Maker/robotics enthusiast/non-engineer. Have become somewhat of an expert in shitty robots.
Swedish but sound American just to confuse you.
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  1. Alex Hernandez

    I tink you or in tiktok

  2. Rachel QT

    why do i want to do this

  3. Jud Niven

    Just found this! Fantastic. I did 33 treatments on a table very similar....I want to turn my mask into a Batman cowl. Thanks for this great video.

  4. Kat

    the intro to this video hits different in 2020

  5. e Rika

    What happened to scraps' leg?

  6. Gus Rizzuto


  7. Rafiq Iman

    I would buy this for myself🤣

  8. jrfoleyjr

    That and the Pontiac Aztek are the two worst pieces of crap. Puke! Truckla ROCKS!

  9. Topher TheTenth

    "It's MY diamond. In MY rough" sounds like she's referring to something sexual. I don't think she is. Well, I am sure she didn't have anything sexual in mind when she said "It's MY diamond". She may have changed her mind by the time she to to "In MY rough". But nowadays even something like "Well, that finishes THIS project. All I have to do now is HANG IT ON THE WALL" sounds like sex-talk. "I guess I must STOOP TO CONQUER". More sex-talk. "Now I need to drill." Oh yeah, baby. Talk dirty to me. "So, time to solder the wires." Oooooooh, I can't take it. "Scraps can work it with her paw". Wow, Baby, that's one I've never DONE before. But, for you, sure.

  10. It’s white They vented

    The real question is: HOW EXPENSIVE-

  11. davebauerart

    Wonderful, don't worry, Scraps really is that cute.

  12. Jamal Taylor

    Also , Scraps is an adorable tripod. 🐕

  13. Jamal Taylor

    Sunburn on your eyeballs is called photokeratitis, in case anyone was curious. And yes, it's totally a thing.

  14. Tracy Ricker

    Scraps, you’re doing an awesome job! <3

  15. Le Petit Lapin

    Isn't hiding it a bit more weird than just leaving it lying out somewhere?

  16. dannyo66

    Truckla looks more like an actual truck than the Tesla thing does. I wasn't impressed with it either. I think you should have sent Tesla a few pictures while you were building Truckla. They could have used a few style queues.

  17. croutons croutons

    I love this girl she's so funny,

  18. John Harvey

    Love your stuff!

  19. DragonKing

    thats awesome i love how this plays off the old commercials

  20. Parker Law

    her happiness makes me happy 10/10 good video

  21. Sue Heim

    Scraps is the cutest dog ever! And not at all spoiled!! ❤️

  22. DragonKing

    its not a pick up, i like it like the old el camino, I really really want one but it's not a el camino

  23. Emma B. Weber

    the applause t-shirt was a nice touch

  24. Aaron Doucet

    Im just popping in to see if she's still alive and well... It's nice to see that she is

  25. KatjaPurrs

    Simone, did you have to send the LEGOs back afterwords?

  26. bilisha coli

    Nah you aren't biased she certainly is cute.

  27. Ben Murphy


  28. Potapes

    Is good that you are alive. My brother did not survived even plastic operation of an eye lid.

  29. bluedeva

    Amputees get this all the time too 🤗🦿🤗

  30. DragonKing

    people are weird. i'd buy one but I would not call it a pickup truck I would call it a uti

  31. Recycle Bin

    hmm LDD crashes all the time with no autosave or file recovery. I prefer to use LDCAD+ldraw because ive been hit too many times bu stupid LDD crashing

  32. TexasYeti63

    You are so much fun to watch ;-)

  33. Kailani Song

    me as a chinese person watching this video:

  34. dannyo66

    I work at Walmart as an Auto Care Tech. One of our store managers bought himself a Tesla 3, which he parks back by the shop. He can operate it by remote from his phone. I said to him one day, if he really wanted a remote controlled car, we do have much lesser expensive options in the store for sale.

  35. Thomas Welin

    I would use nontoxic chemotherapy. Vitamin C is a base. What they use in tijuana at the cancer clinics or ask about immunotherapy. Alot more options now. The drug companies know. They just have to pay the shareholders that invested in the toxic chemotherapy.

  36. patcal

    that scar is so METAL

  37. GoldenGaming 111

    Congratulations you just made a ute

  38. Adam Wishneusky

    This is the best photo booth ever 😄

    1. bilisha coli

      I just searched up your channel to see if you're still doing okay, health wise. I don't care about your shitty inventions. Just came here to wish you the best.

  39. Jonathan Bolden

    Odd, she is an inventor but didnt know what an Oil filter wrench was. Now that is funny. But she is cute tho. So she is excused. Lol

  40. Jonathan Bolden

    You know they have Vagina attachments right?

  41. jingle bell

    This is very educational for Tesla Assembly.🤣

  42. trish griffith

    Yeah I have one question first to build this truck Jill or Kim Java who built it first

  43. Victor Otero

    same treatment here in Spain: 0 Euros,or in Dollars 0$ for the patience.

  44. Diana R

    Your dog is undeniably extremely cute


    cuit cat

  46. Ed Hager

    Your dog is very cute!

  47. John Riney

    For some reason, hammering the Lego down was oddly satisfying.

  48. Liva ERKUL

    "Who needs friends when there is robots." I felt that...

  49. Marco Cinti

    Questi hanno copiato i carmagheddon

  50. Zipp

    Is autopilot working on this thing?

  51. Liva ERKUL

    Did anyone notice her necklace?

  52. GamingUltraHardcorexD

    la maestra me mando aqui xD

  53. Saavik256

    This much LEGO would probably cost a bloody fortune if individual set prices are anything to go by.

  54. popoki cat

    I liked Jenna marbles toothbrush costume. Where am I?

  55. Wouter Scheffer

    My son (3years old) and I where watching your video and we absolutely loved it. Oh and scraps is doing a great job.

  56. Geo2cv

    Everything is possible with Legos, it's a really cute attention for your dog

  57. ZombiDJ

    Don't worry you're not biast. I love her too <3

  58. Matt Siddall

    4:17 catamaran scissors

  59. Abbey Mosteller

    This video make me ugly laugh

  60. lylelay

    2:28 - Scraps is 100% right

  61. Matt Siddall

    Have you considered making a cap for truckla to improve the aerodynamics?

  62. DonkeyPuncher

    I am amazed that you built that whole thing out of Legos. I once built a Lego pyramid 18" high with a square base and that took me a whole day. That thing is ten times bigger and mine didn't have any fiddly electronic bits to mess with! How long did that really take? Just..... Wow

  63. huttio srreu

    Absolutely wholesome. My heart is warmer knowing this happened in the world.

  64. Hugh Gasey

    Eff oil companies as she drives a petroleum based electric vehicle.

  65. CptSpice

    Tesla should hire her to make a pick up truck and it will be named Truckla model X

  66. franco H


  67. Al3x 324

    You should put a lift kit on truckla

  68. Monstertruck

    I just searched up your channel to see if you're still doing okay, health wise. I don't care about your shitty inventions. Just came here to wish you the best.

  69. Kirby

    Truckla looks so much nicer

  70. suFi .juferi


    This was really good. I came from when you made Truckla.

  72. Uniwolf gamer

    This woman is probably the only one that doesn't censor curse words

  73. Tracy

    Way to go Scraps and

  74. regenschein71

    Would love to try it out, but I'm stuck with admiring it from afar. Great job!

  75. Carolyn H

    So cute!

    1. huttio srreu

      I am SO jealous of Scraps, she has a Grrreat hoomanz. Good job Simone.🐶😷👈👍

  76. Alexander WALKER

    Haha there is a Evan and katelyn video in the autoplay

  77. Sean Kanoog

    Looks like a Brain Storm of Paper.... Haha I tried! Anyways Love this idea, pretty awesome stuff.

  78. 1974UTuber

    Never saw this before. Just came up in my suggestions. In Australia we would call it a Ute as in Utility Vehicle. But great job and way better looking than the Cyber Dorito by Tesla

    1. dannyo66

      I thought so too. The Model 3 makes a better looking truck.

  79. claudia

    youtube decided to suggest me the brain tumor is back video TODAY and im so relieved to see you're healthy now :)

  80. Puuding Music

    Are you gonna turn the cybertruck into a sedan?