Megan Thee Stallion new footage and music video on RELEASED

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    New Megan Thee Stallion music video; watch now Plus, go behind-the-scenes with Megan as well as hear the biggest music news. RELEASED, every Thursday only on IRvision.

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    1. no ƒεαΓ

      Is anyone going to tell her a stallion is a name of a male horse?

    2. MaTruth N.M. Bassin

      Never heard of You before still not interested 👎🏽

    3. Naui Diver

      Little bacon bear? 😂

    4. Shapiro Shekelberg


    5. Gold Staxxquatch

      This video is borderline retarded

    6. Victor Jose

      Delete this for the sake of humanity

    7. Jocelyn XO

      Do it on the tip is stolen tho...

    8. KeepingitauthentiK

      I absolutely love everything about MEGAN💃🏾💃🏾❤️❤️❤️ I can’t wait to meet her

    9. Insomniac the artistic dragon

      Let's ask her opinion about this:🎤⚪👄⚪🛢

    10. Paul Stella

      This reminds me of an Adult Swim sketch from 10 years ago; entertainment for the low IQ crowd really is something.

    11. Lilith S

      Her music hits different on mute😍

    12. Lilith S



      the best part of this show is Bacon Bear

    14. S M

      This human is disgusting

    15. Ria Vuitton

      The thumbnail of Megan I keep thinking it’s lil nas x

    16. Ticked Talker

      Just an FYI A stallion is a male horse......

    17. Neha Naveen

      the way she talks sounds like she's rapping

    18. James M

      Zero talent.

    19. Alex Beltran

      I thought the thumbnail was lil nas x so I clicked on this ad lol

    20. Jesse Ellis

      And did she get the memo on stallions being MALE horses...... idiot.

    21. Dylan Rogers

      Combined IQ in this video is 13

    22. Jon Doe

      Yo clear ur throught pretty sure I misspelled that but fuk it

    23. Nickggggman

      Lil baby got robbed

      1. Barack Obama


    24. Travis Erickson

      Americas iq drops while watching this...

    25. Qutauris Parker

      Megan can i please please eat your a

    26. iipxayii ff


    27. DjRe4per

      ⚪️👄⚪️ Megan

    28. Phantom Aviator

      Oh, so when she busts down and shakes her jerrycan its "stunning and brave" and "inspiring to all young girls" Butt when I do it I get escorted out of Starbucks

    29. Neux

      Host slicing logs with that voice ngl

    30. Lordizaiah

      She really said 😝 0:08

    31. Buck Johnson

      Wow this is garbage.

      1. Barack Obama


    32. C'dam A'ruz


    33. •l u c i f a•

      Yall why did I think this was gonna be abt megan is missing for no reason? 🕳👩‍🦯

    34. Chris S

      Who tf are you

    35. London Charles


    36. FlvR

      Ummmm? What jiggle?

    37. Ja Crispy

      This is disgusting

      1. Barack Obama


    38. Rin’s Wifu _

      Wet and gushy

    39. Jetlin Martinez

      You the. OG ok😑

    40. SolNative

      Why does someone who acts like this and talks like that gets to have millions of dollars? Why isn’t she donating 85% of her earnings to all other deserving Americans is beyond me. When is enough money enough?

      1. Carlei A.

        Shut up plz

    41. brendon lewis


    42. Emily H


    43. Joshua Eaton

      Lol you write garbage

    44. Oyffm

      Why is IRvision giving me these ads i don’t even like this rapper

    45. Z Q


    46. Bailey Bonds


    47. Rock girl

      Body was a MASTERPIECE😳🔥 She gave us choero and LOOKS

    48. NOOB 101

      But stallions are male horses. Is she a male? 🤔

    49. Zero Yes it’s Sam fisher

      I wanna be famous but not have talent

      1. Rock girl

        Stallion..... As in a Male horse....a male breeding horse at that.. Careful boys she has a tree trunk down there

    50. Donnell

      This cool. But i wonder if youtube would support a conscious rapper.

    51. R6 clips cool

      I love how at 1:39 they do a close up with it focused on her boobs and some woman wonder why people “guide objectify woman

    52. Cassie Leach

      I love you girl I would love to in one of your videos

    53. CityGang City

      Here the video go 🙏🏾 🤧

    54. Zapatabone


    55. o_BeanyBoi_o

      Me being a Megan stan because she's a jojos bizarre adventures fan...yes

    56. James Hunt


    57. J. Cortés

      Oops missclicked bye

    58. Novice Simps For Liv

      Ew SHES ugly 💀

    59. SonicSwift99

      Stream Daystar

    60. Smoking Sun

      That’s a guy

      1. DieHarderAgain

        Stallion is a male horse, so she's terrible at picking names, or a dude

    61. Piggynator Cool


    62. Obama spaghetti toilet sauce

      I hate this generation

      1. Lilith S

        Me three

      2. Barack Obama

        Yes me too

      3. FireIsOur_ Friend


    63. H Nox

      That’s a DUDE

    64. pary4117

      The blind leading the blind.

    65. Kevin Johnson

      Stallion..... As in a Male horse....a male breeding horse at that.. Careful boys she has a tree trunk down there

      1. Piggynator Cool

        Bro 💀💀💀

    66. Vebunkd

      You only put "thee" in front of a word that begins with a vowel. So it cant be "thee" stallion it has to be the stallion. You could say thee Eagle or thee anaconda, but thee stallion is wrong.

      1. Vebunkd

        @Kevin Johnson haha yeah, she's not great with words.

      2. Kevin Johnson

        Its also funny because a Stallion is a male horse lol....

    67. Aunt Jemima's Revenge

      Is this what black culture has become ?

    68. j - schnab

      Of course you butt giggles when you're fat.

    69. a_bo3364

      I thought that was lil nas x

    70. Pansexual_ Disaster_

      sorry, thought this was a different Megan ⚪👄⚪

    71. Kate Rain

      I thought she was James Charles for a sec lol 😂

      1. Danae De dompablo


    72. Nat White

      I like the hat. It reminds me of Nico Robin

    73. SamuraiTakuan

      *why are women sexualized in today’s society* .................... idk snowflake figure it out like a person dressed up as a cop being offended when someone asks them for help

    74. Some Thiccc Skeleton

      8:14 my grandma does the same thing but to not show off her names just to express her thoughts 😂

    75. Jebril alzoukari

      No one: Literally no one: Charlie: ayy e ayee stan megan stalio

    76. John Syzlack

      The way they talk is half of why I find them to be manly.

    77. TOXIC

      Little bacon bear sounds like what happens when u smoke to much

      1. TOXIC

        @Kevin Johnson its a guy???

      2. Kevin Johnson

        Thats a dude

    78. TRIPPYZOE305

    79. Rollings Gaza

      Up love yuh #MeganTheeStallion

    80. Dylan Zahurones


    81. Covid lil fatboi

      I thought IRvision was friendly family content?

      1. Pansexual_ Disaster_

        GHDFJAG- youtube has never been family friendly...

      2. Pansexual_ Disaster_

        GHDFJAG- youtube has never been family friendly...

    82. why u mad

      Came for the thumbnail stayed for the video.

    83. ALOOTZ ?

      lil baby was robbed marcus thee stallion only won cause she got “shot” 😴😴

    84. Eva Una

      Aya Nakamura 🥰🤩👌

    85. bts paved the way

      omg i think we getting aya and megan on a songggg

    86. LazerNinja

      Body ody ody ody ody ody ody

    87. Epic Noodle

      I have only come here to say that she has 120828373837373826262384873277274842826364839274673929274637282948476382933947372826252427488593917616278484939276238494506039392827374793022736839292737473920294958382838949504038626657839292746462627949394884763526348493939474664636327283846637273849938272637489383838492848388383838;893982883848474637283847477383747377374737389193836468282746473737373738747473838393847746466372939474746646338292992938384774645567373829283746652937538294656378237466473829376647272 pounds of make up on

    88. Thats Meat Man

      She looks like lil nas x


      This vid hits hard w no volume

    90. Only1

      i clicked to say garbage


      I love this girl

    92. John2.0

      Why has she named herself after a male, breeding horse?

    93. Cracker_needs_54 barrels

      wait people actually listen to this bullshit?

    94. Tlife INcontractor

      Bro I cannot deal with that host voice she needs to cough up something. She got mesothelioma in the lungs she need to go get that checked out

    95. Blessed Skeleton

      Shes got a nice voice, but a strange wardrobe.

    96. Ss- DeityY

      Just came cus of those buddies 😍

    97. Sentry Gurl

      Wet a-- p----

    98. James Fafal