I got a makeover, and it made boys drool over me

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    1. Aspire cautionz


      1. Nate :D • 19 years ago

        @My Story Animated first lol pin me

      2. Kitty Milkshakez

        Ur not LOL

      3. lvstsoulz


      4. Sonia Lazos

        ;-; wow


        Yeah I think you are right

    2. Arvin link Mendoza

      Preston is a IRvisionr

    3. Arvin link Mendoza

      Oregon is a IRvisionr

    4. Regina owusu Agyeman

      she needs to throw the whole family away they toxic AF lol

    5. Kaydyn Wipf

      Omg who loves the background music 😆 I I V

    6. reds mayers


    7. Coi Allen

      and they lived happily ever after

    8. Constance Fry

      this gurl is salty

    9. by gt

      Fact I'm a tomboy so people can be whatever they want like I really really love super man he was my favorite won so people stay and do your dream's 😌🤚

    10. 1164282 AB Ltd JSL Contracting

      Fight fight

    11. Dragon theme

      Best mom

    12. Strawberry Milk

      2:07 if a girl did that to me I wouldn't have slapped her in the face and drag her to the dumpster

    13. h i

      This girl is dissing Ella’s clothes and room 🥲

    14. Mom Rhiej Palomar


    15. Mom Rhiej Palomar


    16. Miguel Cademia


    17. Miguel Cademia


    18. Leah Hall

      At the end lol I’m doing my very bes-.

    19. Naijat Yakub

      As soon as she put on make up on that girl she looks so ugly

    20. Imran Ahmad

      Ummm probably she will be the same everyone says that am on my mom actually I look just like her

    21. Lxveq rs

      (۶ꈨຶꎁꈨຶ )۶ʸᵉᵃʰᵎ

    22. Krissy_bae 01

      The doctor said her heart was "broken"! Lmaooo😂😂

    23. ßΔᗪ_ bogggi

      This is so wrong, i hate the boyfriend

    24. Cool gal Gamer

      I love being a tomboy a girl who loves being a boy

    25. Gabriella Crozier-Little

      The music is so intense bruh

    26. briana hawkins

      Bro she always have a girlfriend and other boys are going to be the boyfriend that the girlfriend made up

    27. briana hawkins

      okay all the boys in one School liking one girl that is just messed up boy Chase want to go watch He's already has a boyfriend and they and they will be waiting boyfriend up

    28. Kim Gabrielle Moral

      Worst animation ever I hate it 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

    29. Woode

      I had to pause half way through because this is a whirlwind of a story. My head is spinning I can’t keep up 😭

    30. Gladys Hernandez

      Ugh i hate preston he is such a cry baby and pathetic look at this. 7:37. 9:33. 10:25. 12:14

    31. Jabulani William Mathole

      L love yr videos

    32. Arceli Garcia

      The boy who was fired from his job because his jokes weren't funny was my favorite part when be said that he got fired because his jokes weren't funny.😂😂😃

    33. havana BANANA

      May keep on thinking his hair is freaking games your boyfriend's hair is green not black it looks like it to me I don't know why

    34. Pa Yang


    35. Sarah Cox


    36. james feng

      Why does the Preston look like PrestonPlayz?

    37. Im a Big Fan Of LankyBox

      *Last L o L*

    38. mohamad gaming


    39. mohamad gaming


    40. mohamad gaming


      1. mohamad gaming


    41. Ahana Dudhal

      Ok beauty matters for me and I love superheros but I behave like a girl and I dislike this vid

    42. minh tung ha

      Presten its so not cool to

    43. minh tung ha

      You mom its so not cool

    44. Dr.Kalarani Swaminathan


      1. Dr.Kalarani Swaminathan


    45. Sunanda Uni

      Can we just talk about the dramatic music

    46. Curiosidades de Abi

      you are the crazy one

    47. Nicole Schulte

      this had the most dramatic crying

    48. Boston _

      Step bro you sound like Bart Simpson

    49. Rasheeda Davenport


    50. Cinthya Romero

      I loved the ending

    51. DJ Alnuimi

      The title of the video is not the same as the story

    52. DJ Alnuimi

      This is so messed up

    53. EXO EDITS

      Oh my god sofaiike

    54. Emily The Kitten

      Preston? Prestonplayz?

    55. Zaya Jookhoi

      Ugh i hate people who judges by looks

    56. Bunny Gaming YT Original


    57. Princessheart Benemerito

      I love that she said “ *shut up and share your book* “


      Preston looks like PrestonPlayz

    59. •Lavender•


    60. Shirley rose Dela cruz

      I love this vedio

    61. Orielle henrick danne Villalongja

      Your room suk

    62. Tiffany Porter

      Y'all CRAZY

    63. Shanyah Purnell

      Omg my ears hurts everytime the mom crys

    64. Kookie Cutie

      If i was her would have slapped the mother whenever she was in her daughters bussiness

    65. Gavster 710

      I know right it’s crazy that must be tight 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    66. Sofie-chan Idol

      4:49 that's why there's a guy over there

    67. Christy Matos

      Weaklings this is such an easy one! -Sarah 2020

    68. Pedal of Flowers

      Me who support people who don’t wanna wear dresses and liek pink But I also Like dresses and pink yeah yeah judge me whatever I’m a Christian.

    69. An Trịnh Nguyễn Hoàng

      Awww! Happy Ending.😘

    70. sumitra limbu

      Hey arnold

    71. Georgia Bluefield

      I normally don’t comment on videos but this one tugged on my heart strings! The Arthur of this story place know that you have given me the strength to finally get out and achieve good things!

    72. GiggleLines98

      My grandma's kinda like her mom-

    73. Samoya Robinson

      Ah so kuwt

    74. Juf mer Education


    75. Hannah Jones

      yoo my name is rose and im 13 😂😂

    76. Maddie Haynes

      am I the only one that noticed that the moms friend that owns the shop is wearing the same outfit that Effie trinket wore 😭💀

    77. flower Ahmed

      See the other half that was drawing on Ella Preston‘s post and he’s literally drooling on Ella LOL I love you even though you put Preston rolling on Ella I am drawing on mute so yeah definitely that he has a question on so you have a crush on him so why don’t you just go to a new and I was like a mother has the dog because she’s white warrant

    78. Five nights in a blackout

      God ur parents are my grandparents in extreme mode holy fucking jesus

    79. Roxette Tresares

      The music isnt fit for the story

    80. Rakhi Saha

      This was the Funniest steady I have ever heard 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 ....great narration 😂

    81. Jarmo Hihnavaara

      Eww ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew

    82. Mustufa Udepurwala


    83. Tanisha Devi

      The mother is too much.

    84. Faith Rogers


    85. Mashiat Jahan

      These stories are like super crazy......

    86. Your very loving uncle James

      *Well that escalated quickly*

    87. Nini Pipia

      "He's just being man and focusing on earnimg! You should be grateful and help him out!" OH. MY. GOD. WHAT KIND OF A WOMAN SAYS THAT???????

    88. four fan

      I mean like not all gurls can be a girly we can be anything we want-

    89. Wot Blitz animations

      I should say something

    90. B ry

      Dude they did her dirty she didn’t do you think it’s a finish your sentence when it ended 😂🤚

    91. 小白雲 小孩 egg


    92. Gaber YouTuber Le

      I told him to shut up you being normal

    93. Thithi Trinh

      I LOVE IT😭😭


      you can look pretty but tou just dont try i have a pretty face but i dont try to look pretty i just wear whats confterble

    95. jasmine tea

      What the pig

    96. Kalilia Playz


    97. Devika Susanto

      Is this preston and brianna-

    98. Rosalie Montealegre

      I hate this video it's making me angry

    99. •lunaria•


    100. Charlette Hernandez

      Ok his sis is so dumm