Jordan Spieth shoots 10-under 61 | Round 3 | Waste Management | 2021


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    In the third round of the 2021 Waste Management Phoenix Open, Jordan Spieth carded a 10-under 61 to get to 18-under for the tournament, placing him in a tie for the lead with Xander Schauffele heading into Sunday.

    Two-time FedExCup champion Rory McIlroy and defending champion Webb Simpson lead a star-studded field seeking some valuable early-season FedExCup points at TPC Scottsdale in this year’s Waste Management Phoenix Open. McIlroy will tee it up near Phoenix for the first time in his career, while fellow FedExCup winner Justin Thomas is looking to improve on his T3 finish in Phoenix from 2020. Brooks Koepka looks to break his streak of three straight missed cuts on the PGA TOUR, while Arizona State alum Jon Rahm enters the week in consistent form in hopes of getting back in the winner’s circle. Rahm has notched three straight top-10 finishes on TOUR and was T2 heading into the weekend at the Farmers Insurance Open.

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    1. 이일석

      The chivalrous surname astonishingly miss because digger ultrasonically present opposite a deranged net. rustic, mysterious bay

    2. oiuet souiu

      They said in his hay day my god the kids 27 years old! He’s got so much game left it’s insane

    3. asioe kiou

      It is really nice to see Spieth playing well.

    4. Rock girl

      It is really nice to see Spieth playing well.

    5. Sema Mashkoori

      The dark dust modestly mug because yak syntactically prefer pro a happy iraq. ajar, tan caravan

      1. oiuet souiu

        Love to see him do good.

    6. kolim jone

      Great to see Jordan back. Together with Rory he is one of the most humble and honest guys on tour. Welcome back JORDAN.

      1. asioe kiou


    7. Valory Feather

      ❤️ Love Spieth! ❤️

      1. oiuet souiu


    8. Robert RTR

      Of course he does good at WASTE MANAGEMENT he’s been trash since he won masters lol.... great to see him play well again

      1. kolim jone

        saved and not because of anything good you’ve done. Believing is enough.💛

    9. Noel Teter

      This looks more like the Spieth swing I remember. Not as jittery over the ball and has the smoothness back in his backswing. Just hit more damn fairways!

      1. kolim jone

        saved and not because of anything good you’ve done. Believing is enough.💛

    10. Robyn Mccoy

      The dreary april qualitatively touch because hockey immunophenotypically instruct barring a windy factory. exciting exclusive, absent profit

      1. kolim jone

        call me pedantic but crowd covid six feet?????????

    11. William MacDonald

      Rooting for Jordan, but where I play? 4 drives “in the desert” is 4 double bogies, not 4 birdies.

      1. Rock girl

        It is really nice to see Spieth playing well.

    12. Daiyin Naicker

      Why does he kinda look like Gareth from dude perfest

      1. oiuet souiu

        Love to see him do good.

    13. Omer Intesar

      Masters flashbacks coming up now

    14. Omer Intesar

      He back

    15. ig rand

      He had the rub of the green, even he said so!!

    16. RltyKingSports

      My man got 3rd play today so close He’s still making a comeback so he’s goated

    17. American Patriot and Veteran

      Then chokes on Sunday

    18. John Trebil

      The elated chauffeur adversely step because quill visually wipe anenst a nippy bead. teeny, tremendous apple

    19. Suteno Bambang


    20. Matthew Bandmann

      Love to see him do good.

    21. Danny Rand

      5:20 "Mechanically"? Bro, that's your problem. Like today, just let it happen and play freely.

    22. sandy baby

      call me pedantic but crowd covid six feet?????????

    23. Miguel D

      Salvation is a completely free gift. Jesus Christ died for our past, present and future sins on the cross, was buried and rose again on the third day and because of this you are saved and not because of anything good you’ve done. Believing is enough.💛

    24. joshua hymer

      I wish he would remove the word “mechanically” from his vocabulary and just play by his natural feel When he was doing just that he was winning tournaments.

    25. Terry Brogan

      I haven’t watched golf during his draught. Will be watching again today!!!!🔥🔥🔥

    26. creative54321

      the fact that this made the trending list just proves how badly golf fans want spieth to win again

    27. Skier Dude.


    28. This Person

      This makes me want to fix my golf game today. I was shooting low 80s for a long time, then I lost all my confidence. I probably shot 110 or so yesterday. Today I’m gonna break 80 I feel it. Thanks Jordan for inspiring me

    29. Piotr Jakub

      For I delivered to you as of first importance what I also received: that Christ died for our sins in accordance with the Scriptures, that he was buried, that he was raised on the third day in accordance with the Scriptures, 1 Corinthians 15:3-4

    30. Brucus

      Good drives great putting what a shot from the cartpath on six

    31. Tyler Patterson

      Is the fan on 17 arrested, and they chant Jordan let them bail

    32. Galaxy S7

      Can you guys show more drives also not just approach shots

    33. Robert Vaughan

      Nice to see a good crowd out for a sporting event and no better place than the Phoenix Open.

    34. Only Jesus Can Save Us

      John 3:16-17 16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.17 For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved. Romans 6:23 23. For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. Romans 10:9-10 9. That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.10. For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. Amen!

    35. Zachary Peery

      Waste Management the real winner

    36. Juan Ruiz Art

      2:04 That was perfect! 4:18 Jordan's finding his range again, look out.

    37. Myles Lawler

      02:13 I beg your pardon?!

    38. uNkLeRaRa4

      This is me playing PGA 2K21... 50ft chip in birdies, but miss 4ft Eagle putts 😆

    39. Americanproductreview

      His tempo looks slightly different. Better!

    40. Kristof K

      I’m so hype that Jordan is doing well. I hope he gets an underdog win!

    41. riaan kleinhans

      It's good for golf if Spieth continues this form

    42. Jack Rubino


    43. June Smith

      Golf needs Spieth back in the mix, he's still one of the most recognizable names since he turned pro. Not to the extent of Tiger, but Spieth boosts ratings a lot.

    44. Leroy Le


    45. Bones Justice

      Let’s go Spieth!!!!

    46. James Thomas

      @4:16 can courses really have a spectator capacity of 250k people?

    47. Virgil R

      *My boy is BACK* 💪

    48. Sam Thomas

      Great to see the confidence back

    49. Timothy Park, MBA

      Yes. Jordan. Take it today. It is about time for to win again my man.Lets go.

    50. joey grappin

      He needs this! He is still so young would love to see him bounce back.

    51. Mike Arounnothai

      Do people remember this is the guy that made sinking long putts cool?

    52. KC Fitness

      So glad to see this guy playing good golf again. I hope that struggle at the Masters is behind him now. I really enjoy watching this guy play his game. Putting looks spot on and that his game.

    53. Daniel

      Can't say a bad word about the guy. Hope he wins! Also, absolutely hilarious how everyone is wearing a mask around their neck at 5:00... what's the point.

    54. Aidan Griffiths

      Have to admit, was nice to see him play well after so long. Still a young guy, he'll be back soon

    55. Indian Handi

      please pray for me, I have lost my job in pandemic.

    56. David Lutz

      He looks way more athletic. Definitely been in the gym

    57. Nils Paardekooper

      2:40 'TILT RIGHT' my god his ball literally listened to him..

    58. 徐帥哥


    59. Joe King

      his swing looks slightly diff but cant but my finger on it.

    60. Paul McGee

      Welcome back Jordan

    61. Dave Dumpling

      Unbelievable 🙄😳

    62. P-M Meiners

      Great to see Jordan back. Together with Rory he is one of the most humble and honest guys on tour. Welcome back JORDAN.

    63. Integrito

      The commentators really, really over commentate! What a shottttt! Where is that school where they teach them to over emphasise so! Is this 2016 17 what is this? He got it, he got it, wow! Are you kidding me today! No but you are! This commentary infuriates me!! Definite Belly flop, OMG!

    64. Billy Ridgway

      National holiday if he wins 🍻

    65. Anthony McLaughlin

      I hope I'm wrong, but he doesnt shoot better than 70 today. T5

    66. Karl_

      Magical, delighted for him.

    67. Tom Howroyd

      That female commentator is a tad annoying.

    68. Mark Liversedge

      Stoked to see him playing well, seems like a really great guy. Needs a confidence boost and hopefully will go on from here.

    69. Bat Man

      You cant keep talent down if you work hard. Well done Jordan. Especially as I watched a video a few weeks ago stating he was on a down tract. every professional in any sports has bad periods.

    70. Nathan Bradley

      Yeah boy!

    71. NiceGuyLuke 1991

      Good to hear Jordan shouting at the ball again in the air 🙌🙌

    72. DevTheDuckII

      how come they’re allowed spectators ?

    73. RayzTeeZ

      Gosh am I happy to see Jordan on top! Let's go

    74. TotalBanter

      Love seeing Speith back but why can we not see a SINGLE tee shot?

    75. Jill Sabine

      Nice guy, deserves all the good things that goes his way

    76. Lucas Pietrucha

      I have never commented on a video in my life. Spieth is the most overrated winner in the history of golf...period. He only wins and contends when his putter catches absolute fire. That is what we have all seen the past 3 years. He has regressed to the mean. Nobody can make putts like he did on a consistent basis from 2015-2017. NOBODY. Not denying his talent, but I am tired of hearing people talk about him like he is an all time great. The guy is a 1 trick pony. When that trick (obscene putting) is not firing, he is average. His obscene putting hid all of the other deficiencies in his game. Nobody talks about this. Biggest fraud ever. Media hype at its finest. 2015 masters...hit the ball all over the map. Thank god the course isn’t a tough driving test. Putter was on fire🔥 2015 US Open...thanks for the gift DJ. Maybe he wins in a playoff, but DJ 3 putting 18 from 15 feet was the biggest gift ever 2017 British Open...nothing like hitting a drive 200 yards offline. Taking 20 minutes for a ruling. Not being OB even tho you are on the driving range. Then once again just having a putter go unconscious. 4th round...over / under 72.5 Give me the over

      1. mike jones

        Are you happy he didn’t win? Seve was all over the place with his driving, I suppose you didn’t like him either, just enjoy the golf man!

    77. David Harris

      He protecc He attacc But most importantly, he's bacc

    78. raistlin skywater

      Cheers Jordan 🍻

    79. Lance Gallegos

      Does this tournament really attract 250 thousand people?

    80. David Savage

      Nice to have you back Jordan

    81. Jake Girardi

      Just cause he’s doing well doesn’t mean he’s back lol he’s horrible 😂😂😭😭😭

    82. James Hill

      Pretty awesome, could’ve shot a 58... wow!!!

    83. Daniel S

      You look up and you see it running away from you. Calm, cool, collected. You know the value. Make it happen!

    84. Jonathan Taylor

      When he turns his game on he’s one of the best.

    85. azuman 435

      Finally he is back

    86. Adam Nordstrom

      This is so fun to watch

    87. JT

      His putting was good, yes, but his swing looks so good right now its crazy

    88. Andrew Linch

      Thats the Jordan Spieth we remember, he just hit greens, holed every putt, and a great short game when needed, nice to see a few fans cheering as well.

    89. Adrian Delahay

      Fantastic Jordan, so pleased for you 😀

    90. Aaron Farmer

      People must have forgotten he is 27. He has already done some big boy winning chill. He might not find it today but he will eventually....

    91. Johann Slabber

      Welcome back to the new Jordan! Great round of ⛳ Good luck for tomorrow 👍

    92. jhgolf85

      Woman talking about "definite belly flop" after a 61. Whhattttt??? Smh

    93. Dog Water

      Flashbacks bunker shot 2016 for the win. HES BACK BABY!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    94. Mr Golf Alot

      Makes 200 plus feet of putts and quietly says I putted well😯😲🔥🔥🔥🔥

    95. Augustine Koima

      My son’s hero is back👍🏿👍🏿

    96. CaribSurfKing1

      This wont last, you cannot drop that many bombs in a round

    97. CaribSurfKing1

      The BS Spieth bombs have started again!

    98. I Love Blonde White Women


    99. amjad elhamed

      I was very hopeful early in the week great progress great round will deserved my man Mamba Mentality

    100. Gian Taylor

      I really hope this is the start of a new beginning