Busted: Bad Boys (January 2020) | FailArmy


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    Sometimes you break the law, and sometimes the law breaks you! We have an assortment of fails featuring people behaving badly! These bad boys all got busted...
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    تاریخ انتشار پیش 10 ماه


    1. Pufferfisch

      The last clip... Why humans stealing plants?!?

    2. Cole Hagood


    3. anna jones

      God bless American Cops !!...and America!!!

    4. Dee

      Black Truck burning rubber at the Plaza KCMO

    5. Chocobar 69

      Whoa People come in SUV to steal small plants

    6. Chocobar 69

      3:27 why dude got arrest

    7. Chocobar 69

      How you let thieves away At least beat them up

    8. Ruben T

      Never forget that the Democrats want there to be no police at all, despite all the sophistry and gaslighting they do.

    9. billy kent

      Who steals someone’s plants or pumpkin

    10. FlyByNyte2O2O

      The golf course one is gta vice city lmao 🤣

    11. Jessie James

      @2:00... I will go for a swim in the secret waters of a riverside motel...Finally. Somebody just jumped in ...

    12. The Scotsman

      1:22 me in gta after stealing a car and deciding its smart to go through the golf course

    13. Cade Wall

      That woman in first clip was trying to make it seem like she was in the right about stealing out of someone’s car

    14. Maxime L'Écuyer

      Golf courses , that's full on GTA :D !

    15. Midas King

      First clip... Why didn't you slap her

    16. jestarr21

      Weird almost all the thieves were the same color

    17. Dennis Potts


    18. MrArachnorod

      1:19 When you haven't purchased the Golfclub in GTA V yet and your driving on the green with a car...

    19. Sascha Masanneck

      1:40 me in GTA 😂

    20. Rusa

      I like how car/bike guys are the worst drivers.

    21. Bricky bricks

      The first one was a lady you have vailed me and everyone

    22. Ryan Rouse

      The dude stealin the bicycle reminds me of the movie Friday.... "Oh, you aint catchin no crackhead..."

    23. The Role Playing Gamer

      We fail together, laugh together. FAILARMY FOR LIFE!

    24. ハッカー

      1:26 Americans:,,works" People from UK:,,My lawn is ruined!!"

    25. Danny Vell


    26. Alex Duey

      The police so hard at work....

    27. Richard Schwartz

      1:20- 1:45 Somebody plays GTA 5 for too long. Because he has 3 stars now.

    28. Fracture Bandya

      1:35 Golf course chase reminded me of NFS most wanted.

    29. Emma Sanford

      SERIOUSLY?! who in the world steals plants?!

    30. Daredevil Rush

      The black truck burnout proud of you did the same all the time

    31. Adrián Landričič

      1:20 is this Gta 5 ?

    32. Adrian Abengozar

      1:20 seems like gta 5

    33. Miss Mausoleum

      The golf course one is giving MAJOR GTA V vibes 🤣 Think I'm going to play that now 😬

    34. Alex Jantzen

      Cops are bad and mean

    35. Cole McKelvie

      The guy cheering at 1:04 because he caught someone getting pulled over, on his dashcam, has no dick

    36. Vaden Brown

      Didn’t know that

    37. I C U

      1:21 oh hey that's me from Los Santos, trying to escape from police in my freshly stolen car!

    38. Henrique Augusto

      eu so rio tete eu to rindo vcs nem conhese a jUlia mine gilrl ~~ fafafafafafafffaffaffafafafafafafafnh bnjkgbhvnkslçfhvhlkhmmmm hhh youtube rerre dodod que frio !!!!!

    39. Burgmann

      Recycled Shit.. :/

    40. nick sicat

      ORGASM @ 1:03

    41. Jay M

      6:55 obviously fake...

    42. Ale Scheizer

      Imagine that there were no police, imagine the chaos that would be, because people are very stupid.

    43. Rainman Sinner

      thst cop was wrong he doent know how to use the lane properly

    44. Big Travis

      1:00 so that asshole cop sits with no stop sign in an unmarked , then when someone who’s gotta be somewhere passes him he pulls them over , thats BS

    45. Michael G

      Please make another one 🙏

    46. omar

      2:00 Those 2 cops are even more stupid then the guy swimming

    47. Mad Hatter

      Those Rustangs can hardly stay on blacktop. Crowd killers.

    48. Ronald Blackburn

      A chase on a golf course how Hollywood .

    49. John Gavlick

      0:54 Hey I live near there

    50. Branson Lynch

      That into tho

    51. T T

      That 2nd one was so perfect. I cant stand when idiots start honking because someone actually knows what a Yield sign means.

    52. Pixel Punisher

      Yeah, I’m sick of the constant clip recycling. I’m unsubscribing.

      1. Majora

        Bro you spend too much time on the internet if you're noticing clips being recycled that often

    53. Captain Traction

      There are a lot of mustang fails🤣

    54. Backyardmech1

      Runs away with a bike for almost a block before thinking about jumping on it.

    55. Gerry Tzla

      3:00 Homer Simpson is that you?

    56. Brad Metts

      Thumbs down for recycling your own vids

    57. Scott

      Every Mustang in the world, cannot handle a simple drift... its like clockwork they crash.

    58. Sunset Palms Productions

      4:52 really, stealing someone’s package? How much of a low life do you have to be.

    59. meme star

      The first one I laughed so hard I thought that was her car

    60. Daniel Robinson

      That cop was obstructing traffic

    61. A Bellator

      4:13 say the northlake sign and the bridge thought that looks like seattle... looks at the police car It IS Seattle Wa!!! hahaha

    62. Skorpion 11876

      1:30 = 3 Sterne in GTA😄

    63. Brian notafan

      you can pick your shit up at barneys impound yard when released

    64. ThursdaySun

      But why?

    65. Tatiana Kicáková

      1:40 just imagine . You wake up, and look out the window . Then you see cops, helicopter, and some random dude in your garden playng chase... I would say: " yeah,... ama go back to sleep... ( I know its not garden but... You know )

    66. Dorin Lucian

      01:18 that's what I do in gta5!

    67. Patriot Machine

      Guys, don’t run from the Boot Man. He is just doing his job, so be a man and just pay the damn fine.

      1. It Burns

        Normally I'd agree, but the owner got there before the boot was on and would have moved it, so the boot man was just being a prick

    68. Alex Brook

      First guy at the yield sign should have gone

    69. Denisé

      0:41 Min. instant karma 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👍👍👍👍

    70. FBI

      1:17 gta 5 in real life

    71. David Hale

      1:18 ...and here was me thinking that this type of thing only happened in GTA!

    72. 멍멍

      4:46 hahaha stupid police

    73. john singleton

      I don't know much about Golf, is this what's called a "CAR 3 HOLE". ?

    74. BrennanandBoothlove

      2.15, the sound of the guy landing was the best. Also, how the guy first recording then played it off like he was a stranger.

    75. Cchrisbud813

      6:36 Two people in a row, at the same red light, did that to me just this morning. Sadly, no police around that time.

    76. acab i

      SPELLED 2014 WRONG,,

    77. David White

      Stealing 10 dollars of plants is really bad. What the hell.

    78. Dimpen

      Why u have these "beep", "beep" when people speak? Cant hear what they say fgs!!! 😒


      1:40 5 stars on GTA V

    80. Fred Munro

      They had to show a couple of British police videos lol


      1st clip your car is wack

    82. JamieCochrane

      You know another day in Beverly Hills

    83. Rob K

      First clip is from years ago now

    84. gureno19

      1.40 wow GTA 6 looks amazing!


      1:10 “ you stupid m-----“

    86. Mr wolf

      Don't ever cheer when cops pull someone over shit is petty.

    87. G Lopez

      At least the golfers finally did some sport! LOL

    88. maurizio Varini

      Recycled videos

    89. drewski 15

      That's what we need on our houses a hair trigger alarm

    90. Joe Shit the Rag Man

      Beautiful teamwork at 5:30

    91. Electrodude

      1:22 Gameplay of the GTA5?

    92. Martin Schlosser

      1:20 zu viel need for Speed gespielt?

    93. 0 0NeonFireFly0 0

      1:20 the new GTA looks so realistic.

    94. silvereagle404

      i thought grand theft auto was fake as fek....... turns out it's goddamn realistic. this lowered my already very low standard of american society.

    95. Thu Nell Ⓥ

      Don't you love when you come back to fail army after years and still get the same fucking fails in a compilation?! Damn Fail Army you still suck and it's getting worse.

    96. Fire Dice

      Clickbait 🙄

    97. Emil Jansson

      1:25 GTA V!

    98. J

      The cop in the video has a merge lane and it to dumb to use it.

    99. HartgeldStricher

      1:35 its GTA 5

    100. Mjölnir

      @4:09 'Rules for thee but not for me'. Cop ran the stop also. And don't say it was because he was chasing the SUV. Watch, you'll see they both never fully stop.