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  1. The Ant Gamer

    Just don't end up making Spiderman 2 like Arkham Knight Insomniac...

  2. OkayYouTuber

    I mean hey, maybe the drone looked like that so it would be more "not noticeable."

  3. marcusduck

    2:08 hah traitor

  4. Terrence Ray

    U really dont see alot of games like this anymore this gives me ps2 Vibes ik weird

  5. Gohan Son

    Can’t wait to get it

  6. J Tab

    The fighting looks exactly the same... pretty disappointed

  7. Nova Goran

    Wow that’s miles 😃😃

  8. notQwatwaffle

    Bldg poorly an I right

  9. Asian Baby

  10. Call meJohn

    Minutes ago gang

  11. Eduardo Duarte

    looks good

  12. Falcon Gaming Network

    Can someone tell me what this banger remix is called 0:02

  13. James Harvin

    If you could change the suit of peter in the first mission and for the hologram in the challenges, it would be absolutely perfect. If miles has a spider verse suit they could do the the thwip release

  14. Cassius Fowler

    Combat sucks once again. They need to bring it back to ac 3 ac black flag

  15. demonbunny

    Change Peter's face back

  16. Nickoyoshi

    what an absolute legend

  17. Mr Editor NKS

    Good game

  18. Pierce McDowell

    I’m so hyped

  19. Zaven

    what is the song name in this part: 0:01

  20. fried potato


  21. tubeyou22973

    I really love spiderman games. I just wish the air combat was more realistic. My guy be in the.air forever beatin up multiple ppl.

  22. Crunchy water

    This is the only game I will except besides Miles Morales.

    1. A P

      And ratchet and clank

    2. Crunchy water

      @Alibii Fax

    3. Alibii

      Right there with yuh dud

  23. егор

    Это не похоже на стопгейм , похоже дверью ошибся 🚪 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️😘

  24. Respect chris

    20 minutes of this gameplay but they only give like 2 minutes for miles morales

    1. Lambothe1st

      @Joelle Daniels Not entirely. It's basically like Uncharted Lost Legacy. It's longer than a normal DLC, but not as long as a full game. That's why this isn't considered a sequel.

    2. Joelle Daniels

      Miles Morales is a full game not a dlc

    3. Lambothe1st

      Also keep in mind that this is a full game while Mile Morales is essentially an extended DLC, not a full game. Plus they didn't want to spoil the story.

    4. Crunchy water

      @RocketBlastercal I always say that like they gave us like a full 8min E3 gameplay in 2017💀 when the game was to come out in 2018

    5. Joelle Daniels

      @RocketBlastercal that is because miles Morales is special.

  25. Stark Winter

    Wow, I found shit. If it was supposed to be better than the last one, they got it wrong bad! The grafico looks like a PS3/4

  26. gioyu comi

    When the cat popped up out the backpack and clawed at his face at the end I was like yea this is goty off rip😭😭

  27. mckensyq

    This makes me happy! Thank you

  28. prime sundar

    Dude, we need more spider man miles morales

    1. Mateo Play 90

      yes cant wait to see it

    2. Dallas Toliver

      Yeah man

    3. Filipe Gabriel


  29. Lucas Martinez

    I have to pee real bad. Brb.

    1. Lucas Martinez

      I fell in.

    2. Matthew Bagg

      Yeah, did something happen?

    3. ภ๏ย

      You ok? You’ve been at the bathroom for an awful long time just to peeee

    4. Lucas Martinez


    5. Matthew Bagg

      Good luck

  30. Total Chaos

    Looks good

  31. sparky eagle111

    Looks good

  32. Barrythe Speedster

    2:07 he's a superman fan confirmed lol

  33. KallEmKalev

    looks good

  34. Hesi Prospect

    certified hood classic

  35. Jemar Gozum

    That’s is the biggest favorite in the world

  36. Derrick Evans

    Rhino over here like the Flash

  37. vàthos

    yessss , more spotlight on voice actors please , they deserve some more credit

  38. Sean Wright

    New gameplay at 4:15

  39. water

    “it’s only the first miles game” 😈

  40. SpiderGuy

    Rhino maybe? I don't know. That's what i'm thinking.

  41. Green Ranger

    Seeing him from the movie grown ups it’s crazy

  42. MidnightSpider-Man 37

    does anyone know whats gonna be the differences between the ps4 and ps5 versions of this game?

  43. Kamil dzn_89

    I always thought it was this kid from grown-ups that was playing miles in those games.. he really looked like him

  44. Alexander Mortensen

    is that supposed to be a nextgen game? it looks like a ps4 game...

  45. Daddy Potato

    Is that the same voice actor for Miles from Spider-man ps4.?

  46. Salvador Lara

    There was no costumes :(

  47. Isaiah Jordan

    this game fireeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  48. Jgames

    Let’s go Puerto Rican Spider-Man!

  49. Rich consparart bro

    Bring Zendaya and Felicia Day. Laura bailey, laura bailey, Tyler Jones about the game.

  50. Bloxhedude

    Peter beat up kinda looks like edge of time when Pete fought anti venom

  51. Draxlo Z

    The city looks beautiful

  52. Pietro Di Nicola

    The ride with rhino remembers me spider man 3 for psp

  53. Ethan Mace

    "Bro, Back...the hell.......OOOOFFFFF!!" Gives me chills, man.

  54. Brad Long

    So, the PS4 game but with new animations and trap music? I am very okay with this.

  55. Davion Elliott

    DID YOU KNOW: Nadji Jeter also plays as Sam in naughty dogs hit game, The Last of Us

  56. Jonathan Muldrow

    That's actually Ratchet when he was littlem

    1. gioyu comi

      I just love this

  57. Fab

    He looks just like him wtf

  58. Spectre NRG

    This is so wholesome man like they love their jobs it seems and their co workers it’s awesome

  59. Hart Smith

    1:01 and the cat die...

  60. Galaxy Gaming

    The game is amazing but I don’t like how they made him so op with the venom blast jumping move.

  61. Dallas Kinard

    Visor mods augment your visor. Got it.

  62. Zach Hessing

    Everyone gangsta till venom forms a smile

  63. Sylvie Mpanzu

    Ok I’m dumb if I’m saying this but wait don’t tell me ur kids have the ps5 on miles

  64. sion darcy

    Nadji Jeter seems like a really lovely guy.

  65. aeon lincoln

    Brian seems like a very cool guy to work with.

  66. Andre

    That’s awesome 👏🏾

  67. Jaden Bender

    If it comes to it, this guy can replace shamiek, if you know you know.

  68. Christian James


  69. Joseph Gould

    It be funny if peter helped miles crack omnisphere 2

  70. urboiicrihh


  71. Q X

    Seems like a cool dude

  72. Thomas Small

    I love how he actually looks like Miles

  73. Shad morgan

    That good thing

  74. Cooper Davis

    Game dev: So we need a chase type mission, should we bring in Vulture or something? Other game dev: Nah, Rhino Game dev: But he's not that fa- Rhino: I am speed

    1. Internet surfer

      Well Rhino's do run really fast.

  75. YS Entertainment

    I really can't wait for this game.

  76. reyspyda

    give spiderman

  77. Jhon Engracia

    Man seeing him talk is like seeing Miles Talk he really nailed with the character.

  78. Ouskii

    Tbh, his voice ain't that unique

  79. Robert Adams

    This was a great interview. I agree that today's youth seeing a character that looks like them, sounds like them is very powerful. Keep up the great work and looking forward to playing the game in a few weeks

  80. The panther 1

    Newwwwww gameplay!!!!!!