Hemi walk around then cops!!!

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    Hemi turbo talk drift and cops !
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    1. youtube terminated my account for no reason

      Im actually looking at hemi swapping my 95 dodge Dakota and it currently has a v6 magnum in it can I have some tips

    2. Scott Constantine

      I'm hoping to put a v8 in my 94. You have a awusome built .good luck and be safe,and get a cage in that beast

    3. Scott Constantine

      Ibet the inside of the house smells really good luv that burn in rubber smella

    4. Roger Mitchell

      Whats the best gen 3 to start with

    5. Jason Wells

      Good job on the truck and video. Nice to see something different being built. Seems to be a nice young man

      1. Krazy House Performance

        Thank you means alot. I have definitely had my mistakes in life. But I do my best to better my self and be kind to others no matter what happend in life. And I'm glad I can bring somthing semi diffrent to the world to see a new build. Thank you for your kind words and support! ✌😎

    6. David Dematos

      I would like to know where to buy the digital dials on your dashboard thank you

    7. Ralph Teeters

      This is pretty sick, I have a Dakota I've always wanted to mess with and this is inspiring

    8. Chase Bienek

      Where’d you get the wiring harness? And nice job bro that sh*t is tucked hella good lol

    9. Keep it Simple, Son. With Roger Smallwood

      Are you running this hemi on old school hei?

      1. Keep it Simple, Son. With Roger Smallwood

        Never mind I see the tuner. Glad there’s another gear head in Spokane

    10. austin_94GT

      Was that a truck hemi or a charger hemi? Also what year

      1. Krazy House Performance

        05 Hemi out of a truck. Then converted everything over to take the car assembly.


      Dam it man this is absolutely sick!! Def one of my top dream rides!! Been looking for a nice body to start with!!

      1. austin_94GT

        I just bought one. Rust in the floorboards, but other than that I'm ready to get started. Was gonna do a 5.9l, but after seeing this, I'm probably gonna do this.

    12. Jadon Creamer

      Dude fuck LSSSSS

    13. Mike n Melissa Gowen

      Kool, Krazy House. I've gotta 88 with a LA 360. Project. Computer is gone along with computer wiring up to the block. Its got a Mopar Conversion Electronic Ignition conversion which isn't wired up. Which 8 3/4 rearend do you have--A,B or E body? The 8 1/4 in mine has the 3.91 tag on it. Also the 727 is locked up. It and the motor are out of a 74 Newport. I know the 727 is a Strong trans. Should I rebuild it or hunt a 904 or an overdrive? Don't know much about the newer stuff. Great Chanel and Love This Truck. Peace

      1. Krazy House Performance

        B body rearend. 3.91 gears. The 727 is a very strong trans. Don’t have much into it. And just depends on your goals. If just street strip mostly I would stay with a 727. If you wanna do more highway stuff I would definitely look into a a518 overdrive

    14. CJ Colvin

      Boosted Motorsports is doing Hellcat swap in his 98 Dakota you should go check it out.

      1. CJ Colvin

        @Krazy House Performance You're welcome brother. Here's the link to see the videoirvision.info/home/q3SWmpt-fK-GhaQ/fy-lm-h-y.html

      2. Krazy House Performance

        Would love to thanks for letting us know

    15. CJ Colvin

      Thats one badass little Dakota right there.

      1. wht240sxka

        Got to say the cop was cool too.

      2. Krazy House Performance

        Thank you sir a new walk around will happen soon! And show all the updates and in better detail hopefully

    16. Mr.matt

      Does anyone offer mounts for the 5.7 swap? And are you running power steering? Subscribed

      1. Krazy House Performance

        @Mr.matt well I had to make my motor mounts so where the pan would clear but no pan problems. And you can message me on Krazy House Performance on fb or add Ty Grant on fb and message me there and we will get you hooked up

      2. Mr.matt

        @Krazy House Performance sorry about all the questions but any oil pan clearance issues? And where do I get a Kraft house shirt ?

      3. Krazy House Performance

        @Mr.matt correct it has power steering. Factory hemi pump and factor dakota power steering rack.

      4. Mr.matt

        It looks like you’re running the stock power steering pump..,you’re not running the manual rack ?

      5. Krazy House Performance

        So far only holley performance but I haven't herd of anyone using there kit it just came out built mine from scratch and to be honest I my self won't go to there mounting kit.

    17. ANYTHING 23

      I was hoping you’d have a stick shift, I’m putting a 360la in mine and Im gonna have to use the stock 5 speed until I can afford a A833 setup witch will be around $600-$700, the same price I bought the truck for 👌, I did get a NV3500 but I’m gonna have to mess with my trans tunnel if I use it and I’m trying not to make my dad weld any more of that thin ass metal since I had to replace my floorboard

      1. Krazy House Performance

        Yes me to but no manual Mopar tranx can hold the power im trying to make

    18. Doug Tolley

      So you blew a trans on firt pass? Lol

      1. Mr.matt

        727 trans or the Mercedes 5 speed ?

      2. Krazy House Performance

        Well not blew up completely but yes it was mis shifting. It was 100% junk yard tranz.

    19. Corbett Potter

      I seen where you took off the brake booster and are running manual brakes. Which master cyl and brake pushrod are you using?

      1. Krazy House Performance

        running the stock master cylinder. just made my own rod and mounting plate.

    20. Tony M

      Well I have seen a 1000hp (at the crank not the tires) 3rd gen 5.7 turbo hemi (it came out of a 1500 ram) . No doubt if you do things right with that motor, you will indeed be turning high 9s to mid 10s for sure. Hang on to your nards when that happens. 10second passes are crazy. Now if you can get it into the mid 8s.. we'll the g forces will rearrange your face momentarily. lol

      1. Krazy House Performance

        Its been 9 .60s not far from 8s :P

    21. Marshall

      the truck is so SICK! Im building a turbo 302 ranger right now so maybe a guy'll have to make a point of going down to the states to see whats faster my friend

      1. Krazy House Performance

        Always ready to race for $$$$

    22. Ken

      Man what luck. What kind of junkyard has $200 Hemi's? I've been lookin for one for years to put in my 1965 Dodge A-100 Mid-engine Pick up. Coming across your video has lit a fire under me again to find one. Very hard to find deals in So. Cal.Gonna be watchin you & that engine to see what I can expect if I ever find one.

      1. Ken

        Hey thanks, they call um here Pick Your Part. Good to see PFI got it going .

      2. Krazy House Performance

        Found mine in the local pull and save

    23. MN Quest Outdoors

      What coil packs are you using?

      1. Krazy House Performance

        You will need a iat sensor. Computer needs it for some of the fueling calculations.

      2. MN Quest Outdoors

        Never mind. I ordered the EGR delete from MMX and it came with a IAC block off plate.

      3. MN Quest Outdoors

        Krazy House Performance ok thanks. Also how did you solve the IAC sensor? I pulled a 5.7 out of a Jeep from the junk yard and don’t know if I need it for the Holley terminator x.

      4. Krazy House Performance

        Using the stock ones. But the coil driver that comes with the megasquirt I guess just can’t put out enough voltage to the two plugs per hole.

    24. Jonathan Swindell

      Do you have any footage on what you did for engine mounts? I have an 89 long bed I'm planning on putting a 5.7 into

      1. Krazy House Performance

        I can make that happen. Give me a bit, currently on the road back to Colorado

      2. Jonathan Swindell

        Could you email them to me or send them to me on Instagram @8boltracing. My email is Kartman5hp@aim.com.

      3. Krazy House Performance

        I don’t have any footage but I have pictures.

    25. Glen 440

      Awesome dak. I have a 87 with a 6.1. Saw this truck in someone elses vid yesterday.

      1. Krazy House Performance

        Ahh ok.

      2. Glen 440

        PFI Speed, tuning video with twin turbos

      3. Krazy House Performance

        Who’s video? Boosted boiz?

    26. 200Shot RamHemi

      Mean Truck!

      1. Krazy House Performance

        Thanks man! Appreciate it.

    27. Matt Lowe

      Thought I was one of the only ones with a g3 in a first gen dak😂

      1. Jbird

        @Matt Lowe yeah i seen Holley just dropped a swap kit but Olán would be to stay n/a coming from ls side what (auto) trans mate up to these hemi im not sure if the 42rh would mate up with it

      2. Matt Lowe

        The swap is a lot easier now bc of holleys swap kits but still depends on what you want to do, there’s a million different ways to skin a cat.

      3. Krazy House Performance

        It's hard to say withought noting your intentions on what u want to build and what hp

      4. Jbird

        @Matt Lowe you have parts breakdown list of everything you needed for the swap?

      5. Matt Lowe

        Was also considering going supercharged for my truck but after watching the pfi speed video I think it has me convinced to go turbo

    28. Daulton Fortna

      What system did you say it was so you can do your tuning? And do you just have an IPad for your “dash”?

      1. Krazy House Performance

        The truck is running on a ms3 gold box. And the dash is a PI dash.

    29. Ojos Tumbados

      Man that thing burns💯 it’s nice as fuck.. dope truck frfr

    30. Derek Price

      Cool...I have a Hemi in my 02 Dakota..

      1. David Kaiser

        Rt? Cause I got a 5.8 and their hard to find

      2. Krazy House Performance

        That's awsome fun rigs forsure

    31. The Hrysler Garage

      What did you have to do to make the oil pan work? Nice job guys!

      1. Krazy House Performance

        Factory truck pan if u wanted the motor in stock location might have to cut crossmember a little but moving it back and more center made it easy!:)

    32. Leon W

      That's a beast! Hope you put forged pistons in, what are you running for ring gap?

      1. Krazy House Performance

        claytonhaske comp cams springs. Ones that cam with the cam kit

      2. claytonhaske

        @Krazy House Performance what springs?

      3. Krazy House Performance

        @Leon W 100% factory motor. Nothing fancy just cam and springs. The goal is to see how far this Gen 3 Hemi will go against any ls or ford motor factory for factory. We know what Gm will do we know what Ford will do. Not many have video footage to back what this Hemi will do for us mopar guys. But trust me when she pops there a suprise for everyone(; just wait and see. This is Krazy House Perfomance and I dont back down from stepping up🤫🏁

      4. Krazy House Performance

        @The Hrysler Garage thank you for the suppourt alot coming this way even expensive goodies but doing it this way for fun and knowlage then put my full kill set up in (:

      5. Krazy House Performance

        Leon 100% factory motor. Nothing fancy just cam and springs. The goal is to see how far this Gen 3 Hemi will go against any ls or ford motor factory for factory. We know what Gm will do we know what Ford will do. Not many have video footage to back what this Hemi will do for us mopar guys. But trust me when she pops there a suprise for everyone(; just wait and see. This is Krazy House Perfomance and I dont back down from stepping up🤫🏁

    33. Joshua Connacher

      Neighbors must love you

      1. Krazy House Performance

        So far I think they do ! 1 may not but this is America and i dont make noise every day ☠💪😎

    34. Joshua Connacher

      This truck is so sick dude

      1. Krazy House Performance

        Thank you Joshua ! And yes actully they do! Except for 1 :P 🤘 America🏁🇺🇸