Just a kid, and a dream 💙

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  1. Winning smile Duckboi

    i like you

  2. Chill Masterzz

    11 / 10 😅😍

  3. LAsKULL27

    Your best magician

  4. Omarleen

    He was doing himself that to break his finger

  5. Varun Jarwani

    How you didi till

  6. مفارق الخلان

    What , is he gay ???

  7. Christian Diego

    Ganap na ganap si ate ghurl

  8. Айгерим Аргинбаева


  9. Lord Kristoff Beloria

    When the girl said 11/10 he was like "ELEVEN OUT OF TEN!!!!"

  10. Janelle Athena


  11. Siti Nur Hidayah Kusnin



    The best trick in the end

  13. Rosemarie Paloma

    Others: cool magic trick Me: DID TOU JUST PUT THAT SQUISHY IN YOUR MOUTH isndjskerjdksk hope it’s clean😂👌

  14. fnaf come


  15. Dita Dita

    Itu mah tinggal geser layarnya doang

  16. Omarleen

    And the brick was squishy

  17. Gage Van Horn

    Congrats on 2 million Dan

  18. Deazer

    At least you are not cringe like that guy ash magic

  19. Sunita Rai

    Copy of seondoesmagic

  20. Omarleen

    Wait did he put sanitiser in his phone I didn't saw that

  21. Disqus Without Q

    The type of guy to make crypt messages just to solve it 50 years later when he's suffering from dementia

  22. 様Oniichan

    did you know that when taking ur time to watch what this guy's up to gets wasted.

  23. armandito

    Cuando bajó la mano ahí agarró la naranja jaja

  24. Sterling’s Cat

    Me: Wait is he pouring green juice on himself

  25. Vishokoo Andrés

    Oohh el kl feoo wn oo

  26. Rage Thompson

    Oh my god

  27. Rajinder Sharma

    bruh dont talk in yur videos it just kinda ruins yur magic tricks

  28. Mr bawla sharma

    How the hell did she got the screenshot?

  29. BearTime

    Stop copying peoples videos

  30. 마마 입틀막엉엉 슙

    그렇게 벽돌을 가볍게 들면.... 첨 보는사람 헬창인줄 알겠네

  31. Zeplyx

    an dah briack BRUH YOUR ACCENT

  32. Imran Mohammed

    What an absolute....shushhhhhh

  33. Karina Sprakle JessaMae

    HOW!?!?!?!?!? HE MAKE THAT!!!!!!!!!!! SO AWESOME!!!!!

  34. Makecoldo

    He is the type of guy to charge an iPhone with an android charger

  35. Keshav Phanidhar

    Me: Mom, can we please visit seandoesmagic Mom: But we have Seandoesmagic at home **Seandoesmagic at home:**

  36. Omarleen

    The brick is fake and soft he showed us those but the phone screen when you flip it it looks it breaked a lot and they need to watch this shorts if they don't they wouldn't know if its maybe real in the video they wouldn't know if it's real if they watch it in shorts they would say ooooo that's what happened it wasn't real the brick was fake and the screen it looks like real and he flipped the page of his screen and he was making that video maybe he was looking beside camera of shorts and then that's it

  37. Lena Benczarska

    when the photo looks so dang fake when he holds the "brick" like it has no weight when the girl's acting is so bad......😬

  38. yan

    I’m very impressed but maybe it’s because his other stuff set my bar very low

  39. ZARSUELA Gailah Charis

    OMG! u r a genius

  40. Lifew. Ch


  41. FunnyValentineDrip

    Hes the kind of guy to ask to borrow something and actually returns it

  42. Ms Ng


  43. BearTime

    Stop copying people

  44. Diva Aprilia

    Gaje lu lama2

  45. Taylor Ridley


  46. Julmin Bibo

    Awesome 😎😎



  48. sophia lima


  49. Art with Akshay

    Copy @seandoesmagic 😠

  50. Nikol

    Nikocadooo (・o・)

  51. Yeslam Naser

    What is the music in the background plz tell me!!

  52. Gabriela Medina

    Is the gay heart

  53. glass drake

    The creativity in these are good.

  54. Tommy Tommy


  55. Prashant Raj

    You need to keep your mouth shut. Your braces look disgusting and your speech is incomprehensible mainly because of your braces and also your thick accent.

  56. apan z

    Weird song

  57. Simple Creativity

    Trick gone wrong

  58. O’Side Girls

    Him: get out killer

  59. Wilson Tan

    Fake brick and fake broken cellphone you swap it

  60. Sheetal Sanghani


  61. The King

    He’s the type of guy to make content that isn’t what I’m searching for but does put a smile on my face

  62. killerlegend BOOMX

    Same magic every day

  63. Rayane Maiume

    RÉ i go

  64. Higashikata Josuke

    Meet the: Walmart SeanDoesMagic

    1. A A


  65. Joe

    He looks like he has one of those big head filters on him at all times

    1. Joe

      (Joke ofc)

  66. ha Thu

    Chả hay

  67. dacoo

    Copiando o Enaldinho em gringo que feio 🤗

  68. bem_aleatória_7n7

    Quem COME tomate assim? Br, alguem??