Dropping A Twin-Turbo Hemi Stroker Into A 2010 Challenger SRT8 - Detroit Muscle S3, E14


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    The Detroit Muscle crew stuffs a twin-turbo Hemi stroker into a late-model Challenger to make monster power.
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    1. Robert OBrien

      The boys in Italy sure know what they're doing

    2. money_splashy ss

      top speed 212

    3. 007galaxie

      Thanks for going through this set up. Lots of good information/knowledge.

    4. Segurança não é Custo

      Cuidado com essa fumaça que sai dos pneus em combustão, ela é cancerigina.

    5. Louie Watson

      Would've been great to see it tuned and actually run.

    6. Louie Watson

      Don't waste money on evapo rust. Use distilled vinegar and water. Cheap and works fast. Soak the rustiest parts and tools and you can wipe off rust with your fingers.

    7. Louie Watson

      For the money put into building this they could've just bought a hellcat. 🤣

    8. Mf Ghost

      3:11 he too the same pulley off Nd put it back on like that’s no help doo ima take mine off Nd put that shit back we’re it’s at wrong way y’all really wanna know ima show y’all how it’s really done with out doing all this bs in 3 days when I get home there’s only 3 easy steps instead of doing this U will get between 1300 to 1500 on ur tune

    9. Hi Buddy Waz sup

      Why would you do this. 🤦🏼‍♂️

      1. Colby Barbour

        why wouldn’t you

    10. Puhtetang

      How can I win this Awsome machine

      1. Colby Barbour

        the giveaway is over

    11. sponge lopez

      What? It looks like they dropped the srt8 on the motor not the other way around.

    12. mjs1231

      Last about 3 months then falls apart lmfao

    13. big kahuna

      Can't afford a torque wrench, that project will rattle apart, parts sellers,

    14. CoRONA tHE ViRUS

      Man I wish I knew engines better and could do all this work . I should have went to some tech college for engines.

    15. robert Foley

      I won this car an it was a beast and yeah I didn’t drive it in the rain or on back roads. I tracked the car at NCM an it was ok but nothing like my Gen5 Camaro or C7 GS it was so heavy an didn’t turn that well. The instructors thought it was fun to ride in even if it wasn’t a true track orientated car,it was really fast in the straights though!!!

    16. John John

      How much this total job cost?

    17. ElBurro14

      I think ive learned more from this series than i have in my automotive classes the past 3 years 💀thx!

      1. ElBurro14

        @stylac indeed! Although i dont plan on pursuing an automotive career, I'm trying to suck up as much information as I can now so i can repair things on my own in the future

      2. stylac

        @ElBurro14 When you enter the workplace you will be expected to teach yourself when you run into problems without obvious solutions. Don't expect knowledge to be spoon fed to you. Learn how to learn

      3. ElBurro14

        @stylac my teacher never taught us anything since he was retiring. We just got a new one whos actually teaching us stuff now

      4. stylac

        Sounds like you need to pick another school because this is pretty basic stuff.

    18. David Earnest

      Hell Yeah Brother! Twin Turbskis! Cleetus Approves! LOL

    19. stanthology


    20. Barnadin Cahyadi Saputra

      can not make a daily use, filter under the machine, causing water to enter when it rains.

    21. Matthew Jenkins

      Did I just see that right? K&N cones on the turbos, just a few inches off the ground. One big puddle and someone is going to ball their eyes out.

    22. Dick Baggins

      lol yall got someone who has never listened to guns and roses to cover paradise city.

    23. Terry Carver

      How much to do this to my srt?

    24. Shar Lovesmusclecars

      I got a Challenger in about 10 yrs Ill be doin this

    25. Malcom Mooney

      How long do yall expect that check engine light nightmare to last ? It probably wont make it off the dynomometer much less a legal drag strip

    26. bill falkenbach

      That's funny. The guy driving the green challenger says "It gets to 100 mph fast, so you really have to keep an eye on what your doing"--while he drives with two fingers on the steering wheel.

    27. willibertstar diengdoh


    28. epicfiredragon0

      Has the giveaway already happened?

    29. Stephen kuhn

      Nice car very nice and fast

    30. Tranja Vanadbia

      I like it.

    31. d00n music

      for those talking about the hydrolock, are you really going to drive a twin turbo srt in the rain?

    32. Dusty Savage

      That's the automatic transmission huh weird same components just a different look

    33. Jessi Medina

      Will it be possible do my 2017 Ford Escape better than stock ecoboosted? Do you have any series about that?

    34. Terry Baptist

      I hope they upgraded hydralic vavle seats and deleted MDS AND upgraded the vavle springs to chrommoly or this engine is going to live a very short life.

    35. Anthony Wardell

      6:28 highway star (deep purple) ripoff riff Sometime later gnr paradise city knock off..... Makes me wonder what else got ripped off

    36. isostupedo

      So, do you have to drop the turbos and exhaust to change out the air filters? They are sooo crammed in there, it’s crazy. Wouldn’t it be easier to just buy a Hellcat to begin with? The cost of all of these upgrades, plus labor, can’t be cheaper.

    37. Tim Porter

      It sucks that they didn't show hooking up all the plumbing

    38. Kuwait 754

      No Level car 🤞🤞

    39. DutchMischa

      Ahhh the hellcat, my dreamcar 😍

    40. Jace’s Own World

      As much as I’m not a fan of the Challenger (just too big and heavy, and cheap plastic everywhere), I will say, this is a cool build! Nobody would expect a Challenger that looks like this, to have an engine ikr this inside it. Sleeper build! I like it!

    41. Jordan Thomas

      What's the point?

    42. MDK Games

      hi everyone please subscribe and like mdk games need support all of you

    43. Brady Solaem

      Stock cams?

    44. Brady Solaem

      U mean lifting engine into custom kitty killer

    45. Баир Баин

      Кулер терется будет 11:51

    46. Old & grumpy are you ready for your red pill

      Well I can tell you honestly if it’s efi or there new bull shit there selling I cannot indorse this unless it’s carburetor. The new hemi is a historic problem.irvision.info/home/lXqfZWKMldyUpbw/fy-lm-h-y.html. 2nd example given here irvision.info/home/moWyaoZ3hpaDrqg/fy-lm-h-y.html.

    47. Meera Kumar

      producer #1 "We need some background music." producer #2 "I'll go to Wal-Mart and get some."

    48. oscar salazar

      Paradise City rip off at 10:35.

    49. D S

      "Drop In" a Hemi. LMAO!!

    50. Michael Sharp

      I want it first car I could have fun in

    51. Randy Greer

      Desert Dry ONLY Stupid Intake and filter location .

    52. John Brown

      Where is the Triple Turbo?

    53. Doug Hebert

      I cringed so hard at the fake paradise city

    54. Zexerli

      Dream car

    55. mark im

      This turbo kits sucks,,sucks up everything on the road ..those filters are just so freaking tiny and ridiculous and half the inter cooler is hidden or blocked by the steel bumper

    56. mark im

      Yeah but aren’t the hemi’s terrible at handling boost because the piston rings are too low and weak in the 6.4 & 5.7 ? It’s why they built a 6.2 ? Although I guess you installed custom pistons,?

    57. Brendan Yazzie

      looks like u guys dropped the car into the engine to me

    58. TrouserSnake 2A

      So many commercials 🤦🏻‍♂️

    59. Tyler Limoges

      Really bad build who would put the intake under the car

    60. T wagner

      My guess is that if I had a 6.1 L engine and Charger or Chrysler 300 I would just repair it with stock parts and that would be good. If you didn't have a 6.1 L you would have to get one for $10,000 and modify it for $10-15,000 or more. I wouldn't be able to swing it.

    61. Shawn Igel

      I love mopars I would like to see the cuda make a comeback

      1. Johnny Rocko

        It is, they are discontinuing the Challenger and coming out with the Cuda Similar lines and driveline but completely different front end. Rumor is they will have a factory convertible too

    62. Emmanuel Garza

      Looks like you dropped the car on the engine not the other way around

    63. Xen Uno

      Who taught these guys how to tighten a multibolt component? Lightly snug the bolts then final tighten in a star pattern when possible. On top of that the narration and music is bad .. lost interest in an otherwise nice project.

    64. WhatsUpDoc

      You can’t off-road this shit if the turbos are on the bottom

    65. Dave Cross

      ....only to get beat by a 4 door Tesla at the drag strip. Lol

    66. Agent 007

      So 🤔..If I hit a puddle, I now have a Hemmi jetski 👏🏽 awesome...🙃

    67. R Nightster

      Its gona blow up

    68. Madden with enriqueee

      A lot of people don’t seem to realize this is built to be a RACE CAR lmao you shouldn’t be dailying a car like this anyways lmao. Much less driving in hazardous conditions like rain or being stupid driving intentionally in non ideal dirty conditions. The intakes shouldn’t even remotely be a problem as long as your smart with a car like this and when and where you drive it..


      Can I have the car pls


        My dream car and the hemi

    70. Chris Dee

      Would hate to hit a water puddle

    71. AceRacc

      Engine swaps looks so easy on youtube I really like how you never get to see the profanity lace tirades and all the time wasted looking for tools that you had 2min ago.

    72. cliff corbitt


    73. mark andrain

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    74. Jan Sonan

      Foot pounds, how would you say inch pounds? Inches pounds, it's not a linear measurement, foot pounds is the term for applied to. Sorry it chips me,but do you even unload your wrench when your done?

    75. no one

      Did he say the boys in Detroit out done themselves??? I think he meant the boys at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (an Italian company ran out of London England) out done themselves.

    76. no one

      Some would argue that the mustang rtr spec three is the most powerful or the Hennessey Exorcist Camaro is the most powerful production car ever, but I guess they are added by dealerships and third parties.

    77. DL Nelson

      WTF was the end result? Didn't show the complete car with numbers. WTF?

    78. Macdoctor

      What would a hellcat 0-60 and quarter mile times be in an all-wheel configuration?? Who's doing battery-powered hot rods for the street??

    79. Chevy513

      I like those Power Stop brakes you put on the challenger, I've checked around and they have them at AutoZone, jegs, JC Whitney and other places but the cheapest I could find them was carid.com, I've bought a lot of stuff there for my 2003 Chevy 2500HD 4wd 4 door short bed with a Durumax diesel and a 6" lift and 37" tires, like my Edge Jammer exhaust system and Edge Jammer air intake, my black billet aluminum chevy emblem and fuel door, my smoked taillights and custom headlights with u-shaped halos (way cooler than the round ones everyone has these days) my custom turn signals, my 4" ovel tube step bars with 2" drop steps to make it easier to get in and 4 Pro Comp monotube nitrogen charged gas shocks and my Kryptonite Death Grip tierods, $360 but worth every penny the stock tierods aren't even fit for standard wheels and tires let alone 37" tires like mine, I was so glad when I got them cuz one of my tierod balljoints was getting loose. I got my Edge Juice Attitude CTS2 Power Porogrammer straight from the factory, since I live in Salt Lake and their head quarters is in ogden only 30 minutes away and I had the old very first Juice Attitude so because of that I got them to give me a $400 discount on the new CTS2 one which is sick and has a crazy amount of features and after that I ordered my Ampd Throttle Booster from them (since the Durumax has no cable just a computer on the pedal that tells it when you press the throttle and then tells it to go the Ampd unit gets rid of most the lag you experience between when you press the throttle and you actually go and it works good too) My other many upgrades I got elsewhere. Anyways my point is that I want to get the Z36 Power Stop brake kit that designed specifically for trucks with bigger wheels or that tow and they sound like sweet brakes and are very affordable compared to other brakes which is why I want to get a full set for my truck, if I send my calipers back in I can get a full set including brake pads, rotors and new powdercoated red calipers which will match my red truck perfect! I'm just trying to get the money up, I'd like to get a 5100 series Bilstein steering stabilizer at the same time. And it's really strange but if you look at my Edge Jammer air intake and then you look at the Banks air intake the are literally exactly the same, banks makes a ram air kit for theirs and since their air intake is the same as mine the ram air intake should work on mine as well, my only concern is they say there could be some issues if your truck is lifted. But basically instead of leaving the air intake anywhere in the engine bay my Edge Jammer air intake sits right where the stock air intake sat the only difference is I took out the plate the factory air box sat on so there's a large hole open in the front of the fender near the grill where cold air comes in. However this ram air intake that should fit my Edge Jammer airbox fits over the hole coming thru the bottom of the fender and then runs down the very front of the fenderwell and has a large wide opening that screws to the bottom of the bumper creating true ram air for it, I would be extatic to have true ram air like that. Anyways the whole point of this was the Power Stop brakes, I know you got the track edition but if you have time could you please let me know how well they work cuz I really want the Z36 ones designed for Trucks for Big Red, she deserves the best. I'd tell you about more parts but I've already gone on and on just to ask you about brakes, I just love Big Red so much she is my pride and joy and I love to go into everything I've put on her. I got a 2003 cuz it was the last year before they put the EGR system on, I remember the truck guys were building an LML Durumax and gonna do an inline twin turbo setup but couldn't cuz they had to leave their EGR system on since it's a TV show and they were gonna drive the truck on the street and couldn't set a bad example lol and I remember they were saying they were happy about it and liked the idea of the challenge and then put the EGR system and the entire stock exhaust back on it LMAO 🤣 I bet they were happy to have to leave the EGR system on and having to leave the diesel oxidation catalyst, Nox Filter, diesel particulate filter and shitty stock muffler on lol! Being a 2003 my exhaust is 4" stainless steel straight back from the turbo with no EGR system or any of that crap just a straight thru muffler and she sounds great and it gives her a bunch of low end torque, much more than I expected after I put it on, and not only does it have a 5" polished stainless steel tip with edge embossed into it but it also has a polished stainless steel muffler with Jammer embossed into it and normally you'd never see the muffler but aince I have a 6" lift you can see it thru the weelwell, it's super nice, much nice than exhausts that cost a lot more in my mind! Well anyways I was supposed to be talking about the Power Stop brakes and got off topic again I could get pads, rotors and calipers for under $1000 now that a good deal and the red calipers would look good on Big Red, she doesn't necessarily need calipers but they are 17 years old and if I can get new ones for $100 each and they are powder coated on top of that to match Big Red it's a win win, my only concern is brake cables I'm sure I could make my existing ones work but I'd like to exchange them for some braided stainless steel ones. But they ain't cheap and I don't know what length they are, I'll have to take them off measure them and go to AutoZone and get some the right length. it'll be good to flush my brake fluid too, I've already done my engine oil, my transmission including the outer and inner filters, my rear end fluid when I put my custom AFE diff cover on, my coolant, my power steering, but I still need to do my brake fluid which your supposed to do every 2 years and my transfercase and front diff fluids too. Anyways let me know how those brakes work out, I know you got 4 piston caliper ones, 2 pistons on each side, and they are on a fixed brake system. My truck is a 2 caliper floating system front and back but I have only ever 1/2 tons and light duty 3/4 tons before, never anything with more than 6 lugs so they were all single pistons calipers, I couldn't believe how massive Big Reds 2 piston calipers are, but I guess you need calipers that big to stop such a big truck with a Durumax diesel in it and that made for towing. Still I did put new high end AutoZone brakes on the front and they just don't cut it, if someone stops short in front of me I'm afraid I'll hit them which is why I keep a good distance between me and the person in front of me and why I want the Power Stop kit for Big Red so it'll bring all that power and those big 20" wheels and 37" tires to a stop faster. Well I'll quit my babbling, if you got this far you must be a Saint or a true truck lover lol 😉 and you have time please let me know how you like those Power Stop brakes! Thanks!

    80. Semi Professional

      Playing music during a hellcat burnout seems pointless.

    81. DestruxandExploze

      “Most powerful factory muscle car ever built, the Hellcat” Dodge Demon: Am I a joke to you?

    82. DestruxandExploze

      Actually the Dodge Demon is the bigger cat

    83. newest bear

      Anyone who can work on motors; fix, build, modify, are a level beyond d genius.

    84. Fig Bat

      Not 1..not 1 and a half...but 2 whistly boys. Im talkin twin turbskies

    85. Bklyn 718

      That's an Mercedes Benz transmission either 722.6 or 722.9

    86. wateverit8ks 34

      Valve covers , where did yuh get the valve covers ????

    87. Jax Wins

      these guys just wont quit advertising products and continue on with the build

    88. Wolf Firewalker

      Um Learn how to not attempt to fraud people with a fause information on the title of a video

    89. Visalia Toyota TRD

      Can you guys hook up my wk2 2018 Jeep I want to go faster than a hellcat

    90. Teague Things

      More like dropping a 2010 challenger on a stroker motor.

    91. vinn_scor

      Do you mean drop a 2010 Dodge Challenger onto a twin turbo Hemi stroker?

    92. Jeff Garrett

      How is that droppin in a motor, it looks like ur droppin a car on that motor

    93. Rock Diesel

      Hellion has been around for years and everybody in the comments acting like this is the first unit put together. And acting like they know more than the guys with their own tv show. Lol

    94. MRGF78

      Don't take me down to the pair of dice city Where they got no green But the girls are sweaty Oh no just please take me home Yeah Now Generic gnr

      1. Chad Kunka

        Ikr??? 😂😂😂😂😂🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘👍

    95. 1of1 Zeus

      These boys sound country as hell to be in Detroit 🤣

    96. Pogonomyrmex Rugosus

      Came for the knock-off GnR...wasn't disappointed.

    97. Daniel Combs

      Had no idea that Jesus had a brother.

    98. beacher50 __

      They put all the best upgrades in the worst places

    99. SuperSilver 531

      One thing I like about the Hellcat is it's a Sublime Green, besides the 700+ Hp Supercharged engine 😂

    100. Steven Allen

      The hell cat is sitting back waiting saying when are yall going to get finished so I can get back home🤣🤣🤣🤣