Start To Finish Van To Tiny Home On Wheels Conversion !! *this took forever* EP: 2/3

Mia Maples

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    Today we are sharing the entire start to finish van conversion to a tiny house !!
    If you missed Part 1
    Tune In SUNDAY For The Finale where we surprise my dad!! :)
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    2. nene0003

      Your parents are the best. ❤️💎👑👑

    3. athena rocks

      I watched this vid after watching the news. Mia has restored my faith in humanity.

    4. Victoria Lasher

      I just love you and your family, you are all so sweet.

    5. Victoria Lasher

      Please wear ear protection the next time you're doing something noisy!

    6. Beth's Compilations

      24:48 they are stapling the fabric onto the cushions....Noooooo!!!!! Always make a cover with a zipper, because you can't wash your cushion covers if they are stapled on, and with living in a van, they WILL get dirty!

    7. Nel Rios

      It's so great how your parents always help gby

    8. Georgia

      Mia’s demonstration of the particles(large enough to be seen) making their way past a cloth mask is an obvious example of how mask wearing protects against the most dangerous virus ever.

    9. Cat 11


    10. Sem

      The vibe ur whole family gives and how nice y’all work together so literally FAMILY GOALS

    11. Alora Willmon

      You and your family are my favorite, y’all are always so positive and happy!!!!!!! So beautiful!!!

    12. Diana W

      Your brother is so sweet! Mine would be talking trash the whole time. 😅😬🥴

    13. mrs. meleannie

      Period boo!!!

    14. mrs. meleannie

      You’re my icon you’re so awesome

    15. mrs. meleannie

      You’re so funny

    16. mrs. meleannie

      I’m in the sprinter LMAO

    17. Sofia francesca

      can we take a moment to appreciate mamma maples hair cut! 21:24

    18. Lauren Mckee

      Momma maples laughing sitting on that cushion. I cannnttt lol so cute

    19. Katie Watie

      Isn't it wonderful the way she explains how long it took to build whatever she built but UPLOADS IT ALL IN A ROW!!!! like girl,she is just the best! She is amazing and she should keep up the good work because she has good taste and talent with designing! It's actually amazing! Mama Maples and Papa Maples have amazing taste too,but I just don't know if the parents are lucky to have her as a daughter or if she was lucky to have them as parents,but after all,they are both correct because they are all wonderful!

    20. Jennifer J

      I feel like I’m apart of their family 🤗

    21. Eliohana AlvaGuel

      December 1st was the day my baby was born (My first child ❤️)

    22. sammy knows

      Your supposed to wear a proper respirator not a mask. I got toxic shock shaking, tremors ended up in a ambulance in hospital from spray paint soaking into my nervous system. Don't risk it my heart was 140 over 70 being normal and 150 is heart attack.

    23. aubxmuffin

      I love how she said “call them friends not fans” 🥺

    24. Melanie Harrington

      I guess I’m not the only person that licks things on accident 😂😂 or sniff 😂😂

    25. Alans.T

      Mia:I'm orderd orange seats Me:omg so beautiful *Mia installs kaki gray seats * Me:👁️💧👄💧👁️

    26. gamer_starfire921


    27. Samantha Jensen

      Your mom looks beautiful!! 😊

    28. ymerlee alnas

      “That’s my dad” was the cutest thing I’ve ever heard! 😤💕

    29. Simply Elie

      Also isn’t wood not supposed to get wet?

    30. Simply Elie

      Bamboo pillow the best I have one lol I love the van the aesthetic and where’s the toilet lol Btw love watching u

    31. Benny Mill

      The tremendous rule really trot because alibi chronologically rescue worth a flippant furniture. messy, guttural H habitual scooter

    32. bibimka

      14:45 Mia looks like Elsa of Frozen here. Just sayin'. 😅 Well, keep slayin' Mia! 😘

    33. Mackenzie Hayes

      6:37 anyone else get vibes from the old man from the UP movie 🥰love u maple dad? Idk what to call him😂

    34. Shwee Leigh

      You guys are hilarious! Loved this! The shower stall installation scene was the best!! You are so sweet doing this for your dad.

    35. Jagdeep Kaur

      Is this your profession?

    36. racchh X100

      Can someone please tell me where she gets that raptors white paint from

    37. Susanne Sænn

      Do you need a special drivers license to drive it? Must weigh a ton😳 soo nice though😍

    38. Alina J

      I'm watching 1min of ad just for you✨✨✨

    39. Morgan Potton

      Just curious! how much did thr whole project cost?

    40. asna irsham

      Mia you're the Maple syrup to my pancakes💙

    41. Hanshika

      7:02 I want a dad like that 🥺

    42. Amy gonzalez

      I love this, van life van for your Dad. I want one so it has been fun watching you all work on this. I'm am so excited. Thanks for sharing.

    43. Katherine Barrios


    44. Veronica Turrubiartes

      Literally my favorite IRvision family like the energy, vibes this video gives off ♥️

    45. Dana Goodlett

      Love this so much! 💕 I just have to say though I’m worried about the safety of the stove top being so close to the bed.. 😬 Maybe add a divider, just to be safe.

    46. Jalie Redmon


    47. Vaiva Jaloveckienė

      What breed is her dog?

    48. Dylan


    49. Abbie Stewart

      Can you do a “trying SHEIN wigs” haul video?

    50. Carly van der Burgh

      its so fun because of your nails I can kinda see when you did everything

    51. Lilly

      It's snowing here too!!😭

    52. Evie Etienne

      I love the dedication you and your family had keeping this a secret for (probably) over a year! I love the hard work you all put into customizing sprinter. it's my dream to have one too

    53. Laura Barrera

      MIA!! Can you please do my wedding arch??? Lmaooo I need youuuu

    54. Jessicuh Ann

      It’s such a great feeling seeing a family so close and happy with each other, and treat each other so adorably.. such a lucky way to have grown up and continue to live doing things with the people you love the most and are closest to you...

    55. Kobe Robertson

      mama maples with straight hair is where it’s at 😩❤️

    56. Recovering Soul

      I really love the practical deep sink. Good to wash long hair in when you don't feel like an entire shower. It's the only sink you have. Too many van builds have dinky sinks. Do you have solar panels on the roof? Propane for heat or stove or water heater? Not sure if you talk about the nuts and bolts of things like that. Like size of water tank all that stuff. Good move to have electrical, windows, insulation and plumbing and power professionally done. And the cabinets.

    57. emily rose

      I want to be in her family SO BAD. I can’t even decide who I love the most; mom or dad 😂 you can see how you turned out so perfect , you came from them.

    58. Nutty Insomniac

      Mia sees blue Her mom sees green I see aqua, which is a bluey-green or greeny-blue. 🤣🤣

    59. Jackie Pamplona

      Your videos are my fav! Hands down my favorite IRvisionr ✨

    60. Caitlyn Chinn

      Tate “good thing I had a small lunch” LOL

    61. Catherine Mongeau

      Is this a Canada flag tattoo I see on your dad's arm!? :O

    62. Bailee Smith

      Watching this while I eat dinner 😋

    63. Waterflame

      Didn't Mia say the chairs were going to be orange? And then they turned out to be tan? Did I miss something?

    64. karla Z

      ok i need to ask this because my hair is about as long as yours and i always see you have like the same hair style when you're working to get it out of the way and i would like to know how you do it because it seems to stay in place well and do the job haha

    65. That's So Raveyn

      I say we start a petition for Mia's parents to adopt all of us 🤗

    66. Brittani Downs

      you should convert an old school bus

    67. Giorgia Vignola

      All this time I couldn’t figure out who she reminds me of and now I finally got it. CASSIE from skins

    68. JuiceDraven

      MIA! I’m ur dAD

    69. Mia Jessica Ramgopal

      Your family is the purest thing i've ever seen! What a beautiful and rare thing to see nowadays. Always in support of your channel Mia, you are hands down one of the best people to ever exist on the internet :)

    70. Clockwork Writer

      I love how your mum is like the type of person who laughs at anything even if she doesn’t think it’s funny or she just doesn’t know what is going on. 😂

    71. PaigeMode 33

      I thought Mama Maples was funny but her dad is funnier and adorable

    72. didi_9992

      I love tiny houses and van life the van is gorgeous 😍 please be careful with the cooking food since the stove is right next to the bed :)

    73. Rose Love

      Hi Mia I’ve been watching your videos and think you’re a amazing person and your mum and dad are really funny I always get a giggle out of watching your videos🤣😇😂😀

    74. steffi __

      Does anyone know where she got that pink fleece sweater

    75. Kylie Parker

      I love how much of a family project this is! Love seeing all of you work and joke around together!!!

    76. Olivia Ch

      What was the total budget for the conversion?

    77. Ashley Alexendra

      Open flames next to the bed thou ??? :(

    78. Hey Jamie

      STOP DID YOUR DAD REALLY SAY “PITTER PATTER” omg I thought that was just a Letterkenmy joke! Ahahahhaa!

    79. AllinkedUp Always

      Oh my God this lifestyle is so fun I'm jealous

    80. miraxterrik

      I need that coat she wears at 23:20. Someone tell me where i could get oneeee!!🤩

    81. Emily Stewart

      "shut down the credit cards, we've been SCAMMED"

    82. Emily Houck

      I absolutely love your family, they are the cutest! The way your dad is slowly getting more comfortable in front of the camera is hilarious 😂

    83. Tiffanyhicks_09

      This is awesome! However what about the bed? Like, is there anything that's going to protect it when cooking?

    84. xiomara moon

      Im glad I found this channel

    85. Melody Belle


    86. Renee McDonald

      It is really tight but holy crap you fitted so much in!! It has everything you would ever need! Can’t wait to see your dads reaction! You all did an amazing job! He is a lucky man 😊

    87. Julia DeLeon

      You and your family are so freaking adorable. I can't ❤

    88. Harry Mittal

      Bring some popcorn,cola and relax❤️

    89. Patricia Marcaida

      You can add a step up under the dining area so your parents’ feet aren’t dangling and it can be extra storage space.

    90. lal5555f

      i have a 2015 ford transit 250 with 40k miles for sale! Used lightly to transport ink in the business we closed down I'm asking for 25k if anyone needs a perfect van that isn't 40-60k

    91. Maria Peralta

      this is so great! I truly love this mini series sm! Mia you are so amazing, your whole family is just the best 💗💗💓

    92. john zz

      yeah that bathroom frame looks REALLL sturdy..... /s

    93. marlene


    94. Sam

      Ok but why is dad maples DADDY maples 😫

    95. Meghan Harms

      What kind of sprayer is that?

    96. Victoria Knight

      @miamaples what is the song at the beginning of the video!! Issa vibe!!

    97. Alexandria Satterfield

      Mia!! I am proud of you

    98. Victoria Harrison

      The relationship you & your parents share is my absolute favorite! I enjoy watching you guys laugh together and at each other just as much as the original content itself! ❤️

    99. Tallulah Darling

      I’m not emotionally stable enough for the montages at the end

    100. Angi Anarchy

      19:28.... “you’d better help her... this is gonna end poorly...” 😂 The confidence is palpable 😂🤣❤️❤️❤️ Also.... am I the only one crying already about the reveal and i haven’t even seen it yet?? 😭😭😂