The Ugliest MP3 Player.


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    1. Ali Rehman

      It looks like an "among us" character

    2. Greyson Graham

      He’s the imposter



    4. BackAlleyShank

      don't think it, don't say it

    5. Andres Valle

      Among us mp3 player

    6. Brendan Cross

      Guys I just realized amogus

    7. Majczelel

      Among us nugget

    8. destrojer124

      That Rio one looks like a dang digivice.

    9. Gabo

      1:40 amogus

    10. sade noita

      when the mp3 player is sus.. 😳

    11. Gamzee Makara

      9:23 sans from undertale laugh 😂

    12. Syahmi Danial

      1:41 Among us

    13. The Legged One

      Got to love that Spiderman font

    14. gaming Minecraft

      11:35 a vid

    15. gaming Minecraft

      9:50 respect found

    16. gaming Minecraft

      2:55 wow the headphone maybe bad but its worth it not tangled

    17. gaming Minecraft

      Lol the 2000s i used spotify instead but then downloaded music with 3rd party app

    18. Ductor

      1:43 among us

    19. Venom Botsss

      My favorite part 2:25

    20. The Sneaky R33

      The "Ondio" reminds me of the PA-5 Path uses.

    21. Winfinity

      jesus christ this is a monstrosity

    22. finna fantastic

      that mp3 player looks pretty sus


      well big chungus is better😉 Big chungus and the old skool iPod my favorite

    24. docyagamikiko

      I sub here for the retro music tech. But man... Your jokes are murderous...😵😵🤣🤣

    25. HappyBeezerStudios - by Lord_Mogul

      Honestly, I prefer the "metallic silver with a shade of purply-blue" over the "shiny black with a shade of red" we have now

    26. OuanouaChannel11TH Gamer

      *Auxiliary Mode*

    27. Pigbelly19 ‘

      Among us

    28. Justin Allen

      Can I have my own sexy speaker?

      1. Michael

        If you have around $179.99. Yes you can

    29. Matt Sugui


    30. Tech Wizard

      the intergalactic testicle.

    31. Scavor TheSpaceCowboy


    32. Yar M.

      "ugly nuggets" nah, "uggie nuggies"

    33. Eluvix


      1. Scavor TheSpaceCowboy

        shit i commented the same thing and ppl gon say i copied you i just instinctively did it lol

    34. Satan is a computer

      9:24 sans

    35. Doggo Gaming

      The measure tape MP3 player, aka The Interstellar Testical.

    36. itai

      amog sus mp3 player

    37. Paw Gaming


    38. Jack McSomeone

      Amogus nugget (Amog Nugg)

    39. Nazu maus


      1. TCMine

        AMONG US

    40. Adrian Gabriel Abad

      Ugg nuggs

    41. Toffe Kanjer


    42. zzz0000


    43. Canonical

      Amogus Nugget

    44. runes0ul

      amogus nugget

    45. jameswalker199

      I actually really love early- to mid-2000s design, it's just so wacky but weirdly space age. It's like retrofuturism 2.0

    46. KRYDEZ _


    47. [RS] mineturte

      sus mp3 player

    48. Melon mint

      I feel uncomfortable with how its designed

    49. Mango

      when the nugget is sus

    50. Gyuriedistodiez

      Man I wish there was a FrankPods channel just for Frank

    51. Flamboyant Opossum

      You should have a jar in the Nugget Realm dedicated to the various tools that sacrificed themselves for the cause.

    52. paustin123

      $10 to get my name flashed across the screen for 1 second?

    53. Noxiious Gaming

      The font in "RAVE-MP" is the Spiderman logo font. Brilliant.

    54. Mdn

      Thing looks like an among us guy

    55. Chastity Embick

      I had a square blocky rio in the early 2000’s

    56. Colton Mandell

      The Classic CHD500, god bless you if you can get your hands on that nugget. That beast was my first mp3 player.

    57. Phyrozz

      So no one's going to talk about how that player looking like amogus?

      1. theBathbombMan

        Everyone is talking about that

    58. AFunkyMonkey81

      Can you review the Oakcastle MP100 on Amazon? It's a cheap MP3 player and has alot of good ratings.

    59. D4ng3r0u5 P3opl3


    60. Crünch or something like that

      goodbye famous toledos

    61. Dade Calder

      I look like a nut job hysterically cracking up at the word Ugg Nuggs in my car, 10/10

    62. 人


    63. Abdullah Khurram

      how do i get a sexy speaker, i need one

    64. Johnie Gonzalez

      This MP3 player is looking sus.

    65. quinn elam

      Idk man, red kinda sus...

    66. wkuj

      when the nugget is sus

    67. MoopandMop

      Amog us

    68. KoboldCantations


    69. Guy Barefoot

      I clicked on this video because the MP3 player looked SUS

    70. Rafi



      Among us

    72. Beowulf

      And the algorithm gets another good find, love the humour here, you made me interested in hearing a random person on the internet ranting about an mp3 player. Well done

    73. Super Warino Bros

      That MP3 player is lookin kinda sus...

    74. Dogless07

      I smells like the early 2000s

    75. cool

      The ugliest mp3 player is spongebob's eye

    76. Spec tator

      go Frank go

    77. Apollo the Snep

      you ever notice how many old nuggets match Discord's blurple and grey theme?

    78. Gronk


    79. Tony Stark Died For Your Memes

      That's the spiderman font

    80. Tech10K!

      it's a miniature toaster.

    81. Q_wex

      Yepp screen is the same shade of the Ipad case

    82. Sergiovsousa

      Don´t forget the Spiderman font type

    83. Warm Shower


    84. Raptor Alpha

      Amog us Sus

    85. Basic HD EDITION

      Hey man, i just wanted to say thanks! you inspired me to get a 3rd gen na no, its pretty neat, *i have 3d brick on here so ha*

    86. Karakara


    87. Some Guy

      You should review Juice Box! Don't forget to get the SD card reader if you want to add music 😂

    88. TheMateo124

      Had one of these. Great MP3 player, only annoyed I couldn’t turn the screen off when using.

    89. Pie Paints

      What a beautiful shed god damn I fucking love the Frank clips after every video she's great

    90. bxn4l

      Gotta get some titanium scissors mate

    91. tyhen12

      that starter pack made me realize how much i miss yogos :( those were my favorite

    92. Shakingnight

      A minecraft door....

    93. Sanal Parunthanplackal

      That nuggets been cut in half 😂😂😂

    94. matthew kowalczyk

      this "ugg nugg" should be named IDIOT NUGG or UGLIEST NUGG :/

    95. PINK USER

      I am a proud owner of the fiio X1 2nd gen in rose gold and over my dead body someone takes it away from me.

    96. Aniozen

      Sus nugget 😳😳😳😳😳

    97. Bradley Richards - How To Get Better.

      Amonsus 😈😈.