Why Aliens Don't Visit Us: Why Are We Like This? | FailArmy


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    If aliens exist, they haven't visited us. After watching these fails, I think you will understand why!
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    1. j ho

      Fuck i love when show offs get fucked up

    2. Siren Head

      If you dont know what siren head is Google him

    3. giavanna ong

      Go I

    4. informatimago

      Aliens exist. They DID visit us. But they never came back! Also, nowadays, they installed an Internet -> Space gateway so they can keep an eye on us and have a good laught watching FailArmy.

    5. SALUTO

      The best where Fail army failed

    6. Tsvetil Tsvetilov

      ha ha ha

    7. colin crisp

      yep last visit to this place there too weird

    8. David Wright

      You know, for every one of those "Like a boss" videos, I'll bet there are about 50 of these "Fail army" videos. For the same people :)

    9. Teri Wilde

      My dream is that one day people will not film verticaly

    10. The Great Goddess Ehrisaia

      Lmiao @ 5:47. Fatness never prospers.

    11. Gorilla

      4:30 -.- 100% Idiot

    12. Kunal Mazumdar

      The title killed me.😂😂😂 "Why the aliens don't visit us?" Probably they already did few thousand years ago and saw some of our great wars and thought "Dude, if this guys can't live peacefully with their own, then how we can expect peace and friendship from them. Just mark this planet as "place to avoid" list in our database."😂😂😂

    13. Chihuahua Dog

      Aliens are a bunch of stuck up bitchs I'd rather them leave us alone actually

    14. Chloe B

      childish gambino

    15. Jeremy Brown

      Because aliens are not real Genius.

    16. The Infamous

      For how smart we are suppose to be...we are some dumb ass beings.

    17. Sinister General

      1:44 Name of the song?

    18. Rio Rampage

      "Not the Phone' 😂😂😂😂

    19. Big Potato

      A lot of the vids are fake. The only ones that are funny are the unexpected fails. The dude falling over trying to power wash the tractor was so fake.

    20. Sebastian P

      Aliens do visit us cos we're their comedy central

    21. Kevin Ferdian

      Well, in movies aliens seems to always invade U.S. where most of you people are like this.

    22. Black Hawk

      1:09 fucking dumbass was holding it wrong tf he got mad at for it was your own damn fault

    23. Miseridordia Escamez

      Joer, ya me aburre, metéis videos repetidos, me desuscribo 😏

    24. All Of Existence. Shall be Mine

      Dude! First off, Me: Bruh! Title is awesome 👌

    25. Christopher Pritchard

      Sooo fat! Fat people are disgusting

    26. Royal8k - Hejter Jožko

      Proletariat around the world... google it scums...

    27. Giulia Bianchi

      sei scemooooo non mi piaci

    28. Sagar G

      That Indian slangs in the last clip of cake smashing. 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣

    29. bibasik7

      5:04 is the clip you're looking for.

    30. Mai Neem

      5:50 legend has it he is still on the floor 😄

    31. Baltazar Sant

      Some people are stupid, I know.

    32. swopnil gyawali

      Well happy birthday sunshine ♡

    33. Hörður Heimisson

      She looks like she’s being “wrong holed” in that thumbnail. 😐

    34. CaptainFoufeu

      0:47 "What was that!?" I felt the overwhelming energy of Simon Cowell and Gordon Ramsey within that man's disappointed voice.

    35. sam urai

      5:45 MAYBE you should lose weight. The chair was designed for humans.

    36. nosarcasm1

      Why are you asking such "philosophical" questions when you already know the obvious answer. Humans are stupid! Kill all humans!

    37. Z4J3B4NT

      4:50 is like the 5th time I see this video and in all the other compilations, you've been told it's fake. But I guess it doesn't matter... Recycling is recycling I guess.

    38. Attila Hofferek

      4:50 is a proven fake vid

    39. Boey Zhang

      Just Monika

    40. benjy _man

      The video of the helicopter flying through the glass is fake

    41. Moaben St. Louis

      5:04 might be one of the best ones

    42. Nicolás Joannás

      Isn't it technically an alien?

    43. James Boxall

      The biggest fails are the sad loners who record themselves failing and still upload it for attention. Evolution of our species. 🤦🏼‍♂️

    44. Robert Lowe

      I wish they would not crop those videos , can't watch squished vids.

    45. Eddy Tapia


    46. R3D 232

      Raid us*

    47. Sarah Barton

      1:27 she turned Bumblebee into stumblebee . Lol

    48. Michael

      1:20 for Clumblebee :)

    49. MarkoRollo

      and 5:05 is what you're looking for

    50. MarkoRollo

      That title, so true, "we have the tech to travel vast distances in hours, we can even teleport, our weaponry could blow up an entire planet and shoots laser beams, how about we make a visit to that little backwater planet filled with beings that spend half their lives trying to kill themselves, NNNNNNAAAHHHHHH!!!!," they have literally no reason to come here.

    51. Julianna Rios


    52. Friendly Alien

      fails is one of the reasons why we visit humanity. PEACE.

    53. Jan Stuchl

      1:06 quitterbaby 😭😭😭

    54. Mr Karate

      4:51 it's fake. You can see how they pull on the chair with a string or something before the Dron crashes.

    55. Vitor Pereira

      00:01 it is so satisfying to watch posers fall on their faces

    56. Jack Buena

      Aliens will visit us once Trump is out of the White House.

    57. Maidenlord 666

      2,16 I bet $100,000 that was somebody at a cross shit gym

    58. UnWrittenTomb

      4:52 haven't you guys used this fake ass clip like 10 times and got called out for it every time?

    59. Agung Nurdian

      1:11 fubar


      The aliens? We’re not tasty.

    61. Danny Vell

      Oh man haha ....I’ve sat on the toilet long enough now better get back to the customer .

    62. GameExpert134

      4:27 5:54

    63. LPWelle

      4:53 ist fake

    64. roule JJ13

      Lmao those crusty jeans tho

    65. PureInsanity

      0:49 she forgot to press A/X

    66. Ogrematic

      I don't think nordics, grays or reptilians watch fail videos.

    67. Rory Rooster

      The real tragedy is how many people feel the need to film and record everything they do just to seek the approval of people they will never meet. Very pathetic

    68. varun srivatsa

      The first one is so fake I can't even fake laugh

    69. Harvey Walsh

      Yay yay yay!

    70. Nikolas Christopher Bartu

      Just because Man is not supposed to exist.

    71. Surreal Sculptures

      Oh, come on. I'm sure the aliens must laugh once in a while too! If they're monitoring our transmissions, and chiming in to fail army, they're probably rolling on their side at some of these videos! Good for them!

    72. Zaristarian

      More like Recyclearmy!

    73. Dylan Sun

      Coronavirus has visited us, what are you talking about

    74. captain spaulding

      Sturdy jeans

    75. PUCHAX 03

      4:47 it’s fake

    76. hellcat1988

      Fail army is a good name for this channel. Can't even recognize a fake video before adding it to the compilation.

    77. Marcus Alexander

      Not fails theyre out having fun doing stuff, the real failures are people who do nothing

    78. Angel Jasso

      bumblebee twisted the shit out his ankles😂

    79. Eddie Costa

      The Russian one at 3:15 is just sad

    80. buzz light

      4:48 thats a clean assesination boyys

    81. grovermatic

      All of physics working tirelessly, and it took FailArmy to solve the Fermi Paradox.

    82. Phillip Ruck

      That drone one with the chair is obviously fake

    83. Izzbella 19

      The title make me laugh already😂

    84. Nicole Langston

      Because we are so, so stupid. 😐

    85. Mich Rock

      The song of the opening is cool. How is the name and the band of this....?

    86. oOKenduOo

      so soviet russia pants wear you

    87. Grant Does Stuff

      5:44 I CANT BREATHE

    88. Billy kate

      Song in first clip: Hands up by Sprint Edge, Vince Peersman, Glenn Eddie Meul

    89. ShuriK2 1

      3:38 maybe it's the one back there

    90. Marek Stepnowski

      Utter stupidity harms

    91. Sada Twinkletoes

      4:53 Is so obviously fake. Go frame by frame, the chair starts moving before it even gets hit...

      1. ShuriK2 1

        It looks like it even didn't hit the chair

    92. ADjustinG2013

      title correction: Why aliens dont INTERACT with us

    93. Дней бык Бег

      4:14 babe?! Holy shit

    94. Markus Andrew

      1:24 A.I. - Artificial Ineptitude

    95. Victor Lahti

      3:25 Putin turned off the power

    96. taxiuniversum

      Plot twist: Aliens DO visit us, because we have the biggest fails.

    97. Bray Zap

      1:55 that guy got some

    98. JonsTunes

      Accurate title 👍

    99. Anton G.

      Because. We. Are. HUMANS!

    100. Thenandnow

      Aliens are already amongst us