Recycled 5.7L Hemi Budget Build Stage 1 - Horsepower S14, E8


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    On this episode of Horsepower, Mike Galley and Joe Elmore are building a recycled big Hemi engine on a small budget.
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      1. Bill Kerfoot


      2. Kenny Pekarek

        @Braylen Emmanuel cool! Took like 20 mins but it actually worked!

      3. Braylen Emmanuel

        Not sure if anyone gives a damn but yesterday I hacked my friends Instagram password by using InstaPwn. You can find it by Googling for Instapwn account hacker :)

      4. SmallTownGamer

        9:16 You invent something idiot-proof, the world will make a better idiot...

      5. Ronnie Frutschi

        Here’s power nation just bolt it on

    2. Rob Washere

      if you live in the northeast,you can find a hemi truck dirt cheap. i was scoping fb marketplace pretty hard,but found Both trucks local to me. so far i have less than 2 grand in 2 hemi trucks. ones a 2005 hemi1500 4x4,and the other is a 2003 hemi 2500 4x4, both run and drive and are daily drivers. if the trucks break down,ill yank the motors and still be ahead of the game. for all you aspiring dreamers,the weak spots are the valve seats and the needle bearing lifters. Always give those a Very good inspection for wear/damage.

    3. Jim Palmeri

      Great video and build. Where can I find the parts locator site? Thank you!

    4. mark rushing

      I wash my engine block in the kitchen sink with dawn twice a year.

    5. John Zoccano

      Hold on..the motor only made 400 HP on the stand?..thats GROSS HP which is about 20% too high ... when converted to NET HP, is only 320 HP...what gives? 375 NET HP that motor should have been producing a min of 450 HP

    6. Christopher Ochoa

      This was one of those episodes where I was like... tearing down that hemi was very unnecessary.

    7. KB

      We like idiot proof

    8. dymsza

      LOL you guys so good at everything but horrible at soldering :P

    9. John Jones

      This is so easy, I know nothing and built my own Hemi using this video. :)

    10. Fritz Fondona

      Ok, lets be honest. The new HEMI is not a HEMI. And pretending it is is BS.

    11. Gilbert Zamora

      Wait wait wait. How you gonna install those nice ass headers and not mention what brand! Lol.

    12. KOB

      Really? Get a life? Hemispherical heads mean exactly that, a portion of a sphere. And, my understanding has always been that the spark was ignited dead-center but what do I know? Anyway, those head chambers are not a slice of any sphere, even one you ran over with a truck.

    13. Chris Crapo

      The mean passive progressively afford because pisces jelly lick midst a shiny tomato. unwieldy, truthful spring

    14. Barry McHawkiner

      Did Joe have a stroke? Dude's slurring.

    15. Derek Addy

      the fact that they pulled that whole short block with not one wire cut still blows my mind.

    16. Powell Machine Inc

      What the bearings "look" like is irrelevant, most newer engines use aluminum bearings so wear is undetectable visually, measured clearance is the only thing that counts.

    17. malamri424

      odd choice of intake manifold, large plenum volume and short runners but only ran the engine to 6000rpm, that's not ideal. Should've kept the stock manifold.

    18. Laurie Cook

      The helpless air effectively soothe because july microbiologically hand amongst a recondite okra. spicy, icky syrup

    19. Ricky Bobby

      Looked like there was a crack in the engine at 2:53

    20. Albert Marmol

      I woukd like to know how much this hemi engine would cost for me to install in a 2005 dodge ram pick up.

    21. Viper 001

      Why would you switch to a carb. You guys are so stuck in the past. Carbs are so inefficient compared to injection style. A simple tune would have gotten you 400 up without a full teardown.

      1. Dwight Schrute

        And in the video they said it was an EFI throttle body setup

      2. Dwight Schrute

        Let people do what they like. I prefer carbs but I understand you can get more power out of injection, but I probably would not take an originally carbureted engine and put fuel injection on it.

    22. Jonny Dirks

      The oil pan gasket/windage tray isn't unique to the HEMI. The 4.7 Magnum has the same thing.

    23. Jeffery Stensland

      Big hemi engine on a "small" budget, I think their idea of a small budget and my idea are different.

    24. Brad Williams

      With my budget about all I can do on a budget build is swap out the air filter with a high flow one.

    25. JacksonGuitarPlayer 97


    26. JacksonGuitarPlayer 97

      Mid or end of this decade when I decide if I want to build my ole reliable 5.7 hemi in my 03 1500 ram, it’s getting a lot of new and being built more power and more reliable... JUST MORE MORE. It’s gonna kick ass again. It still can but it’s got 204k on it and I need it for transportation so. The truck has no problems at all. Was maintained well and not beat on so

    27. Mike Stefanik

      Have u guys ever taken apart a 6.0 vortech motor

    28. David Sr.

      What's the worst thing about this motor..... valvetrain, cam position general valvetrain geometry. Let's re use the valvetrain parts🤣

    29. David Sr.

      50 years???? 🤣🤣🤣🤣 2003

    30. simon lloyd

      Why is the clicking sound of those electrical connectors so satisfying?? I can't be alone here....can i??

    31. Oxidized Olive

      Y’all got some nerve using the stock valvetrain... 😂

    32. Jorje Pablo

      The heads are coined as semi-hemi design

    33. Dorian Payne

      Thats one crazy clean Recycled engine.

    34. Morgan orrick

      Not all engines are odds on the driver side and evens on the passenger side the 5.0 liter for is 1-4 on the passenger side and 5-8 on the driver side

    35. faith_family_ mopar

      Y'all got lucky with no MDS

    36. Arturo Villa

      There's no way in hell that engine has 50k miles

    37. Sharon Thomas

      The beautiful bee densply box because sudan hypothetically bare of a tested polish. handy, guiltless purchase

    38. Bob Nob

      safety is based out of kitchener ont canada, nice to see this on u tube

    39. William Guidry

      Hay can u guys do the 4.7 engine in the dodge

    40. adelino gama

      For more, subscribe to PN+ to watch thousands of hours of automotive content! Subscribe at the link below and receive the first month for just 99 cents:

    41. Julia Watsica

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    42. Wilian Oliveira

      Awesome video! I would love to see a 4.6 2V engine being built.

    43. Hassan Abas

      How are the newer 5.7 different is this going to help me if I am going to build my 5.7 stroker myself at home?

    44. P Williams

      Wonder how clean the hemy heads would have came out if left in that liquid a lil longer

    45. Angelo Sweet

      Why would you spend $2k on a low mileage factory motor with harness and ecm then rebuild motor and not use any of the factory stuff. Bet a bare long block was $750

    46. fabslyrics

      if you love your freedom, Cars and Combustion engines, it's all still at stake ! So, November 3rd Guys, don't miss !

    47. Seth Burchett

      Budget? Ok

    48. DeltaDan

      lol - not the same hemi - you guys need to kick the meth

    49. Wesley Cook

      You didn’t make any timing changes. Hummmmmmmmm

    50. Ethan Hayden

      Lemme just throw my budget build into my budget dyno in my budget machine shop

    51. Honkyhomeboy5000

      I hate this misleading garbage .This is in no way a budget build.

    52. Markell Harris

      Link to the website ?

      1. Eric Pevehouse

        I can't find it.

    53. Marcel Colquitt

      Why put that efi on a modern hemi

    54. Camshaft Gaming

      No mention of DeSoto? The company that first made the Hemi V8????? I'm disappointed.

    55. TheAleutiansolution

      So is Mike Galley on two shows or what’s the deal here? I see him on engine power and horsepower.

    56. craig solomon

      Thanks for that video.was super to watch lol and idiot proof...totally like what u guys are doing over at power nation.see u soon.

    57. craig solomon

      Please please send me a hemi engine to south Africa,cape town.some guys ask around r85.000.

    58. Michael D

      i have a 94 ram 2500, If I find a wrecked dodge with a good 5.7L would it fit the 94

    59. The Rocket

      I know how to see who is actually a mechanic and isn't by saying this one small term. Hemi = Trash.

    60. José Domínguez

      Fantastic Engine!!!!

    61. Waylon Young

      Joe should diss the purists

    62. Waylon Young

      Joe should diss the purists

    63. Scott Doubleyou

      I love how Joe says he's easily impressed. Not surprising since he's a Ford fanboy.

    64. funnydorf2


    65. Tomas Valdez

      9:18 when you make something idiot proof, the world makes a better idiot

    66. Kenneth Kwan

      nice mac book pro ^_^

    67. Scott Downey What about the camshaft oiling design failures??

    68. joseph puchel

      Hey Loved this show. Excellent price on the whole motor package. That Safety Kleen ultrasonic tank AKA Hot Tank is sharp.

    69. Massive Fins

      Many many mistakes made on this build.... beware...

    70. Alan Kuentz

      There isn't an oil fill hole?? That would be very annoying...

    71. Manuel Yochum

      I have a 08 dodge ram with the 4.7. We given to me as payment for work that the man had no cash for...anyway how difficult could it be to swap the 4.7 to a 5.7?

    72. Shawn Green

      I reuse the headbolts in most of my junk.

      1. Massive Fins

        you can reuse the head bolts... you CAN'T reuse the rod bolts... idiots...

    73. hellcat1988

      I've run my 96 dodge neon with the throttle body completely removed and all the intake sensors disconnected. I don't know what they do with the computer, but that little 4 pot will run with just the cam and crank sensors and the ignition coil.

    74. Jasbad Sirron

      Why is Robert Redford rebuilding a HEMI on IRvision???

    75. Joshua Moore

      Will the plugs still fire with mds delete?

    76. haploguy

      IRvision doesn't deserve such quality content. And the guys are so cool and relaxed.

    77. bwtv147

      Nothing about the problem we have seen on multiple other engine channels. The current generation Hemi engines doesn't adequately lube camshaft and lifters at low to moderate rpms.

    78. Mike Boswell

      As a parts Manager at a Dodge dealer I can say there is no way I would reuse those lifters. I've seen too many wear out and grind out a glitter parade and waste an engine.

    79. ARIX P90

      Ol buddy of mine had a dump truck 426 hemi and got 4-7 mpg lol

    80. claytonhaske

      55hp over stock, with stock valave springs!!! Badass!!!

    81. Kevin Long

      Should of marked it with a soap stone or something other than butchering the piston head with a punch.

    82. king jon

      Dose the crank have a woodruff

    83. Tanner Cox

      The heads are so wide and smushed. Looks kinda like a flat head

    84. Mopar Garrett

      Just bought a 2006 Dodge Charger RT Daytona 5.7 Hemi. Quite an upgrade from my v6. Only problem is that it has 240k miles on it. Worth a engine rebuild? If I plan on doing cams, headers and etc?

    85. ChaosZombie999

      B&R’s attention to fittings and hoses is insane :O

    86. Piinocchiio

      Im not even a car dude. I just miss watching this show with my pops every weekend back in the day.

    87. Joshua Moore

      If I put the mds delete plugs on a 5.7 liter Hemi will i have to more than that to keep on all 8 cylinders firing and the check engine light or mds light off?

    88. Robert McDevitt

      Nothing mentioned about the oil tube casted right underneath the camshaft, thus limiting the oil getting to the cam from the crankshaft causing premature wear from low idle/ rpm oil starvation. Not my theory, Tony Defeo's from UTG channel. Made sense why the roller lifter received so much wear. Curious as to what the function of that oil tube casting is since I have no idea of how it is plumbed.

    89. Gord and Colleen Kerr

      I have never seen an engine rebuild and using old parts not replacing cam bearings using old lifters not sending out the crank to make sure it’s straight , it is just not the way to do things

    90. Brandon Lopez

      A pesar de ser el más pequeño de la Linea HEMI es un motor con mucha potencia si se le compara con Ford tritón o Chevrolet Vortec

    91. Anthony Smith

      Saturday morning cartoons started with Tom and Jerry or X-Men then led to Horsepower Tv!

    92. Miguel michoacano cancino

      Hey bro where can i get a water pump like that for my 2017 dodge 5.7 daytona

    93. James Seaman

      I noticed that you didn’t replace the lifters ! The Hemis are having major problems with the needle rollers going bad and wearing down the lobes on some of the cam lobes! I think they should be removed and replaced with better quality rollers!

    94. Deez Nutz

      So you marked the pistons and didn’t even use them. What a bunch of clowns!

    95. Esteban

      Man, a 55 gallon per minute electric water pump.

    96. MMB Shoots

      If you like cars you should check out this sick IRvision channel

    97. Chevyrider90

      I don't care what anybody says there is no such thing as a small block Hemi, this is just a gimmick and so is every other small block ( Hemi ). For the money you are going to dump in a Fiat Chrysler motor, you can have a much faster better built Chevrolet motor with much better aftermarket support. Real mopars are no longer made and haven't been for decades, they are completely bought out by a European company. There is a reason most aftermarket companies don't deal with ( Mopar ) I'll let you figure out why.

    98. 1970fury3

      Anyone else noticed they showed an old main bearings when talking about rod bearings?

    99. Ukay Hemi

      What the website so I can try to locate one?

    100. Philbo Baggins

      How about some more ads? Geez...