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  1. Joshua Corney

    Funded by and paid for by the US military.

  2. Kutub Uddin

  3. Dj Yar Zar

    Myanmar Bagan

  4. Matteo Romenghi

    What to say... a timeless masterpiece!

  5. stout alarm837

    Awwwwwe a cute little dog, Literally 1 minute later: bruh we in the trenches now, I’ve just seen my comrades slaughtered...... AWWWWWWWWW STUBBY IS HERE, he is gonna win the Argonne offensive with us awwww. Ww1 narrator: THE ENEMY HAS BEEN REINFORCED WITH AN ARMOURED TRAIN. Retard guy in trailer: we will just send the dog at it and he will totally win.

  6. Nikk Land Drum

    oh man if I ever have the courage to watch this I know I'm gonna cry.

  7. Cole Messina

    This makes me mad

  8. J. Galactus

    Wow... this looks insanely good!

  9. alberto jr lawenko


  10. Lonewolf 1911a1

    Imagine being a ww1 soldier in heaven looking down to see people making ww1 seem cute

  11. John mark Ogayon

    I can't wait to Gore if it has

  12. Bowl of Spaghetti

    can i eat dog?

  13. bloxian I am hmmm

    My entire class in kindergarden watched this

  14. KB Raven

    Worst movie ever

  15. Skeptical

    Anybody remember watching this in music/history class.

  16. Daniel Cavalcante

    Caramba o filme parece se bem louco vou assistir quando sair

  17. DogFromFrance

    I can’t wait for all of the dead people

  18. Jon in Osaka

    Should've called it Gymkata.

  19. Dan Lior

    We have an idea for a new mov... Nic Cage: "I'm in!!"

  20. Cayo Ryder

    I’m so confused. Looking at the comments I’m guessing I was the only one who got this in their recommended.

    1. TheCamaraMan

      I got it too

  21. FlamingBlueLion

    i feel like a PG movie for kids does not do a "true story" like this justice.

  22. Tybo

    Man these Army adds are appealing to more and more younger audiences.

  23. Natthakamol Bloor


  24. LazärheaD

    He even did the Face/Off motion! Take my money!

  25. Yu Victor Wu

    Joel is nothing like Thomas and only a little bit similar to Stiles because of the clumsiness. This is a different role that Dylan portrayed very well.

  26. Mizo Mearbani


  27. Helen Lim

    This is a really good movie xD if u like apocolypse and doggos just watch itttt

  28. Paulo

    WTF??? There's no Jiu Jitsu, this is not Jiu Jitsu... Perhaps u (Paramount) whised to say Ninjitsu...

  29. Neo Faris

    Are they shooting arrow?

  30. dot

    how did i sleep on this movie? it looks actually interesting

  31. Yaman Ahmed

    who's here after emily in paris??

  32. Tracy Harcrow

    A movie with Jiu Jitsu in the title and a trailer that showed ZERO Jiu Jitsu.

  33. Abhijeet Pandiath

    Best performance given by KATHERINE LANGFORD and CHARLIE PLUMMER

  34. Rodrigo Shimada

    Só faltou o jiu-jitsu no filme !

  35. Alaskafish

    A bunch of imperialist propaganda.

  36. Ethan Holgate

    I'd watch Charlie Hunnam in anything he's brilliant

  37. Dami ferar15


  38. shannond witherspoon

    Aw I wish I had went world war 1

  39. Лягушонок Зелёный

    Ни одного негра, приятно смотреть )

  40. Star king

    Emmmma watson is beautiful

  41. Apok

    this looks like a war game that came out in 2006 but with enhanced graphics and a dog

  42. JonatasMonte

    Comments talking about the reality of the war.. You know, that's the spirit the soldiers had before going into the Trenches.

  43. JonatasMonte

    I don't know, I still prefer that WWI Carrier Pigeon movie.

  44. Phantom Freak

    Rebrand this movie from Jiu Jitsu to Predetor.

  45. matthew Thipe

    This looks good. Hope it does not pull an ari aster and have it be a villain origin story. Looks creepy as hell

  46. iHDa mS

    Best Noah perform irvision.info/home/nIXaqaShhcePqps/fy-lm-h-y.html

  47. mihauuu

    In Polland we had Wojtek the bear 😅


    I bet it was all the hot cheetos that teenagers eat that made them explode.

  49. myipad900

    Is this A Scooby doo Movie But its America Style?

  50. TikTok Certified HotmamaLapad TV

    Full 4k Ultra Love And Monster irvision.info/home/XmHKiHh_XsyBnMY/fy-lm-h-y.html

  51. Thabo Rametsi

    Literally my only critique is the title. There is no Jui Jitsu.

  52. Thabo Rametsi

    Does it look like it will be a "bad" movie ? No doubt. Does it look fun and will I watch it? Absafuckinglutly

  53. gatta 200

    There is a 50% real story and 50% fiction

  54. VB

    Plot twist he was on a quest to achieve the german sausage

  55. Rodgie Aquino

    I thought Hannah Baker was dead! Why is she with another guy?

  56. Popelo

    too american

  57. AcidQueen1111

    Reminds me of daybreakers


    the only thing I can think of was rackaracka.

  59. Jai Borg


  60. Nicole B

    Surprisingly very good

  61. javier silvagamez

    it‘s pretty boringn😕 ! ! ! !

  62. Barry

    No movie reviews.?.no explanation just watch the fuckin movie....oh yeah no et ......

  63. Gilgamesh

    Who is the owner of the dress Boy is always bringing

  64. Sara


  65. Seifeddine Bouabane

    When Predator meet the kickboxer and Ong back

  66. Andrew A. Garshong


  67. Alexis Bagacina

    Pretty good movie

  68. Kaiser Wilhelm II The Greatest

    Every Allied army a gangsta till Germans unleash The Chemical Weapons (Spoilers lol)

  69. Jason Burke

    I'm definitely gonna watch this right now

  70. Wholsome content ye

    Oh wow a war that killed tens of millions of people how heart warming 😍

  71. Nicole Fuentes

    Loved the movie!!!.....the dog deserves an oscar. Lol

  72. Z AH

    I laughed at the beginning and I cried in the end 😭😭😭😭

  73. Old man Esteban

    Me and Stubby committing war crimes 1912 colorized

  74. Mahde Algale


  75. RA

    U can clearly see that they are pushing for oscar. I shall watch this lack of jiu jitsu alien thing :)

  76. Hüseyin Ali


  77. yogabba

    So its just a movie about some dog Okay...

  78. Thea Shi

    2020 and Fetch still happens, which is literally so fetch

  79. your mom

    . Cringe

  80. Kashyap Talukdar

    Hunnam is getting better and better 🔥