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  1. Irene Cheah

    Please put tyranitar back in the raid

  2. Irene Cheah

    And you cant pick the same pokemon one more thing

  3. Irene Cheah

    I want to say something the go league i wish there is no charging in the go league

  4. D Green

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  5. 포넛

    포고 제작자님 제가 이브이를 에브이로 진화 했는데 퀘스트 때문에 에브이로 진화 해야돼는데 그에브이를 지워도 다시 에브이로 진화할수있나요?

  6. Nardacyon , The Shadowless

    They gave us Garchomp and Lucario at once. This is the best company.

  7. swordinksans zx

    Heya niantic I have a little problem with my acount veryficacion Make the email more faster

  8. GodDex

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  9. Alvyn Abranches

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  10. Alvyn Abranches

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  11. Lyrica tunes!

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  12. Oguzhan Akkoyun

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  13. Asta The death bringer

    Need to to improve fighting style

  14. アイスティー


  15. ThePiter :P

    Guys am I the only one here that can’t login to my account? It says that my password or username is incorrect, same on the trainer club page. I’ve been playing for over a year now, and I don’t wanna loose everything I had.

  16. DraiToMcDavid

    Release shinies for the last of the Kanto pokemon smh

  17. Wargamer Plays

    4 years later this video pops up on my recommended

    1. Pokemon Trainer Blue


  18. Keylla Fernandes

    Oh My Go

  19. Theo

    Do magikarp event magikarp shiny and rides for to elolv magikarp 400 candy’s all now so please please please

  20. SuperToadEli


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    5. SuperToadEli

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  21. Martha Pérez

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  22. Zoila Perez

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  23. Simon YT



    Arlo es mi líder favorito 👉❤️👈

  25. arpit thakur arpit thkurt


  26. Sa J2

    This will very wonderful update!

  27. ljcnls gaming

    Pokemon go you have lost alot of players because they have to use newer phones to play :/

  28. J Poh

    Giovanni is a ha ker

  29. Rafita Macancela

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  30. Pokémon Boboi

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  38. BatsSquirrel The great

    Oh so you like Pokémon? Name every Pokémon

  39. Nivan’s channel

    Whats with spark everybody know spark against sierra would be a really odd battle so why wouldn’t spark become a ground type trainer

  40. Kenny Kajan

    Fix the sighn sestom

  41. Kenny Kajan

    Why cant sighn in it said password or usernaname is in correct need to be more pesific

  42. Jeril James

    Man it's amazing kalos region is coming!!!!!!

  43. isaid marcalaya

    niancti puedes poner pokemon en un selular sansum mini porfa

  44. Ryuga Jazten

    Pls add chating system in the game it will be helpfull


    "0:11" *when yall needed a bunch Gift Cards then try 𝗖𝗟𝗔𝗜𝗠𝗖𝗔𝗥𝗗𝗦.𝗕𝗘𝗦𝗧* best to all people() ⭐️

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  49. satyabir singh

    please give chat option in pokemon go with friends

  50. Lindsay Behrle

    Poor Arlo..

  51. wnnalis cioov

    0:04 I want Greninja!!!!!

  52. Alan L


  53. FC Finley Gaming

    I know u won’t but it was my birthday day and I missed charmander day could u do one soon ????

  54. tronic the megamon

    I love pokemon go

  55. iaingamerTY plex es el mejor :3

    Is TVE pokemon favorite is lyancsroc shyni

  56. Sharingan X

    Hi guys Of the lake legends trio I miss uxie (yellow one). Is there please someone who have uxie in the raids? Please invite me Here's my friend code 7301 6237 1473

    1. wnnalis cioov

      I want greninja!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. Cockie stars

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  58. 11 0

    Anyone out there not able to play the timed research friendship\lake legends?

  59. Sanyam Jakhar

    Niantic: shows many different Pokémon as buddies Pokémon go player: magikarp and feebas go brrrr

  60. Demon Fx

    0:34 My Guy got to level 6 congrats

  61. Sanchit Sharma

    Now there is an update after 4 year on level .

  62. Pokemon Fans Service

    Wow 🤩🤩! I love mega evolutions. This is very amazing video. I like this video

  63. Pokemon Fans Service

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  68. Cockie stars

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  70. Veer Rustagi

    0:02 guys if you see on the left there's a greninja with its trainer :)

  71. noobpoob

    First: buy a lotta of star pices Second: play _P2W time_

  72. noobpoob

    Spark was waiting for community day to evolve elekid bruh

  73. Alex

    Lol can somebody help me I did with my buddy 5 km and I've got 0 candies pls help

  74. Rainbow Jellyfish

    Can anyone trade me an Eevee? My name is CricketMoon. Thanks so much! It can be any level any gender. Much appreciated!



    1. aola wili

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  76. Elijah and Lucas Burgos

    I Was Surprised That JTGilly Was Not Part Of This Group

  77. Bilal Keskin

    Please make a magnetic event about magnemite and beldum.

    1. aola wili

      I wish arceus come in the game

  78. 山田太郎

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