me: exists Duo: cracks neck Me: *exists in french*

  26. Princess Ourkeelya

    You have good voice bro❤️❤️❤️❤️.

  27. Али Орозонов

    Good music

  28. HeyItsEl

    My Dad and I used to play this a lot during week ends or after hi comes home from work... He's gone now-

    1. HeyItsEl

      -He moved to Canada and now playing games without me :(

  29. Ch lateonstage

    Cartoon cat : yeah vote for 🔥CARTOON CAT🔥

  30. 꼬리달린 뉴비

    이거 요즘 보이던데 2018년? ㄷㄷ

  31. Put Kliengprom


  32. luckys fun gaming

    So cool

  33. Telly Harmendia


  34. Leah Vicente

    *W I D E*

  35. Kingmatthew2010

    me waiting for my voice to get a little deeper so i can sing this...

  36. Zboii

    Not to be that kinda guy, but this feels like a jojo reference. It's the "You're watching, aren't you?" scene. Edit: this part 2:00

  37. Oanh Le


  38. ItzNoobHat [ GD ]

    cat vibing to this song btw

  39. Hai Hello

    is muziq is best


    i LOVE YOUR WORK (and all the others people who help you)

  41. ツIg wolfza_demir

    Is scp 096 real plz tell me im scared lol

    1. Hakyfuzz

      no he isnt, all SCPs are fake

  42. Zinthite

    the speed in my sowowowowo

  43. KoreanMal YT

    Before reacting to this song i felt like it was gonna be like trust me but i got obsessed with this song :/

  44. Lime Green

    I cant believe that Pvz And Myself was Created in the same year

  45. VenusMonkeyZ

    Why is the skeld a turtle?

  46. Sasa Alien

    I *love* this!

  47. Алманбет Алиев


  48. Darth Wyvernys

    CG5: *makes Duolingo song in English* Duo: *Turns head* CG5:

  49. Super mario Brothers

    Omg sonic

  50. Ken Syir Ali 94


  51. Matthew McMurtrie

    gray is the fat mouse

  52. Sarii Littlejohn

    Spook 😲🤓😈 Holowen (I'm so lonely that I liked my own commet XD 😂:-|) Drum.

  53. Alan Grzesinski

    I just love how Black vented and is sussing orange

  54. Johanes Petra Michael

    Is good

  55. Sckam

    Duolingo: But I think you underestimate my pow’r Me: don’t try it...

  56. Unicorn Safari


  57. Unicorn Safari


  58. wolf__off yt

    woi anda bisa bhs indo

  59. wolf__off yt

    woi anda bisa bhs indo

  60. xT3chno mc


  61. wolf__off yt

    tak ada orang indo kah yang kesini hanya ada orang ingriss doank

  62. ramirezg78

    I love it

  63. ChangKin

    Thanks for the lyrics CG5 your the best👍

  64. Julia Lungan

    When i listened to the song, the pair of doves that lives in the tree in the comunal garden landed on my window and wached me, probably wanting to see the video.


    realy nice song (+_+) WuW

  66. Brendon Chapman

    So great I'm party into it

  67. Brendon Chapman

    Wow let's go

  68. NoEffortIncluded

    2:04 wow thats clever XD

  69. Loser Ibu-Rahim

    you say pink cute but shes ımposter ):

  70. flubbedsoda6010 plays super smash flash 2

    Cool scene( don't go lyin to me, I saw a body lyin there)

  71. Drew Thomas Wirjadi

    When the don't go lien is like me when I play among us

  72. Rachel Beresford

    Bendy: Think I'll be goin, make these pipes stop flowing! A Few Seconds Later Bendy: *TIME TO DIE!*

  73. Saimine Haider

    Hi CG5 lm jack among us 👍

  74. Quillem Foy

    Yeah CG5 can you make a hazbin Hotel pls

  75. Παναγιωτης Αντωνιαδης

    Where black was ? twT