Hey guys! We're Sam & Teagan, twin dancers and acrobats from Australia!! We LOVE fitness, beauty & fashion, having fun and living life to the fullest! We love to inspire and be inspired! We post everything from dancing, acro & gymnastics, expectation vs reality to Vlogs, fashion and all sorts of fun challenges and trends! We post brand new videos every THURSDAY! (and of course some bonus videos too!) Be sure to subscribe and turn on notifications so you'll be the first to see!! We hope you enjoy getting to know us and truely we wouldn't be where we are today without all your support! Love Teagan & Sam xo
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The Rybka Twins
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  1. monica molina

    Aww noo

  2. Sozyar Gwll

    Hy tegan and sam are you muslim

  3. Sadiya Mondal

    Those who like the tricks they do or he amazing way hey do it just do own important thing which is 👇 give a like

  4. Thea O'Connor

    you guys were so close

  5. Gamer Ellis yau

    I wish I had a twin

  6. Francis Laxamana

    The Rybka Twins are so beautiful 😻

  7. Savita patel

    Have you do that

  8. Bianca Walker

    OMG I knew from the title it was going to be Nile and Em!!! Love them!!!!

  9. Bonnie Z

    Jordan saying “melbourne” properly was the most aussie thing I’ve ever heard from an American and I loved it 😹

  10. bee hive

    Aussie accent like *g'day mate*Britain accent like *hi* like if you agree

  11. Marco Cecchin


  12. Rashmi Jha


  13. Leah Olagundoye

    twin vs twin

  14. Rosie Graham

    I love ya Merch

  15. Rida Khan

    I want to be relative of rybka twins

  16. Rida Khan

    I love you guys you are the best IRvisionr I love you guys

  17. Felicia Toh

    I skipped the story-teling part hehe

  18. blue sky

    It's hindi not hindu😂

  19. Kota Sky

    This first one I say the rybka twins the the second one Merrell twins

  20. Zoha Khawar


  21. Tina Riddle

    Lol I forgot who is who

  22. Undefeated Flamey

    How you do That

  23. Diana Babe

    Even I am twins sister this is my mother account I use and this is my phone mother is connected

  24. Diana Babe

    Same hair same clothes and everything same and nail polish

  25. Elmer Alvarez Hernandez

    hi I am a girl but on my dad's account round1 I think Merrell twins win

  26. Luna Armendariz

    Yes please do an acro vs. ballet with Jordan Matter

  27. tieran majors

    i love you guys so much i wish i lived in there so does my dad but the bad thing is we do not have any thing

  28. Talia Darrell

    I have bought your pirouette board it has came and is so much fun to use you should buy it if you love dance and need to Improve your turns

  29. Minnu Pinju

    amazing wonderful ❤❤❤❤❤

  30. Roan Does It

    Look at 7:28 Nile actually had the wrong foot up and they called it a tie!!!!! The Rybka Twins could have one!!!! Bad juding! Ughhhhhh did anyone else see this 🤔

  31. Alan Harada

    i cant beleave there 25 they look like 17 lol leave a like if u agree

  32. DaisyTheFlowerGirl

    21:31 I was like HAHAHAAHAH

  33. flipgurl maddie

    dream the imposible

  34. Shrouq Bo

    Sam she soo look jojo



  36. Serai Williams

    I do gymnastics 🤸‍♀️ To

  37. emma mellott

    I love both of ur hairstyles but I’d have to go with sams is my fave! I think maybe teagan’s hair is the fake? I’m not sure 🤔

  38. Molly Stanley


  39. Sydney Day

    You guys are so flexible!!

  40. Emma Martin

    Love yall

  41. Sindy Turcios Amaya

    I think Sam should win!