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  1. Tim Lucas

    Big thick sexy bear woof how u be

  2. Alex Pandiyan

    No chatting the 🌲 tree save tree save water 💧

  3. Dull

    for ppl saying how cutting down the tree is doing bad you know whybthe guy left a tree stump SO IT CAN REGROW

  4. Kasakrit Soydee


  5. David Phillips

    That is f ing cool

  6. Adithya KS

    He thinks he is some talented guy....and he will get back what he deserves in a few years


    sad he kill a tree you firicking peoples who cut tree if we did,nt have tree do how we can live

  8. Psychedelic Voyager

    Theres absolutely nothing skillful about this video...

  9. Parth N Mahajan

    Don't cut trees pls

  10. JACK J. GT

    Dont cut the tree of u cut a tree put a seed and make sure it will grow as a tree

  11. Brenda Rosendo

    Porque cortas el árbol

  12. Ana Raquel

    Cara... como eu queria que a arvore caia na cabeça do homem

  13. Victor Renderos


  14. rampratap vishwakarma

    I am ferniture man👍👍

  15. vasu devan


  16. Doug Cook

    Don't bother. Drill is 1200 to 1500 rpm. Router is 30000.

  17. Devendra Roy

    My parents have teach me how to grow a tree not how to cut a tree


    Don't worry Covid-19 is the revenge..

  19. Lazar Marković

    Way bro

  20. 4534534 5345345

    Amazing? Wow... that word really lost its meaning over the years.


    😡😡don't cut trees 🌲

  22. alfred mendoza


  23. Atgooo

    T h a t l o o p

  24. Johann Kostic

    Wo kann ich das kaufen

  25. WWS

    Chi è quello che mette mi piace?

  26. Ak Jain

    Thanks for killing that tree and making video of the murder.

  27. Raja Shab

    do not cut the tree


    That was a huge stick

  29. Zoey Stephens

    The window thing is cool and all, but what're you gonna do when someone is trying to kill you and you have all of those open?

  30. amazed girl

    Ok i know it's his job...but I felt sooo bad watching such a big Beautiful tree being cut down who knows what was the age of the tree 😭

  31. Dream Pachori

    Tum jaise logo ki wajah se aaj logo ko oxygen nahi milti

  32. Kulbir Jatt


  33. Krist Karari

    It will more fun if you cut a old man

  34. First Comment

    Coba potong hutan sini, kalo lu ga sakit, lu keren!

  35. Dohtorum Civanım

    Killer 🪓

  36. Jaime Del Rosario

    mayong kwinta.

  37. 삼꼬


  38. Ëx Hîtmäñ

    Then why we read deforestation,it's disadvantages and how to stop it in schools,colleges and universities?

  39. Leonard Heinrich


  40. Vinay Kumar Bantu

    Its very sad to see these kind of videos

  41. Akash Mali

    You bleddy fool chutiya

  42. Jitu Kumar

    Why are you cutting trees 1 tree takes years of growing and you are cutting trees

  43. Abhinav PB

    Please 🙏 don't cut the tree 🌳 save the world

  44. kamado tanjiro

    The wood

  45. leela dhanta

    Bloody murderers

  46. Sarita Nag

    Is this important to cut a trees 🌲🌳🌴 very bad


    You waste fellow ,dirty fellow Rascale Don't have any manner You are destroying the nature SAVE TREES SAVE LIFE. 🌲🌲🌲🌲🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳🌴🌳 If you destroy nature Nature will destroy you


    #save tree

  49. kshitij kapoor

    Don't cut trees

  50. GAMING Profi 2

    I KNOW how that Works !!

  51. Anant Ram

    This is not fair you cutting trees it's will reavenge you

  52. GURU EdiTZ


  53. ishwar prasad mishra

    Paid kat ta he madarzaat.

  54. Naveen Naveen

    Save tree

  55. Sangeeta Deb

    It took hundred of years to become a large well grown tree and a couple of hours to demolish

  56. Pugalzhathi Pugal


  57. Kamazuki Junuh

    The skill I won't appreciate having

  58. Beast gamer AY


  59. nitro zen

    Cutting a tree is not a amazing thing

  60. Lily unknown

    How many lives have you killed, mr wood carpenter?

  61. Archer gaming

    What amazing is in this the lost of wood have loss of oxygen

  62. Cristina Murillo

    Stop Cutting Trees

  63. Minecraftgamer


  64. Psych aLeX

    This is where team trees come to the rescue

  65. Trideep Bordoloi


  66. Harish Revathi

    Don't cut the tree's

  67. Sukrutha Koondla

    Don't cut trees plz 🙏🙏🙏

  68. Ajay Kumar

    Don't cut trees.save them 😔

  69. srinivasa rao gutha

    Why I don't know why people are cutting the trees so easily but think once "The tree took how much longer time to grow that much bigger " So we need wood but while we cut one tree plant one more tree ok. I am requesting to plant one tree when is your birthday is came. Ok...

  70. go go youtube

    Why do you cut the tree ?? Is the tree tell you something this is why nowdays oxygen is less

  71. king gamerz .

    Bhai inko report karo bhai inke jese log tree 🌲 kat rahe he bhai mat kato bhai

  72. Rifai 663

    40 meter long blade

  73. Car Mate

    Please save tree🙏🙏🙏

  74. Chatpat Toys India

    Covid 19

  75. Edna Barbosa Dos Santos Soares

    Nao gostei por quer isso e desmatameto

  76. Abhishek Shetty

    Corona: I'm gonna destroy this man's whole career.

  77. Rites Das

    😭😭😭 mat karo

  78. crocomorfo

    Another one bites the dust

  79. Faxriddin Davronov

    Зачем рубит такую дереву? И этим вы гордитесь???