1. Carson Hines

    God loves you and so does Jesus Christ amen

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  3. STILL

    Discontentment is born from the perception that one autonomously works towards a desire one owns✌️Non-Duality

  4. juliet benn

    no hate on dixie but pls table manners!

  5. Jazzmine Benisa

    Where is Dixie?

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  7. Callistoan

    Next experiment. Mixing nitrogen tetroxide in a high pressure tank

  8. Satch

    Omg sooo cool never seen this experiment before.......ffs

  9. Carson Hines

    God loves you and so does Jesus Christ amen

  10. Fat Guy

    Hello Charlie. I just wanted to ask u if u are ever in port st Lucie fl.. If u can check out my friends ice cream spot and do like a,tic tic for him please thank you very much your videos are awesome Chocolate Shoppe Darwin Square Port St Lucie Florida

  11. RCM channel and MORE

    If they act like that in front of the camera.... Imagine what they would act like without.

  12. nicole perano

    Who got an AD of dixie's song ✋

  13. Ceez The Ninja

    I love your guys videos

  14. Sohar Hernandez

    Charli can you make a zoom and Dixie to please and I ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤🤍🤎 your videos🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

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    everyone who loves the damelio fam------->> <3

  16. Rahil Patel

    How not to raise kids 101

  17. random girl

    Charli losing 1M followers for this vid

  18. Keith Robinson

    I hope she learn her lesson about pukeing herself in the restaurant that the chef had made the food for her and her family including their special guest at the table james

  19. Avery Beerling

    i love james so much and i cannot believe how disrespectful charli and dixie are, smh my head

  20. eef :3

    dixie: throws up charli: getting slightly pissed James: *.... so anyway*

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    Where’s dixie

  22. Posie Miller

    why was this so hard to watch

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    Its so cuuuute



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  26. Alizon Rojas

    Bro the first part got me

  27. ImArtzOG

    They literally just paid this guy to make their whole video lol. Then they make thousands for doing. Absolutely nothing

    1. ImArtzOG

      Then Charlie shouts out her friends song but not the guy who did the whole video smh

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  29. Leyla 007

    Yall need to remember that charlie is only 16 and dixie 18 so stop hateing them and if she doesn’t likes snail whats the problem

  30. Lucy Garcia

    Dixie's an ungrateful little brat. You don't just throw up food in front of the person that made it, and so is Charlie she's ungrateful, too. Looks literally was the 95 million not enough for you. Then she's gonna cry about losing one million. And I'm pretty sure half of her followers aren't even real because she buys them.

  31. Leyla 007

    Yall need to remember that charlie is only 16 and dixie is 18 so stop hateing them their human

  32. elaia 112

    Ne encada lis retos con familia

  33. bleh bleh

    their reactions (except james and the dad) towards the snail being in their food was honestly so rude... like if you didn’t like it there was no need to spit it out and throw up like that right in front of the chef🤦🏻‍♀️

  34. Emmy Lou

    Charlis Mom: Oh i thought it was gonna be someone famous or somthing James:👁👄👁

  35. creative name

    these comments are so entertaining lmao



  37. Dani R

    Where is Dixie?

  38. Eva Wiza

    3:30 - Marc was like 'I'm alive but im dead'

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    Hi ily 🥺🤍

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    oigan una pregunta por que dixi no esta ??????????

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    The video hasn't started yet... 100%!

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    Nobody: Charli: “Do we have any Dino nuggets?”

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    Where's the chef at hahaahahahaha

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    Is this real???

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  48. Menna Emad

    Are you guys still love charli after she said you guys just numbers?😒

  49. Maymay Lopez

    Poor thing dont show respects with james..money attitude kills.

  50. leoleolei lei

    u can really tell that the damelio sisters are ✨ brats ✨

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    who is the girl

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    Everyone knows why Dixie isn’t here 🤣

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    My respect for James after this video went: 📈📈📈

  54. Sanah Safi

    Me looking for Dixie like 👁👄👁

  55. Amelie De La Garza

    who could hear the camera person's laughter

  56. Aleyah Crook

    Ya your mom is right when u have guests around u excuse your self and u don’t say the food was nasty don’t be rude and dramatic and charli it’s the fact that I was rooting for u Charli to not say nothing rude but u had to be dramatic and talk about that u wish u made it to 100m less than a year like u don’t have to have 100m followers it was your fans choice to follow u and make u famous and they can take that right back so if u don’t wanna get canceled I suggest u to think what u are saying.

  57. Daritsy Fuentes

    Why ur mad at dixie she group

  58. leoleolei lei

    1:28 bruh charlie really thinks shes relevant enough to be able to invite Taylor Swift lmao

  59. Emily isabels

    Why is Charlie making all these faces and acting super sassy like what’s going on with her.

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    Love you carli

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    Who are these people again?

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    You are my fav charlie

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    Soooooo coolllll........plzzz do a new house tour vdo

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    Uumm where's dixie 😤


    my sis is a big fan of yours

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    Where Dixie?


    hi yall are my favorite

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    Hi damelio fam I hope u would care but sadly my tiktok account got banned :((

  69. GR8GUYISHERE Pictures

    Charli: oh. uh.. thanks?? Dixie: BLARGH WHERE IS THE CHICKEN NUGGIES

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    I thought Charlis hair was brown not pink what?

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    where is dixie

  72. Diggie Doo

    How comes it has less than a million views?


    I'm about to try this in my kitchen sans eye goggles

  74. Head Stabber

    Does this man even classify under scientist or is he just some hobbyist? This isn't even highkey science

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    Who came here after watching Salem ilese video 📹 👇

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    I would be delighted to be served snail for dinner

  77. Jillian ?

    I used to do vinegar and baking soda thing in school and we would through the bottles out the window at the kid on the track. They always got scared. But like lol

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    Can you give Polish subtitles?

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    anyone see dixie eat her boogers LMFAOOOOO