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  1. Debora Montemurro

    Omg I feel the same with Yankee Candles!!! Like they're not cheap and I can smell barely anything! Btw I LOVE your videos Jaclyn and I really to see you more and more I could literally hear you talking about your favourite trash bags or whatever I would still enjoy it lol


    Do a fall make up tutorials

  3. Jaime Taryn

    I know that sex and the city episode

  4. Sabrina Kara Beauty

    No woman be caught dead running around New York wearing a scrunchie! 🤣

  5. Stephyfra 12

    Bitchhhhh you are my Soulmate.

  6. Sawni Hmar

    😅😅😅😅😅😅😅👇prank... The one i have is cost 400/-

  7. Breana Martinez

    Love you jacks 🥺💗

  8. Sawni Hmar

    And i have a expencive hand bag its cost 5300000/-

  9. Sawni Hmar

    I have a bigger closet.. Your closet is very smalll.

  10. Liz

    Why don’t you support Jackie aina’s candles? 😕

  11. #Rohit Kumar###


  12. #Rohit Kumar###

    Nice beautiful eyes (irvision.info/home/d6SxfIyKlr5mlrQ/fy-lm-h-y.html)

  13. Maegan Johnson

    “Bitch, I know-welcome home.” 🤣🤣🤣 I lost it!

  14. Angie Gibson

    Your personality is everything>> love u!!

  15. Brittanie Davis

    I'm very proud of you and you are so beautiful 🥺🧡

  16. SweetJeann

    Baccarat Rouge is so lux! I love the scent. I couldn't afford the perfume but I did buy the lotion ($80). What I really want to know is where I can get that "OH BITCH" bracelet. 😏

  17. FRancis RIvera

    I owned the flare palette & luminous one and let me tell you they are the BEST highlights ever !!! My skin looks like glass !! This collection should be permanent!

  18. FRancis RIvera

    Why isn’t this collection permanent!!!!

  19. annag cocl

    “I’m from Makin Georgia”.... and she was wearing a scrunchy lol.

  20. Jenna Mitchell

    Not this video treating my depression better than Wellbutrin... (btw this is my 7th time watching and it ages like wine b*tch)

  21. Gabrielle Adkins

    Watching this from 2020 likes this video then and still love watching her!

  22. Stephanie D

    Burger never stood a chance with Carrie! Lol

  23. Cynthia Hoffman

    Brave and Courage are my favs from Selena’s line so far 😍

  24. Trendygalyen

    That perfume is $425 for a 2.4 oz bottle , I died and the bigger one is almost one rank

  25. Sarah Clarke

    I lovvee these vids!

    1. annag cocl

      I want that flannel!

  26. Ashley N

    Can we have a part 2 of this ❤️ love your humor 🤣

  27. Charlea Liddell

    You look absolutely amazing.

  28. Samhoffmanxo

    Also yessss the sex and the city episode! Literally one of my fav shows EVER

  29. Samhoffmanxo

    My skin looks like low sodium turkey breast lmfaoooo SAME IM CRYING 😂😂 however your skin looks perfect stoppp 😭😘

  30. Kira Havird

    I didn't buy this palette because I know I wouldn't use the last two rows of the eyeshadows (14 of them). But I have her original palette as well as 3 of the vault palettes , her brushes, and Champagne pop. All of which are awesome products to me. I feel like I've done my part in supporting her. But from now on I think I will be buying from other brands.

  31. Mia Marshall

    Who else thinks Peaka and Jaclyn had corona

  32. Jenn Will

    What are your tips to get longer bottom lashes. I literally have none!!!😩

  33. Marissa Gagliardi

    Yesss every time I hear scrunchie Sex and The City comes to mind. ✨✨

  34. Jenn Will

    SOOO obsessed with your eye color!!!!!😍😍😍😍

  35. Tania Castro

    lol when you looked at the price of the perfume did you laugh or are u rich....

  36. Crystal Starlight

    Lol i luv your personality... its so contagious. Girl, if you love 540 but dont want to keep spending that amount, cause that ish IS expensive lol, smell Ariana cloud.. such a flipping good doop, basically the same. Great video... you look aaamazing... cant wait for the next video ♡♡

  37. Shelbie Benner

    I have had my vaults for a year now. And there are a few shades that are a little less pigmented. I am in love with them. My favorite is the Dark magic. And that is the last one I thought I would like. I really just wanted it for the Ring the alarm. Causes I was starting in makeup and that was my favorite color theme of the vault. I now can say after a full year. I have hit pan into almost all the colors in dark magic. The one I would swear was to "bold" for me. I love the black in there. It is the best black. I have bit found another black I like as much as that. I would buy the pallete again just for that one black. I never comment or like anything of Jaclyns. But I will say this she makes boamarse shadows. Now I will say one more thing let me know what YOU yes you think. I am willing to talk and discuss this. Have a great day and or night depending where you are. Stay safe during these times with Covid19. ♥🌈🌮🐝💘💞💕💝💜💛💓❤💖🔑🗝🍍🧀🐶👑🎓😊💖💟💗❣👣💙💌💚

  38. Christina Quinones

    No one would be caught downtown manhattan wearing a SCRUNCHIE!!

  39. Sarah Taylor

    3 days a week??!! A DREAM!!! Can we switch lives for a hot minute??

  40. Sarah Taylor

    I love this type video!! Thank you!! But... I still want more makeup tutorials! I need them!!!❤❤❤

  41. Holly Wood

    Haha The scrunchie episode when she was with the writer! Burger! "No women from nyc wheres a scrunchie!" hahaha

  42. Kira Havird

    The only thing I can't stop thinking about was how Marlena Stell from MUG (even after their collab didn't pan out) was trying to warn her that that lab was inconsistent and had a lot of issues. That she (Marlena ) was completely dropping that lab herself if I'm not mistaken. That she had to pull all of her products from that lab too. Really tried to urge her to get away from that lab and that Jaclyn didn't listen and continued on.

  43. Juju Bee

    Oh my gosh, you look so beautiful!

  44. Jake Doss

    I love all of this and you/your look!!!!❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

  45. Life with Heather

    What size bralette?

  46. Diane Edith

    Love videos like this ❤ Thanks Jacklyn!

  47. as as

    What is she promoting now?

    1. Raining Planets

      Still nothing.

  48. Elizabeth Ruiz

    Can we get a house tour with your holiday decor🥺🥺🥺

  49. Dan McKeever

    22:15 me

  50. Larisa Brutskiy

    Getting OG Jaclyn Hill vibes

  51. alyssahall

    I want that flannel!

  52. Crystal Samuel

    can you make more of these :)

  53. Stephanie Montoya

    Take a shot every time Jaclyn says "YUMMY" 😋 hahahah

  54. Krista Patterson

    Yessss to SATC scruchie episode!! “She’s not from New York”

  55. dolimi jotoo

    Don’t know if you know this or not, but if you just put the lid on the candle while it’s lit, the flame goes out, and no smoke smell! You’re welcome. 😘😘😘

  56. Morgan Blalock

    Girl the makeup today is fire. The shirt is fire. The background. You in general. This video. Lovin it.

  57. Juanita Pride

    I need skims so bad!

  58. Juanita Pride

    I love Kit•sch face masks! I own like 12!

    1. dolimi jotoo

      Hahaha I love that episode! I totally do think of that when I see scrunchies!!! And it always made me feel like scrunchies were bad fashion! But my girlfriend came over recently

  59. Simone Valdez

    I just wanna be friends with you!!

  60. kay kay


  61. anitatheama

    OMG yes about the Sex in the City!!! It was really hard for me to start wearing scrunchies because of that episode!! 🤣🤣🤣 Edit: Looked up the perfume and realized why it’s so expensive, ambergris (aka whale vomit) is in the ingredient list and it is hard to get!

  62. Allyson Rae

    I almost jumped out of my chair when you held up a bottle of Pumking. Southern Tier Brewery is local to me and I never see anyone mention local places because I live in the middle of nowhere. 😂 I’m not a beer drinker but I’ve been tempted to try this so many time now because everyone I know loves it.

  63. Anna Burkhart

    I’m so sorry so many people are so negative towards you nowadays. I remember when the majority of your comments were positive! I can’t imagine how that makes you feel, keep your head up love!

  64. Jessica Medrano

    love this! automatically told the kids we’re painting pumpkins today & eating candy corn w peanuts, i’m geeked!!!!

  65. Ccchrisstinaaa

    Yes!!!! Please!! I absolutely love this new series!!!

  66. Grace Moringlane

    Mmm yes! I always think of the satc episode when I hear scrunchies....so not NYC

  67. Sabrina Borg Oestfelt

    Ahhhh what you and Nikita did to me, just purchased the Baccarat perfume, hope it smells good haha 😁😍

  68. Manzil's World

    *Anyone in 2020?* 🔥

  69. Hallie Cook

    Pumpking with a caramel, cinnamon sugar rim!

  70. Krista Grigsby

    Y’all plz do not fall for her saying that a specific mask won’t break you out

  71. Stephanie Singer

    I miss Fresh Market so much!!! Their bulk snack section is amazing!! Oh and Nutty Bars are my weakness!

  72. Marina E

    i appreciate the mask recomendation but that one won't protect you of anything... we must wear the ones that are approved

  73. Brenna Hendry

    Still my favorite of you. Missing this red hair SO freaking much.

  74. Chelsea Crotty

    Haha as you said the word scrunchie I immediately went to sex and the city 😂😂😂 everytime. I'm so glad someone else does too

  75. Cassandra Salazar

    💕💕💕💕 when you had to hide at work so you can watch her video hahahah

  76. McKenzie Mitchell

    Can you please do an updated game makeup look?

  77. Taylor Doescher

    Yesss more basics videos on YT please!!!

  78. Kayla Carter

    Okay but what is that gorgeous lip color? I need THAT for Fall! 🍁

  79. Amy Keast

    Loved this! Such a lovely happy talkative video! ☺️

  80. Pure Sparkle

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s giving up on yankee candle. I literally stood over top the candle while it was burning and couldn’t smell a thing, so disappointing!