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  1. Nicholas Sakoi

    You kinda sound like Ranboo

  2. gamer kid

    9:02 what happens if you place a snow layer in the air and it drops onto the ice (bedrock edition only)

    1. gamer kid

      or use setblock

  3. CJ Col

    The nostalgia from the beginning music

  4. Max Harvey

    I bet he couldn't find that 24 afk prank lol

  5. Richard Li

    I've never heard the block facts guy talk slow 0.0

  6. gamer kid

    5:46 is thay hebrew or yiddish

  7. 2.0 nice

    I did

  8. Jammy Chen

    I’ve tried the one block one so many times it never worked might be bc I’m on mobile

  9. Crosby Beyer

    You were in geminitays world

  10. Las Vegas Local, go to Youtube.

    ☺♡ I knew u used gemini tays world I watch her

  11. Miles Gitzel

    Skipthetutorial: talks about subing with kneecaps Me:you cant use a touch screen with a bone

  12. Tracy Toler

    another one I learned: if you are drowning then just spam right click with a bucket and you will regain o2

  13. Hori


  14. Hori


  15. Hori


  16. Lilac Ramen

    me just waiting for them to make stairs or slabs so they don't have to jump.....

  17. The first Big Smoke Pop Cat

    Bro tip: put a shulker box inside a shulker box for extra inventory :)

  18. Nick Allen

    Your name is Nick MY DADS NAME IS NICK

  19. Barry thegameralt

    I pressed it with mah toes XD

  20. Natorithm

    The creeper isn't a glitch. Notch said that all he did was accidentally stretch it vertical and not horizontal.

  21. •Captain._.Kooki•

    I pretty sure this is Java- can't do much on bedrock

  22. Brendan Sitkiewicz

    I Like with neecap

  23. BroDood TV

    I actually subscribed with my knee

  24. aprilplays


  25. Chiken Fabryk

    Is there a bedrock in the end dimension?

  26. Just a Pug


  27. mochi1i

    some one did take my kneecaps... what do I do...

  28. Dror Ben Yehuda

    “Yeah, I’m a duck” Me.

  29. Lizzy and Litten

    WHY IS THE HEART OF THE SEA SO IMPORTANTTT sorry I've only ever played in a flat creative world

  30. Duran Duran

    Dream: Hmmmm

  31. MlgAchyuth

    lol i dont even have a touch device i just have a laptop how am i supposed to use my kneecaps to hit the subscribe button

  32. Nervetwitch

    You can actually break beacons with your fist. You don't need a pickaxe

  33. Spencer Swart

    Pyromaniac here enjoyed that house burning wish it was slower

  34. Jayden Davenport

    I just went to the nether walked one block and feel into a gigantic lava pool

  35. Your Dad


  36. ohinEEdh31p

    I unsubbed so I could sub with my knee cap

  37. The Tiny Miles Prower

    1:18 sadly, we can’t do that in bedrock (at least in pocket)

  38. Diana Aram


  39. FlaXX

    5:03 rip chicken

  40. kaito

    Everyone talking about Dream and manhunts, but no one talking about how he clearly disrespected bob ross. im very disappointed mr. skip

  41. Blue

    When I saw the ravine I instantly thought of pogtopia

  42. NOOBLY E


  43. RAD MAN

    Use a ender chest

  44. Chiken Fabryk

    2:10 your voice suddenly changed xd

  45. Explore Gaming

    what if i have feather falling on helmet, if i hit tree with feather falling on helmet i will get less damage? i think it should because i hit it with head

  46. Adiyarnyoshi

    Plot twist: you’re already subscribed

  47. Mateus Macedo

    Ur breaking MY BRAIN STOP D:

  48. YoloYester

    How about a faster way to get channeling?

  49. Miraj Bekeran

    took me half a second

  50. Rebecca Harvey

    I know a how to kill phantoms easier

  51. Shepherd's Center

    wow he cussed

  52. Elite Fridge

    2:47 spam clicking is more efficient 7:57 that’s why I made 2 netherite hoes. I don’t think I should’ve made an entire shulker.

  53. FelixCraft2013

  54. Marise Faye

    A video Fact you (Maybe) Missed The Whole Video was in GeminiTay's lets play world download :) I also think you should mention if your using world downloads in description

  55. Подвал Кремля

    6:35 only a small % of people knows that this farm can get u prot 8 helmet

  56. Wowowowow


  57. Ashwini Yeluru

    Oh my gosh, you sound like Ranboo!

  58. Feeshmaster

    part 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 etc... pls

  59. Matīss

    About pig: in next dream video "pig saved my life"

  60. Mateusz G

    6:41 omongus

  61. Alexander Adams

    I subscribed with my knee 😂

  62. Gabby S.

    When you play on PE so you can only hold maps and shields in your off hand: 😤

  63. not hud 2.0

    🍎 🍎 🍏🍎🍏🍎🍏🍎🍏🍎🍏🍎🍎🍏🍎🍏🍎🍏🍎🍎🍏

  64. EnVy999

    Not allowed to sleep in the end Laughs in respawn anchor

  65. Caleb Baker

    too bad I was already subscribed

  66. • R O C K •

    When your friends can't join you in minecraft:(;´༎ຶٹ༎ຶ`)

  67. Traleras

    0:14 Tommyinnit and his girlfriends

  68. Meg le cat plays G

    0:16 People on laptops or comuters : well heck

  69. SlimyTiny

    Imagine having friends lol

  70. Not Nathan.


  71. Mohamed roblox T.V


  72. Mohamed roblox T.V

    SKP O