The Insane Engineering of the Perseverance Rover

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    Writer/Narrator: Brian McManus
    Editor: Dylan Hennessy
    Animator: Mike Ridolfi (
    3D Animator: Eli (social handle: TwisterEli)
    Sound: Graham Haerther (
    Thumbnail: Simon Buckmaster forgottentowel


    Thank you to AP Archive for access to their archival footage.

    Music by Epidemic Sound:


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    1. Real Engineering

      The response to this video has been huge. One of our biggest videos ever. We worked our ass off on these animations. Big shout out to Mike and Eli, our stellar animators. Also big thanks to Curiosity Stream, without them we simple would not have the budget to make something this ambitious. If you liked this video, you will love that Armstrong documentary on CS. It gives me some serious goals to work towards. Packed with information and beautiful story telling.

      1. Peter Parker

        @Sweetllew moon landing what date? They where questions when was Sputnik put up what year ? Was the moon landing filmed by Kubrick?

      2. Kalmi Miskolczy

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      5. Kalmi Miskolczy


    2. Misha Ulitskiy

      The ending was so heart-warming! 🥺 I am so happy for you, Brian.

    3. Erectile Dysfunction Is A Disease

      as always hats off to the cameraman for capturing all angles and being the first person to land sucessfully on Mars.

    4. Rahul Patel

      I really feel good that i have a subcriber of your channel. Thank you, Man, you put a lot of effort in order to make a true contents. keep Going!

    5. TLS LKS

      Aliens was like...What the hell, this strange thing can do everything by itself !?

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    7. Boris Poff

      What’s “Meirs”?

    8. john r

      How long would it take for dust to cover that camera lense

    9. Christine Horniman

      Lies and more lies

    10. Christine Horniman

      The film Mars on Greenland all lies and bullshit

    11. Jared Hansen

      Alpha ....... *WAVES⁹ ? Makes me imagine what its like being a NASA proof-reader with no science literacy... ...something *like* the inverse of: ... ...... ..... ..... .......... ... ..-...... wave-particle duality

    12. Bad Code


    13. Chuphuc Minhan

      what is that in center screen [behind] at 13'44''?ufo?

    14. JR Hodge

      Come on man you are one of favorite researchers and I have learned a lot from you over the years. Please though you know we have had the anti gravity tech since 1951. You know this is all a lie, I know you make a living on this but it is now time to put the PTB on their butts. They are back peddling now. Brian you know the landing of the rover was not correct. It verred left and then back right once jets turned on and kept the parachute with jets. Secondly the elevations and announced rate of descent just did not match up. The rover landed at a higher elevation than NASTA anticipated. Look at it and join me on my mission for full disclosure now. Eisenhower scored the tech. and we never told the masses. Join me Brian I need your help.

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    18. Helga K

      Murs? Mers? Hey Mertian, pronounce the planet’s name correctly for god’s sake. I am pretty sure it’s Mars


        maerks 🤣

      2. Boris Poff

        Yes, I was unable to watch such an interesting content as I was getting distracted by Muirs references. Pitty

    19. stimulater7

      ...i call bullshit can do anything you need with a drone ...they aint looking for water ..and they aint looking for life ......its the wild west rob ...and we aint sitting at the card table !!

    20. Yve Gotnone

      its MArs, not MErs

    21. Lunsford Williams

      GBA 🇺🇸 i mean Ireland 🇮🇪

    22. Mark Yuen


    23. Rishi Gungabissoon

      Humans should start working and collaborating on these projects we would achieve progress much faster

    24. H B

      I have to say, Ingenuity also really excites me. My experience playing KSP has told me "Rovers suck for actually getting anywhere".

    25. Victor Quinn

      Alpha wave is a type of brain wave. Where as Alpha particle is a type of radiation produced by alpha decay.

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    27. Adrien Pinard

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    28. Eric Langlois

      And yet, I’m sure a lot of people think these rovers just drive around and take pictures...

    29. Channel Name • 10 years ago

      We can probably do a one way trip to mars today. I'm not saying that they will live but they will certainly live their rest of their life on mars

    30. Jeff Hopkins

      It’s Mars not Mayrs

    31. darren b

      Next mars rover should support tesla power wall

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    33. Tom Killwhang

      In the UK this will be known as insane Science since everybody thinks Engineers fix your car or home radiator.

    34. jett888

      What's " insane" were those SAIs all the way UP there! Lol

    35. Nicolay Schjelderup


    36. SabayZone

      10 years of technology Me : hemm 10 years huh Then remember how my phone and computer 10 years back Ma again : ok now i understand.

    37. A'TiaShaun Baker

      Hats off. Insane engineering. Does anyone know how much it cost to produce Perseverance?? How how much its worth??

    38. Joe TV

      30 yrs from now, conspiracy theory will claim it was shot on the studio.

    39. Grant Guy

      SpaceX will come soon.

    40. Aphex

      Oh shit we making movie level of quality videos now!

    41. Malunesj Official

      Wasted money of nothing

    42. Ahmed ManiyarUni

      Did anyone see something bird/ufo like flying in the mars sky at around 11:06 ??

    43. nomadbrad

      TOTAL CGI mapped onto video taken at Devon Island.....wake up!......the emperor has no clothes!

    44. josh530

      Narrator: *explains how the ISS generates oxygen @ **8:22* Me not understanding any of it: "I like your funny words science man"

    45. Beeble Brox

      Excellent video. They're amazing! So grateful to have lived to witness NASA absolutely nail it and begin a new era. 🙏🗽🇺🇸

    46. Johnatan Silva

    47. Aman patel

      mars rover operates at 110w power for a whole rover and all the instrument... here earth people using 110 in a single bulb.. 😐😐😐

    48. Ad Addv

      there is a small mistake at 10:33 2CO^2 + 4e- = 2CO + 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O^2 not 2 O^2

    49. j12345

      Great video and great quality. Thanks, watching it with my 3 year old son.

    50. Shivam Kushwah

      science is just awesome.....dude this is what the future is

    51. 1987rasul

      This is bs why the fuck can’t we go back to the moon

    52. Human Isomer

      6:03 Iron is what? Poor electric and heat conductor? Compared to what? Copper, Silver, Gold? Or Carbon, glass, ceramics? Please don't spill such rubbish without reference.

    53. michael trust

      Mind Engineering you liars. You've never left the Earths Atmosphere, boastful, prideful, lovers of your own lives, haters of God and his elect. The Son of Man is coming to set this straight.

    54. Raging Brainer

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    56. Charming nowhere to hide

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    57. Angry Media Smily

      MERS xD

      1. Charming nowhere to hide

        I don't get why NASA isn't already prepping a return rocket and pickup rover now as it could be creating the fuel while waiting for the pickup rover return.

    58. bob loblaw

      Why do so many poster haves to use ridiculous hyperbole? Its not insane, its rather quite the opposite. Sane and intelligent. Unlike the title.

    59. Ankush sharma

      Great video

    60. ruchi chaunal

      Why are engineers wearing suit during development?

    61. ME NBL

      Aaah Great to see the Men at the NASA control room. I bet that's one of the few places left where actual talents matter and diversity, inclusion and tokenized piece of craps doesn't.

    62. IIISentorIII

      If only you would speak with a normal flow and not make a pause after every 4-5 words.. it hurts my brain.

    63. Historynerd Delux

      Outstanding video

    64. sebastian sotto

      *M E R S*

    65. John Doe

      Superbe CGIs! Thanks for sharing. I will send you the video of my cat’s landing on Pluto. He encountered a few turbulences - but everything went well. He made a lot of mice friends and he does not want to come back.

    66. Frankie LowNRG a joke...!!!

    67. tn sp

      On to the mrssss, using the robot amrrrr

    68. A Google User

      I love your videos, but I still can't handle how you pronounce "Maers". 😂

    69. Michael Solis

      11:11 UFO spotted

    70. john john

      The insane gullibles believing this crap


      When advanced human engineering is described as that from mental instability. Are we children? Can we just use grown up terms, like, "Brilliant", "Genius", or, if you must satisfy the child adults of 2021, "Awesome"? But, Insane, really? Why not just go with, "The Nut Job Engineering of...", or does Nut Job not work for ya? How about, "The Deranged Engineering...", still no? "Crack Pot Engineering"? "Wing Nut Engineering"? "Certifiable Engineering?" Hey, that's pretty good right there! lol

    72. Travis Keena

      Ironically, NASA will not send an "unsterilized" rover to the areas on Mars where we think there may be life, for risk of contamination. These rovers are searching for signs of the conditions needed for life: running water on the surface.

    73. Eric Blenner-Hassett

      I don't get why NASA isn't already prepping a return rocket and pickup rover now as it could be creating the fuel while waiting for the pickup rover return.

    74. Donald Hump


      1. Donald Hump

        @Tim None

      2. Tim None

        @Donald Hump yeah, he was talking about the source code for the original landings. And if that video didnt cut him off to cherry pick statements, he would go on to say that it would be difficult but possible to re-code to go back to the moon. But realistically there isnt much reason at this time to do so

      3. Tim None


    75. Liam Smith

      11:09 who else saw the alien space craft to the upper right show up the leave..... great addition 😄

    76. aurelien clair

      Wait. The whole rover run with only 110 w of power ,

    77. savagex466

      Fake News ? I hate to say it ... I hope Im wrong for sure ... How come the most expensive space stuff has the shittest cameras ? My old cell phone gives you better, more clear picture ... please anyone tell me why the radios and cameras are just utter crap.

    78. Dennis Ramos Khan

      I feel like nasa is just wasting money spending to build these rockets and machines just to send to a planet where anyone expectd there is no life form! I they only all read the bible they will know that other than earth there are no other inhabit planet out there. they could have spent billions of money on something that are more useful to the life on earth!

    79. Neversink Makes

      So a scroll compressor is the cycloidal gear of compressors?

    80. Francisco Blazquez

      This is Mars or meeaars? 😂👍🏻

    81. masudbcl

      Perseverance this is a record.

    82. langra man

      that flying drone won't last in the winds

    83. Jarthen Greenmeadow

      Early Cuyler: "What did I teach you about perseverance young man?" Rusty Cuyler: "That if at first you don't succeed, it wasn't meant to be. It's just a waste of time 'cause the unions just gonna take your money anyway, 'cause they jealous that we got an extra bone in our body that makes us smarter, but don't nobody in science care to acknowledge that, and you were an unwanted pregnancy, and you ruined my dirtbikin career, and get outta my sight you disgust me. You talking bout that one daddy?" Earlie Cuyler: "And a son has done been imparted with the knowledge of the father."

    84. Ryan Lillie

      Nobody’s lost more craft in the Bermuda triangle the NASA they’re not going anywhere lol

    85. Cameron Bayes

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    86. Kel San

      Was there a failure before? I mean was there any mission on Mars which failed before?

    87. Ashallmusica

      Damn it's real as movies, sure I love Astronomy and Cosmology but my conditions to learn and having a degree or something to explore universe is poor😔, but I thank IRvision to provide such knowledge that keep alive my curiosity towards Science and Astrology 💙.

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      Mark Rober fan anyone?

    91. tommygunTW1

      Im surprised they dont retrieve the rover instead of sending another to collect the samples and fly back.

    92. frank king

      Pls upload nuclear power rocket engines

    93. Sun and Moon

      Guys this is not true. These people killing humans being on Earth and they looking for life on Mars, Do you really thinking like this. So that mean, life on Mars was ended by Coronavirus and we need to take the vaccine to live on Earth or we will be Extinction like Mars, what a smart idea. Even the machines they produce for space are smart too, only humans being are idiot. Do not be deceived by their enthusiasm, as they are children of Hollywood. They take our money as tax and selling for us these CGI pictures and 3D and you believe them. This machine (Perseverance Rover) have 25 cameras and they give us two unclear pictures and all the others pictures are CGI pictures. Do you know that producing CGI video is too difficult rather than take real pictures, why they spent all this time to produce CGI video rather than taking a real video for Earth or Mars. The answer is NASA knew that their world is not true, if NASA give you the real picture you will discover their deceive. Start to believe. They used their deceive for stealing our money, life, and hope NASA used words like "Scientists estimate" to deceive us Use your feeling, Earth is flat

    94. Reakted


    95. Subhas Chandra Boss

      You mean CGI and video editing? Mockups etc?

    96. ClayZ

      6:30 Plutonium 238 half-life? 24K years. Plutonium 241 is 14 years. It is 87 years for the perseverance rover power source. That’s OK I think. It is still a few hundred years before going effectively inert though. Solar power will get better over time, and no doubt so will self contained power sources.

    97. Jacob Villavicencio

      I got the Engineering part, but this is all I hear in this video, “hopefully, 40% chances, and how this rover was made”. It’ll be March 2021 next week, so I am “curious” where it’s at and what the progress is, if any, especially if all that work boils down to 40% of a successful landing, operability and functionality. I “hope” it did not fizzle as it hit the atmosphere entering Mars. I understand the plan.

      1. Diarmuid Buckley

        It landed, parachute worked find and there are even audio recordings. Search for them.

    98. Cole

      It’s WALL-e

    99. 5Andysalive

      When have launch/liftoff commentaries started to become philosophy lectures? It kinde gets silly.