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  1. Nicole Larson

    It's amazing what the surgeons can do for these ladies for instance with Kylie Jenner they created a masterpiece!! But it's too bad they can't be confident in their natural God-given beauty!!

  2. Wisdom Tvowolf

    Happy birthday legendary Queen👑

  3. Wisdom Tvowolf

    Happy birthday Legend Kim Kardashian❤

  4. Sampriti Halegouda

    I don’t know why I teared up when Kris cried🥺🥺

  5. Evie Chang

    All of the shout-outs are sweet. But I like Scott's the best. Second best is Kourtney's.

  6. tereina

    "from the most exciting to look at." 😭

  7. Virginia Andrade

    I love Kim and Kylie together. Not only sisters, they're like besties

  8. Grace Loto-Aso

    we damn well knew that Kris was gonna start crying 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  9. Breanne Bernadette T. Angeles

    Scott and kourtney issa moodd😌😌

  10. Paupau K

    I have to write you a letter 😂

  11. Naomie Nkulu

    Kim is the person that carries 4 people. And would do everything in her power 2 help people

  12. A A

    I hope the final episode is them watching the most iconic moments from all the seasons.

  13. the badscale

    Kim k is 40 but still she looks like 24 right..... Luv u Kim Kardashian. Happiest birthday kimi ❤❤

  14. Ruby Mashilo

    I thought it was Caitlin Jenner wishing Kim but it’s Kourtney!

  15. cody james

    Happy bday Kim xx🎉🎊🍾🎁🥂🥳👏🍻🙌🎈

  16. Dani Florea

    She is approaching this event in a different way than Kourtney. No drama, no cry.

  17. Sadiya kofa

    Rob is just sitting there like a statue😂

  18. Mahle

    So rob didnt say anything?

  19. kriti raj

    plastic surgery gone right 😄

  20. Jeremi Holley

    Happy Birthday Kim

  21. Sophies words and thoughts

    How Many times they gunna make Kim try zip lines? she clearly hates them just say no Kim enough is enough ur old enough to say this is not for me and refuse

  22. Jessica's Diaries

    This is the amount of the Kar/Jenner's saying UMM...👇

  23. Dhanishtha

    Kris jenner: cannot believe you are 40 Me. : Lol what...kris you are 64

  24. Aaron McGuire

    This family has the depth of a puddle

  25. nga wainiqolo

    Wait so Scott & kourtney are defs together????

  26. Waana K

    Kris’ take has me in dying 😂😂😂😂

  27. NelRon 80

    Taking that adrenochrome to stay Young

  28. Aalua Mujuru

    Scott is a treasure

  29. Hera mahesh

    Scot and kourtney sitting together Me: is thereee any chance 😆😆😆 Them: we never everever getting back togetherrrrrr😋😫😒😒😒

  30. katherine RoseMore

    Watched this on mute on accident & its so bizzare lol ! Kylie's face is too much lol

  31. Z tube

    Happy birthday 🎂

  32. Aayushma

    Happy birthday Kim. Love you

  33. lulu lamai

    I hope I look like that when I turn 40 😌😊

  34. Jade Bowling

    Scott back together with kourtney???

  35. dewa cinta

    Gila umur 40 mukanya kek 20 tahun mwhahahahahahah

  36. Greta B.

    40 and Gorgeous!

  37. Adrian Le

    Anyways your mom is older than you but looked 40

  38. Adrian Le

    Happiest Birthday Kimberly! OMG your 40 enjoy your day WE LOVE YOU


    I haven't seen this family forever..i barely watch tv or keep up but Kim looks the same, Kylie and Kourtney looks very different. Kourtney looks like her eyebrows got yanked higher??? Kylie looks late 20's to early 30 Idk and Khloe looks different somehow..wow.I'm really MIA it must of been very long

  40. DailyDoseOfVicky's Complains

    istg Kourtney was being sarcastic, at least it looks like it

  41. Amanya Sarin

    why did khloe look like a giant in the flash mob like wtf 😂😂😂😂😂

  42. Sulueti

    How thoughtful of Khloe to test the speaker with True first, what a great mom. My dumb self would have forgotten and had to deal with a crying toddler 😩

  43. ItzMeStefan

    i love how kris had to do it like 10 times

  44. samurai sandz

    Rob is there 🤗

  45. Naomie Nkulu

    There is next year kim . Happy birthday kim. 🕯🎂🎂

  46. Michael Abraham

    Kim is older than Beyoncé wow & kylie looks older than both of them

  47. Phoenix Rising

    I love this family. such beautiful appreciations... I feel that you know the secret of the universe and that is why you are so successful. the secret is appreciating the people you love. and making that the most important. and this family always does. they always come back to love despite all of the drama they always come back to love......

  48. prutha Patel

    1:01 whyyyyyy?

  49. Kele. Revelation

    Kourtney is the Shade Queen😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  50. throi padilla

    Yes KOKO you are the best child in the world!!! ❤🇵🇭

  51. Cinamoroll

    Why did I think she was 35

  52. Name Name89

    Are we going to ignor the fact that Rob was there😯

  53. throi padilla

    That's called FAMILY LOVED ❤😎🇵🇭

  54. Sana YouTubeLife

    Khloe was so awkward oh god 😂

  55. Mandisa Gasela


  56. Maria Maria


  57. Shreya Das

    1:53 - Me waking up from a nap in the middle of a boring class not knowing which dimension I'm in

  58. kerrie osun

    I think Kendall wasn’t mad about the dress, there’s more to it. Resentment maybe? Frustration? Jealousy maybe? And not The Who’s prettier kinda jealousy.... i like the. All tho!! They make me laugh 😂

  59. Syrel Jane

    Rob is there, Scott and Kourtney sitting next to each other closely, Kylie and Corey isn’t there. WHY AM I SO HAPPY? This episode made my 2020 better.

  60. Kenny Gorehound

    Her looks are so soft & ageless.

  61. MaXimuM

    Those are all things Libra girls are known for ♎👑 . Love me some Libras 💕 Baddies

  62. vsboy 25

    They all look amazing because they rich AF.