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    If you finish art school, you win $10,000 no joke
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    1. ZHC Crafts

      Subscribe and we might let you attend our art school where we give u money to finish it haha

      1. Mariah MLB

        You keep on letting michael win like you are giving her special treatment and not just in this video,every video

      2. Judy Woodburn

        Yes! I love art 💕

      3. Ngam Baite

        ZHC❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 is the best

      4. Toshi Rain. ꃔ

        I want to go to your art school[

      5. Isabella Same

        I love art soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo,oooooooooooooooooooookoooo much

    2. Era angela Talajoron

      I think michelle is pregnant

    3. Kajsa Schwendeman

      Go Jaz and Michell!!! When I was 2 years old I was diagnosed with Lukemia. And had to stay in the hospital for 2 whole months...and it had to be during the months of christmas and my birthday 😩. But now I am a cancer survivor. 10 years later💕

    4. Valeria Guerra

      I think that izzy won i liked her art more then Jakes nit saying that jakes drawing was bad it is just i liked izzys pool more then jakes

    5. Elaine McNutt


    6. Eva Mora

      It was funny when people it the mayonnaise lol

    7. Novus

      I think lzzy needs to win this one like Jake did good at the pool but lzzy at everything

    8. Anthony Acosta

      Honestly I don’t mind eating a spoon full of mayonnaise it’s pretty damn good

    9. super horror gamer

      I would pass in under 50 minutes

    10. Ashtyn Molinelli

      Izzy should of won

    11. Vimal Dabhi

      Ans is ZHC and it paint in mr beast house

    12. Olatunde Sanusi

      I got hot water on my body when I was 2 years old

    13. Cris Moto

      Go back to Zhc and make another chanllege

    14. sadik islam

      Where is Jaz

    15. Ayansa Liyanage

      I like mayo

    16. Natasha Page

      i love mayonaise

    17. Anime Gamer Lover 2000

      I wish in school if we survive we get 10k too T^T

    18. Straw berriezz

      0:18: Michelle screaming no 6:24: her enjoying the mayo

    19. Kathleen Kusak

      I want to be in a video

    20. Charlotte Macandog

      What do you mean you dont like some mayo?!i love them

    21. Charlotte Macandog

      Zack:any questions?! Everyone:when's resses? Me:what?!

    22. Favour ola


    23. Muhammad Rao

      Did Jaz leave?

    24. RobloxGaming


    25. withered søul

      I would love to join this school 🥺🥺🥺

    26. Geetika Kanwar

      I love mayonnaise

    27. Emma Tuungafasi

      hi I am a subscriber and I love your videos and you and you team are the best artist out there and I I had to give a person the best artist award I would give it to you and your team

    28. TuBuh_

      Thank you Jake. I have very many mental health disorders, and I appreciate your cause 🙏

    29. JimmyPlayzThis

      pls continue tutorials ive finished all urs back in 2017-2018 pls do more pls

    30. James Mills

      Can I have a costume iPhone please I have had this one 5 years

    31. ꧁Aesthetic.Person꧂

      i dropped out i couldn’t ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    32. EUNICE KHOO Moe

      My birthday is December 5th coincidence I think not

    33. Ridhima Gaming

      By the way Izzy draws alot of cute stuff just in a little amount of time omwow

    34. Ridhima Gaming

      Michelle is not a bad drawer actually

    35. Nubia Reynoso

      I wish I was inside of your video

    36. Nubia Reynoso

      I like your videos I ascribed to every single video

    37. badkneesTs

      I liked and subbed/ SUB TO ZHC

    38. Lorelei follette

      Mayo isn't that bad tho- ~eats mayo out of jar~

    39. Queen Deva

      Not me watching this WHILE failing my art class!

    40. Jim Boyd

      I’m a huge fan

    41. Mystical Royals Mysticals

      Why do they hate mayonnaise it’s so good it goes on burgers 😢

    42. RealOREOPlays

      lets just take a moment to appreciate that this video is EXACTLY 10 minutes long :)

    43. pansyjournals

      5:36 I'm eating Ramen

    44. Shanu Bilal

      Who thought that izzy will win

    45. Pineapple

      I subscribed already

    46. Michaela Suyom

      Day 1 until zhc notices me

    47. Sin Joshua


    48. Sin Joshua


    49. Sin Joshua


    50. Sin Joshua


    51. Sin Joshua


    52. Sin Joshua


    53. Sin Joshua


    54. Slimy Blob

      Mayo is good

    55. Ella Castellani

      I like when Zach said “ in fact I do have a butt!”

    56. Joshua Castro

      I wanna go to art school now ngl

    57. Ka W

      why do people hate mayo its sooooo good. I mean maybe because im an Asian and I eat the 100 year old duck egg

    58. Fudge Queen

      If zhc helped me be better at art I would do it

    59. Pink Ramen

      I don't UNDRESTAND why do YALL hate mayo SO DAMN MUCH i love it I could eat THE WHOLE BOX

    60. Daniela Orechovska

      Izy deserved to win most out of everyone

    61. Janice Valies

      izzy needs 2 win what jake drew needs 2 be in the dump

    62. Blanca Perez

      Join an actual art class and act like your not good at art

    63. Ali Hassan

      I like Izzy drawing every time 😃

    64. Twila812ds Valenzuela015ds

      The ashamed knickers arguably tug because attention tentatively mug at a bizarre mexican. straight, fresh waiter

    65. Angie LAM

      Americans hate mayo when asians enjoy it...

    66. Hi-5 made by Anisha

      I love Mayonnaise ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    67. Volfie Playz

      zack looks cute with glasses

    68. Kuoy Seang

      I know how to draw ZHC is actually good ZHC love ly Alex 🏅🏅🏅🥇🥇🥇🍬🍬

    69. Mariah MLB

      How many subscribers can I get

    70. Mary Grace Pabilando

      Wahhh arts school 🥺❤️

    71. Andrea Torres

      i love it how they literally give people stuff that they customized and i wish SO BAD that i would get one as well but that wouldn't happen! in my dreams

    72. Sha Alisya

      Can you be my art teacher??? 🤣

    73. Erin Hegg

      Michelle: *delightedly swallows the mayo* Me: I am Michelle at this moment

    74. Vikiria Nguyen

      I’ve always wanted to join an art school NOW ITS PUSHING ME TO EVEN MORE

    75. Haley's Life and Fun

      Hi,I would love more giveaways.And my family just went through one of the hardest things in our lives.We would love to get a give away.We would love a phone give away.If you want to give us some thing,there are 5 of us.

    76. boey leong


    77. M A Z X W hail

      L so bad 😅

    78. Mary Cadence Ibarra

      If i was there for a hospital

    79. - LittleNoop -

      how did jake wine all those votes

    80. Joslyn Mead

      So where can I enroll

    81. Zenia Vember

      Super cool art

    82. Santiago Valentin


    83. XArty_BunnyX

      "whens recces?" "Never"

    84. Neala Rowan

      Michelle never wins but always almost wins .I feel sorry for her

    85. Pei Sze Yeoh

      If I was in the challenge I would want to loose cuz I like Mayo 😌

    86. Meme Hugh

      not fare lzzy is the win

    87. Moon Evergreen

      No offense to mechell but you look pregnant when you had to eat the mayo ( sorry if I spelled your name wrong)

    88. Rynki Lingua Franca

      Who this?

    89. Kye en We

      I love mayonnaise tbh

    90. Miracle Tumangkeng

      Umuts good

    91. Miracle Tumangkeng

      Why peapole hate mayonaise

    92. Mar Mill

      We have to name the painters that made the art

    93. Purple Pig

      People who actually luke mayonnaise 👁👄👁

    94. Princess Flow


    95. Amaya Zamora

      I like manyo how come some people Dont wow-_-

    96. Nur Fathimah

      I love art. im hungry.

    97. Eiza Zubair

      Izzy idea is wrong if we don't breathe out carbon dioxide plants and peoples will die because plant need carbon dioxide to make food and if you breathe pure oxygen you can die

    98. Emelia jane Robinson

      pent a ket cat

    99. lightning blue ninja

      change ur name to MR Beast art edition

    100. Natalie Duek

      I have been subscribed forever and I haven’t won anything 🤣