Ken Block’s 1,400hp AWD Ford Mustang Hoonicorn Vs a McLaren Senna Merlin // Hoonicorn Vs the World


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    Welcome to Hoonicorn vs. the World: a show inspired by gameplay from Forza Horizon, brought to real life! Today’s matchup? Hoonicorn vs. hypercar. This 1 of 1 McLaren Senna Merlin edition is one of the fastest hypercars around right now, so we line it up with the Hoonicorn to see what happens in a straight line race against the two. Will light weight, a bunch of technology, and lightning fast shifts help this Senna eke out a victory over the monstrous Hoonicorn?
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    1. UK

      Just got my Merch 3mins ago! Thanks Guys! Took the H'corn for a rip on forza 7 the other day...smashes everything! This is the Hoonigan content we love 🤘

      1. Legit Games

        @Hoonigan it’s fine it was nearly 2 years ago and isn’t worth both of our time for a 50 dollar mystery box

      2. Damar Fadlan

        @Cooper Quinn yo cooper quinn. How r u today during covid in 2021?

      3. Damar Fadlan

        @Hoonigan how are u doing today during covid19 hoonigan?🙏

      4. Damar Fadlan

        @_LifeOfBerny have u owned any one of the exotic cars yet?

      5. Damar Fadlan

        @Legit Games hi legit games. How r u doing today?

    2. Chulai Xijia

      😾😾😾😾😾😾💢💢💢💢😾🤛👊🤜👋👹💣🐺🦍🐆Senna beat fordmustang🔪🚗🚘🎉🎈🔇📢🔊🔉🗡️⚔️🛠️⚒️⛏️🔨🗿☣️☢️❎❌⚠️🚳🚯🚭

    3. FAZE anime !

      It’s kind of stupid that they didn’t use DRS on the freaking McLaren it would’ve had more of a better chance of keeping up with the unicorn

    4. Marc Ryan

      Give him ten lol whata monster the hoontastic hooney

    5. ursu remus

      911 turbo s vs hoonicorn. I know the hoonicorn will win but that 911 turbo s launches sooooo good

    6. Captain 2b

      Am going to buy xbox only cause of Forza4

    7. Nithin Kp

      Awesome machine 😍

    8. Ima Stoner

      one of these cars can be driven to work, for fun, or purpose. the other is a job that takes twelve men to do. ill spend the money up front any time. i also doubt the 1400hp claim. juice it one time mabey but that pony is not running 1400. sorry.

    9. Blafard666

      Jesus F. Christ !!!

    10. Adam Bismilla

      Not event close

    11. Joshua Jones

      Bro why tf that thing hit 6th so fast

    12. KC Sanson

      I'm not. a street race guy , hownwould the hooni do against street outlaw guys?

    13. Brady Hoffkins

      Do the Hoonicorn vs a Bugatti

    14. Scott B

      Get that 2000+ viper from Denver on here

    15. David Mindful

      Maybe I missed this request, but id like to see The Hoonicorn V2 or V3 vs. the Rimac C_Two...

    16. Айрат Шаяхметов

      это все конечно забавно, но в чем суть? в том что машина которая легче и имеет в два раза больше л.с. оказалась быстрее? посмотреть кривляния мужичков, которые типа пытаются в интригу? интриги данного видео нет т.к. машины просто не идентичны, может быть следуюущее видео будет о том как подготовленная машина с 1400л.с. тягается с белазом (и в качестве интриги видео сделать возможноть водителю белаза задавить оппонента)?

    17. Nicholas Piccolo

      If anyone thinks any of these races are fair you need to really look at this video in particular. They say the hoonicorn makes 1400hp ok well the way it moves out it had to be making over 1600 to the tire. Also the only thing to even come close was that drag audi and you can see the last race in the Audi he absolutely destroys it. I like this series, but they are hiding the true numbers and true potential of the hoonicorn for content

    18. Joseph Sieri

      It’s was pretty obvious what was gonna happen 😂

    19. Alex R.

      quite lame)

    20. Umbrella Lemmings

      i wonder if Ken was driving the McLaren and the other guy was driving the Hoonicorn, then who would win? Because having Ken as the driver is a massive advantage.

    21. Poco F2pro

      damn that bonus round

    22. Igor e Léo Cataldi

      Wow Ford Mustang hoonicorn is tio fast this car is mi favorite car

    23. Nikolin Deda

      Hoonicorn vs Koenigsegg

    24. Léo DMNT-FRNT

      Man 17 minute of talking seriously

    25. Star Child

      I totally disagree that Senna doesnt look cool. To me this car looks awesome af.

    26. Kurt Juntoria

      This is what im waiting to see in the fast and furious franchise......the hoonican

    27. HafisXal _

      no one can defeat the hoonicorn

    28. Darcie Brady

      I love how fast the hoonicorn is

    29. The Realdeondakid

      Boy wtf man they snap with this car frfr made fucking history

    30. Art Enthusiast

      yooooo the longbeachgriffey plug tho.

    31. Ahmed Ali Khan

      How about a 1500 HP supra again kens car

    32. naid nryb


    33. naid nryb

      The devil v.s A devil

    34. TommyArt

      v1 Hooni vs v2 Hooni? ? ?

    35. T3MP3R4M3NT

      I'd give my left nut to be able to drive the Hoonicorn just once

    36. Joekoth

      That car is really on meth

    37. Joekoth

      Ken block needs a worthy opponent like Dominic Toretto😂

    38. iyannn.

      Hoonigan VS Everybody

    39. B H

      mopping up every car that comes along, and if a car comes close, they hook up the laptops and make it faster. This car naturally sandbags.

    40. Gung praha

      Oh my .. hoonicorn is a monster

    41. Frosty Films

      As far as super car owners go that guy was super cool

    42. RdL

      i dont think that senna driver was giving it all, im sure he wanted to get the car back home unscaved i cant blame him its not even his car.


        Bruh the hoonicorn is legendary , obviously the mclaren was gonna lose

    43. ドリフト_DRIFT

      and how does he drift a AWD?

    44. ドリフト_DRIFT

      can the hoonicorn beat the Devel 16? the car company does state that the Devel 16 has 3000 hp

    45. al faizi


    46. Ivan -

      Estaba pensando en Forza Horizon 4 💯😁

    47. Gage Fairbanks

      Do you need a race Cletus and cars

    48. RS 850


    49. Victor P

      Not sure if you should race cars with over 700hp difference... regardless of how amazingly weaker cars body js made... she still weaker by over 700 horses....thats just something TOO MEANINGFULL

    50. Teukumahesa27

      Subtitle indonesia dong

    51. Señor PC

      Это офигенно. Я всегда восхищался Хуниган)

    52. Jeremiah.02

      I cannot imagine what it must feel like to sit in the hoonicorn

    53. Alfie Bolton

      They both sound Incredible

    54. RaceClub Café

      awesome! ❤❤❤❤



    56. jamal telesford

      You know what I would love to see on Hoonigan versus the world is Ken blocks twin Ford Mustang against a Bugatti Chiron that's pushing the same amount of horsepower but it has four turbos that I would love to see for an episode.

    57. Castrol koen

      ford Mustang Hoonicorn Vs Koenigsegg Agera One of 1!!!!!!!

    58. Roselle Delois

      vPaula Abdul

    59. Thsachemba Sangtam

      A mile race please

    60. Caleb Prchal

      Hey, uh can you get my dad his dream car? It is the old school type of car. Ford Mustang Shelby GT 350 Fastback

    61. Caleb Prchal

      Ken= the one man who goes nuts with the HOONICORN

    62. Caleb Prchal

      Sorry I comment so much, I just want to say I am close to getting the HOONICORN in Forza Horizon 4

    63. Caleb Prchal


    64. Caleb Prchal

      I am saving for the HOONICORN in Forza Horizon 4 but sadly I can’t get the truck. ):

    65. FBI

      I actually found out about Hoonigan from Forza haha. The Hoonicorn is definitely my favorite car in the game no contest. Checked out the channel and this is all badass. Keep up the great work guys!

    66. Alan B

      What is an actual 1/4 mile time on that Hoon?

    67. Mat G

      lowkey i wanna put my car on the line against the hoonicorn

    68. Kujtim Rexhepi

      we have Nissan GT-R with 2000+hp in Albania but Ken is afraid to race him

      1. Tuan Nayr

        we dnt race with guys from shithole country lol

    69. Ruben Van Eecke

      2/3 of the vid is just them talking about the specs

    70. I am ze MEDIC!

      That moment when you get a bad car, upgrade it and it's better than any supercar in forza 🤣🤣

    71. He's got A Motor

      6:23 how much does that mc McLaren cost? And its around the same speed to 100 kph as a Ford sierra rs cosworth

    72. He's got A Motor

      1:46 armatures of racing games drive outside view of the car and use automatic transmission, pro's like me drive in car view using manual transmission, its more realistic , I even drive in car view in the grand theft auto games

    73. Michael Squires

      Jesus fucking H Christ!!! Great vid but dud comparison, obviously the marketing 101 department are wiping the pre cum off their undies 🩲 2 great vehicles 🚗 though. Pop that Ford up against a GT2 RS MR running meth and tuned to 1000 hp then I’ll cum!!!

    74. Ti Mo

      Please due a run vs. Phillip Kaess RS4 from Germany

    75. metereonix PVP

      ford mustang 1969 back mens el ford mustang 69 no se queda atras

    76. jOhNnYr1cO

      Would love to see one of these crazy 3000bhp TT lambos agains it!! That would be a very close one I think!!

    77. jOhNnYr1cO

      This just wasn't a fair race, the hooncorns gearbox is probably set for a quater mile, where the senna has a top speed of 211 mph and it also has almost double the horsepower, not to mention awd!! You could easily see where this was going!!!

    78. Chris S

      The mustang is a fucking beast pumping 1400hp an absolute monster

    79. Dohc SMR

      This just is not fair. The Senna is..... well it is not a twin turbo, methanol gulping monster. The Senna just is out classed in the power department.

    80. Marcio Sonne

      Number 43, is realy fast car! O loved

    81. Daniel Henry

      When I was a baby my dad used to show me videos of ken Block so you could say I've been watching for a life time

    82. Rich Human Life

      Hoonicorn Vs F1 ???😄What do you Think?

    83. Derp Wolf

      Fun fact, 1m can fit in a grocery bag.

    84. silently demon

      Kelamaan ngomong nya gan

    85. Awi Rabelista

      Hoonicorn vs F1 car. Thumbs up if you want to see this.

    86. Kunal Vinay

      I'll quote Clarkson here "that car just fucks off"

    87. Chris Stewart

      Shiiiit I got 3mil for the hoonicorn screw buying a super car

    88. S McGuinness

      Round a track....different story

    89. Jim Harrington

      this game makes you FEEL like IRvision

    90. Mephisto's little Modelworkshop

    91. Bobby Collins

      I believe the unicorn deseves to be considered to b one of the craziest n fastest car on the unicorn n most missed 💯💪👍 n probably the whole world

    92. Rainbow Dash

      I hope these guys are wearing ear protection or they won't need it soon.

    93. M. MGNMARK

      to many commercials

    94. Thorben

      Hey Guys could you challenge the „Super-Golf“ of @jpperformance for a Drag Race against the Hoonicorn?

    95. Jlexa

      Unfortunately the only man that can run and laugh is Ken, so don't forget, that wee're looking this all bunch of cnucklheads just because of bravery and power. Thank's a lot and don't forget to protect Ken in all cost. Cheers.

    96. Almeira Hidayat

      Hoonicorn vs buggati chiron

    97. george tolea

      Yaya I feel like the H.corn is fighting for "us "the ones with no doe

    98. Amad Futa

      Senna stands no chance wow

    99. Lukas Buschmann

      haha das auto mit fast doppelter leistung ist schneller im beschleunigen als das schwächere ... wie seltsam :D

    100. RetroCNY

      Has he run this car against any of the crazy 1000+ hp MK4 Supras out there?