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  1. Stealth Ninja

    Neighbors be like "Mum/Dad why is there a man riding a baby bike outside in the middle of the road ready to get ran over and wearing pajamas like PJ masks? Mum/Dad: Don't watch him it's one of those nutters again doing stupid things. Btw guys this is a joke and I dont think that Lucas is a nutter.

  2. Dino Nuki

    Bro the laughter sounds just like in teen titans go Batman and the other guy

  3. Stealth Ninja

    People copy this on gacha life and stuff, I hope Lucas gets money from those copyrighters

  4. TheCrazyEagle

    this man opened the door which was locked, then was told to not close the doors since they don't close the doors in this house, THEN WHY WAS THE DOOR CLOSED IN THE BEGINNING??

  5. Mtrx

    Lucas: I ain’t playing these games! 2:16 among us emergency meeting

  6. Raj Biswas

    idk but i'm sure it's either 17 or 19

  7. Rainy boi

    So this teacher is a communist...

  8. Oofers 4life ツ

    *ah yes, the classic* ...

  9. The Tech Industry

    Imagine if a first grade found this video while completing homework

  10. The Tech Industry

    C'mon bro it's super easy 6×3 = 63

  11. XxedthewolfxX

    6 x 3 = 18 Thank me later

  12. christine carvajal

    i had to keep wtchin ur old ones till i fond ur acc lol

  13. christine carvajal

    Bro do u know how much i miss ur vids

  14. Nobody cool


  15. Namakau Mithi

    Damn this video got me watching it over and over.....when Ryan looks at kelvin with those eyes lmao i cant breathe

  16. DSlasher123 Mobile

    hahahaha coco puffs

  17. Slayer Okcbmx

    0:47 - 1:20 funny overload

  18. My comment be like:

    Imagine being their neighbor

  19. Ahmad Aziz

    the way that his mom want to take the water but in the cup still have water

  20. Junuh Tankersley

    better intro

  21. CollerSlicker789k

    Among US References

  22. APPLE

    i hate cirstopher

    1. Christopher Riggs

      ok im beter at fortnie

    2. APPLE


    3. Christopher Riggs

      na your phone is cap

    4. APPLE


    5. Christopher Riggs

      i going to andord sooooo yeah

  23. Sebastian Littleface

    Is soon as the new intro started I just yawned

  24. 古风

    6 x 3 = 18 that easy why this Memes prented to be don't know 6 x 3

  25. Alan George

    Plot twist: They were *not* acting.

  26. MTNDEWGUY102


  27. Ardo 768


  28. chauncey richards

    Well, someone got murderer

  29. Trezzy - AMV

    Are y'all stupid its 63?🤦‍♂️

  30. SummonCode56EH0 Wildcraft

    3 x 6 = 18 What now



  32. Banov R

    What the hell is wrong with u guys? The answer is 16


    Похоже тут нет русских🗿 там крч на обложке написано "что"🗿

  34. Kola Vard


  35. Pacó González

    Give my man some foods

  36. Amaxo 747

    Matt has 4000 tomatoes cause he is a tomato

  37. Pacó González

    Johny Sins play them soap everyday

  38. MC B

    İf i scream to my mom im ded

  39. Igone

    This man legit threw himself out the door for a video


    Johnny: *"Im four years ahead of you"*

  41. Praise The turtles

    I love how the first line in the conversation is “YOU WANT BEEF

  42. The Joker

    After the Halloween end I never seen Gina at school she's been missing for over a decade some legend says she's waiting waiting until she climbs up the magical stair of basement

  43. ayomou

    I yawned before even starting the video

  44. Because Ican



    0:13 me it's that corona Guy 0:15 NANI⊙﹏⊙

  46. joyous pradhan shrestha

    I just gave my exams my head was gonna burst This was pleasant to watch

  47. JayDa Don

    0:10-0:50 me at work ignoring customer the same way 😂 ; Sike naw I love my job

  48. Justine Roy Mari Villaluna

    Johnny goes first to the express isle to buy 18 dish soaps then he got another one so now all his dish soap are now 19

  49. Knuckles The Enchilada

    His smile at the end makes this great

  50. Hazel Camacho

    Mom: Kimmy? What’s wrong? Me: Homework 😭 Mom: oh this is a easy one! What’s 6 x 3? Me: I don’t know- that’s why I need your help- Mom: oh yeah-... get YOUR DAD! Me: OH NO! Run! Dad: oh heck nAw! 💀

  51. Isaiah Paul Aguinaldo


  52. FromBeyondTheGrave1

    The written portion of the chūnin exams.

  53. Avkez Ramos

    So relatable

  54. DSlasher123 Mobile

    how did this get in my reccomendations

  55. DoggoMakes Art

    Teacher fr got his ankles broke 💀 🔥

  56. Minecraft Legend gaming YT

    2:16 LOL. Among us but making noises is the imposter ahhahahahahah. Like if you guys agree

  57. 아이メ도마ت


  58. Avkez Ramos

    This video is so true

  59. DoggoMakes Art


  60. Xavier Echevarria

    Just hit 2 mil on youtube! *Didnt see it*

  61. DataLog

    We didn't lock our door for at least 10 years. I just hate having the key on me all the time. Never had any problems.

  62. william britt

    I would be embarrassed if this happened

  63. Prithviraj OverPowered

    Didn’t know Lil Tecca did youtube videos

  64. DoggoMakes Art

    “Emergency meeting” When I tell you I screamed- chile I screamed 💀

  65. Rakuns 678


  66. Nicolai

    Damn this dude gotta eat

  67. xx_kshyne _xx


  68. Dumb Bojet


  69. renzcarlo diaz


  70. Melancholic Desiree

    Me as an asian: TAKE YO FUCKING SHOES OFF-

  71. Melancholic Desiree

    I dunno man the teacher is sus

  72. cool awesome boy

    my grades science:A+ english:A+ urdu:B+ math: Q1 6×3 me: i am going to get a F+++++

  73. cool awesome boy

    6x3 is 6x3 =16857428 boom 6×33 =367368429

  74. George GOOSEBUMPS

    6 x 3 to the power of 2/3, 6, 1.5000 + 1.5000 = 3.00 which refined would equal a total of 3, now for the multiplication part. 6/3 most simple is 2 x 9 which in turn would equal 18 which removing two from nine and adding to two would equal four which 4 x 4 would equal 16 which two less, so just add 0.5x to 4 which is 4.5 which is half of nine which multiplying 4 would equal a two so add that to 16 and you got. EIGHTEEN

  75. IL Anime


  76. Jarvis Faze

    When Gina has a Thanksgiving on her desk 😅😅

  77. Jorben Noten

    They ain't even wearing masks 🙄

    1. xmegq

      Their the same ppl :/

  78. YourLocalWeirdo

    it= 18 i think

  79. Spooky Scary

    This is a popular meme

  80. Kitty