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  1. Mohammed Quereshi

    IKR love you guys

  2. Emerald Spark

    Rewatching😍 october 30 2020

  3. Harvey Sarmiento

    Shoppe! hello~

  4. Khaliya Hudu

    I was so scared when she cut the garlic so tiny

  5. Mason Vee

    hey I just started my IRvision channel! EXCITING RIGHT? lol also very scary! I would love if you could subscribe so we can support each other! thanks <3!

  6. Alisya Maisarah

    Bretman face while eating ramen he face like so calm

  7. Valeria

    I’m new assfff but did princess gain weight because of her secondary pregnancy?

  8. Yumai Kween P. Talan

    I'm Filipino I'm proud that bretman speak Ilocano and Tagalog word

  9. Dân A

    paulsimon thesmiths beberexha hallelujah

  10. Craig Gallagher

    Covid much?

  11. mena

    I wish my personality was like bretmans.

  12. Jaydeekatt

    The one right by the window he called an Aglaonema is actually a Dieffenbachia Mars

  13. JAK Grace

    Bretman: Darsem ah ney nagbayag ka nga agar garawen 😂 Also Princess: okininam 😂 ILOCANO IN THE HOUSE 😍

  14. Franxine Louisse Eris Cruz


  15. Samira Elena

    Please buy microphone, I can't hear you clearly

  16. Las ocurrencias de Luna

    Omg you guys are such great singers

  17. athea roslinda

    nikita be trying to be the main character- girl sit down

  18. Valeria Reynoso-Ponciano

    Bretman your twin is outside ;)the tree.I LOVE YOUUU❤️❤️❤️

  19. Ugh Wut

    Who let nikita in the video?

  20. Aurelia Tatiana

    13:10 okay princess you are directioners 👑👑👑👑

  21. Purple boba:3

    Who’s watching this in 2020 🤣🤣

  22. Michele Alatorre

    Omgg he is so funny I just can't😋😁

  23. Tyson Desmoulin

    Chleooo is so smalll!!! Ahhh

  24. Sharman Herry

    Quarantine make me throwback this queen 👑 vedio

  25. Michelle Escobar

    bretman doing his makeup gave me life LOOVEEE U BRETMANN❤️

  26. hazel

    pftttt princess says bitch so much

  27. Potato Bunny

    Who else is watching in 2020???

  28. The Presence

    "bitch, we wifed it with lysol 😂" he's talking about table 😅

  29. Angelica Hernandez

    How did he get stuck tho..?

  30. chloe leemonLeemon


  31. among us

    ok but if they did this now as in like these few months for ‘ wet ‘ they would’ve sang the WAP

  32. Michelle Silva

    I loveee you ✊🏼✊🏼✊🏼✊🏼🎉😭

  33. TheseSnipersOnly

    1:18 😂😂😂

  34. Val M

    does anyone know what kind of sauce he's using, I'm just really hungry and the sauce do be looking good

  35. Through_ amairees_eyes

    It's my b-day in 3 days and i,m such a fan i,m new to and I love u guys already and I notice on your IRvision channel u do this 🖕 which is absolutely fine but I love u guys SO MMUCH!!


    I really wanted to know what you were burning though 😩


    You should do her makeup in the next video ✨

  38. Eszter Tóth


  39. Soraya Akchi

    They are the cutest ever

  40. Serenity Melendrez

    The way he continues to glo up year after year

  41. Taylor Moore

    Nikita only won the impression bc she was a man

  42. Queen Ousha


  43. John denver Baligod

    Here to support Hug to hug 👇

  44. kiera bella

    everyone says that bretman fans are all americans like if you hate this trend...

  45. YOUR MOm

    his intro is amazing

  46. C K


  47. chachilotski

    most stressful lie detector challenge

  48. Through_ amairees_eyes

    Is it just me but when the intro of the IRvision video was silent u turned up your volume to hear hey guys it,s bretman here BITCH or is that just me just me ok

  49. paula margot

    I recommend curling your eyelashes before mascara huns

  50. Unejsa Mema

    guys they drank from the same pipe im shocked

  51. Aya Marie

    Anyone watching here on 2020? Pandemic Season 2020 and watching Bretman 🖤🤍🖤🤍

  52. JayBeTheThang

    I love how he takes care of all the plants. I could never-

  53. Ashley Serna

    I love how wholesome this is. Thanks for sharing 💕

  54. Siunipa Toson

    That intro tho lol

  55. Karina Mota

    I went on roller coasters

  56. Cheska !!!

    4:44 me looking at the camera man

  57. xxlilacxx

    Bretman: My most viral video was when I ✨slapped her✨ across the head.

  58. Kay Mari’s World

    Princess is literally so gorgeous 😩

  59. Kane Aradi

    "Ang Nakaraan" OMG!!!! bretman is so ICOOOOONIC

  60. Patricia Bayoan

    I was shock when they speak Ilocano like what the heck?KABABAYAN! HAHAHA❤️


    your mom so prettyyyy

  62. Summer Tihan

    are they both single now??

  63. shrushti Girap

    I really love the intro, I can't stop watching it.

  64. Amy Hunsaker

    Tarzan who?

  65. Okay Buddy

    RIP “because without turtles, we wouldn’t have any turtles”😔💚✋🏽🐢

  66. Lasuerta Cutin


  67. mj mafia

    she look all like her momma she so ute

  68. Angelyca Ong

    Y you are in my recommendation😀😀



  70. Deeeeeyn

    13:25 It's interesting to watch a "Cock Fight".

  71. Deeeeeyn

    "If they didn't love you with your yellow teeth, then they didnt deserve you for your white teeth" - Bretman Rock 2020 Louder Queen'

  72. Deeeeeyn

    I love the new intro. Ahee ᰔ

  73. Jericho Medelin

    Hi bretman I'm from Municipality of Lallo Cagayan😍😊

  74. jem2cute jem2cute

    Is bretman gay or straight? Not judging

  75. Lilly Marie

    Princess just saying the words she knows (which isn’t the full sentence) and then starts twerking....that killed me 😂😂😂😂 “HEY HEY YOU YOU I DON’T”

  76. Ryqen

    His body count was 11, you can see Princess wrote 10

  77. Charlie Brown

    I love how the "cocktus" is a "she" 😂

  78. David Francis Baclao

    R they Filipino?

  79. Noor Wrya

    Who misses Brettmann the science bitch

  80. Sunríse_day Gacha

    Is bretman rock a filipino??