School Days: Already Failing (August 2020)


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    School is back in session! We hope you had a great summer, but it's time to hit the books!

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    تاریخ انتشار پیش 3 ماه


    1. IAmDrown

      I like how he calmly says: “I ain’t got no other shirt sir”

      1. Bizzard •

        Omao mou sinde hu

      2. Bernhardus Pagurus


      3. The happy Harambe

        I need more context for that clip

      4. IAmDrown

        Christian Trest seeing that you blew up my and Chris’s villiage it seems that you have no say here

      5. Christian Trest

        You are not funny

    2. chaos ripper

      1:19 She say Nooo

    3. Aaron

      Buen video me hizo reír 😂

    4. Sarthak Pathroliya 19

      Side effects of online classes .

    5. SoMeThInG jUsT GoNe WrOnG ,YeAh It DiD.

      dude I don't think there was one new clip on this video. also the zoom clip is not even funny. It wasn't funny the first time and I'm sick of watching it too

    6. Diego

      I wonder how many Americans have died from not knowing a car has parking brakes.

    7. Mark Williams

      The fake zoom yelling videos are so cringey

    8. SimsMoyal

      Why was he asked to put his shirt on ? there is another kid in the opening video without a shirt

    9. SheldonCreeper


    10. Mr. K

      that guy shouting and swearing at the zoom session is down right mannerless and disrespectful, that's pretty far away from funny, only jerks do that and think they're being funny

    11. Kris Husky

      She forgets her kids. At home. When she wants to bring them to school.

    12. Batuque JH

      Who are the First two men ????????

    13. VenturaLP

      3:10 Real Life Howard Wolowitz 😂😂😂😂

    14. Necessary _Bee

      So everyone is going to ignore dude who walked by in just his underwear n a backpack?

    15. 19Delta Retired

      4:02 Let's show the world I am a piece of shit mom and laugh about it. You need to be stitched up!

    16. Tobias Burgos


    17. rjrotermund

      Icould just sit here and watch those over and over and over again. Oh wait, I already have!!!!

    18. Complexo Shoujo

      I hate you, Makoto.

    19. Brent Batin

      5:35 Falcon... DOH

    20. Leo Platter

      This channel sux. Now just farming for views now

    21. eighthourlunch

      Too much regurgitated crap.

    22. CFC thegreatesttherecanbe

      Who takes their kids to school in a dressing gown? Most of these clips have been seen a hundred times before 🙄

    23. John Halve

      Haha guy went to hard

    24. J.

      5:08 Do I even have to say it...🤦‍♂️

    25. awesome videos

      2:19 ignition in three, two ,one. Oh, it is a success

    26. Alex_Barker92

      please just let that painful zoom call clip die already!

    27. Brad Jensen

      Just repeated footage. Boring

    28. Blaine Goodwin

      Unsubbed. Same overused, unfunny material. Garbage channel

    29. Pauldamo

      4:20 oh boy,what is wrong with that boy? seems a bit distracted.

    30. gigagames

      5:30 What song is that?

    31. Th3TearCollector

      4.03 what a great mom!! Maybe good she didn't get the kids with her, now she for sure is aware of things

    32. Spencer Fleek

      I counted. 12 of those fails they've shown before. 10 were new. Bad ratio. Only show new stuff please.

    33. Максим Плужников

      Знаете, даже по окружающей среде можно определить, где Россия, а где остальные страны

    34. MrARCO

      WTF happened to this channel

    35. Adventures With Rosy

      Just add “Throwback” to the titles then no one can complain!

    36. Mario Hernandez

      This comment section is whack

    37. Mr. Waste Your Time

      This was my first Fail Army video in years so I guess I don't know which are recycled videos.

    38. ezm8 pro

      2:35 his face

    39. Azen Over


    40. Saa Mer

      Nån from Sweden som look på klippen?

    41. onlySkelet0n

      gosh, FailArmy became like a giant video recycling machine. I've seen most of these fails in your previous compilations. FA was much better when it was releasing one video per week.

    42. Gods Kouga

      1:35 lol

    43. Tormund Anvilbeard

      Glad to know i’m not the only one already failing

    44. Mandalore gaming

      The teacher farting I just couldn’t stop laughing at I almost died lol

    45. Conor Ryan

      For the love of God stop recycling that same clip of the idiot on the zoom call

    46. Rommel The Terror Breton

      Are we all just gonna ignore the dude who came to school in his fucking underwear?

    47. Damien B

      My last year pe coach was child molester

    48. Ben

      Awesome!!!!! A bunch of video's I've seen 30 times on this channel with just a different title!!!!

    49. Ayush Mandekar

      4:42 Walter White’s house spotted

    50. とださん


    51. cullermann2

      are americans attending real schools ?

    52. Tejas Mhatre

      Nice 😂

    53. Caleb M

      This channel is the one failing

    54. Evan Arnold

      @0:45 that’s some serious commitment not to cross the line!!

    55. Dan The Man

      2:20 So that’s what teachers do in the teacher’s lounge😂

    56. smithers311

      Unsubbed. Tired of the recycled content.

      1. Kevin Ferdian

        @Whelman Landry WhoOpsiE, someone's standing for failamry it seems, lolololol

      2. Whelman Landry

        good, quit commenting too

    57. Jorge

      I'm curious, what will the channel do, when the videos will have more Dislikes than Likes?

    58. Karim Mohamed


    59. Zero Subs

      I reported this, cause Fail Army sucks every time more and more.

    60. 38kan

      Always same vids

    61. Yusuf Eltalkhawy


    62. David R.

      whats this, a "beep" fest video?

    63. Kamryn

      Can you imagine getting into a car accident and a school bus full of shit eating teens drives by laughing at you?

    64. EMMY d

      Anyone else just come straight to the comments

    65. vishvam pujari

      What is school? Lockdown side effect😂😂

    66. Arham Abbas

      safety first

    67. Marcel

      “ Mi mi mi I’ve seen that already 1000 times mi mi mi “ .Under every darn video. GTFO and don’t follow or watch it then.

    68. An Extraordinary Person With No Life TM

      Where's their face mask?

    69. zev bronshteyn

      august 2020: *proceeds to show a girl wearing a winter coat*

      1. zev bronshteyn

        @FailArmy doubt it.

      2. FailArmy


    70. Clean Living

      Imagine paying to go to class and then having people act like animals

    71. David Billberg

      Best one at 4:20, lmao!

    72. Duarte Martz

      5:11 "Get in Get in Get in!!!" *What do you mean???*

      1. Duarte Martz

        @Javier Latorre Y, I know. She on the other hand didnt get it. When he told her to get in she prbbly heard "Dont move! Dont move!"

      2. Javier Latorre

        Get in and stop the car from rolling into the miniature bus

    73. Holler Meshocks

      What’s the song at 5:30?

    74. B. Garcia James

      I don't owe anyone anything now with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

    75. wtf richard

      Short bus

    76. Ricovali

      Failing schools. You got that right.

    77. Albert M. Smith

      I don't owe anybody anything now because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

    78. Adriannad005

      I completely forgot how funny videos you guys upload 😂😅

    79. JasonX626

      the nelk clip ist staged und you use it every fucking time. its not a fail dudes

    80. It's Just Ryan

      4:11 shave your mustache while you're home as well.

    81. MsBecki

      I hate, hate, hate that clip of a student pretending to be yelling at his mom every few minutes and disrupting the class!!! It's beyond annoying and I felt so bad for the other students and the teacher!

    82. Carlos Diniz

      That clown disrespecting his teacher will surely be the jobless guy of the class.

    83. ComDam

      4:22 almost burned his hand

    84. Jude Michael

      I dont owe anybody anything now with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

    85. MaggiMikeTV

      5:21 Music Track ID pls :)

    86. Rahel Elizabeth

      I stopped my 9-5 because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

    87. Calderon Zefaed

      0:39 2 fails in one

    88. Sarah Andersen

      "there's a hole there!" had me dead 😂

      1. Bizzard •

        Are u subscribed to dodo and mrbeast

      2. Whelman Landry

        The construction guy whipped around but could do nothing when he saw it was a school bus!

    89. Ethan Scarlett

      Who doesn't know how to use their handbrake? Dafuq, she was parked there for ages as well lol

      1. David Ferrer

        Ethan Scarlett probably wasn’t in park and had her foot on the gas. I don’t remember if those suvs have a electric hand brake or a normal one under the steering wheel though lol

    90. The Greeen

      I'm done with this channel. It's not funny to watch the same clips again and again. And again and again and again and again and again and again and again.

    91. Krypton edits

      4:47 Mission failed successfully

    92. the high ground

      The title for this video bothers me

    93. Nico Setiawan

      Always entertaining 🤣👍

    94. eatyourteacher

      "Why do female athletes get paid less? Sexism!" Female athletes: 0:40

    95. IamTahko

      "Ewwwwwaaa" hahaha

    96. NeoIkyh

      5:44 that's not the house where a cat rescues a little kid being attacked by a dog? It looks very similar

    97. Samuel Rodgers

      Hahahahahaha! You losers have to go back to school and I don't for the rest of my life! Ha! Suck on that!

    98. BloodyBlue Baron

      Almost all of these clips are from other videos...

    99. Jason Payne

      Man...haters out in full force in these comments...I suppose they have their own fail channels with thousands of subscribers... 🤔 ...probably not. Thanks Fail Army! Edit: Their own fail channels with 14,000,000 subscribers.

    100. Chris Garman

      3rd use of all videos, or only most?