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      ok when i get sad i watch ur videos when i watch ur videos i get happy and thx

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      DaD lEfT aT 4

    5. Ducker

      is it me or is that reekid??

    6. Callan Greig

      When he was calling the girl I was expecting Daniel to say something stupid

    7. WrangWrang is me

      The papa kid just made my day

    8. WrangWrang is me

      Friend zoned 2 mil views 💀💀💀

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      When someone says your adopt I say stop bullying a 10 year old and stop living in a basement when you 25 because there bullying me

    10. Mr gold Goto

      Oh my friend zoned

    11. Minecraft City

      Fresh: u like tik tok 😂 idk why that got me laughing

    12. mikemillz28

      I love how everybody in the game get their v bucks easily, We get our v bucks from

    13. Karieto YT

      kid : it was accidentally daniel : you were accidentaly

    14. Blu-Ify

      *try’s not to laugh* I cant I just always laugh at Daniels vids

    15. Blu-Ify

      Me: laughs at everyone Daniel: also laughs at everyone

    16. J-A_C-K _bs

      I didn’t stop laughing 😂

    17. Daniel Awsomebudd

      My name is Daniel

    18. Billy Bob

      This shit is so funny

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      LoooooooooooooooooooooooL!!! :)

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      Upload more pls, love the vids!

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      Yo she frined zoned him he in his fillens

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      wholesomnes level

    23. Evie Mc

      thee firstt oneee thoughhhh


      wait what happened at 3:10

    25. Lol tar

      RIP the guy who teamed up with mcreamy and mau XD

    26. G-POLLER KAZ

      I'm the person you gave a virtual hug to on your stream because my mom was in quarantine

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    28. roulen maldonado

      every kid that hangs out with daniel is a make a wish kid cuz they meet fresh, mau, mccreamy

    29. OG hutchy1409

      Daniel lying to little kids for his own entertainment 😂😂😂

    30. TNK_deez

      Danieeeeel post please

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      Can I get an add please i love your vids and would really appreciate it if you did epic is LGI LAVA 654

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    33. Reece jr Moz


    34. OLLIEFN

      Wait a minute ur bounty was kaiaszcracked Next game: ur teammate is kaiaszscracked

    35. XiiZappy Gug

      He got the girl

    36. hollie aldridge

      i love how he said your a acidentally

    37. Zahoor Ahmed

      Who else thought the thumbnail was a gas can 😂 😂 😂

    38. Dominic Gamer

      you would think they learnt their lesson by now

    39. James Murray

      bro i thought this was a try not to laugh

    40. E-Ken

      I almost cried with that kid

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      i was your 77.000 like. your welcome

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      omg i love you plase can i have a shoutout

    43. Simply dragon

      13:03 that can break your ps4 mine nearly broke when it fell out lol

    44. Kitty* _ *

      I can’t stop laughing at the thing that he made is creative mold 😂

    45. Jenna Titus

      I laughed so.hard when they got banned lol

    46. Preston Granatie

      The way he throws the bottle

    47. WolfGirlblizer

      this kid made me cry

    48. OG_AydenTube *

      0:48 what is that build supposed to be

    49. Dream Dream

      Bunch of nice people.

    50. Rio_The_Marvel

      5:55 thats toxic my mate

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      daniel can you add me on Fortnite it would mean the world to me

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      7:05 *what was that LAUGH my guy*

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      daniel bro.. when i saw thoes people with the other fortnite youtubers made my heart go *explosion noises*

    54. jackson chase

      the one that i used : It is intended for all platforms!

      1. No0b Slasher

        Nobody asked

    55. Roses_XVI

      im bit late on this comment but at 0:48 he relizes what it is ;-;

    56. Alex Gonzalez

      i was left by my dad since i was weeks old to this day i havent seen him 11 years now but i dont neeed him

    57. Tagen Ruane

      This is more like a try not to cry that kid was so sweet omg

    58. pennybro11

      so hard not to laugh

    59. Zachary Ucher

      Can we just respect how he doesn’t put ads in his vids. You can tell he doesn’t care about the money

    60. Billy Hendricks

      F in the chat for the guy who got friend zoned

    61. xd_aroura

      This should be you cry u lose

    62. Kristen Frisk

      0:57 hahahahahahaha

      1. Kristen Frisk

        My bad 0:48

    63. Scoozie YT

      Yo fresh is such a goof ball 🤣 4:34

    64. funky_bro308

      Bruh i feel really bad for kyle , but it was funny, XD

    65. Amad Moore

      I love how every time we need v bucks in the game, we easily get them from

    66. Ayyy it’s JJ

      Can you upload aging

    67. Jacob McCoskery

      r.i.p to kaiascrackeds dad

    68. C animationzz


    69. Alban On Roblox

      this is class

    70. Zakari Butler

      you'r mean

    71. Zakari Butler

      you'r mean you had to kill demm

    72. To Bi

      He left like my dad 8 years ago☹️...

    73. Phoenix Wellbeing

      I thinking I'm getting banned look. I dont care of I'm getting-. Gunn gangsta 2021

    74. Gethin Morgan

      I love ur videos bro

    75. Daniel Thompson

      at 3:10 what happened to that kid?

    76. docdaniel

      RIP mr snuggles... he will be missed

    77. Roy D. House

      3:04 i laughed so hard

    78. Brady Cramer

      I cried every time something beautiful happen 12:53 11:49

    79. Sunny Puppies

      POV: You’ve rewatched this for the 1000th time because your waiting for him to post again

    80. I.T.G

      "the African people" make me laugh so hard😂😂😂🤣🤣

      1. I.T.G

        @Twisted Fm hii 👋👋how are u

      2. Twisted Fm


      3. Twisted Fm

        ,, hi

    81. Steven Myers

      I laughed when kyyyyyyyyyle got regeckted

    82. Bushy

      Wait what it’s chapter 2 season 5

    83. zeqqers

      it isnt a daniel harrison video without an alt f4 prank

    84. wolfy on YT

      make more videos

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      F in the chat for the guy that got freindzoned

    86. alex francisco

      I told my dad that if I got Pokémon

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      Your my favourite youtuber

    88. Jbera147 Lol

      I know

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      Can you pls add and Play with me Epic: xd_Gafri

    90. Mway

      please play with that baxter kid again hes so funny

    91. JackStar123

      What happened with the vault and the kid got banned?

    92. JackStar123

      Dan, your such a nice guy playing with randoms and letting them play with their role models👍👍

    93. Ozzy OCG

      yuo liek tkikot?

    94. Sharky Clapz

      ''you were an accidently'' im gone

    95. Ya Boi Lucas YT

      How did that guy even disconnect when he made the noise

    96. beanbag290

      I love how every time we need v bucks in the game, we easily get them from

      1. lqpl crib

        Be gone bot

      2. Jonooo

        @Bambuz thanks for the reminder fn kid

      3. Bambuz


    97. Yashay Smith

      I love how every time we need v bucks in the game, we easily get them from

      1. lqpl crib

        Be gone bot

      2. Aaditya Thawani


    98. Justin E

      Lilly: Crying crying* Fresh: you like TikTok I like TikTok

    99. Jared Hernandez

      Me: Sees the thumbnail Also Me: What exactly am I looking at? 🤔