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    1. gracilism

      Maybe Im wrong, but doesn't MOPAR rate the 2017 HEMI at 375?

      1. Richard Holdener

        which one?

    2. Guns Cars and Digits

      Notched pistons, a 110 LSA, with those same duration specs, would be perfect.

    3. 98dodge360v8

      Unfortunatly for the cars the only dual lenght intake is the 6.4 srt manifold.

    4. Lee Griffith

      I know you say that the variable valve timing on the later ones are better. But just like the long Runners on the intake, that's relative. I prefer the Simplicity of a fixed camshaft instead of variable valve timing. To me, it's simpler to work on and program.

    5. Edward Miskotten

      How much do you gain with a 2500 intake manifold. Also, how much is your cam.

    6. PowWowChicken

      Same engine👌

    7. John Watkins

      Why would you even compare a basically outdated engine with a newer improved updated engine lmao.

      1. Richard Holdener

        to show the progress lmao

    8. Mark L

      I got 19 ram 1500 5.7 what cam would u recommend?

    9. Mightymikeamps

      Is this the cam you used in the 2017?

    10. LULU J R Laulom

      great vid.. Good stuff.

    11. Daniel G

      More HEMI btw great video

    12. Philly Dee


    13. G

      Do you think you can make it a little more boring and amateurish?

      1. Richard Holdener

        I'LL GIVE IT A TRY

    14. Keni K

      This is weirdly intriguing.... Thanks for the info.

    15. D_Man Oil

      With a Hemi sometimes it tells you it needs a cam swap .. tick tick

    16. Anonymously Anonymous

      Any idea how much boost the stock intake on the late model hemi can take? I don't want to loose the dual runner system that helps this motor make power the way it does. At the same time, I don't want to grenade the intake into a bunch of pieces lol

      1. Anonymously Anonymous

        @Fred Greenhill Sweet, thanks for the heads up. Did you find out the "less then 30" the hard way? Lol

      2. Fred Greenhill

        Over 20....less than 30....

    17. dodge sportsman

      2013 hemi.... Late or early? I also have the lifter tick.... And diy videos on camshaft replacement?

      1. Richard Holdener

        that is late

    18. L E

      How much timing and what gas?

    19. Kirk Georgatos

      What about a Hemi Big Bang video comparing to an ls?

      1. Richard Holdener

        I have a Big Bang Hemi video up

    20. CeramicGrey 300s

      Perfect proof that these hemis are underrated from the factory.

      1. CeramicGrey 300s

        You can also buy this exact motor from Chrysler and they are rated at 383-395hp and 425 torque depending on where you look.

      2. CeramicGrey 300s

        @Matt Murphy there is a lot of evidence proving that the vvt 5.7 makes more power than advertised. If you look at dynos they make too much power at the rear wheels to be only making 370 ish hp.

      3. Matt Murphy

        I thought these were rated at 370hp and 395 ft that not true?

    21. Alex Zgolak

      Any chance you will do any testing/comparison between the 5.7 and 6.4 truck intake?

      1. Richard Holdener

        I WANT TO

    22. Coastal Auto Reaction / The C.A.R. Guys

      Love all the info in your videos Richard thank you! We have a hemi swap on the way in our 70 D100 Short Box part one of the build series build series comes out in March check out our channel! Some random content over the holidays but we are back on schedule next week! Cheers

    23. Daniel

      These engines are gutter toilet crap: Plastic oil pam Plastic intake manifold Plastic valve covers Plastic water pumps Cast pistons Cast connecting rods Horrible internal oil circulation.

      1. H. Bailbondsch

        @Reef ひ i actually have an 06 engine in my 300 but i used the old aluminum valve covers and the old style coilpacks cuz i didn't wanna rewire it. The original engines rod bearings got destroyed when i ran out of oil. I think the engine would have lasted probably another 150k miles if i checked the oil level.

      2. Reef ひ

        @H. Bailbondsch my 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee Hemi with 180k miles doesn’t appreciate this

      3. H. Bailbondsch

        The 2005 hemis does not have plastic valve covers, oil Pan or water pump, i think it's aluminum, but The 2006 and up does have all that as plastic.


      Thats it, my mind is made up! My 2017 WK2 5.7 Hemi. What is the recommended Performance Cam? Texas?

    25. LaneWarrior Ill Ridez

      How about a 6.1 HEMI & 6.4 HEMI comparison video with and without upgraded cams!

    26. Captain Obvious

      They drop valve seats just like mine did @ 192k miles

    27. Bobby Phillips

      I have an 06 Hemi in a Jeep Grand Cherokee. Can you recommend a good cam that would increase power by 100hp plus give it a nice lopy idle. What other modifications would you recommend to go with the cam swap. The Jeep hasc120,000 miles on it. I have the 5.7 Hemi, 5 speed Quadratrak transmission with 373 gears.

      1. Captain Obvious

        @Reef ひ take off the intake manifold and remove the 4 mds solenoids although this will most likely cause a check engine light and may cause drivability problems. So a tuner is the only viable solution.

      2. Reef ひ

        @Captain Obvious how do I disable mds on an 06 Jeep Grand Cherokee with the 5.7, I can’t find a tuner

      3. Captain Obvious

        @Reef ひ just disable the mds system and after highway travel let it idle for 30 seconds before shutting it down

      4. Reef ひ

        @Captain Obvious what did you upgrade to? My car has 180k not sure if previous owner already changed valves should I change them?

      5. Fred Greenhill

        100 horse!?!?....O you will definitely have a VERY CHOPPY LOPE😂😂😂🤣

    28. UHeminow

      So happy to see some Gen 3 Hemi love but so disappointed to not see apples to apples testing. The cam specs should have been much closer to each other. Still happy to see some Hemi testing of any kind though. Thank you and keep it up. Lots of Hemi guys out here watching your channel 👍👍

    29. Bri-man Hunter

      Richard, please do the 6.4L intake swap, a lot of people will be interested in this!

    30. Shaun Jay

      Was there any head modifications made to the late 5.7?

    31. Plum Bum

      Must be brit 30 min none stop babble for 5 min of useful info 👎

    32. Olds Pwr

      Wish you would have shown your viewers the non HEMIspherical combustion chambers these German / Italians engines are equipped with. Love your videos.

      1. Olds Pwr

        @Richard Holdener My two cents. You take the definition of Hemispherical meaning (A half of a sphere bounded by a great circle. b. A half of a symmetrical, approximately spherical object as divided by a plane of symmetry.) Then show a picture of a 1950 - 1954 Chrysler V8 cylinder head combustion chamber. Then do the same for the 2002 and up cylinder heads and let the viewers scratch their heads after that. I do realize that even the earlier cylinder heads are not by definition, but they are closer to the definition than the later model ones are. Merry Christmas and I love watching what you post.

      2. Richard Holdener


    33. MoparFam 300C

      2003-2008 5.7L HEMI Non VVT Pre-Eagle 2009-Present 5.7L HEMI VVT Eagle

      1. H. Bailbondsch

        @MoparFam 300C i'll do that

      2. MoparFam 300C

        @H. Bailbondsch Thanks you too! Follow me on Instagram @moparfam_300c for some cool Mopar Content!

      3. H. Bailbondsch

        @MoparFam 300C 👍you have a good Day My mopar brother

      4. MoparFam 300C

        @H. Bailbondsch Confirmed

      5. H. Bailbondsch

        @MoparFam 300C hey dude, you remember me😁

    34. Dank_Crusad3r

      All I have to say about the 2006 5.7 is valve seats

      1. Richard Holdener

        I was worried

    35. cbro412

      Getting ready to buy my first 5.7 soon. Is the 2011-2014 hemi different from the 06-10 or late model?

      1. The Kingsmen

        If i were you id get 2015 and up tbh

      2. The Kingsmen


    36. Brian Morelock

      So can I do the late model 17 cam swap in a 19 rt challenger to get those power gains and which intake would I need to make it work a new scaf pack and mad controller for the runners ? Will it plug n okay in the 5.7rt challenger?

      1. Richard Holdener

        no idea

    37. John mack

      Is the 2012 5.7 in the same family as the 17?

      1. David Weis

        @CeramicGrey 300s thanks!

      2. CeramicGrey 300s

        @David Weis 09-2021 year 5.7 are the same

      3. David Weis

        How bout the 2020 5.7 hemi? What generation is it in? Thanks.

      4. Richard Holdener


    38. jessie tesch

      Is that 2006 5.7 hemi cam the same one in a 2004 5.7 hemi cam

      1. Captain Obvious

        The 06 had the mds the 04 does not use mds, so may be a different cam

      2. Richard Holdener

        I think so (For the Ram truck)

    39. HalferLand Performance _The J-Series Freak's_

      Love the 5.7 in our 2014 Grand Cherokee Overland. Next will be the 6.4 SRT and our shop will most likely boost it 💪🤙 Currently shop car is a 06' 600hp Turbo J35 Accord 6mt..we specialize in Honda V6 Jseries engines

    40. Matthew Watson

      I am the original owner of a 2004 with the Magnum Hemi in it and currently have a 2017 with Hemi, both are SLT's, 2004 has 133k on it, 2017 has 48k, even at that big of difference in mileage, my money is on my 2004 lasting longer.

    41. X

      LOL, let's take a questionable 2006 5.7 and use a smaller cam (.596/.582-220°/230°) in it and THEN we'll take a good 2017 5.7 and use a bigger cam (.619/.612-226°/°234°) in it and then we will conclude that the later engine is better because it made a bunch more power from "A" cam swap. SMH! Being that you needed a cam for the early Hemi why didn't you just buy the same grind number cam that was used in the 2017 engine test for the 2006 engine? That would have been the right way to do this test. The later engine is so much different in area's that make power this was a no brainer, but I'll give you credit for putting out a video that does, if nothing else, demonstrate that the better higher flowing heads make more power stock and respond to increased lift and duration with even bigger gains that the lower flowing early heads. In spite of the flaw in the cam differences, I'm still glad you put this video out and went through the work to get this made. Thank you.

      1. Richard Holdener

        Look at the power outputs in stock trim-that's why we say the new one makes a lot more power-cuz its better in every way-even before the cam upgrade

    42. MOPARman345 HEMI

      The 5.7 is a great, bullet proof engine but it's time it gets a horsepower bump. Let's see 405hp 425lb ft tq, and bump the 6.4 up to 515hp.

    43. MrHuntertaylor

      More late model vvt hemi stuff please cover the truck 6.4 and the car 6.4 and the differences in years that had a BGE block.

    44. C Lay

      Damn thats a significant difference Lol 505 hp out of a cam only Hemi ! Jeeeeez ! The old cammed Hemi didnt do too bad either, 437 hp is no slouch. Thanks

    45. John-Mark Beard

      Dude can't remember what the Magnum is called. LOL Real Mopar guy here. Video disregarded

    46. JRindestructible

      Good info...I have a 5th gen Ram with the Hemi and it's just as good as my 2011 Hemi was but with Etorque!

    47. Homefront


    48. Tony Hunteood Blunt

      Those 2020 rt chargers are ridiculous i think dodge lying about that 375hp. I think its about 400hp. My opinion

    49. michael annaloro

      Richard, what’s the max timing can I run on a 2015+ 6.4 with FBO and cam on 93 gas using HP tuners ??

      1. Richard Holdener

        I have never tuned a 6.4l hemi

    50. L R


    51. Mr. HoldItDown

      Still confused as to how they got over 500hp with a N/A 5.7 a cammed 345 with headers still makes less than 450hp but they got over 500 with out any power adders and no boost. Wish we had video of that build very interested

      1. Richard Holdener

        the new motor is better in every way-heads, and intake especially

    52. dylan neff

      Johnny sins is a mechanic, too? Hmmmm 🤔

    53. Captain Obvious

      My 06 hemi dropped a valve seat @192k miles

    54. Tom K

      Looking for 392 engine mods

    55. Vincent Enk

      Do you have to have a custom tune for the '06 in a car?

      1. Richard Holdener

        I don't do tuning-this was all run on a Holley ECU

    56. SonicRacingEP

      Need to test the Holley mid-rise and a tall manifolds 👍🏼... Always good info thanks Richard

    57. AA 7

      Is the 09 Ram hemi considered as an old hemi?

      1. Richard Holdener

        have to check

    58. Fords4life 91

      I have a 2008 5.7L Hemi

      1. Alexander Chavez

        Guess you never really were Fords4life than

    59. Ben TheJeepGuy

      Thank you for doing a Hemi video! If you ever feel inspired, I would love to see an early 235 HP Chrysler 4.7 with the infamous 2008+ factory cams and intake manifold swap! Rumor mill says they add power to the older engines but doesn’t seem anyone has done a dyno run after making those upgrades.

    60. Nedu Nonny P

      So the 5.7 hemis were detuned to advertise better gas mileage. I'm sure with all these mods/cam adjustments and resulting bump in power, the gas mileage would be 💩💩 now.. Haha

      1. Richard Holdener

        there was no detuning-its how they were tested

      2. Nedu Nonny P

        I feel like We the people deserve the right to choose between Turning up/down Power or Turning up gas mileage. Lol

    61. tjwilliger

      Awesome 😎 video 👍🏻

    62. Tavion Vaughan

      Or did it come out of a 2500? The reason I’m asking is because the 1500 has the MDS Cam and the 2500 doesn’t


      Would love to see some 6.1 cam stuff. Can't seem to find good detailed cam content on the 6.1

      1. KaySon The Unknown

        I love my 6.1 hemi, it's very reliable, I pushed it to 160MPH and it still wanted more😅👌

    64. Tavion Vaughan

      Did the late model come out of a Ram 1500?

    65. David Build Vlogzz

      Very nice my second car I’m modifying is a 06 rt so this is cool to see it’s good to see the gen 3 make more power.

    66. Wootys Hemi

      Do a early SRT-8 6.1 hemi

      1. Wootys Hemi

        Heck yeah man have I over looked the videos or are they gonna be coming up soon

      2. Richard Holdener

        I have

    67. Charles Moore

      Early hemi? I think not! Let's go back to the 50's...

      1. Richard Holdener

        Early Gen 3

    68. William McCourt

      Dual runner + boost? I know I’m not the only one who wants to see that

      1. William McCourt

        @Richard Holdener but do you still get the best of both? Same shape curve, just “multiplied by boost” as usual?

      2. Richard Holdener

        it works fine-tested it many times

    69. Dale Mullens

      I build these pretty regular here in Alabama. A Gen 3 hemi loves a good cam. I did a STG 3 in a 392, no other changes, stock exhaust, still has cats, etc only a cam and supporting springs and pushrods, picked up 54 rwhp... love my HEMIs

      1. lucious mcneal

        Dale mullens where are you located in Alabama I’m trying to get a cam installed on my 6.1 and can’t find anyone to work on hemi

      2. Tom K

        How much was it, would like to do something like that

    70. KING D

      Hemi luv it

    71. Shaun Jay

      Here we go!!

    72. Long Shot

      Is a 2014 5.7L Hemi considered a late model? Also, how much lift and duration in a camshaft before I would need to change out other parts?

      1. Richard Holdener

        yes it is-you need springs with a cam upgrade

    73. Jamie Yakssch

      Test the 2.3L ecoboost

    74. Timelapse guy

      Late model 5.7 truck intake manifold vs late model 6.4 truck intake manifold. Please. Love all the great content. Joined for the LS stuff stay for the variety.

    75. Corruption 17

      8:00 So is a stock 5.7 after 2017 making these kinds of numbers? Looking at a new Durango R/T and it's rated for 360 just wondering if Dodge underrated these power ratings?

      1. Richard Holdener

        different test procedure

    76. rxs20

      Huge fan of Gen III Hemi!!! thank you - On a live video cast or posted video, you eluded to a future Mopar 360/5.9L Magnum test - when can we expect to see that?

      1. Richard Holdener


    77. alconk

      How does the ‘17 make 434 hp and it’s only rated at 395hp?

      1. Richard Holdener


    78. Henry Kenick

      The Late model hemi did better than I thought it would


      I've seen Gen 3 Hemi's with a cam run like 2020 scat pack Hemi's!!!!

    80. GUEST1666

      WOW! That was nice data right there.. Thank you again Richard. Ed D

      1. Richard Holdener


    81. Andrew Zicafoose

      Also, what RPM does the intake switch? And is that all it does? Is there phasing of the intake runners or just a sudden flip?

      1. Richard Holdener


    82. Andrew Zicafoose

      Don’t change the colors of the curves. If a = red and b=blue then c should be green, not change for the last view on the graph.

      1. Richard Holdener

        the dyno software does that automatically

    83. 1971 Dodge challenger 440 six pack

      Late model has a lot more that can go wrong.

    84. D Meditation

      Richard, can a late model dual-runner intake be put on an early engine? Getting more compression is pretty simple from early heads, but that dual runner is soooo interesting. Great video btw.

      1. Richard Holdener

        not sure on port and mounting hole fitment

    85. Garage It Yourself

      Best not bother on the later VVT engine as it really looses out in the lower RPM so for a daily driver I don't see the point. Camming the early Hemi seems to gain over the entire rev range so therefore seems worthwhile. VVT on a single cam engine is always going to be a compromise. GM need to bite the bullet and do what Ford did with the Coyote. BHP/engine capacity the Coyote will always produce more power then the GM engines due to the later design and technology used.

    86. Semi Professional

      It's crazy to me that the 1969 426 hemi with a few mods would outperform any of the new n/a hemis.

      1. Daniel Hemple

        Agreed semi and those numbers were definitely down rated over 500 foot pound of torque and closer to 500 horsepower

      2. Richard Holdener

        even with the extra displacement offered by the 426, the late motor would make more

      3. Semi Professional

        @Daniel Hemple they definitely did not have the drivability of a new hemi but they made 400 ftlbs. At 2000 rpm. To me that's insane.

      4. Daniel Hemple

        Remember the 426 was not built with street cars in mine only reason that made it to the street was to allow it to run in NASCAR that's why I did not perform well at lower RPM

    87. Me Just me

      Where's ur shop

      1. Richard Holdener

        I don't have a shop

    88. bcbloc02

      You have to love that variable runner length intake, that worked sweet.

    89. Stuart Cookie

      My 08 Hemi has variable cam lift...the more I drive it the more the lobes and roller lifters wear down!

    90. James Harris-Dewey

      Hi Richard. I love your videos and have learned a lot from them. Based on your extensive knowledge and experience, will you please comment on the cause of lifter roller failures on Gen III hemis, and what can be done to cure/prevent the problem.

      1. Richard Holdener

        I have not had that happen

    91. Jakub Piotrowski

      So in simple words. Cam change can upgrade 5.7 to SRT level

      1. H. Bailbondsch

        @Finnesin Hearts faster than The SRT? Is that right?

      2. Finnesin Hearts

        Faster bc to the wheel I think they make 360

    92. ThatCanadianCarGuy

      Love it Richard! I’m currently building an early engine with late heads, pistons and rods. Looking forward to the bump in CR and flow while maintaining the more simple block and components!

    93. James George

      OEM hemi lifters are failing left and right, the shop I work at has been replacing cam and lifters in Ram trucks almost once a week, most have 80,000-120,000. The tiny local dealer stocks 6 cams, 96 lifters, and the parts guy says they sell at least one set every day over the counter, and two or three internal every day. I think I would consider aftermarket lifters if I was building one.

      1. Sweet5ltr

        @James George absolutely sad, I run my 6.4 (2500) at 2,000 RPM typically, just manage the gear selection (which also disables MDS).

      2. James George

        @Sweet5ltr imagine "engineering an engine" so poorly, that typical driving kills valvetrain. Domestic auto manufacturers have thoroughly bought into planned obsolescence, and cheapening every item to the point where the vehicle is going to make it 100k and just self destruct.

      3. Sweet5ltr

        Internal oiling is very poor to the camshaft. Needs to be kept at a reasonably high RPM to sling oil from the crank. Factory programming is absolutely for fuel economy, transmission will do its best to keep you in the highest gear possible for the longest period of time. Best bet is to limit the maximum gear, to keep the RPM's between 1,700 - 2,200 RPM at a minimum.

      4. JayMoe 5.7

        the reason that happens is because the cam is set very high in the block, so at an idle or low rpm the cam and lifters don't get much oil on them and they wear out. I wish dodge would wise up and put remote squirters or something over the cam to solve this problem.

    94. Matt Miller

      I have a 2017 durango r/t and a 07 power wagon and this just confirmed what I feel when I drive them

      1. Matt Miller

        @Corruption 17 it is 360 but that's threw the stock exhaust and factory air box with a very conservative tune

      2. Corruption 17

        I thought the Durango is a rated for 360hp. If this video is right it makes a good deal more than the rating

    95. Dee Gee

      Consider getting a better microphone. It sounds like you are talking through a pipe.

    96. Brian Dugle

      More head flow, good! More compression, good! How about putting the VVT back in the LY6 to show what goes on there? Of course this is a selfish question since I have one in my garage while working on rocker panels, etc. (typical ‘71 C10). I haven’t sprung for the cam yet, so this would be really good info. You’d have to tune it with the factory E38 and HP Tuners, probably keep the MAF, etc.

      1. matt72991

        Id be interested in this as well. I got an 08 suburban 2500 with the ly6. I've heard locking out the vvt is better but I don't believe that.

    97. snek

      I can't find this cam from Comp?(the late/eagle one) Part #, does it retain MDS?

    98. craigslue

      I believe the active dual runner intake is a 6.4 intake manifold not a 5.7 intake but can be made to work with the 5.7. I have been seeing many tuners are now deactivating the VVT because it actually causes problems and less hp. My understanding it is mainly for emissions and not an advantage for performance.

      1. gswinlerjr

        This test uses the eagle truck 5.7 manifold which is functionally identical to the car 6.4 intake.

    99. Okli Frederick

      Will you please do a quick video about enrichment fuels to be used with nitrous and combining fuels like an alky motor with race gas on the nitrous enrichment side and vice versa as well as e85. I see sooo many honda fanboys running large (relatively) nitrous shots on these little motors with nothing but m1 in the tanks and i would love it if someone could show why none of the big dogs do that.

    100. mike G

      I had good luck with my 05 hemi put the bigger 6.1l heads that also bumps up compression running a thicker head gasket 10.8-1 have to run 91 6.1 cam and balancer and a 2015 5.7 hemi intake seems to work well