How PlayStation and Xbox Name Their Consoles


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    A lot of science, expertise, and genius go into every single console name.
    Well... okay maybe not into every one.
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    1. CircleToonsHD

      Honestly, I had so much fun making this stupid cartoon and was chuckling the whole time while editing it, so I hope you enjoyed it as well!

      1. SpySponge

        @Sponge Jr wow

      2. StunFloof Productions

        You call this a cartoon it’s a movie

      3. grandmavillalobo plays

        I don't get why your not in theodd1sout's videos

      4. PlayerOfAllGames


      5. Henrik Rabanes

        I could hear you

    2. ENRAGE XD

      Кто русский отпишите под этот комент . Я не знаю как попал на это видео. А вы знаете?

    3. AnimatedTdot



      Thats one of the resons i prefer ps

    5. bocoy noiu

      They are such a mood

    6. WTD shabby

      Nintendo just pulls names out of hats

      1. bocoy noiu

        Yo this channle alway makes me laugh

    7. Vandaman

      XBOX is great... and PS is trash.

    8. Kellog Keating

      I love in this one u stutter more which in my opinion it makes it more realistic

    9. TheGOAT _0412

      This man got a sub.

    10. FerrisTheFox

      Me: If there was one after PlayStation 6 I would name it PlayStation 7 Everyone mind: *doesn’t exist* Also everyone: so anyway I started investing!

    11. jasiah mascarenas


    12. DEJK D

      I have blue xbox 360 E, and xbox one s

    13. - GamingwithAries! -

      This was the longest 2 minutes and 16 seconds of my life. I love it.

    14. kingdom of Italy At War.

      Basically Xbox Is: *Creativity 100* And PS Is: Creativity -1

    15. ItzParkz

      Me: owning an Xbox 360 e

    16. L. Duan

      Im confused cause i was sure the 360 E was named ultra slim or something

    17. Ayaan LovesDrawing

      What pen do you use to draw on your P.C or laptop

    18. battle droid

      Xbox is co

    19. Christian Seman


    20. Marvin Vega Diaz


    21. Flares YT

      I mean, Todd is right

    22. Ego-marshen

      Yo this channle alway makes me laugh

    23. PrestigeSpookaye

      Found out how he comes up with the names. He can count

    24. I mostly respond In Song Lyrics

      Nintendo: crack

    25. Gooies Gaming

      If the PlayStation name creator is so smart then then what about Xbox?

    26. Noob Boy

      Great Now Do How Consoles Name Their Owners

    27. Flexible TRex

      The stupid thing about Xbox is that the logo is a circle. Not a box.

      1. Christopher Alkhouri

        @The Bipolar Idget because the console is a box like how game cube is called a game cube because it is a cube

      2. The Bipolar Idget

        Yeah why is that

      3. Juris Eversons

        I never thought of that and yeah

    28. Mygiwara

      Did you know you can export your animations instead of recording them on a camera?

    29. Chenterr

      I name my xbox xbox

    30. Orlando Knows

      I don’t name my console so apparently I’m no normal

    31. samurise

      Play titanfall2 pls

    32. Vertixd :D

      Can not wait for the Playstation69

    33. Christopher Arias


    34. Itsmejak 78

      What about the PlayStation one Or the PS2 S Or the PS3 S Or the PS3 SS Or the PS Vita Or the PS Vita Go Or the PS4 Slim Or the PS4 Pro (not the PS1 the PlayStation one yes they're different google it)

    35. Wubbzy Wow

      Microsoft and Sony uncreative name makes

    36. tina

      Sony's console names are pretty normal and easy but don't even talk about their headphones phones and cameras speakers

    37. Ailsa Ni

      He’s really funny.

    38. O - O

      Xbox : *Well we just...* PS : *HOw DOes hE do IT?!?!?!??!?*

      1. Ailsa Ni

        this gives me motion sickness

    39. Sneaky

      if you need a way to rec your screen i use obs :

    40. FuzzieGamer

      Now I think about it Nintendo is the only company who names things different.😂

    41. grittyice 0

      now as you can see play station is far more real with their names

    42. darkgray

      xbox 360 - s xbox 360 - e xbox one - x Edit: They had to wait a couple of Y E A R S to make the joke the joke

    43. MARK Williams

      I got the Xbox s

    44. Dont Look At Lolis

      Okay, now make a CircleToons Animations in a nutshell

    45. Ömer Mirza EKİZ


    46. ET Adventure


    47. Jesting Set789

      Lol I’m sure That u know and it’s just a parody but I couldn’t stop myself from bringing it attention that Xboxs are made by Microsoft and playstations are made by sony

    48. Beanbot Productions

      Nintendo: Hey name-picker guy, open a dictionary Name picker guy: Ok, I got... we Nintendo: Hmm... what if we spell it weird Execs: PERFECT

    49. Døminic M

      I can confirm the Xbox 360 E does exist

    50. Lt Walrus

      What about the Xbox blue version “this was one made for a different country

    51. Jaden Haro

      The s stands for Xbox 360 super works for the one s And the x stands for Xbox one extra

    52. Robbie Woudstra

      Playstation had it right by just making it a number up everytime BIG BRAIN

    53. Thriizzy


    54. Jac

      this gives me motion sickness

    55. Adam O.

      My phone's called: Motorola G5 S+

    56. GameDJYT

      Funny thing I have the 360 e

    57. soiung toiue

      "I think this ones a joke." Me turns head to look at XBOX 360 E sitting on my desk.

    58. Mr. Lamp

      I currently have a xbox 360 E i repeat im am not joking

      1. Mr. Lamp

        @soiung toiue i think its was ps4 plus but i think that is something like a subscription or gift card i dunno

      2. soiung toiue

        Isn’t there like the ps4 pro or plus or smthw

    59. RandoMN Things


    60. ally way

      this was fucking cringe lol

    61. EU

      Xbox: confused PlayStation: way over there heads Nintendo: wise and caring about their console Sega: died by the hands of Mario CircleToons: I can milk your crisis via animation so god damn much

      1. cheri read

        Ummmm... Mario didn't kill Sega. Mario came first and then Sega came and ruled the gaming market and then I think the founder sold it and made EA

    62. zyrus Pogi

      Playstation:number Xbox:mmmmm all of them is make sanse like xbox 360 's x one Nentendo:all console is normal and i cry

    63. Snow Cat

      He sounds like mr.cheese :/

    64. PixelFox


    65. AlternateCheems Gaming

      Nintendo: balance of naming practices between xbox and sony

    66. booga booga kid

      He forgot digital

    67. King Studios

      Oh circletoons you MUST tell me what’s after the PlayStation 6 I MUST know PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    68. Jean-Pierre Paquot

      I mean... where's the lie? 😂

    69. Zach Durocher

      What will the sequel to PC be called? :0

    70. Rushil Dhar

      I am everywhere

    71. kur2003

      xbox 360 s + xbox 360 e + xbox one x = xbox 361 sex

    72. MicahAnimations

      360 E A

    73. Gecko

      I love destiny 2 Change my mind

    74. Tworpish

      Isn’t there like the ps4 pro or plus or smthw

    75. NaoMC2711


    76. WhyRPM

      I feal like the next playstation won't be called ps6

    77. Lara

      Nah ps5 pro 8k 120fps 😂

    78. Awesome Anikin327

      Tod? Tod? Tyler? Something like that. Whatever

    79. Water Wolf

      at least sony can count better than valve

    80. Pabloski Arrizon

      I have one Xbox E

    81. Mk.

      Pretty accurate

    82. ace gaming

      XBOX S...yes yes... XBOX E YES YES YES (HOPES FOR XBOX x) xbox 1. fuck im dirty minded

    83. Wersolo Gaming

      is that txns?

    84. King Cobalt

      NES/Famicom: it’s an entertainment system/family computer SNES/Super Famicom: It’s an even BETTER entertainment system/family computer N64: it’s 64 bit GameCube: it’s a sliced cube Wii: it makes people go wiiiiiiiiiiii Wii U: it also makes people go wiiiiiii Switch: it can switch between being a big handheld and a small home console

    85. Dhrutube

      Xbox has a reason it's names are messed up. When the PS3 was coming out, microsoft was going to release xbox 2, but as '2' sounded less powerful than '3' they named it Xbox 360


      The dislikes were from Nintendo fans


      ngl its fun

    88. Billybob

      Sony name makes sense makes fun of it Xbox name more creative makes fun of it for not making sense

    89. jerry Μπεζερης

      I don`t think xboxE

    90. Kelsey Madison

      Playstation: Basic numbers Xbox: The password that gets recommended whenever you are making a new account Edit: No please this was just a funny comment you're supposed to go haha not have an argument in the replies noo Edit 2 because yeah: Why must I feel pain knowing I caused a war that was not intentional

      1. -Euankidd- Climacosa


    91. General Grievous, The Meme Lord

      This is one of these videos that continues to get more hilarious after you've watched it

    92. No Name

      Disney's cars name creator Playstation name creator Oh so it's same stand as star platinum

    93. JakkuBoi

      You had me at 0:00 I’m subscribed now

    94. mr. socks

      lol the playstation part is true the people that think the playstation is better is honestly a dumbass lol xbox and pc is infinite times better

    95. Skitso

      0:28 whelp i guess i don't have an Xbox

    96. Seagulls 60

      The explanation for the Xbox 1 s is that it didn’t have overheating problems

    97. Walshy

      Xbox : Complex and Unorthodox PlayStation : Plain and Simple Equally opposite yet equally criticised

    98. BrokenUmbrellas

      2:08 why did I expect him to say "the Playstation 7"

    99. Classified

      cant wait till the xbox 69 x

    100. David Gonzalez

      I was so happy watching you videos I decided to get the quest to the Oculus quest 2 so thank you for inspiring me I love your videos so much keep up the good work man you the best