1. Griggz Paine

    Having Katie's career in flames behind you in the video.... straight savage!!!!

  2. chase scroggins

    No one wants to chase church cause he is a dumbass

  3. Ryan Jones

    Sounds like an ex and a few others could have a scope directed at them get em chick

  4. Jerimiah Eshelman

    favorite song ever!

  5. Braedyn Green

    Keep killing it Savannah!

  6. Jason Gilliam

    Just found your music. Hell yes girl. Shake them haters of ya!!

  7. Bailey Clark

    When i first listen to this song i cry ☹ but i love this song so much thaa i listen to it alot 😍🤘🔥 #SavannahDexter #savages🔥🤘🤘🇦🇺🇦🇺

  8. Trooperjeeper

    How does 1.1 k not like this .. got to be bots or something

  9. Bremen Slone24

    Dexter owns noel

  10. Brad Butler

    Yikes 😬.... The verses weren't bad, but that chorus was, well, stupid stupid stupid stupid 🤷‍♂️🤣🤣🤣

  11. Jared Jenkins

    One of your best songs so far keep it up

  12. 3 piece N A Soda

    This is the chick that lexy pantera wishes she was with her music

  13. Vlary Lomanov

    At first I did not like the words to the song but after it comes on now I cant help but turn the volume up. Only other time that happens is when I listen to upchurch .

  14. Savannah Stockton

    I loved you before this song. But, this!!! I love it! I love a REAL artist, that writes about real life! Girl, you are going places!

  15. Noah Padilla

    If any of these trucks touch dirt they would break one fords and two pavement Princess

  16. Aust bozz

    Love this song

  17. Aust bozz

    Keep up the grind. You got a lot of views

  18. Aust bozz

    Is all this stuff true?

  19. Tammy Ellaree

    Playing this all the time now ❣️ 💋

  20. Julian Alvarado

    This song is deep keep it up

  21. thephily

    Barbo.. MGK did win 😂 he definitely came at Em on a personal level unlike Em's repeated bullshit leg shot reply. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  22. T

    I have loved Savannah Dexter since her first song dropped the passion and the way she projects her emotions in her songs, even though so much has hurt you it has made you so strong and amazing keep it up girl I cant wait to hear the next song wish I could of heard this while it was live but hunting called

  23. Isaac V. Martinez THE BROWN RECLUSE

    Awwww Man This is Tough!!! Adam Calhoun and Savannah Dexter I'm Loving it I am Definitely ALREADY Bumping in the Whip and on the Plot..... This is TRUTH!!!! SPIT THAT REAL!!!!

  24. Steven Redmon

    Please tell me this is going on Spotify so I can blast this in the car when I'm driving around

  25. Troy Clearman

    I wish I could go back to the old me it's the new me that scares me

  26. Featherless Nipple Chicken

    What garbage

  27. Dylan Cameron

    You should drop on Spotify

  28. Francine Templet

    Felt this way all my life

  29. Jessica Limbaugh

    You Go Girl!!!

  30. EmtWilson

    Damn I'm late AF to this party! How'd I not see this video till just now! Freakin FIRE!! RHEC!!!

  31. John Beiermann

    Girl you hit the ground running....keep your head held high and keep them bitches in check

  32. jp Abrams


  33. Minnesota Overlander

    Sending love from MN stay killing it you're amazing cant wait to hear what's next Savannah

  34. Eric Price, Jr

    This song hit home for me. I dont expect you to respond to me, but your song broke my guard and I wanna get my message out. I went through what you have. An being a man people think we don't get abused but it's a lie. I was there in that world. That darkness is a hole like no other. I swear it took everything not to let it consume me. . If you get this hope I hold you give a Nobody like me a chance to show the world who I am. Thank you for listening.

  35. 1badfxdwg

    Just ran across you today, this is badass! #realshit 🇺🇸🤘

  36. Mc Mad Lad

    i was about to say something mean but u guys are not bad together :)

  37. Wyatt Cervantes

    Relating so hard to this song I feel like the male version of Savannah.

  38. Travis Tucker

    Hottest version of Miley Cyrus

  39. Jenna Rakes

    This is true for a lot of girls

  40. WildIndian gaming

    Whens this drop on iTunes? 😍🔥

  41. Day Walker

    Yall want to be black sooo bad but not THAT black 🤣

  42. Shaya Martinez

    Its women like u girl that gives us hope and courage to help moving forward and never backwards. U are a wonderful woman keep ur head girl. Keep dropping hits like u know how to do

  43. francisco20rosa

    When is this one gonna be on Spotify this song is fire

  44. ImAproblem32

    Mad respect to Savannah and Gator.. I would not want to be on the bad end of a diss from Gator lmao

  45. S M

    You represented beautifully... Thank you, thank you! You can't imagine how greatful I am for this 🙏.

  46. Cameron Johnson

    Katie has been real quiet recently

  47. levi palmer

    poor baby savannah

  48. soiung toiue

    You need an acoustic version to this song ❤️ Love it baby- keep shining ✨

  49. Webber


  50. lonelyangeleyes

    Thank you

  51. Annamarie Olsen

    Outside survivor praying for your peace of blessings sis

  52. Rusty Shackleford

    This song is like that shitty, "It's friday friday, gotta get down on friday" song.

  53. tennessee coon hundsman

    Amazing keep goin girl

    1. soiung toiue

      Savannah , WOW !!!! I REALLY like your style , keep at it !!!!

  54. egplain

    So beautiful. The perfect woman right there.

  55. Dakota Rathburn

    Love this song Katie noel can't beat u at all

  56. Nicole Stewart

    This song hits hard and I'm sure there is alot of females that can relate to this like I do. Thank you for sharing! Keep pushing forward girl!!

  57. James Mckay

    It never gets old 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  58. Colt'sNation

    That aint sexy, they just acting like trailer trash chicks 🤢

  59. Ray Lee

    You rocking everything with those lyrics and voice beautiful lady no doubt you got it going on. God Bless

  60. Paladin Mini

    Damn good lyrics and voice!!

  61. Whitley McCauley

    Not gonna lie this song is so emotional and I feel it. I was one of the lucky ones who got to fight off my attacker the 2nd time and the 1st time my sisters other brother walked in on the younger brother I was 5 thr 1st time and 16 the 2nd time. My mom believes us when we where 5 my sister's dad called us liars the 2nd time was a cousin. No one got charged. I just started avoiding them

  62. Paladin Mini

    Damn...those are real bars!!

  63. may may

    I feel this whole thing but the marriage part

  64. Kween jade

    I ain't never heard of country rap until today... Who knew this was a thing. I guess everything is in 2020....

  65. Michael

    Great song. This song comes mind when I'm down and I need to get up off the floor and Dance irvision.info/home/g4eTjGaLqMWEoNo/fy-lm-h-y.html

  66. Matthew Wilson

    Love it my daughter and I love you your voice is amazing

  67. Ravi Nagrecha

    I don't even remember what I had last night in my dinner 🙄

  68. Orange Crush

    You damned sure have to be proud of yourself now. But never forget anything.

  69. Josh Fox

    Im a huge Church fan, also an Adam fan, and im going to be adding miss Savannah Dexter to my list. Like god girl, straight killed it !!

  70. Jonathan Lee

    honestly the best song I have heard you drop yet. Straight from the heart and you can feel the passion and emotions in it. No flash, no over the top camera work just us being able to hear your voice and your message.

  71. Brandon Walters

    Banging song

  72. 3 & 0 Farms

    Two words. Bad ass.

  73. Dennis Arnette

    That's gotta be sexiest cave I've ever 👀

  74. Travis Tucker

    Fire. I like it

  75. fred savage

    Don't know what demographic your going after here. I'm lost

  76. Vivia Hopkins

    I love your music keep making it you are the best that song that you said something about Katie noel was funny

  77. Porcalynn Hayes

    Damn, every time I listen to this song, it gives me chills running down my spine.

  78. William Sic

    beautiful song Savanah great job 👏 👍

  79. Windrush80

    Not liking the rap in this. as if theres not enough drinking.

  80. Charlie Keel

    Savannah , WOW !!!! I REALLY like your style , keep at it !!!!