President Trump arrives in West Palm Beach aboard Air Force One

10 Tampa Bay

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    President Donald Trump has landed in West Palm Beach aboard Air Force One before Joe Biden officially becomes president.
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    1. In Q We Trust #WWG1WGA

      The best president ever! Countdown for March 5 is on!

    2. Lakshman Perera

      Airforce one is out of bounds for trump now.He cant get near airforce one.

    3. Simona Popa

      God blesse you president Trump ❤️❤️❤️🇦🇩🇦🇩🇦🇩

    4. ety emmanuel Antônio

      Trump arrives in the Trumpland

    5. Jimmy Siroki

      TRUMP /DESANTIS 2024 ! #MAGAA MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN AGAIN 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    6. Dimestore

      That air tight SUV must reek of burger lard.

    7. Dimestore

      I bet the seats in Air Force One stink of burger farts.

    8. Layla Sweetman

      Buh bye n good riddance

    9. Bernd - Immer wieder Sonntags kommt der Patriot!

      Trump is the best president ever!

    10. Rose Drown

      When the plane turned around..nice..what if he JUST flew back to the whitehouse which he won fair and square..what a shame to have baby murder lover Biden as President for any amount of time..what an example for children.police betting psychopaths are happy..psychopaths are clueless on morality or patriotism the Constitution or law and order..may God correct this matter and soon..He knows how to do what needs to be done..conversions..nuclear war..resignations..repentance..responsible admittance of faults..return to and order..may Hollywood lose their Satanists.May reverse racists get patriotism..may Communists find Christ. I do not like what I see in Biden and know of him.What real man brags about criminal behavior..teaches it to their kids..including theft and treason..very misguided by the devil not man..coward by default..President Biden giddy with joy at the evil he is doing and has done is JUST plain many medications is he many bad counselors does he many enablers???? 18 intelligence agencies but no real is darkest just b4 the dawn..God is able to turn this ship around and back on course..wonder how many Catholics will have sense enougg to pick up the Rosary to provide the prayer cover needed for safety and peace in America and elsewhere.I praise God for my good parents who knew how to be responsible and diligent parents.I also praise God for His power to stop the drugs and drugdealing invluding abortifacient pill&iud birth control which seems to have eliminated self control so that pharma gets pd everytime anyone has sex.Birth control was against the law in 1968 because it creates stds.PROMISCUITY.and children conceived out of wedlock/sitting targets for PP BOILING.RIPPING. SHREDDING.CRUSHING.

    11. Tiffany Rathbun

      There is nothing God like with tRump. He is the least godly person on this earth.

    12. Tiffany Rathbun


      1. Tiffany Rathbun


    13. Tom Mooney

      It is a funeral!!! May he never leave this place. We are safe with him here!!!!

    14. TheHardRunner

      For four years they wrecked this country. Good riddance.

      1. Rose Drown

        Sorru u lack discernment and patriotism..but love baby slaughter in the womb.Please grow up.The life u save may be your own.Google 289 accomplishments.MSM is bought by Communists.

    15. Manila Ranch

      The real president not the stealers.

    16. Richard Granger

      Who cares!! May he FRY in HELL!!!!!!

    17. Shirley Cox

      Joe Biden is a puppet.

    18. Margaret Osburn

      Oh, ye of little faith! God is not finished yet! He had not spoken yet! Just wait for it! Thank you, Jesus!

    19. Margaret Osburn

      He will be back! God bless America!

    20. Bernhard Schmid

      So good to see those guys, whilst on their last flight in airforce one!🤣

    21. Krista Carter Eckel

      Trump is still President.

    22. eddieg749

      Throw Chump in prison

      1. eddieg749

        @Rose Drown and what excellent accomplishments has Dictator Trump done?

      2. Rose Drown

        Throw Socialist baby slaughterers and child abusers in prison.Sorry you are so clueless on the excellence of Trump.Google 289 accomplishments.

    23. Wander Mesquita

      He Will be back in 2.024. Is a matter of time. Who lives in that time Will see it.

    24. John Griffin

      Worst president ever

    25. Paula Winter-Fischer

      Was für eine armselig Welt auf Kosten der Armen und Schwachen😓😠😩

    26. Candy Kelm

      President Trump Best President Ever!!!!!!

    27. Lydia vanalsenoy


    28. Mary Martinez

      God is in control the best is yet to come🙏🙏🙏

    29. Sam Alvarado

      Why is melania wearing a carpet from a casino?

    30. David Johnson

      Sure does look like a dolphin.

    31. sboudreaux27

      Something tells me Trump will plot a comeback in 2024.

    32. Mika P


    33. Blue Moon

      Melanias dress looks awful.

    34. Delores Philpot

      Texas loves Trump 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    35. James Peterson

      They don't haul around ex-presidents in Air Force One. Figure it out.

      1. Jamie Aran

        He was still legally President as he landed until his term expired at noon whilst he was in the car to Mar-a-Lago

    36. Mairin T

      God bless Pres. Trump and all his family. From Australia.

    37. dancemomsmooth

      Heart breaking! We have been robbed!

    38. Hans haagen

      Thank you great president ever mr TRUMP

    39. Charles Bosselman

      God bless you President Trump 🙏 for your love and support of this great country of the United States of America. Thanks for your service to the American people who are going to miss you guys too much

    40. Joann Lesan

      Don’t go away mad, just go away!!!!!

    41. kim lima


    42. Rhonda Barrett

      This is such a bummer. Every American should be outraged because the election fraud was so obvious & blatant right before our eyes. He was the best President we've had in yrs & always kept us up to date on what he was doing & he did exactly what he told us he would do. We have not seen the last of him yet. Enjoy your time in sunny Florida President Trump & First Lady Melania. They love you there & it wouldn't surprise me if we didn't see a Trump boat rally soon. Thank you & may God Almighty always keep you & your entire family safe.🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲

    43. Darlene Guthrie

      Only 6 days ago? Seems like alot longer. How I miss him already.

    44. Theresa Harris

      We will miss you Donald Trump and your wife. God bless you. You were a great President.

    45. Mathidzha Phumudzo

      Best President ever

    46. Rebecca Underwood

      I saw this in my notification as a recommendation. Almost crapped myself until I saw the date....ugggg...whyyyy do you DO THIS TO ME??!!

    47. Kasia Eig

      Thank you President Trump

    48. Diane Smith

      What a sad send-off of Mr. President Donald Trump and the then still 1st Lady and their Children! 😔 😒 Even though I'm glad he has no longer got the power in his rather selfish Hands anymore and even though I believe that he needs to be held accountable for what he did on January 6th and during the last 3 months and during the 4 years in the WH really... I do still wish him and his Wife and Children all the best and that they stay safe and above all healthy! I hope that Mr Trump can perhaps accept that he lost this Election and that there was no Fraud going on! I really wish that he would speak honestly to his supporters and gets them to accept it to! May they have a good rest now and recover from the stress! With kind Regards

    49. Jeff Everhart

      Excellent video footage!

    50. Michelle Lam

      Love Trump

    51. Sandy Ober

      Me too😍

    52. Ruth Victorino

      Good riddance!

    53. It's me Yes. Me

      Bye bye Donny and dont come back.😚

    54. Theresa Oskins

      GOD, bless & be with you Mr. Trump. Pray they just leave you alone with a full pardon.

    55. Mary Lewis

      You are still our president God willing and congress leaders have been doing us and you so wrong ! I’m so sorry they viscously attacked you because you are so good and right about all their crimes. You brought the dark into light for us to see now they want to come after us . I will use my lord and savior Jesus Christ to protect me and this land from all enemies and evils. God Bless You and Gos bless America 🇺🇸

    56. Kim Gordon

      They've crossed this land for US

    57. Kim Gordon

      Hail to the CHIEF 💝 & 1ST FAMILY

    58. Kim Gordon

      10% Traitors 💝💝💝

    59. Just Arica

      Hit the road Jack and dont cha come back no more, no more, no more, no more🤣🤣🤣🤣EVER! You're not wanted... ANYWHERE and that's prettee sad😂😂😂😂 Maybe you can go to Russia? No???North Korea??

    60. Just Arica

      That's a big A$$ plane...

    61. L L

      I’ll keep my Trump bumper sticker on. Those brain washed morons don’t intimidate me!

    62. Turi Olsen

      Happy I saw this. Sad as well. 🇺🇸 God Bless America🙌

      1. Turi Olsen

        Frank Serpico Thank You too!

      2. Frank Serpico

        @Turi Olsen Thank you as well and God Bless!

      3. Turi Olsen

        Frank Serpico I believe there is as well. I’m praying there is. Our military and people at risk for homeland bull. That doesn’t sit right with Me. The Sun always shines, Truth will always find a Way. Thank you for your response. Be safe and God Bless.

      4. Frank Serpico

        I still think that there's something brewing behind the scenes. Just read that 700 more Natl Guard have deployed to D.C. from Mass. It's bad enough to commit such blatant election fraud on our own soil but when there's definite proof of foreign interference (Italy, China, Germany & more)...there's no way our Military can just let that go. Keep the faith!

    63. Glenda Barnette

      Thank you for all you did for our country for middle class people going to miss you Donald Trump and your family good luck and take care love Glenda

    64. Chris Cobb Drummer

      Best President Ever!

    65. Bob Kay

      Looks like a purp walk 😱

    66. Bob Kay

      Sore losers. Grow UP!!!

    67. Tamra Raitt

      Looks like they have a coffin

      1. Tamra Raitt


    68. Tamra Raitt

      Dont come back

    69. xenafan234

      WTH Would you Recommend this to e IRvision! Unless He Fell all the way Down!

    70. Tamra Raitt

      Good bue

    71. Janet Williams Leon

      Love our President!!!! TRUMP/PENCE

    72. Alicia Ortiz

      God continue to guide President Trump

    73. irene m

      Still my President ❤️

    74. Cheryl Odonnell

      God bless Mr Trump

    75. Diane Smith

      We love you President Trump

    76. Margaret Pearson

      You take care of u an yur family i love you Donnald Trump

    77. Adrian Butler

      Good riddance and stay there.

      1. Carol Lee

        Its people

      2. Carol Lee

        @Adrian Butler My father, and two sisters were born in New York. So, please don't lecture me about New York and it's people!

      3. Carol Lee

        @Adrian Butler We can agree to disagree. There is a reason people at Trump's rallies shouted, "WE LOVE YOU"

      4. Adrian Butler

        @Carol Lee You must have misconceptions about people living in this country. Not all Christian people live in the South, the Midwest, or the Mountain West. Not every person in NY is an atheist. Hmm by your thinking Trump must be an atheist because he is originally from NY. You need to expand your horizons and stop fitting people into neat categories. I’m not going engage you. God bless you.

      5. Carol Lee

        @Adrian Butler Well, if you are from New York City, you must be a liberal. Sounds like you are an atheist too. I'm praying for you as a person and as an American. Bejing Biden will strip all your rights away. He is an American job killing occupier of the White House. He will raise your taxes, get rid of the working men/ women of the country. He wants only poor Americans who depend on government. He doesn't believe in WE THE PEOPLE have the power. No, in his Utopia, there is Rich and powerful and the poor who depend on them. I personally do not want to give up any of my rights. The right to free speech, right to keep and bear arms, and the right to count only LEGAL votes. We are subsurviant to China now as a nation. Bejing Biden has to answer to China, along with others in Washington DC, who are being blackmailed by China. China gives $$$ to Biden, in the form of kick-backs, so he cuts policies that help America and advances policies that help China. He has to because China has evidence of the Biden family's wrongdoings. Bejing Biden doesn't want to be exposed, so he does what China wants.Dems and Rhinos are trapped. All they care about is money in their pockets. They could care less about the average American trying to make a living. I guess you like higher gas prices too? We are headed to either a Revolution or being subsurviant to China. I prefer to have government work for me instead of the other way around. I will pray that you see the light and open your eyes to the truth. Biden reminds me a lot of the way Hitler did the Germans. Hitler could FOOL the young people with propaganda, but he couldn't fool his own peers. They were wise to him. I pray for all the young people in this country that they will see the light too. God bless you and your family that you will have wisdom beyond your years!

    78. Shells Bells

      Trump out of White House, feels like saying goodbye to a very good friend. I miss him. God, we need him back.

    79. Paws n Puddles

      I miss President Trump and First Lady sooo much! 😞

    80. cheri Caudle

      Cheri says that Donald Trump has won the election and Joe Biden didn't win the election

      1. Richard Parsons

        Yup. The USA officially no longer exists. These are the communist states of America. Where leaders are appointed and not elected.

      2. Tamra Raitt

        Are u kidding me

    81. Philip Peterson


    82. cheri Caudle

      Cheri says that Donald Trump is still the best president of the United states of America.

    83. T and H Pihrag

      And now back in Washington the PEDOPHILES, MURDERERS(abortion), and COMMIE CHINA lovers pretend to take over.

    84. JKHyattlJoyce Hyatt

      Love President Trump and Melania and sure hope Don Jr runs for Congress in Florida Trump District. He will win, and so will Ivanka if she runs!

    85. Marcella Wemmer

      I'm still on your side Mr Trump and will vote for you

    86. Jackie Pack

      We miss you President Trump and are praying for your return .God Bless you Mr Trump and keep you safe .

    87. Charles Olmstead

      Forget him no one carez

      1. Carol Lee

        Not true!

    88. Penny Wagstaff

      I feel it's not over

      1. Tamra Raitt

        No more trump

    89. babechkaHH

      Lock him up!

    90. Dawn Pavlisick

      Please come back to the White house

    91. Mary Ellen Chacon


    92. Denise Brooks

      Who in the hell do you have a shit

    93. Guylaine Tanguay

      Bonjour magnifique couple, je vous aime 💖🙏🇺🇸

    94. Wayne Wagner

      Zombie Puppet President Joe is already starting his assault on freedom our America first agenda.

    95. Lorraine B.

      Biden is president but only because he stole the election! Trump is going to be around just like Obama!!!!

    96. Annie Murray

      We will miss you ❤️ Mr President D J Trump.

      1. Tamra Raitt

        No we dont

      2. Margaret Pearson

        We all love you DonaldTrump

    97. Theresa Martens Deselms

      President Donald J Trump is Best President We ever have again ,God bless him and First Lady Melania Trump and there Families always 🙏✝️😇🇱🇷🙏

    98. Lisa Bennett Bolekaja


    99. Helen Johnson

      Trump 2024🙏

    100. Frank Serpico

      Trump put America 1st, as promised. Getting out of The Paris Climate Accord Agreement was very wise. We paid so much money compared to other countries and India and China didn't even have to do anything about their emissions for years and they were the worst offenders. The Whole Biden clan and their pedophilia issues are beholden to the Chinese Communist Party. The CCP and Left controlled MSM is just a propaganda arm for them to fit certain narratives and keep division in our country. Trump did more for the Black Community in 4 years than Biden did in 47 years. But the MSM will never want you to know that.