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  1. HanseL

    I yin’d yang’d ☯️ and zen’d the fuck out 🌌

  2. Elite legend


  3. Matthew Anderson

    I've loved this whole song, how do you dis when your dad thinks you're the demons..

  4. Tan Dep

    When someone loves you, the way they talk about you is different. You feel safe and comfortable.

  5. Tomaco Tabasco

    remember this song on musically damm

  6. Tomaco Tabasco

    Fire 🔥

  7. Keagon MacDonald

    This is gass

  8. Woods Sylvain


  9. Ghothaney grg

    2021 still watching

  10. SiMk 5’s World

  11. Fam Factor

    That second half of the hook with post adding that harmony is life on e!

  12. Dino June

    Idk what I would do when I was a kid if I didn’t have this

  13. Leong Dannis


  14. Сок од малине

    Much, much better than new one Post did with Ty Dolla $ign, actually, i don'l like new one at all, video is just... 😛😛 With all my love for Post! Great job Big Sean 👌

  15. Sameer Sheikh

    Postyyyssss part bruhhhhhhhhhhh

  16. Andre

    This Song was playing in Donald Trumps head while fighting against Biden in the election

  17. Davison A


  18. Travisofficialmusic

    This song is such a hit

  19. Matias Lara

    Director: So, how many visual effects u want in this video? Big Sean: Yes.

  20. kimloy edwards

    Post bald 😱😱😱

  21. Rach H

    I think of this song when I remember an embarrassing moment that happened 10 years ago

  22. Jayden L.

    I literally told my teacher in 4th grade when this song was made to play it nd she did then when she heard the bad words she’s turned it off and said “no not today”😭😭😭😭

  23. you're smart


  24. Qui Xua


  25. John Heffner

    Gene fuck

  26. Dynamiter exe

    Is anyone gonna talk about how hard that beat hits 4:22

  27. Above the Clouds


  28. black kingz

    Cinematography is litt🔥🔥🔥

  29. as M


  30. paul cousin

    This song is sick....that beat....

  31. Zie Xia

    A la verga.

  32. Sos Made


  33. Alexander

    wait didn't Big Sean leave Jhene for ariana cause she wanted a fling?

  34. Anthony McManus

    December 2020, still going strong with the vibes 💙

  35. Baz Wav

    That song was mid im negl both of em missed

  36. Aziz :O

    i forgot he shaved his hair

  37. Cass

    Does Sean not remind you of Coryxkenshin ?? I see it lol

  38. yomary matias marrero


  39. Frederic Reid


  40. Samurayek

    BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! Why did i discover it sooo late?

  41. Randall Cantu

    500 people raised by sheep

  42. Sightx

    My boy rocking that ksi bandana

  43. ShaBoyOu


  44. 1000sub-1Films

  45. Amna Tariq

    I should be mad be mad be mad for knowing this song from TikTok

  46. michio Negron


  47. biz taylor

    Pop Smoke would be perfect on a remix with the opening line "I was raised by the Woo's", bless up 🙏🏼 Big Sean and Post killed it, visuals not of this planet.

  48. Frederic Reid


  49. Frederic Reid


  50. SuperFizzyjuice

    🎌 The Japanese flag is all I can think about when I see this video LOL

  51. Medits

    Yra Lietuvių?

  52. Abby Calvert

    This man dated Ariana Grande and Jhene Aiko he a legend

  53. Vo Tung

    A la verga.

  54. CalamitousNonpareil


  55. Ashley stewart

    I love this song so much

  56. Elizabeth Guillemette

    This song is for you satan

  57. Perle noire

    Who in 2020 December 🔥🤍 Tiktok 🔥🔥💎

  58. Kun Phi

    Yang milih Allah SWT like.

  59. Kun Phi

    Ingat.... Ada allah....

  60. OD

    Bro I listen to this song for the first time when I was high asf🤣

  61. ZLYAH


  62. nancy nice

    Have a great moment and be entertained with this it's a heat 🔥🎁😍❤️

  63. Dmt nightmare

    I feel like ever since Royce got sober it awoke a beast, he totally turned a corner in so many ways

  64. Dmt nightmare

    I love this shit

  65. Benedict Musenge

    Make this the theme song for the next John Wick movie

  66. farhan sohel

    Is it me or this music video reminds you of ROCKSTAR BY 21 SAV?

  67. J

    I came back to listen to the Em verse 🔥

  68. Tao Là Linh

    Hay phết

  69. Chocolate Lover3

    DETROIT 2!!! Shout out to Hit-Boy 🗣

  70. Lycan Thorpe

    Great show on HBO MAX !!!

  71. Leslie Hilton

    I wouldn't be surprised if he was really raised by wolves 😃 or a werewolf 😜 Anything is possible these days. Woke😉🤣😂nice beat

  72. Forever Forgiven

    You summoned me?

  73. Brenda Lynn the APRN


  74. Devonte Wells


  75. Merita Gashi

    WTFUW like ....I have the right too remain silent. Still REALLY disgusted. Keep the fuck away from me. Got that. ugh.

  76. Jacky Tran

    Here's comes young stoney

  77. Faka Mushin

    Finally man switched his flow... i couldnt listen to big sean after lemonade freestyle..

  78. Psychedelic Sunflower

    This song won’t ever loose.. who still here in 2020🤷🏻‍♀️💞

  79. Laryl Rispoli

    Leave posty alone! Y’all mad he’s lit with his looks and his talents and that he’s standing right by Big Sean! 😂

  80. Muffins2019 Muffins lover

    This is fu----- cool