Making Batteries


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    1. kalle jonsson

      How do you keep this shiet clean from dust?

    2. Joseph Martin

      In my opinion what we need is Starlink providing Customers & Tesla's with global collaboration software where multiple Videoconference users can also change & work on same files simultaneously, like Siemens NX but with this extra feature . Does that has a Market ? Has someone already invented it ?

    3. MR Infinity Motivation

      Bless every IRvisionr have success 🔥

    4. Sundhar Sundhar

      Scientific honey happy songs company congrations songs thanks sir astro Sundar sumathi

    5. Muhammad Aakif

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    6. Ozan Yorguner

      Amazing production process. Cool.

    7. Serkan Uludağ

      I love you Elon musk

    8. Greg Crimmins

      Elon, one day we'll be buds. You can bet on that!


      Top !

    10. Leon Kimble

      🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀Tesla + BYD🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀Tesla + BYD🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀#dreams

    11. Jorge Luis Suarez

      Veo que muchos proyectos están limitados o condicionados por las baterías, no hay otra forma de almacenar la energía que no sea directamente en forma de electrones?

    12. Kirtiman Gupta

      sis anyone notice: million miles?

    13. Jack Herer

      is there enough graphine or graphite on the planet to go all electric in terms of batteries? or is that why we're doing planet exploration, for mining purposes?

    14. hardik

      tesla has no teg line below the logo , small size packaging i think they learn from apple marketing strategy .🤔👍

    15. phthalo blue ⓿

      Couldn't they make it square so that it is more space efficient?

      1. Jack Xiao

        Yes, they must not have thought about that and this was just an oversight. Thank you random youtube guy

    16. Oh, boy.

      A look inside the mind's of the engineer's at tesla

    17. MatPaak

      How cleverly everything confidential is kept confidential if you notice besides perfectly rhyming song..

    18. James Malizia

      106k likes vs 1.4k dislikes. They're the 1% who don't agree with the future 😂

    19. Uhrich Zac

      The ten subway genomically trade because fur biosynthetically store among a royal bull. uttermost, spiritual creature

    20. Aadil Farooqui

      Only Tesla could make even Battery Making interesting

    21. Stewart Trent

      this is definitely Breaking Bad...

    22. Sfenks

      Where is the part when you get underaged kids to mine materials for your batteries in Africa?

      1. Sfenks

        @Mikkel Storm Hansen Yeah I know. I dont love those companies either.

      2. Mikkel Storm Hansen

        Don't act like it's only Tesla that does this, every single company will go where the labor is cheap, that's sadly just how the world is, Audi, BMW, Mercedes all do it as well

    23. feyzi seyhan

      elon mask

    24. WilX

      This feels like a scene from Breaking Bad

    25. Abd Allah Hanoun

      what does this type of song calls ?

    26. mark pape

      If the cog system had gearing it would mean integrated charge control.

    27. mark pape

      Not speed but constant.

    28. mark pape

      Try slowing the revelutions of the moter to allow the operation of a cog system, the imput just has to be allot more the output.

    29. Oldfranxx

      German quality

      1. Miguel lopez

        this is in california.

    30. Alejandro Martinez

      Who makes these videos at Tesla?? Beautiful content

    31. Quentin Kaffka

      The mature wasp operationally interrupt because stitch endoscopically strip mid a earthy rocket. dirty, nippy afterthought

    32. Iulian G.

      Tesla ❤️

    33. Keno Lee

      it's like an ad for third industrial revolution

    34. Vimko

      Show off solar panels and mining farms 😉

    35. JOEGE


    36. Неопознанная панда

      Искусство ! Кто создаёт эти заводы ?!

    37. Ali Baba Secka

      I’m in California and I want a job for tesla

    38. Typically Hydra

      Tesla in 2026: Add a kid mode that enables games on the tesla screen when their owner is gone and protects the kids in the car and automatically enables temperature

    39. Ra V

      How do you wanna recycle those batteries?

    40. Vlad Ivanov

      Why single cell made in form of cylinder? This is ineffective in terms of packing them in battery, there always will be gaps between them.

      1. Moises Castro

        Because energy efficiency is more important than space.

      2. Miguel lopez

        the battery pack size is not a real concern, weight and cost are primary, a cylinder is much cheaper to manufacture then any other shape and gaps between them allow for fire suppression foam to be sprayed in between.

    41. Sherwin G

      What's a terie?

    42. Benny Mill

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    43. Sharon Lawson

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    44. Sharon Lawson

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    45. Sharon Lawson

      Not in my time, seeing these being built Methane may hold a key to battery fusion

    46. Joshua Park

      I need a 24 hour version

    47. kIonax

      Elon Musk is the best thank you for being there!

    48. Granat

      Looks like Breaking Bad sequel

    49. B C

      Its like money printer

    50. Bryce Fitzgerald

      Those batteries look tasty

    51. Sanji Haki

    52. TOM THE BOMB


    53. Vor 24 Jahren

      Still bad cars lol

    54. B H

      "Today, on How It's Made...""; /


      "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." ~ Arthur C. Clarke

    56. Corrupt_Skillzz _

      for the cyber truck, you shouldn't have made the shell harder. it's dumb and let me explain. cars were built to be softer to spread the force of a crash throughout the vehicle so there was less of a chance of hurting or possibly killing the driver. since your truck is more solid the driver would hit their head much faster and harder many times back and forth because all of the force of the crass instead of half of the force would be coming right into you. also crashes would happen way more often because the car is faster than most cars so first new drivers could see this car as a possibility especially if they're rich and they get the warning don't listen and die on the set drive. if you would go through this you probably would not live but if you did you would then die to the airbag ending you after a bad concussion, whiplash, and brain damage.

      1. Miguel lopez

        the problem was solid frames, you still want a rigid frame for side impacts and the battery structure heavily decrease side impact crunch, the panels will be hard but the frame underneath holding it in place will likely crunch as the steel panels are only 1mm-3mm thick, for a 6000lb truck this will be 2x the impact energy regular cars have so extra rigidity may be countered by higher impact energy. having the battery low to the ground also helps against getting whiplash because the car will resist moving, this car is faster then most cars but it also handles better then most cars.

    57. Richard Hutton

      I literally have tears of joy watching this. It's a blessing to humanity that a company like Tesla was able to be created

    58. Nicolas Ricard

      Tesla Giga Malaysia! 🇲🇾 the best place to build your car for southeast Asia. Developed country, good car industry, affordable labor, peaceful. Come lah!

    59. Parth Shukla

      is this lithium ion?

    60. Youssef Sadek

      Who else watched this video like 10 times already??

    61. Youssef Sadek

      Too satisfying.

    62. Youssef Sadek

      Who else keeps getting this video in their recommended and still watches it over and over? Too satisfying.

    63. Leon Jordan

      Tesla should make a vape

    64. Kuzyn Shreka

      Ads You are doing it right Sir.

    65. Hefty

      This is a mechatronics mechanic wet dream....

    66. Virus

      Roses are red Violets are blue If it’s less than a minute I’ll give it a view

    67. God Kevin

      The Tesla Cartel?

    68. Valdemar Andersen

      Satisfactory irl

    69. Raidov

      Plot Twist is made by Vince Gilligan


      Yo tesla tell ur spacex to start rhe Titan mission, Titan is the next possibility for human and not Mars.

      1. KIRAN SINGH

        @Miguel lopeznow its night in the west. And we have day in the east (Asia)

      2. KIRAN SINGH

        @Miguel lopez i guess u r active in utube everytime 🤟 except while sleeping.

      3. Miguel lopez

        @KIRAN SINGH we don't have those.

      4. KIRAN SINGH

        @Miguel lopez rocket with advanced uranium reactor

      5. Miguel lopez

        Much longer trip that would take a much bigger rocket.

    71. Will H

      Gold for the future generations...

    72. Rhys1810

      They just put a bunch of small batteries together to make one huge one?

      1. Miguel lopez

        Yep, mess it up and the car catches fire or gives out less energy then advertised.

      2. Will H

        Yeah, a bunch of cells in parallel and a bunch in series means that the final battery pack can charge rapidly while operating at a high enough voltage to supply a hell of a lot of power to those motors

    73. Vexlyz

      I never thought about this..if a Tesla is all-electric, then would lightning disable it, implode and overcharge the battery, supercharge the car, or fill the battery up and channel rest of the energy?

      1. Vexlyz

        @Miguel lopez ah yes.

      2. Miguel lopez

        If struck by lightning it would likely travel through the frame of the car and out the tires blowing them out possibly, if the current goes through the battery that can cause damage or fire as it will be too high of a voltage.

    74. Shannon Hartman


    75. ZaZı-ZuZo

      and right side of this video there is a recomendacion ''Tesla's Battery Supply Problem '' well okey then :D :D

    76. YamakasDabbin

      From the thumbnail I first tought its glock bullets then I seen its from Tesla

    77. Shahar Rozenbloom

      There Will be A Big a Table big Battery with Internet for Small biz like A Designer to opprate mac and MacBook and all the House for much Higher Price like 55K for Exec and Engineers.

    78. Atago

      Daaamn they look soo satisfying

    79. Derrick Douglas

      I got a 96 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme SL coupe. I love the sound of my exhaust leaking out the exhaust flange on the manifold. I love the smell of gasoline and an old car without catalytic converters. I love to work on cars without complicated technology and cheaply made plastic getting in the way. I will NEVER ever buy an electric vehicle.

      1. Miguel lopez

        @Derrick Douglas then explain billions of dollars in subsidies and carcinogenic emissions.

      2. Derrick Douglas

        @Miguel lopez everything you said is completely false.

      3. Miguel lopez

        Gas cars hurt public health and drain the economy, glad to see their days are numbered.

    80. My Mind

      Robotic empire

    81. Ariang X

      Indonesia now panicking.... nickel related stocks is falling jahahaha nyangkuters need elon tweet something hahahahaha

    82. Younes Ten

      I need a battery for my electric bike😅👍

    83. q-_-pLEOq-_-p

      this is the slowed down version

    84. Mubeth Praditya


    85. Matt

      No humans in sight..terrifying

    86. kenny ng

      The madly editor thessaly earn because canoe theoretically rain before a untidy intestine. receptive, greedy ketchup

    87. Crazy Rabbit

      When car factory is cleaner then most food factories.

      1. Aspen Bridge

        Maybe in the US, in The Netherlands food factories are very clean (GMP guidelines).

      2. Crazy Rabbit

        @Blood Guy Dust and not the smell of a fresh company. 😁

      3. Blood Guy

        Wait what did you expect

      4. Mr Sol Gaming

        Lol true

    88. Chun Wai

      This is a slowed down version.

    89. Aerohk

      So much wasted space in between each battery. Should be more like MacBook battery that fill the space. Tesla needs to copy Apple tech

      1. Miguel lopez

        Manufacturing a battery into a square cost a lot more then a cylinder, it also makes it easier to cool and separate from other cells during a fire if it's a cylinder, apple struggles with putting big enough batteries in their laptops and phones because they try saving as much space as possible for what ever reason they think it's worth it, a car is much bigger and allows for much more flexibility it battery design.

    90. Rey Castillo

      We need Elon Musk to fix energy in USA (outages) please

    91. Saafir

      Tesla: Making Batteries 2M people: INTERESTING....

    92. Georgi Ivanov

      Los Pollos Hermanos flashback

    93. Lord Farquaad

      Disappointed I didn’t see any Indian kids dying for your battery’s

      1. Miguel lopez

        @Lord Farquaad them not using child labor actually changes a lot.

      2. Lord Farquaad

        @Miguel lopez Changes Nothing.

      3. Miguel lopez

        @Lord Farquaad the kids you are probably talking about are from the republic of the Congo, tesla is criticized for using cobalt from these regions as some of it is from child slave labor, but what you are missing is that the batteries you saw in the video are cobalt free, tesla has worked on getting rid of problematic metals so now those kids will be mining cobalt for tool manufacturers and cheaper chines batteries.

      4. Lord Farquaad

        Keep sending links and they keep disappearing look up kids dying for Tesla batteries and tell me what u see

      5. Miguel lopez

        @Lord Farquaad come on get me with a shrek meme I know you 15 yearolds love that stuff.

    94. Paco Sanchez

      Tesla will take care of an responsible disposal when the batteries are old? Or will it be a new line of earth pollution??

      1. Miguel lopez

        tesal announced plans to recycle or re used old batteries.

    95. Iwan Nazarenko

      OLD technology of batteries

    96. chestnut rice

      regardless of tesla or other companies, automations and robotics like this bring tears to my eyes.....such ingenuity and complexity is jaw dropping. To think humans like me did that..proud of them

    97. suresh chitmil

      I watched this video more then 100 times still I m not bored with this.

    98. brunex12

      Quando a tesla vai vim pro Brasil?

    99. Andres Felipe Vasquez

      Still wondering why they haven't made a phone

    100. Cas Box

      This somehow reminds me of the Portal Games