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    Norway is crushing us at EVs. We have to do better. Are you in? #EVerybodyIn
    Learn more about our all-electric future at
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    1. Nash Lamoureux

      Pause it at exactly 0:20

    2. דניאל אלון

      Dear followers!! Don't let the beautiful pictures confuse you . Anyone who buys a new car from GENERAL Motors the chance you threw your money into the trash is very large. In this company there is no customer service, the company's management does not care at all, if you have a problem or a malfunction, you can only pray to God there is a chance that the help will come faster. GM is a very dangerous company, be careful and keep your money safe.!!!Share so more people don't get screwed.

    3. 18Birko1

      As a Norwegian myself, it was hard to not get offended😂👌

    4. joachim raanaas


    5. Squid Missile

      And how many African kids are held in slave like conditions to mine lithium..... Not to mention the ecological consequences of said mining

    6. Jesus Hernandez

      GM literally killed the electric car. Remember the EV1?

    7. Car Ramrod82

      Funny. But dumb business decision. Feel good. Green cars powered by fossil fuels. Powered by batteries that first strip mine the earth...and are hazardous after life expectancy. But hey, the idea is great right? Path to hell is paved with good intentions

    8. R F

      GM doing so good for emissions. Should stay involved with gas. Chevy truck guy. Saying

    9. chris dabeee

      Hey GM were had you been in 2017 when your European Devision desperately ask you to turn it into a 100% EV Brand? You throwed them away instead of showing integrity. So the hole world is for sure waiting for your great cars and trucks - NOT. You will never be successful in Europe again with imported car. Cadillac is dreaming of selling something in Europe for decades. You messed it up already and the investors will recognize it very soon!

    10. Devine Nova

      People see this as an ordinary commercial, but the truth is, world war three is on the way

    11. imark7777777

      Oh yes the Americas is better than everybody else oh wait it's not so bad oh it's Sweden... lol Was thinking oh it's another one of those as against them but it was done in a clever way. The joking kind of way that makes you go well that's clever friendly competition. I didn't see the coat the first time through LOL there's even snow in the megaphone.

    12. LePuep

      So ein kranker Scheiß. Ist das die Art wie man heutzutage redet? Aggressiv, schimpfen, schreien? Andere für minderwertig halten? Typisch US. 👎🏻

    13. Andrés g.V

      May I suppose this electric car brand won't get a nice reception in the Scandinavian markets. Some Usonians are really 🤦🏻‍♂️

    14. George Orwell

      Will Ferell love him.... gm like the other old school car makers are slogan based management infested failing companies. But great commercial as usual... just where is the car?

    15. Thuraya49 Smitty

      GM. I'm here for you. American products. But your late to the party. Your slave to a administration. I didn't see this the past 4 years. ? . Now it's ev ev. You cannot have people just worried about shareholders and profit running the company. You.need people that have a vision. Engineers. Running it. Like apple or tesla etc. Goal. Not scared to think in to the future or if people don't see the big picture. Young. Thinkers. Not held back by old money makers shareholders who say " but this is the way we've always done it " be bold. Because now tesla has passed you up. You laughed at the young kid with a slight stutter named Elon Musk. Now your playing catch up. P.s stop making those big heavy boxy vehicles. Or you'll be looked at like riding a horse on the freeway. Come on GM. Be what you should be. Good.luck GM. Plant the tree. Even if those at the company will not live long enough to enjoy the shade when it grows fully. Future generations will.🙏🏾

    16. Chantal Guerrero Me every time I go to anyplace other than china.

    17. Ashleigh Sandrock

    18. Tuomas Levoniemi

      Too little and too late, sorry GM :)

    19. Garrison Morton

      This GM commercial > That Jeep commercial

    20. Vachagan Balayan

      oh gm so going bankrupt )

    21. Thanasi Manoli

      Best 2020 super bowl commercial by a looooong shot. So glad some people out there understand what classic super bowl commercial greatness has always been about and didn’t try to make a grand point or push a political or social agenda. As for the others...

    22. David C

      Glad this ad showcases how stupid Hollywood actors and actresses are.

    23. THESEADOG82

      Nice job

    24. Brian Goss

      Its going to be hard to out do Norway. When most Americans cant afford a New regular car and with EV being even more expensive it'll take decades for used EV to become affordable enough for the masses. Of course thats if GM can make them to last. But seeing how GM never learned how to make a reliable car its unlikely.

    25. AmusementForce

      "30 new EVs by 2025" but those are not for sale right? Just for show to GM shareholders?

      1. Bradey McMullen

        Basically just show cars. It takes time to switch factories from producing gas to electric cars

      2. David C

        Pretty much. No one will buy those poison spitters.

    26. Paul van Voorst

      And their response is:

    27. niduoe stre

      GM- Why does Norway sell so many electric cars? Also GM- Let's kill of the US EV market in the 90's!

    28. Rob Whythe

      The rest of the world is smiling at America’s ignorance of geography. It’s almost like GM is unaware of that. Or maybe just ignorant themselves.

    29. Edouard Lesage

      The globe seemingly coming on and off Will’s right forearm through this ad is distracting me....

    30. Fred Boi And Friends

      My parents and grandparents were confused when we saw this ad, I was too

      1. Fred Boi And Friends

        Cant argue with that

      2. niduoe stre

        Well there goes all the "cool cars" you make lmao! Bet they all catch fire and are as garbage as the rest of the brands.

    31. The_Dirty_Yeti official

      Legend has it that he was in Norway all along, and the town was trolling him with Swedish flags

    32. drfaticus F-gm

      electric crap from Garbage Motors

    33. gilly

      No real cars in Norway, just playmobiles.

    34. Donna Perkins

      I am all for electric vehicles but this campaign is MEAN!! I saw the Amazon Prime commercials BEFORE I saw this one. I mean we are just getting away from a hateful bully in America and then we start bullying (even in Jest!) an Ally??

    35. VSpecy

      And I see GM forgot about car people. 🖕

      1. VSpecy

        @Todd Wilson They can, but they will stop liking them once they are the only option avalible. You see, EVs come without the thrill of driving, they also come without a manual transmission; and once you buy it, it remains stock forever; unless of course, you work on it- with a computer...

      2. Todd Wilson

        Car people can like EVs

    36. II DEMON II


    37. Ask to seduce Miss

      "This place is adorable. Dammit!" 😂

    38. Issac Ozzman

      I dont want your EV

    39. Nr Ks

      why not just say...i don't know..."Follow their example" ?! Why losers? Thumb down (not from Norway)

      1. José Octavio Moreno Rodríguez

        He never said "losers". Go watch the video again.

    40. AgentPothead

      Will Ferrel hasn't been relevant in like 20 years. Weird choice.

    41. okane Nikes

      Welcome to good burger home of the good burger may I take your order?

      1. Ask to seduce Miss

    42. Roberto Pescatore

      This looks like a Tesla ad since none of the advertised GM vehicles are available. after seeing EV ads people will go to Tesla because they are available.

    43. Sand Waves


    44. Russvet Den

      как говорил Задорнов. Ну тупыее)))

    45. binnins1982

      Well there goes all the "cool cars" you make lmao! Bet they all catch fire and are as garbage as the rest of the brands.

    46. fouoii gyhh

      Norway has Welfare, America has Will Ferrell.

    47. Gaming4life

      All it will take is a solar flare to hi the power grid and no more ev cars lol.....

    48. pangrac1

      Did you know that GM killed the electric car in 2003 and fighted against eco cars again just few years ago just with Trump rollback activity? 👎👎👎 Yep they did. GM is one big dinosaur soaked with oil. 🦖🦕🛢⛽️

    49. Colors 66

      Norway has like half a million people and evil oil money that they are trying to undo drilling by giving away electric cars!! LOL!

      1. Colors 66

        @fouoii gyhh I will try, ok bro!

      2. fouoii gyhh

        Will Ferrell por favor en el próximo vídeo a ver si sales en un Skoda Fabia de 2006, gracias

    50. Brian Allen

      So GM is confused about where they are? Sounds about right.

    51. daniel Gordon

      I'd be much more impressed with 5-8 really good models instead of 30x different models. # of models isn't necessarily a good thing.

    52. JulyForToday

      How cute. GM pretending like their failures didn't delay the adoption of electric vehicles for 30 years. I guess a good PR campaign makes it okay though. /s

    53. Zsolt Gaspar

      crush again? Was not enough with EV1?

    54. Robert Chen

      GM’s navigation is that bad?

    55. Maxim Zemlyakov

    56. Romulan Empire

      Battery electric cars are junk. GM not listening to their consumers as usual will lead into another bankruptcy.

    57. dfytr 81

      я после просмотра новостей от стаса нашёл эту рекламу

    58. bodoti qwiu

      The "Dammit" at the end 😂

    59. realwk

      Аmеriсаns trу to humiliаtе a forеign cоuntrу, but as usuаl thеy turn оut to bе fооls

    60. Stormic88 ВашаФамилия

      Это просто бомба....смеялся очень долго! Почаще бы производители разжигали бы такую видео- промо-конкуренцию)))

    61. Адольф Йогурт

      Заебись, американцы опять тупят в географии!!

    62. Aaron David

      What makes this even funnier is that well over 90% of Norway’s exports are petroleum products, so... (I love Norway, by the way, about 60% Norwegian by heritage)

      1. bodoti qwiu

        When GM can’t delivery in 2025 they’ll just lobbyists some laws to kill EV again

    63. Sicarius Peremo

      799 Losers voted this down, cause they know they're a huge part of the problem :P Pathetic!!!

    64. MowCueto666

      Will Ferrell por favor en el próximo vídeo a ver si sales en un Skoda Fabia de 2006, gracias

    65. Aaron David

      Will Ferrell...legend!

    66. KayBee

      I wonder if they'll still break down as often.

    67. Mark Plott

      General Motors - where is the Chevy BOLT EUV Reveal ?

      1. Syclone

        February 14, already can imagine you're bashing the thing and compare it to a tesla 😂

    68. Tom Jones

      Between Will and Ryan, commercials might become worth watching again. Bring on the collab!

    69. Carlo Orelli

      It's sad that american EV cars are here mistaken for GM cars. There's only an american EV brand and it's TESLA

    70. Donkeysaurus Rex

      Electric cars are okay, but only tools talk about driving “evs.”

    71. Erebos

      Cool. But how about the truth?

    72. Tom Doyle

      All this advertising seems a bit pricy; perhaps GM could be using that money to improve their EV manufacturing process instead. I gotta feeling that the number of recalls soon to come might cost them a lot more than a few Super Bowl commercials...

    73. BlackBoxGamers

      The best part is the University of Norway replied back with the biggest flex.

    74. R1LEDUP Audi response LOL

    75. Tago Bamyasi

      After behaving like climate criminals for 60 years and initially destroying the first electric vehicle industry in the 50's , now they want to turn electric. I hope you burn in hell GM

    76. G

      When GM can’t delivery in 2025 they’ll just lobbyists some laws to kill EV again

    77. Quo vrep

      this is embarrassing after seeing the agder university response...

      1. Denovan Scourge

        Link the university's response to this joke.

    78. Тодор Павлов

      An awesome ad from not so awesome company. Just a couple of months ago GM was suing state of California so the state can lower their emission limit law. Please...

    79. CommanderTaco

      God I absolutely despise that new logo

    80. Mathias T.W.P

      **Holds EV crown mockingly** Come get it... Yanks...

      1. Denovan Scourge

        I crowned myself today. Per capita I have 3.1x the EV's as the tiny little country of Norway.

      2. senni bgon

        with E.V'S by 2025! Nahum 2:4 is a 2,000 year old prophesy about Electric vehicles in the Seven year Tribulation period. It reveals that the major mode of transport isn't petrol

    81. Offset Streetfishing


    82. FF FF

      Mitt norske ego vokser for hver dag!

    83. Ben Quinney

      Searching for Swedes

    84. porque yo

      Is there any market fight between Audi and GM since both commercials have a globe?

    85. Nick Piovesan

      When advertising works

    86. Cody Stanley

      Ev transported on cargo ship....

      1. Cody Stanley

        @Denovan Scourge That is false but nice try

      2. Denovan Scourge

        Cargo ships are EV's, their propulsion is an electric motor.

    87. Carlos Xavier

      Tone deaf...

    88. Dino Ömer'o

      crappiest commercial of 2021.

      1. Tonnia Linnen

        I think it a funny commercial! XD

    89. Αλέξα Μομίρ

      that dude sucks

    90. Kyle

      When did GM EVs get so good looking?I'm down for this.

    91. Mani Andres

      No one: Americans when literally any country is ahead of them in anything: This entire ad.

      1. Denovan Scourge

        Per capita I have 3.1x the EV's as the tiny little country of Norway. It's pitiful when countries try to compete with Americans.

    92. drttyu liqm

      have a look around).

    93. Enkhtur Damdinjav

      Tesla go go!

    94. Lucky Oswald

      Accurate. Most Americans can't distinguish among Norway, Sweden or Finland.

      1. Denovan Scourge

        @Lise Anette Granheim "comparing between countries they compare countries" *The US is nothing like Norway, except for the word "country". Comparisons of LIKE demographics, economics and culture serve the purpose of showing the interplay of accomplishing the same thing.* *It is impossible for the US to magically create 41 new North Sea Oil reserves in the US for it to pump oil from and use a tiny bit of that absurd amount of wealth to hide behind a few EV's. like Norway does.* "comparing L.A with the country Norway is" *Norway and LA are more similar then the US and Norway. Both are rich and bought EV"s, although LA bought "spare" cars, whereas Norway made gas cars close to illegal.* "Norway is not in the EU" *Like Los Angeles is not like the US. Another similarity of LA to Norway.* "quite dishonest of you" *You're a liberal fascist American! How dishonest of you to pretend to be Norweigian.*

      2. Lise Anette Granheim

        @Denovan Scourge Well i'm not American, i'm Norwegian, so yes i know all about what our economy were and are based on (for the most part). Also when comparing between countries they compare countries. It could be that L.A has higher amount of EVs per capita than Norway does, but the u.s doesn't (it's just that the majority of EV's in the u.s is in L.A). In the grand scheme of things cities are not important, so comparing L.A with the country Norway is quite dishonest of you (i see what you're doing there). If you want to compare using examples like Los Angeles, you could compare with Oslo instead atleast. Also for your information Norway is not in the EU, so technically i'm not a EU person (i know you probably ment EU as short for european, relax ).

      3. Denovan Scourge

        @Lise Anette Granheim Did you know those cities and countries are the same population before I told you? That's an obvious fact American's don't know about Norway, which is ez to see in the comments. What was Norway's economy based on a generation ago compared to now? Fishing? North Sea Oil? I'm assuming like most American's you have no idea, just like they have no idea about similar size cultures in the US like NYC, LA and Chicago. You're "average" and don't know, just like average EU ppl don't know about tiny foreign cultures. I sure you feel your right about what you imagine you know. Los Angeles has more EV's than Norway per capita. So, Norway's can't keep up to a like size population, even while getting North Sea Oil wealth of around $60k per person per year.

      4. Lise Anette Granheim

        @Denovan Scourge Yeah because being able to distinguish between three cities is exactly the same as not being able to distinguish between three countries with different languages, culture and history etc. (Also btw pretty sure most europeans are able to see the difference between Los Angeles, New York and Chicago. Those aren't exactly small or little known cities).

      5. Denovan Scourge

        Accurate And most Europeans can't distinguish among Los Angeles, Chicago and New York. Those US cities have the same population as those EU countries.

    95. Jill Johnson

      Haha. I think they gave Norway the last laugh on this one because he was most certainly in Norway if you know your topography: Norway has high, craggy mountains along the coast, but Sweden only has rolling hills. I have to assume that was a Norwegian woman posing as a Swede (flags included) to thwart the adorably clueless Ferrell persona. Not to mention, the architecture and paint colors are typical of Norway, not Sweden. I hope that was a clever detail the commercial writers intended, and not just the assumption that Scandinavian countries are all alike and Americans don't care. I like how it works whether you know it's Norway or not.

      1. Denovan Scourge

        Everyone being Black or Chinese's when he arrived would have been funnier.

    96. Binh TC Nguyen

      I am so jealous of Norway.

      1. Denovan Scourge

        With a country of only 50 million ppl that control the wealth of North Sea Oil, everyone has a lot to be jealous about with Norway.

    97. Mr E

      Watch out Norway! You saw what we did to our own capital in an afternoon, wait till you see what we do to you in a day >:)

      1. Denovan Scourge

        Maybe you'll go Portland Oregon on them.

    98. Nicecatholicgirl

      My grandmother was from Finland. I love this!

    99. pliskin100

      Who the fuck is aquafina?

    100. pliskin100

      Do liberals really believe corporations when they make shitty ads like this?

      1. Denovan Scourge

        Yes, it fits liberal fascist faith doctrine, so they beleive.