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  1. TheMetalGundam7x

    Ah RWBY Chibi is so entertaining. They should really make a Season 4, we all need some laughs these days.

  2. LewisMarko

    Oh YES

  3. ๖rēຖ໓ค ๓คгเє

    Ok this whole time I've been comparing Max's voice to Kokichi/Fuyuhiko's voice actor until I found out that they are different people but at 5:36 THAT LAUGH SOUNDS JUST LIKE KOKICHI XD

  4. Allan Christofer

    Dr. Johanson as dr. Joe Hanson. NOICE

  5. D3lta Wave

    I just cried over Caboose leaving. This is so sad. ):

  6. DeamDan

    “Don’t they say that a dish best served,is frozen” *Screen Freezes* Wha The *WHAT*

  7. Vast

    Remember when this show was red vs blue and not animated series #300 with Carolina and wash

  8. Connor Fagan

    Life after must have been true, everyone wants to leave illinois

  9. AsashinDaka

    and stay tight twss

  10. Joshua C

    Looks amazing

  11. Jace, The Boogeyman

    "What's your favorite fairy tale?" Me:

  12. Al

    Poor Florida...

  13. Alicorn Bookworm

    0:53 those guards be whipping their hair back and forth... *a GOOD dAY*

  14. Carter Stephens

    How did Jr survive the explosion?

  15. Danny Vaughn III

    This looks...neat? But it doesn't look like Red vs Blue. It looks like a generic action film that is using the red vs blue name. I don't need the original cast if the series feels like rvb but this just looks like "generic action films in theatres friday"

  16. change

    im so scared of that beginning

  17. Dakuu75

    Not gonna lie, Reds and Blues acting kinda sus~ Also, anyone just feel bad for the smucks that got merc'd?

  18. Felix The Mercenary

    4:06 Ohh hoo can you taste the irony in that!

  19. Maverick Hunter 8

    11:02 when you get the asteroid task in among us.

  20. D3lta Wave

    I absolutely love the beginning XD

  21. Al

    I really wanted to hear Omega's O'Malley voice one more time.

  22. derek winters

    I guess caboose is the juggernaut and the hulk at the same time

  23. Edmundo The Meme God

    Pizza Quest

  24. derek winters

    If I was in caboose shoes and church said all those things before everyone else can walk away I would say (fuck you you think that after everything and you just I have stayed by your side for the longest time and you thought I and everyone was a problem no you’re the problem church ever since this whole shit started you only blame others instead yourself not the reds not us we been push beaten up everything and you just say that we are the problem do you know how much pain we are in after everything you say where the problem not this time I’m not saving you this time so to the world of faith and go the fuck away and Carolina here’s a little reminder you better start choosing your enemies and your friends remember that because that’s the exact same thing you said to Texas) and After that the reds and blues would be starstruck to hear caboose saying all that and I’ll punch the doorway so hard that the entire room would shake and everyone knows a angry caboose Is a living nightmare and after that Carolina And church Will be shocked well for church because caboose said fuck and for Carolina the same phrase over and over again inside her head replaying because Seeing this broke my heart I can tell that caboose is crying i think he muted his helmet so no one can hear him

  25. Alexander Bila

    Poor Louie

  26. Curtis Jackson

    The OST for this series is fire. After ALL these years rewatching RvB, I never get tired of the BGM

  27. Sete Belo


  28. Deasy Ardini


  29. change

    1:26 caboose is so darn CUTE WTF

  30. Dakuu75

    Filss is awesome. (That is all.)

  31. numaTruehome 100

    Donut, donut.... you’re going to deep

  32. Suzie Toanone

    Still kind of upset the Penny got the Winter ability instead of Winter 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ I don't even understand the logic of a ROBOT receiving the maiden's power.... Ugh.

  33. Raven Branwen

    Omg can’t wait!

  34. Denreib

    ya ik david got stranded and all, but what WAS max's secret?

  35. Elsa Eugster

    if anyone lays a hand on Klein I-

  36. Antisocial YT

    "How do you turn off the fucking radio in this thing"

  37. Jordan Cruise

    where are the reds and blues??????????

  38. Jasper Follosco

    Ah here I go again. And still us being here is life's greatest mystery

  39. Brianna Rose

    I cant wait for the next volumes for RWBY!!❤

  40. Dusty

    November 7: The gang takes another L

  41. Chillieggs

    Salem got they tiddies out

  42. Tristian Lefebvre

    Experts thay are not. Incompetent but lucky in a sense yes.

  43. numaTruehome 100

    Well that test proved fuck all

  44. Xionic Sonic

    Penny is a mary sue. Team RWBY are bland and one dimensional. The villains are just boring stereotypes who get easily beaten through plot armor. Its obvious Salem is going to be easily beaten. There is no tension or consequences in RWBY. Only fake drama. Its best to just turn your brain off when you watch RWBY. Its full of plot holes, inconsistencies, bullshit asspulls, one dimensional characters and trash villains. RWBY is complete and utter garbage series. Miles and Kerry are shitty writers. Only mindless idiots still like this trash series.

  45. Hero DQ4

    Neo is the ultimate cosplayer. PS. "No one likes cartoons" Neptune. Me. You wanna say that again punk.

  46. Sleezz Bagzz


  47. XYcat

    4:10 "Don't you mean we?" "Don't fucking sass me!"

  48. William Ross

    i been a fan of this show for years, thanks roster teeth for uploading the seasons!

  49. numaTruehome 100


  50. Collin Canada

    I saw shackles

  51. kevser kendir

    çok iyi ya

  52. Meme Boy

    I support kimball x Doyle

  53. CdogNerfinator

    It’s ironic. All these years later this video is at risk of being removed by its own creators for the very reasons this video makes fun of. Congratulations RT. Get woke, go broke.

  54. Meme Boy

    Felix fucking sucks.

  55. angelbeats3333

    Is Chronos fucking Jirayah or is that just me? 🤣🤣

  56. Ben Hesse

    I love Dr. Gray. "Are you dying?! Hehehehe"

  57. Meme Boy

    Tucker: “I’m strong and intelligent!” Caboose: “eh... you have your moments” Savage!

  58. Toby Trittschler

    I feel bad for wash

  59. Ben Hesse

    Thank you Rooster Teeth

  60. Toby Trittschler

    When you realize that Carolina called her mom's memory the director's pet

  61. Barrage Three

    "Her name is no one, no one, no one She blinds me with her eyes cause she's the one, the one She lives somewhere not here, not here, not here..."

  62. Cooking Show

    Ok I had to rewatch that part with the soldiers and the rifle a couple of times...is that Ian and Anthony from Smosh?

  63. Toby Trittschler

    I Think out of the freelancer sections seasons 9 and 10 I think York is probably my favorite

  64. X 117scorpion X

    i fall 4 times on my room

  65. gl!ch ki6

    I love how Max always understands humans the most, but only at the end when it turns out that everything was just because of a deal Cambell made with the russians or something

  66. Queue

    how did simmons forget sarges birthday?

  67. BeanMachineWasTaken

    They finally increased the budget of $7 to $8?

  68. Phoenix

    Why didn't they just get the reds and blues when they retired

  69. shadow

    i cant undertand why in that moment the animation was son bad

  70. Zombiekiller 2166

    i swear, if they call season 8 'The Salem Arc' someone will wonder if Salem and Jaune are related

  71. change

    i love how the comments say more bow chika wow wow's than tucker does lol

  72. change

    Caboose: "And then we can spend time, exploring the world together! And sharing all the wonderful things in life that make it wonderful." Me: Aww. Tucker: Do you not know women at all? Me: 🗿 *g*

  73. Crystal Comb

    “Or thanks for being my friend” I’m in tears

  74. Brandon Gault

    Now that we see how chunky Grif is, I can finally do a spartan cosplay and have a reference XD

  75. thatbeingsaid

    I can't believe Sarge forgot duct tape. It's in the ten essentials for crying out loud!! Right there at number eleven!!

  76. Carlos Guevara

    Do more NOMAD of nowher

  77. That one DinoPants shipper

    Chrovos is such a good character, she actually seems to care about Donut in some way

  78. Valigus

    Hesr8ng church’s voice from their dad is so offputting

  79. Selzor

    Rvb predicted the grapple hook in halo