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  1. Ryan Miller

    Australian release got pushed back a week😔

  2. Tony Mazzoni

    Love your videos you’ve helped me so much when it comes to getting back to the basics since I got back into Pokémon recently ☮️

  3. Jim Buck Too

    Did anyone else notice at 18:59 two cards were pulled in the same draw. Not like it matters but i wonder what the other card was. It went something like Cottonee -> ??? -> Duskull

  4. ZaaZoJo

    That charizard going for $1,500 now 7:50

  5. David Vymazal

    The pikachu one

  6. RSTAR7824

    Pikachu pack art 😍😍😍

  7. RSTAR7824

    Can anyone please explain the Champions Path crap show? Because we want our zards

  8. Y BN

    Celebi amazing rare got pulled, Exploud got yeetedddd 🔥🔥🔥


    I just preordered a vivid voltage booster box and elite trainer box for £118.

  10. JLettizard

    I hope I get this exact box! I’m looking for fat pika and fa Spoon man

  11. Robby Dondero

    GOLD? Hi

  12. ms 24


  13. Kerisiano Tuaniga

    i love leonhart but who else feels his packs are juiced like he never does not pull trash its always something good, i wish i had that luck

  14. Luke Williams

    Hi leonhart I'm from Devon in England and I want to start making some vintage pack art, framed and donating them to my local mental health charity as I have suffered with mental health issues myself and want to give back. If you are interested in getting involved and fancy donating some empty vintage packs or full entirely up to you . Many thanks. Luke Williams

  15. Pma 07

    Yesterday I bought three unbroken bonds packs and the first one I opened contained CHARIZARD AND RESHIRAM GX ! I can't believe my luck 😂

  16. Sherpa Dai

    This channel is gonna be bigger than it has ever been due to twitch.GET READY!!!

  17. FreeCostcoSample

    Why is he kind of buff? Fitting fitness into a non active sit down hobby.

  18. RazzorGaming

    I like how he dosent make another clip for the intro and the start of the vidro

  19. Marve Korotaania

    My mom told me to shut of my ipad when i clicked on the video and my response was “REEEEEEEEEEEEE” and she just left

  20. Gavin Prigg

    Haha when beauty come out ( hi how are you yes ) 😂

  21. Manuel Arellano

    You should work together with MysTic7 hes a youtuber starting to get into pokemon cards. Hes been playing pokemon go since it got release. Would love to see u guys work on a video opening pokemon card together. Keep up the awesome videos.

  22. nate dogg

    Walking into a store with no budget on Pokémon cards #lifegoals

  23. Ryne v2

    Sometimes I get bored cuz I forget why I clicked on the video. It says graded cards but the first 10 mins is predictions of graded cards

  24. sebbe nilsson

    Bulba/Ivy/Venu are soooo underrated

  25. dshew_89 dshew_89

    this looks resealed. you can tell because it looks like there are marks on the box underneath the plastic that arent on the plastic. there shouldnt be any marks on the box, at least without the plastic having those same marks.

  26. Alex Vidler

    Celebi pack art my favourite!

  27. techtonics Beats

    3:09 When her pregnancy test come up negative

  28. duhmilkz

    Oh and just so you're aware leonhart. It's pronounced teleh-skah-pick.

  29. Dominic Davis

    All those pats, I hope your back is ok

  30. duhmilkz

    Erready Isn't the leonhart question of the day the exact same question every time?

  31. mcsweatface

    vivid voltage been out for a month here in australia

  32. Mel Thompson

    Hey dude, what's your take on people following you who bought this box along with the Champions Path box and finding that a majority of the boxes were tampered with and resealed? Apparently 5+ people received the boxes with all holo rares removed, and packs resealed. Obviously I'm not blaming you, but there's like an awkward/weird Pokemon card black market, so I was curious as to what your thoughts are on it.

  33. Ludivic Caliboso


  34. Oliver Giles

    Omg I wish I could have it

  35. Jordan rules Team Rocket

    Watched to find out what in VV. Subbed for the Beauty segment. Great pulls! F*** that odd opened pack >_<

  36. I C

    Is the elite trainer box going to be worth it for this set?

  37. I C

    How are these boxes already going for 100+ bucks?! wth?

  38. Giratina the dark green imposter

    Pikachu vmax and an amazing rare

  39. Clement Cheong

    sometimes i wonder why you would pat your back and then i realise its probably to flex those biceps

  40. Gengar JR

    I got Snorlax an Celebi V but I gave away my Snorlax

  41. Jon Medlin

    i wish i could afford one for once 😓

  42. Armond Turner

    Poor explode 😂😂

  43. Dustin Philbrick

    Oh, like you lost it in the first place....... Seems like you lost it and then found it again to get clicks.

  44. Matias Arredondo Antbring

    I love you can you give me some Pokémon cards?

  45. DeeTheDon

    How much is retail

  46. DeeTheDon

    Is this worth the 120$?

  47. Shawn Milton

    Wait i thought this set was still only pre order?

  48. Matty Be Ballin

    Honestly who can dislike this guys videos ? He’s awesome. Lol

  49. Ava Marie

    my five year old self in 2000 could have never predicted the beauty of these cards. omg.

  50. Shalini sarmai


  51. Jatniel Gomez


  52. Chris Valentin

    @leonhart 15:55 Tail WHAP* for eevee

  53. CaseyCJL

    Those amazing rares are the best thing i have seen in awhile. great job pokemon company!

  54. Al Everdred

    The very first Aquapolis pack I ever opened had a holo Crystal Lugia and yes I still have it in NM. Funny thing about it is that it was my friend and myself with his dad at Walmart once and he was begging his dad for Pokémon cards and his dad said you can each get one pack, so we both chose the newer e series packs which were Aquapolis and well my friend didn’t feel confident with his pack when we got into the truck afterward and asked me if I’d trade him my pack for his before opening, to which I agreed. And I’ll never forget the look on his face after I pulled that Lugia and he didn’t even pull a holo. He was so mad and tried to tell him “dude you’re the one that wanted to trade packs and we both agreed!” I’ll never forget that day. Dude even tried to steal it from me one of the times he stayed the night with me later. Needless to say I never allowed anyone to stay at my house after that incident!

  55. deveshnnaidoo7 gaming

    Leon is an evolutions arcanine a rare

  56. Shaggy Rogers

    This set sucks though tbh

  57. Instinct Live

    Damn I missed out on the 80 dollar pre order

  58. REAl REAction

    Are you a scammer?

  59. josh evans

    Is rayquaza amazing rare in this set

  60. Danielle Snow

    The fact that anyone believes target hasn’t moved around their shelves in 20 years lol. Sheep. ‘Could go in the museum of natural history’ oh my god. Please. Stop this man from talking 😂



  62. Dakotah Bond

    Open the unsealed box that was at #10 ughhh id lovee to see that

  63. ayush intl

    I think Leonhart copied his youtube name from the anime named Shingeki no kyojin because there is a girl who attack the titans and her name was Annie Leonhart

  64. Johannes Lauge

    The new Jonathan was born it's johto Johnny

  65. John Merle

    When you pull the Vmax Pikachu (or any v card for that matter) would you consider adding screenshots of all the different variations to show which one is the best to pull??

  66. Anna F

    aw your wife's a cutie! my husband and I have recently gotten into opening packs together, it's amazing!

  67. Kyle Goodrich

    I like the celebi art, the Pikachu is really cool too!

  68. dayton797

    Quick question how can you tell the difference between the rarity’s of the cards like uncommon common etc

    1. dayton797

      I want to get back to collecting Pokémon I have a lot of older ones from early 2000s but I don’t know much at all anymore

  69. Tarryl Benedetto

    Nockchan -- way better name that Hitmonchan!

  70. Nar

    This video is the second time i have seen a not fully sealed pack in a booster box. The other pack wasnt sealed on the fold which in my opinion feels worse EDIT: so from the couple videos i watched 2 amazing rares seems guaranteed. And i think the first video i watched was an error box because they pulled 4 amazing rares in 1 box, on top of a lot of V/vmax and secret rare

  71. Danielle Snow

    After first pack ‘I think it’s your turn..’ lol come on man. I get your excited but how could you forget after the first?! 😂

  72. Trevor Costelloe

    Rebecca comes back on the channel and instantly roasts his hairline

  73. Steady Spark

    Hey anyone notice that they send leonhart the most impossible booster box to get? Like wtf look at the pulls! It takes a whole case to get all he got, fr fuck the pokemon company for this

  74. Holo Cards

    23:55 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  75. Hector Tirado


  76. Holo Cards

    13:52 Leohart:Pikachu use Amazing thunderbolt

  77. tgags123HD

    Damn, that box was on steroids or something, crazy

  78. kidtury

    Wow amazing box you had there!!

  79. Dark_ Art

    Tell you what Leonhart. I’ll donate $50 a month starting in January to your favorite charity if you show me monthly that you still have your bar license or whatever keeps you being a lawyer

  80. Yan Hoang

    Where can I purchase this booster box from ??