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  1. Vivencio Salcedo

    Mario: Toy Train Daisy Boo Diddy Kong

  2. Aryan Dey

    So this is how Pokemon company sees their consumers life?

  3. J4yTheNinj4

    What is the difference it's just MARIO THEMED

  4. Vivencio Salcedo

    Stage 1 438 Votes Stage 2 245 Votes Stage 3 152 Votes Last Stage 1.1K Votes

  5. Erika Martinez

    How does this look good in 2014 if Nintendo is that good making 2020 styles

  6. Season One Steven

    Even if it will only run at 30 fps i will still buy the game again just to play it on the go without lurring my pc with me everywhere

  7. DobriniaPlay


  8. Noriaki Kakyoin


  9. Wedge Man

    Mario kart 9 please...

  10. Gedeon Anthony

    The copy compendium is what gives me hope for DLC.

  11. Od Alon Gaming

    It was easy!

  12. Klark Griswold

    Wish this game had 2 things. Random theme select and a league mode so you arent playing against the best japanese people who never lose.

  13. Carbodude

    Finally. Isabelle and Doomguy together in the same console

  14. holam wong

    I am still waiting

  15. λαμπρος Gamer

    Omg song c mania I love it is the best game ever but pls I'm on mobile pls free sonic mania pls pls pls

  16. Wii hat Mii

    I wanted this game so desperately on my Switch. I would have paid everything for it. $80 or even $100. I just wanted it to have in my collection physically I can't tell you how much. But for me digital only it's totally worthless. I won't even pick it up in a sale for $10. A game like this digital only is an insult I won't accept. And there is nothing to collect and therefore no value for me. Words can't describe how disappointed I am. This was my single most wanted Switch game for 2020. All the games I waited for the most like Alien: Isolation, Crysis, Jurassic World Evolution and now Doom were all digital only. Now wonder if developers think there is no market for adult games on Switch when they don't treat us like adults. We are a generation used to collect our games physically. For us digital only games don't even exist (Except for tiny Indie games obviously).

    1. stinky old man

      @Wii hat Mii its a racket. a money making racket. i want to own doom eternal .i refuse to 'rent' it. not paying for any online 'subscription' either. its downright insulting. nothing is safe or permanent in any 'cloud'. meh.

    2. Wii hat Mii

      @stinky old man It's so sad to see how the gaming market deteriorates more and more. I would rather pay more money for games than to get all this forced online connection and digital distribution stuff.

    3. stinky old man

      i feel the same way. its basically a rental type scheme. you need an active paid bethesda subscription to play even the campaign [ if im reading the e-shop correctly.] they can delete/block/ deny / withdraw the game at any time, so the question i have is......what do i get in return for my 90 bucks ? the online connection requirement also takes away the 'on the go' appeal for switch owners. meh, this arrangement is hardly fair to the consumer. count me out. cheers.

  17. J D S


  18. killian crafty

    *missed opportunity to put issabelle in as dlc*

  19. KellsKats

    Honestly this is impressive. Uhm... I just wish the textures weren’t so muddy in some places.

  20. Bootleg- Bentley-

    Getting this for christmas lmao

  21. Prail 1990


  22. Adam ALLOULA

    Is it free

  23. Noah Does Whatever

    Nintendo 30 yrs ago: We have to make all our games family friendly Nintendo now: DOOM IS ETERNAL

  24. Vianey G

    💗💗💗 will never forget this music. Animal Crossing was my childhood and will forever be a part of me.

  25. Mert Adal

    nintendo please new console

  26. AnizeJGLover

    Just bought Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin, and it was worth every cent.

  27. Egemen _P

    İ' ve already finished doom eternal on PC, Xbox One and PS4 can't wait to finish it on Switch

  28. Chip


  29. Christopher Ortiz

    But olimar would never eat a pikmin but i bet Louie would

  30. J N

    But can it run Doom (OG)

  31. Pauwer!

    Can’t believe this was 4 years ago. I remember watching this like it was last year.

  32. 松尾直美


  33. Lizzy 47

    Idk why the host on the right is looking so nervous

  34. Spaghetti guy

    T o a d

  35. The Brainbusters

    BOTW 2 lookin like Ben Drowned 2 just saying

  36. Christopher Ortiz

    I thought he ate a pik min

  37. Bug Boi


  38. Deadites

    What’s with the dislikes

  39. DRokay 333

    I love this game :3

  40. Dr. sonic yt

    Wait a minute hold up, 1:06, WAS THAT A DIVE ROLL

  41. Gregory Pappas

    If doom, and doom eternal can be ported, why cant we get a version of call of duty? I mean even the Wii u had 2 call of duties... black ops 2 and ghosts

  42. TES_Legends

    0:52 The girl fall from sofa... ( hehe)

  43. Cococrash11

    Awesome The Download Video.

  44. Cococrash11

    Awesome Doom Eternal Release Date Trailer.

  45. TES_Legends

    0:22 Sad moment for boy... R.I.P. (2/11/2017-2/11/2017)

  46. Jose Salas

    I am getting this after I beat BOTW

  47. Drezz

    New year resolutions speak squid

  48. Mlgluckytaco

    That’s pretty where can I get one?

  49. Huy Vu

    Mario skin for Slayer or no buy.

  50. no video giy commet me


  51. weebish

    LET'S GO!

  52. BlazeLink

    Omg finally!

  53. Mr Forgotten

    All stars is what I grew up with. And it honestly deserved more love.

  54. Inutted

    This is what you need to put in Mario 35 the super Mario All-Star games you know put in like Mario brothers three Mario brothers to the loss levels even the remake for super Mario brothers put this in Mario 35

  55. Drezz

    When we getting the DKrap

  56. Ashton Ingram

    Impa and skull kid for smash ultimate need more zelda reps

  57. Ten Kaze

    The entire collection of LegoSuperMario and the Lego TV & Nes!!

  58. Ashton Ingram

    Impa and skull kid for smash ultimate we need more zelda reps

  59. Roland Green

    What's good cuz

  60. DS Gamer

    Oh, this game...

  61. Ten Kaze

    Age of Calamity & Sakuna.

  62. Zach Gaming


  63. The Local Wanderer

    Poor dog

  64. The Narcoleptic Goat

    The switch is gonna explode or the game is not gonna look good

  65. Drezz

    Nintendo made holograms and is using them to make squid people

  66. Charzand The speedstar

    Only true super Mario fans could complete all of the Mario games without dying

  67. Q w a n n

    Why is toad called toad there a mushroom??? I can’t believe I’ve never thought about this

  68. Roxy Godoy

    Now we just need him for mario kart

  69. SupaKoopa JPL

    On the Sydney Tour there is The Sydney Opera house track ( Maybe after the Winter Tour on Mario Kart Tour)( After Mario Vs Luigi Tour and Winter Tour)

  70. SupaKoopa JPL

    Hey Nintendo, i was wondering when are you doing the Sydney Tour on Mario Kart Tour, maybe after the Winter Tour on Mario Kart Tour.

  71. Chris the ultra gamer

    the perfect crossove rdosnt exi-

  72. Critical Crab

    I've only watched this around 20 times, IRvision clearly knew that it wasn't enough.

  73. Literally Deadpool

    The joycons drift harder than everybody in fast and furious 1-8

  74. Lazy Tokoyami

    Whispers past was the best change my mind

  75. Elvijs

    This is why we don’t need Cloud versions of games on Switch. Devs will get lazy and stop producing amazing dedicated efforts like this that we can take with us. Well done Panic Button. Picking this up day one

    1. stinky old man

      according to the e-shop,the bundle with the campaign needs to be linked to a bethesda account,and have constant connection to the net. i doubt anyone will be taking this 'on the go'. i may be wrong, but thats how i read the e-shop conditions. its a solid no-go for me, which is a bummer, because ive been waiting for this one to drop. :(

  76. Jay

    Oh my god, it’s Tetris!

  77. Gabriel Froggatt

    I know I’m one of those people who sends multiple comments rather than everything in one comment, but I had to say just watching the trailer makes me smile in anticipation

  78. OctoCallie

    i am crying :(

  79. Bob Yip


  80. leech

    b r e w s t e r ?