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  1. Craig Sessions

    This fucking guy though! Crazy talent. Changed my whole genre of music and life. Thank you Tom

  2. Dorian Coffey

    Yes I love this thanks for entertaining me

  3. Stephanie hartman

  4. kitten king

    Please make an album called atomic donald!!!

  5. Timothy Johnson

    I never really cared much for hip hop. But Tom turned this 60 year old straight white man on to the raw beauty of the ART FORM. The guy is a genius!

  6. Wolfly Barbaric woman

    Don't believe them they lie in okay its bull shit

  7. MC D-Bro

    reflecting this song on my teenage years, it's so true, luckely i was too "sweet" to do some really bad stuff, but i completely understand how music affects people, especialy from their idols keep making this music Tom, and i hope more rappers follow u in starting to be magnificent examples for kids who listen to rap

  8. Hudson Bradford

    Who disliked and why?

  9. Mike Matheson

    18 mill..... who remembers when this passed a million and we were all going nuts for Tom's success?! Wooo

  10. Katrina Shostakovich

    This takes itself way too seriously or maybe it's just me.

  11. sweetsusie1000

    Love you...Pure Genius....Bless you tom don't change we love you :)

  12. Divinely Deedee

    Nice, another artist I'll listen to because I only listen to artists who speak facts and who don't have to a brunch use of cuss words to promote drugs, alcohol, hate, and money are the keys to happiness. Which are a bunch of lies. That's not real life, only ignorant people who believe everything they hear, mostly kids believe that nonsense and end up in jail, addicted to drugs, who have no identity anymore; that was taken away from them too, most end up killing themselves or die from overdose. Sad...

  13. Steven Perry

    Tom you the best new rapper but you insult mac cause of his age take on eminem bro I wanna see if you can keep up with the rap god

  14. Ka Dy Roane

    Amazing song

  15. Crackerz223 Jack

    Thank you!!!