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  1. Just My Opinion

    Y'all are bullshitting in the comments. The Avalon definitely looks better.

  2. agpps4 USA battlefield infinity

    It's still a m************ good car

  3. agpps4 USA battlefield infinity

    I got your f****** dated dangling my f****** balls who gives a s*** if it's looking dated

  4. Ilja P

    yeah, that's why we'll pay any price for these fantastic emotions on the track.

  5. Lucious Fox

    I just put a 10.1 screen in my Chrysler 300c and a 10 inch screen is big btw!!

  6. 666dynomax


  7. Lee Terwilliger

    So, they made it a drivers car....oh darn.?

  8. Payton Chalstrom

    this thing is ugly compared to the ct5

  9. Aquan B

    Never went American before but this ct5 seems like a pretty good car, it'll probably only get cancelled because people won't buy it

  10. Emely Carrizales

    I sal you

  11. Kevin Vojta

    He better not ever drive a 797 hp RWD Hellcat Redeye. If he cant handle a little 201 hp FWD Hyundai LOL !!!

  12. Payton Chalstrom

    cadillac is only saying it competes with 2 series and a3 to make it look better its obviously close to the same size as the 3 series and c class

  13. DaLaaNi Bombina

    If you need all of these aids to enjoy a vehicle, you really shouldn’t be on the road. It’s an AMG not a bloody Tesla - it’s meant to be driven, by you.

  14. Shawn Warnick

    Is 325hp really a sports sedan nowadays?

  15. Michael Neuhaus

    Do your homework it does come in other colors and you can fit 48 inch in bed

  16. Jorge Tamacas

    I like the fact it's RWD. A 4 cylinder engine doesn't sound as good as a V6. No sunroof? I don't care. I think it's a good looking car

  17. Talha Patel

    I think you should do review of 2020 bmw 1 series

  18. that guy

    If chrysler didn't kill off their 200, i think it would look as good as the genesis as they have similar badges ,but I think it would look really fine .

  19. Sandweiler

    Hey Sofyan I had that feeling that you must be a person full of humour and finesse. Confirmed!!! The beginning of this video will now be a classic 😂

  20. that guy

    I think Toyota should leave luxury to its sister Lexus because every time i think Toyota sedan , I see "Taxi cab" lol

  21. AJ Steward

    That green! 😍

  22. No Country For Wight Men

    Looked hard at this model, really wanted the Lexus reliability, but the substandard infotainment system put me off. Ended up buying an 2021 X7 M50i.

  23. Kit Rocks

    I never agree with this guy but in this case he is right this car is down right ugly

  24. Jorge Tamacas

    I like this minivan, it's perfect for my family and I. AWD, even better. I also like the way you fold the seats, it's totally flat.

  25. Lee Loy

    I very much like the review. Quite thorough. Yes. It has been many many years and I have not seen anything impressive. Same boring lame looks throughout. High resale value? Huh?? The only thing that stand out is that same unattractive looking grille and the price tag. both keep getting bigger and retain little to low value, in my book, when factory warranty is expired. Hahah

  26. Rockymountain Beerguy

    If I wasn't getting the 63S I would pick up the GLE580 rather than the 53.

  27. 飯飯飯飯兜

    wait for the xse version😁😁

  28. Jack Qshay

    There is a V6 AWD but not on the V8 - The bankground music is cool , which one is lt

  29. Paul Bartel

    I didn’t like the CT4 until I had one as a loaner. It was the “sport” model with the 2.0 turbo and I liked it much more than I thought I would. I can’t wait to drive the Blackwing with a manual!

  30. blueslove61

    Do a review where you run power tools off the tailgate for an 8 hour shift.

  31. Riptide Elite

    It's got the classic Miata shit- uh design 3:09

  32. David B

    Wow those seats are STRAIGHT out of the Audi RS3.. Honestly surprised there isn't a lawsuit from Audi

  33. Ray Foster

    You can keep the air susp. 10 years in the future; " Bud, how come your truck's draggin' it's ass?" "Air bags Dude, costs 5K to fix" Kinda like the old Lincolns, super expensive even at the wreckers.

  34. John Boot

    Sure it looks better. But can you offer a turbo option and just give the people what they want already. Even 250 to 275 hp would be more then enough with boost in that car

  35. ZSСАR

    In my opinion, 95% of the sold Ram will never make it to the battlefield, but it's good to know that this car has such skills.

  36. Anvarynn

    Also some audio normalization would do wonders

  37. Martrell VIdeos

    It is utmost disappointing to equate a comparison to the more attractive ATS to this CT4 in just about every category: chiseled body looks, performance, interior volume, luxury-feel-cabin, and choice of engines. The hype of the CT4 is just not there. And Cadilac had a winner with the ATS, the price-hungry execs just disproportionately priced it wrongly.

  38. edgars džeriņš

    This is a very nice car! I will buy it over any German car even just for dependability! Unfortunately German cars have become extremely unreliable with ridiculous warranties!

  39. RT 1979

    lincoln navigator never lost its name, it was the exception not the start of lincoln naming their cars again.

  40. Anvarynn

    It looks like an accord / civic in the rear

  41. Snakebro 06

    It’s not a mustang

  42. Just Luna

    That exhaust was definitely a major selling point when I got my Veloster N! I’m super excited for the future of the N brand.

  43. Midnight Beast

    charger looks so much better than challenger too.

  44. Just Luna

    That exhaust was definitely a major selling point when I got my Veloster N! I’m super excited for the future of the N brand.

  45. gorrilaunit99

    How does Japan fuck up the Kouki model? *The '18 BRZ tS is officially the best one of all time*

  46. Tony Montana

    Honda makes a nice but boring product. It seems like all of their suv's including Acura resemble a jelly belly.

  47. Bob Curry

    The power numbers for the PowerBoost are crazy good. Plus the propower generator is a game changer. They will sell a ton of this configuration.

  48. Bob Curry

    I love it and the interior is killer!

  49. Militant KANE

    Sounds like typical chevy garbage interior.

  50. manevone philavong

    Mr. Lamond almost lost his yogurt!!!

  51. b286guy

    Kind of a POS. Why would someone buy this over the superior competition? Btw, what’s a steering wool? 🐑

  52. Timothy Fritz

    I traded in a F150 for the 2020 Reserve Model. Don't regret the decision at all!

  53. Branche D'Olivier Aubourg

    I would never buy a Kia

  54. Robert S

    This car is made in Ohio.

  55. Branche D'Olivier Aubourg


  56. Stalewind Farto1078

    GT Line does have heated seats in the AWD version, just not ventilated as the EX.

  57. Mike Crabtree

    You used delicious to describe something other than the taste of food. That lands you an automatic thumbs down.

  58. Mike Crabtree

    I love Kias. And loved the TuR until is saw the backend. Absolutely hideous. Hyundai Palisade is Much MUCH nicer. Sadly I’d rather had the Palisade exterior and the TuR interior. Of these two I’d have to buy the Toyota. Just can’t stand the but on that TuR.

  59. LTJohn

    It's really disappointing because they couldn't at least put the TRD cold air intake in it as standard and also upgrade the engine further without necessarily adding turbocharging.. I would definitely wait for the gr version!!

  60. Tyrell Speed

    19:43 Toyota plan to make all of their vehicles hybrid by 2025. Every vehicle they produce will be a hybrid.

  61. ked4

    21:44 sounds nice man 👌

  62. shwn 203

    Im having a hard time lol 2008 Acura TL vs 2008 infiniti g37x awd??? Which one should I go with?

  63. Tyrell Speed

    That screen shouldn't be flashing like that. 8:54. That looks very frightening. The screen could be going out.

  64. esb13


  65. Jimmy Peña

    You lost me at 50k

  66. John O'brien

    That looks Chinese. It’s so awful

  67. Soravia

    Mazda sells AWD manual transmission in Europe and Japan for gas and diesel turbo engines. Just import the parts and swap. To make FULL power in ALL Mazda Skyactiv Turbo 2.5L, replace the PINCHED intake before and after the air filter box with fully round pipes. You'll make 300 HP easily with a tune.

  68. ssbrosking36

    Honestly I like the stock exhaust so much more.

  69. Nick Naclerio

    Doesn't make any sesnse why you're comparing these brands. It makes no logical sense. Just because they have similar engine classes. Compare an acura and a lexus or something!! Just not a Toyota.

  70. ExtremeÑo WanChU

    Trashla (tesla) fan boys (payed by elon freak) get nervous

  71. Umaxen 00

    WOW! That engine sound! I will be HAPPY to buy this car with front drive and 8 speed auto. I have an ES330 with 300,000 miles and NO issues. Still runs like new. Want a similar BMW or Mercedes? You better find a better paying job to pay for parts, service and repair...

  72. elCART3L

    Man, those wheels are trash. That’s the best wheel design they could come up with.

  73. Umaxen 00

    An option with this car? Voted for many years as the GREATEST factory stereo in the HISTORY of auto production: THE MARK LEVINSON®* 17-SPEAKER, 1,800-WATT PREMIUM SURROUND SOUND AUDIO SYSTEM WITH QUANTUM LOGIC® SURROUND. That's pure, undistorted sound at anything under 1000 watts? The price? UNDER $1100 WTF???

  74. deus Jesus

    Honda 99

  75. Chibba

    One of the few Hybrids with a geared transmission. Fun fact: Honda made the CRZ (1.5L Hybrid) has a 6spd Manual option. Only common hybrid I know with stick shift.

  76. Sean Jones

    The ram truck will give you 15000 miles of problem free reliability. If anyone gets 100,000 miles out of one of these, it will be a miracle. I have heard of rams with 60 000 miles blowing their engines. And don't get me started with the electronic problems.

  77. Sean Jones

    The cool thing about this truck is you can sleep in the glove box.

  78. Richard Olivier

    2 years later and the FU power still gets me

  79. elCART3L

    I love this car. If I had the funds this is the car for me. Also the M package should standard. The basic package looks very basic and girly.

  80. Andrew Allen

    im actually trying to save up for one of these