“I Wanna GET OUT!” Shedeur & Deion Sanders Look To BOUNCE BACK! Teammate Has A BABY On The Way!

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    Episode 10 of Primetime 2.0
    I’ve said it before I’ll say it again: Football is a game of short term memory! Every team has a bad game now and again, you gotta get over that loss and focus on the Next OPPONENT!
    That’s what Trinity Christian is doing. They’re owning up to their mistakes and looking toward the future!
    Each game at this point needs to be cherished. Due to Covid, their season could end at any minute. Theres a lot riding on that. Some of these dudes have dreams of playing at the next level, a season cut short could be devastating to their recruiting process.
    Shar'dez has a lot riding on this season. Not only is he trying to get the recognition he deserves from college coaches, but he’s got a BIG surprise heading his way! Shar'dez is gonna be a DAD! This season could be life changing for him and his family.
    The boys have a chip on their shoulder from last game. They're coming in to this week leaving it ALL on the field! “We’re gonna whoop they butts and we’re gonna have a good time DOIN IT!”
    Can Trinity Christian get the DUB!?
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    1. Greyson Walton

      Look at shoulders man so inspirational

    2. Lil Crispy

      Who the hell let shardez impregnate them

    3. Joel A

      10:39 PRIME TIME!

    4. Benjamin Rood

      There's a missing episode in the playlist?

    5. larrythegoat

      Deion Sanders favorite is hot garbage

    6. Andrew Coons

      All the players on the team & with all the content OT recorded they used Shoulders!....

    7. The Future_tef

      Where episode 9?

    8. Valencio Marquis

      The unequaled objective serendipitously frame because zoology complementarily clear by a afraid crate. spiky, placid comfort

    9. Jr. Smith

      Shoulders for PRESIDENT 🇺🇸‼️

    10. Lifewit Nyy

      I came all the way off Instagram to watch all they games 😂🐐🐐.

    11. football king


    12. Bam Bam

      Started watching and never stopped

    13. Bam Bam

      Why it say episode 10

    14. Jack Bean

      Song at 10:15?

    15. Hoodie Marques

      The end is near,the king of kings,Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is coming back for his bride,He is coming back to get his faithful servants,He is coming back to get his children.Jesus Christ died for your sins,he was torchured and spit on and beat up for our sins,HE WAS NAILED TO A CROSS.In John 3:16-17 it says “For God so loved the world,that he gave his only begotten Son,that whoever believes in him shall not perish,but have eternal life.For God did not send the Son into the world to judge the world,but that the world might be saved through Him.We are all sinners,we all deserve to be eternally punished,because all men have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God except his son Jesus Christ.His sacrifice on the cross was enough,he paid the fine for our sins so that we dont have to be punished.Jesus is the only way to heaven Jesus Loves you so so so so so so MUCH.REPENT people and put your faith in Jesus Christ alone and nothing else and you will be saved

    16. Deso Smoke

      Number 12 going places on defense 🤣💯

    17. Ryan Rodriguez

      This is the best series on IRvision

    18. Tewshifty X

      Wasn’t sayin that last week🤭

    19. RTS tV

      Consistent idiot 😂😂😂😂. First hearing that one.

    20. Top szn

      Why y’all be playing the garbage Mississippi teams come on down south and play oak grove 🧏🏾‍♂️

    21. James Murray

      I’ve never seen someone’s head have smoke like that on it

    22. Aiden Montalvo

      i know every player got atleast 2 minutes of film just from that game

    23. Sxmple IQ

      Shoulders the GOAT

    24. Doug Morse

      Greedy grabbin imbasouls sad disgusting behavior from a show that acts lile these kids have it together ...dissapointing to see

    25. Smoove

      Man tell KD I don’t care about those tears!!

    26. Harrison Lauf

      🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏GOD BLESS🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    27. g Wood

      Looked like a BLM riot

    28. Corey Clair

      Why they let grab the gear like animals

    29. OmarQB1 Bayo

      Number 12 remind me tyrann mathieu

    30. Jay Mack

      GOT DAMN SHOULDERS!!!!!!!! If you can’t root for Shoulders then don’t watch it anymore 😂

    31. Edward Norton

      Clarksdale 🤮

    32. R L

      Respect to them for giving the trench dawgs some credit

    33. Fooni

      The way they did that gear is how it was with food in high school football 😂😂. If you not early you not eating

      1. Jeffrey Gao

        its also "never let the linemen go first cuz if they do theres gonna be nothing left"

    34. Alicia Robinson

      From Desoto....Im here right after watching JSU beat Trembling. I BELIEVE IN COACH PRIME! 😃

    35. nijhil ferrell

      nobody: Jackson State me and prime: (whisper) Jackson State

    36. Elie

      Have a great day god love y’all

    37. yvngchris

      What’s the name of the song at 9:52

    38. Kinghulk21


    39. Phillip Clark

      Anybody knows the name of the rap song with "All about that money money money" chorus part to it, it's 🔥🔥🔥

    40. Elite Rob

      Bro no cap shoulders is one of my favorite players out of the whole team

    41. Black Man In A Kilt

      Why do people have kids so young?

    42. Chris Shine

      This a great show/series reminds me of last chance U just their in Highschool and playing to get into college not back into college

    43. ThaDarkPhantom

      Jesus Christ is King

    44. TPY

      At the end cam ripping people helmets off he violating 😂😂🔥.

    45. Montaine B

      For all the people who know they went and found the worst football team they could find in Mississippi 😂 come play Oxford, Lafetteye, or south panola 😂

      1. Chase Partridge

        They played madison Ridgeland academy out of ms in the first game and lost so yeah they would get trounced by a madison central or an oxford high school or oak grove.

    46. Peter Koklas

      Break it down on shouldersssssssss

    47. M H

      Shoulders... So inspirational

    48. coco bean

      Shoulders living every linemen’s dream

    49. Big Goat Bostic

      Shoulders is the goat

    50. 0fficial Kingston

      Number 57

    51. Isaac Jacobs

      He is a father?

    52. Matcherano Raphael

      Wait shoulders is real name😭😭😭

    53. ian murphy

      SSSSSSHHHOOWWDERRRS......this has to be one of the best series on youtube...i gonna miss it when coach leaves....but like all good things , end it must!

    54. Deyquan05

      Somebody pulled up to practice with chunky dunks on

    55. NBABen10

      2:15 cut the cameras rq

    56. Marquez Barrett

      I love ot

    57. Luis 831

      Shoulders the man

    58. wonderous man

      These episodes be short make em longer

    59. Emmanuel Wossa

      Shout out to Overtime

    60. We finna Make it

      what position does shoulders play

      1. Landon Windsor

        Defensive Tackle

    61. Kenny Washington

      #12 & 18 are pure Dawgs👊🏽💯 They have the potential to play on Sundays !!

      1. Nolan Burris

        Don’t forget master p


      Shaurdez steaming on his head now that’s what you call hot head

    63. Dylan Geller

      Cam is my favorite player on the team

      1. Benjamin Rood

        He's talented and focused.

    64. Himothy Stanfield

      Shoulders has to be the fan favorite 😂 I know he’s mine

      1. James Jones

        Break It Down On Shoulders 💯💯

      2. paris taylor


      3. Noah Romero

        He be the coldest running back 😂😂

      4. Datwayy Jay

        Shoulders for president 😂😂😂

      5. Jay football Vlogs


    65. Shelton 77

      yessir been waiting on this vid to drop

    66. Koin Gold

      Ion wear a small😭😂

    67. Gabriel Robinson

      0:23 vom.lol

    68. Jackson Trudell


    69. Tk 352

      Early gang

    70. Bobby Patrick

      I had to take a break during my workout to watch this episode

    71. Lxcid_ Skiezzz

      Let’s go love these

    72. Kelly Ford

      Great channel! Love to see the progress of the team as growing men. I love you coach but you need to stop dancing 🤣❤️

    73. Rio H

      Lil Sis slapped ts out him 🤣

      1. Margieluh

        ONG LMFAOO

    74. RD1

      Who else would love this if they did this with IMG

      1. jkjk

        ​@Alex Gibbs same except i played across the #1 Safety in America he also transferred to IMG .

      2. Alex Gibbs

        me especially now cuz they got just got a transfer that goes to/went to my school

      3. Marquez Barrett


      4. Lxcid_ Skiezzz


    75. amina

      I love this series

    76. Jacquenta Todd

      I was just scrolling threw overtime and szn then I get a noti. Yes sir finally been wait in for this

    77. SliccSZN

      am i the only one that saw one of the players practicing in chunky dunkys😳😳

    78. NOT_NICK19


    79. Elijah Alsberry


    80. Kevin Fontenot


    81. SEAn DA BOSS

      Y'all posted this right before jsu plays grambling state

      1. M1

        @Jayungin 1 they probably will

      2. Jayungin 1

        They need to show jsu games now

    82. # Time 2 Shine

      Let’s go Sheduer!!!



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