Junkyard Turbo Hemi HP-Long Tubes & Turbo

Richard Holdener

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    We ran a cheap, junkyard 5.7L Hemi Ram motor with an S475 Turbo. The junkyard motor was modified with increased ring gap, a Comp stage 4 HRT cam and spring upgrade. We dyno tested the motor NA then after installation of the S475 turbo from Summit Racing. The turbo was combined with aPprocharger ATW intercooler and 80-ppound injectors. The tailgate turbo kit was constructed using Hooker 1 7/8-inch, long-tube headers feeding a custom Y pipe. We ran the motor at boost levels ranging from 5.3 psi to 12.0 psi using an electronic waste gate controller.

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    1. 0johnny082

      ive never claimed to be a genius, but I'd wager shortys with a turbo would be better as the hotter exhaust gases haven't had time to cool so still maintain volume upon exiting the head and propel the turbo better. did you gap the rings like the big bang ls motor?

    2. Keke Lawley

      The longer the video , the more I learn ! Are the MSD coil packs worth buying and running on a full bolt on 5 .7 ?

    3. cuttyman 9

      iI'm fine with either format. I like the back to back comparisons. I like seeing all sorts of engines combinations etc. both ghetto rigged like the buick was at first and the weird combos and also the other odd ball engines with normal mods.


      9:36 A simple Man on wildlife Brooo u are Great jajajajaja 😂😜

    5. relikvija

      24.13 2$ American

    6. relikvija

      Both sounds great

    7. Sean Johnson

      Y’all should sell those Turbo kits.... NO ONE HAS ANY FOR MY TRUCK AND IT FRUSTRATES MEEE

    8. Joe Danger


    9. matt manske

      Like the longer video's

    10. John Schifferle


    11. Alan Hauch

      Longer detailed videos rule

    12. sonny parker

      Yes on the long vids! A person can always fast forward if they want, but better to have all the info available.

    13. marquisehoward1

      long videos ftw

    14. Thor Thumb

      why couldn't you put the headers on backwards facing the front of the engine? save all that extra piping you got going on there.

      1. Thor Thumb

        @Richard Holdener why? Bolt pattern?

      2. Richard Holdener

        that doesn't work on the Hemi

    15. Jerrett Armstrong

      What size pipe did you use out the long tubes

    16. Mike Taylor

      I prefer a shorter video. Summarize the build then off to dyno pulls. I was amused at your hi-speed filing.

    17. John Wehunt

      I wish tight engine bay setups were as easy as the dyno room setups.

    18. seth alton

      I want to send you a wireless lav mic...

      1. Richard Holdener

        I HAVE ONE


      Thanks for the video atleast the 5.7 hemi you have didn't stall out lol

    20. Nuna Jobiz

      X2 on once you said hemi. I just started dreaming.

    21. Homefront

      I could fit this UNDER my 6.1 08 ASPEN

    22. Homefront

      At least your shorts are clean...

      1. Richard Holdener

        not usually

    23. SonicRacingEP

      Definitely like this layout better longer video where we see everything done 👍🏼🤙🏼🤘🏼😎

    24. Robert Correa

      I love it thank you Richard your the man

      1. Richard Holdener

        Glad you enjoyed it

    25. not buynit

      I wonder what would a safe boost setting be to stay at on the street, with a stock set-up?

      1. not buynit

        @Richard Holdener what ring gap do you recommend and how much timing?

      2. Richard Holdener

        with ring gap-10 psi works

    26. Steve Jenkins

      Dodge boys love em the rest of us like to drive a hemi but hate working on a dodge. Just so damn goofy!

    27. Moto Flash

      I think I need a turbo now

      1. Richard Holdener

        yes-always the right answer



    29. Roger Miller

      good luck changing spark plugs like that in a ram 1500 lol

    30. Braeden Trebell

      Does the piston gap save you from having to do forged pistons at that level of power?

      1. Braeden Trebell

        Richard Holdener thanks for the reply, sure sounds like ring gap is the cheap and effective way to go👍 your video inspired me to look into twin turbo kits on my 2008 R/T!

      2. Richard Holdener

        we ran 1543 hp on stock pistons with ring gap on an LS

    31. iaen valley

      for me rear mount turbo is the way to go .. full length exhaust - shortened try-y header .. in the end = about 1600 rpm sooner spool up, better over all power output .

    32. Mark Umprovitch

      Any comments on how much horsepower completely stock 5.7 can sustain? Anybody out there been successful over time running that horsepower on a daily driver? Getting ready to put a kit on my 5.7

    33. Brandon Elieff

      Always was a Trans Am guy. Then I bought my 5.7 Challenger.

    34. Paul Marglin

      Would this be comparable to the STS set-ups?

    35. Matthew Childress

      The long thorough version is better

    36. Reagan Breeden

      I have a stock 2012 5.7 challenger. Could I run a turbo and long tube headers with a tune and bigger fuel injectors on stock internals ?

      1. Reagan Breeden

        @Richard Holdener oh okay sweet

      2. Richard Holdener

        yes-but no need for the long tubes

    37. John Taylor

      Just found this channel iam loving it

    38. Mitch Fleming

      Rube Goldberg turbo...

    39. Raggzz

      Wow , I wish I had met someone like you in my teens. I would have offered to work for free just to be around your shop. Your amazing!

    40. Ls3Ham

      Long videos are it brother 💯

    41. Andrew Gagnon

      Love your videos and glad you showed the set up and dyno, i am alway dying for dyno videos!!!! Very cool

    42. John Galletta

      I'm working on a build. 2006 dodge magnum SRT8 ,6.1 in going to use SRT MAX cam with a twin turbo kit, im going video everything. Hoping get 650 hp out of it

    43. Irvin Tucker III

      Video was long. I say do both if you can. Having a 16 rt charger with a 5.7 gives me alot of good ideas as far as going the twin turbo route. I have to admit I never fast forwarded once. Keep up the good work.

    44. Ron Plantan

      I love the longer format. I watch most of the videos on my PC. Sometimes your audio is too low when you are in the dyno room to hear,

    45. rx7chip

      I like the shorter videos

    46. Dig It!

      will somebody PLEASE get Richard some proper-fitting t-shirts!

    47. Dig It!

      improvise, adapt, overcome, git-er-done

    48. ben-jam-in

      I like all your videos but I have one critique I must make.... buy a microphone that picks up you talking better when not standing 12” from the camera. Maybe A lapel mic if that’s the proper name. I can always say I turn your videos up all the way to 11!! 🤘🏼

    49. Robert Correa

      I enjoy the word Hemi don't care how long it is I have to old and the New Hemi !!! Thank you

    50. jake miller

      This is forged internals I’m assuming right?

      1. Richard Holdener

        no-i'ts stock internals with ring gap

    51. noNewFriends

      Long videos are fine so long as you put Time Stamps in the description so people who want to shorter videos can navigate to the parts they want.

    52. Rob Roy

      Def gonna go torqstorm.....with a kit made for my truck it's a no brainer.

    53. S/SGen3/426

      The LS is a great engine....but inline valve arrangement compared to the cross port hemi design will limit volumetric efficiency. As horsepower demands increase.....the cross port engine will prevail. Just a fun fact....

    54. avery scott

      All I can say is wow amazing vid as well as I loved the part of the vide towards the end where we had the view of you, yourself testing and turning it up. Maybe that mixed woth the charts you give us would make a great vid too!

    55. my Lack of Focus or MLFranklin

      So 80lb/injector/hr * 8 injector/engine = 640 lb/hr/engine. And a rough estimate for BSFC = 0.5 lb/hp/hr. So 640*2 = 1280 hp/engine as the ceiling for this fueling system. Cool.

    56. Jeremy Allen

      I don't know if this is a dumb question but here it is. What is the determining factor if an engine is capable of ruining E85 or not?

    57. Nick Determann

      Hey do you have the turbo spec?

    58. Christopher huber

      Nice to finally see a mopar...

    59. Russell Poyner

      On top of a Hemi test, it's like a dyno behind the scenes. Absolutely love it!

    60. steve munro

      Would the headers have been able to be fitted opposite sides (outlets forward) to shorten the path to the Turbo?

    61. Gene Long

      I like long information filled video

    62. Jerry Tuley

      I have one of those hemi engines, wanting to put it I'm my Dakota, are you using the holley pam, I didn't hear you mention it 8n this video

    63. S Ock

      Yes more gen 3 hemi. And time doesn't matter as much I'd say although over an hour I think would scare some people away

    64. Gary L Couch Jr

      Your always informing and not wasting time so I'll watch no matter the length. I thought the 5.7 hemi bottom end could only handle 600 to 650hp?

      1. Richard Holdener

        we've done 1000

    65. Morten Sandmoen

      One more pull, 14,7 psi! 😁

    66. Carl Trujillo

      i really enjoy watching you build engines the longer the better thanks

    67. Eddie Hennig

      Richard, how do you like those Summit S475 turbos? Do you run the ball bearing or journal bearing units? Thanks in advance!

    68. Brett yuo

      I like the shorter videos .

    69. MarkM 2345

      Yes I like these long videos I love learning about these trucks so keep it up please

    70. nitrousshovelhead

      the more information you want to share with us the more I will watch and learn. thank you.

    71. James Holbrook

      I think your Dyno is off a little it was showing 3 or 4 lbs of torque without it running

    72. James Holbrook

      Ya both I guess or just the short one

    73. Moparlover72

      Great video!

    74. electricshockproof

      I love the oil pressure gauge around the 29 minute mark. Give or take 5psi oil pressure when not running. Do you count on auto meter products?

    75. Brandon Steffenhauser

      I definitely enjoy the long format of this build. One recommendation - use a boom mic or clip-on mic because it's hard to hear you at times. Great video, very informative. Keep 'em coming!

    76. Track Days.

      Richard I've noticed you never use the two exaust entries of the split housing. I know its just dyno testing but have you tested the difference between splitting the pipes to make use of the divide and just a single open pipe like you have in this video feeding the turbo? Would be a great test video.

    77. Cameron Strickland

      Are you using the oem ecm or are you using an aftermarket ecm just curious

    78. Victor Ramos

      Awesome video sir, you put out great content. I just bought a 2020 limited 5.7 non E torque. I want to start upgrading in stages I guess H/C/I exhaust and tune. How reliable would a N/A set up be? And would forged internals help or hurt my gains on N/A?

    79. Kirk Georgatos

      Like the longer format.

    80. ASMJ 567

      We need more video in the power to get HEMI high and good same securit for hemi , I like you do bro all time, thank you for same thing good luck ✅👍🏻.


      If you were fabbing it up to go in a car and showing how to get it running in a vehicle that would be cool. Building an apparatus to dyno test with is useless to us viewers.

    82. Ram Lyfestyle

      i run a remote oil filter kit.. would i just tee from the outlet side and run my feed up to the turbo? love the long vids

    83. Christopher Baez

      Part list?

    84. Ben Diesel

      Long format 👍

    85. Jamey Beem

      I'm really enjoying your 5.7 hemi video, they are going to help me alotin the future. I watch and listen in a high noise environment if possible could you record or post a higher or more consistent audio level, don't want to miss anything. Thanks 😊

    86. Darrel Fletcher

      I've heard about a drill and plug scenario on the Hemi heads that allows you to swap the heads around so you can install the exhaust to the front of the motor... Do you have any details on this? Thanks!

    87. Logan Brooks

      Long segments.👍

    88. Keep Out

      Just became a new sub after 2nd video of the junkyard Hemi👍💯, I love the longer videos myself, can't get enough of these, Awesome job 💯👍😀🏁

    89. Luis Pacheco

      Can this be done with BBK long tube headers ?

    90. Jericho Cochran

      Long and detailed is good for helping us make decisions on what whe want to do

    91. Jim Young

      As I sit here with a stage 2 Whipple in the box, I’d love to see a COMParison of the 273 vs the new HRT stage 1 and 2 supercharger cams.

    92. JEEP Wk5.7

      Where did you tap in for your oil feed line?

      1. JEEP Wk5.7

        Richard Holdener sorry but what one? Right below the oil sensor? I’ve been looking everywhere and can’t find a clear pic of this. And thanks for the response !

      2. Richard Holdener

        fitting in the block

    93. john smith

      awesome video......question im looking at a 07 5.7 truck hemi to put in my 07 charger ..will all the sensors be the same..?..long video are great

      1. Richard Holdener


    94. Paul Anderson

      Excellent video finally Mopar

      1. Paul Anderson

        What # was the comp cam ??

    95. james smith

      I wisj i could hear you

    96. Franc Furian

      Excellent Richard, love to see something different on the dyno like the Hemi. Don’t get me wrong I like seeing LS content but it’s all over the net & it’s getting boring. I think the long video version is fantastic. Keep up the great work Cheers😊

    97. CK CK

      Gym junkie t shier and working man shorts

    98. Jvt 122

      Each foot of exhaust loses hundreds of degrees of energy to heat radiation. Great video.

    99. Building/Racing videos

      I'd like to see a comparison against turbo specific headers. That long tube setup looks really inefficient. You have to be losing a shitload of exhaust heat before it reaches the turbo.

    100. Michael Cuff