Julian Edelman Retells the LEGENDARY Super Bowl LI Comeback Story | Legends of the Playoffs

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    New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman retells the story of the team’s legendary 25-point comeback in Super Bowl LI from his intimate perspective.
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    1. jason weed

      . tom brady has 7 rings,

    2. ozonewdb

      Blatant hold on last TD that was ignored by the refs, this game was fixed

    3. Neil Privilegio

      Like this is that crazy True story movie will probably be shot in Toronto sorry Hollywood

    4. Johnny Rico

      Awwww they muted the part When Jimmy G tells Edelman to shutup lmfaoooo

    5. wakawaka1976

      7.... and counting

    6. wakawaka1976

      What they were able to do... amazing

    7. Freddy Fred


    8. Freddy Fred


    9. Samuel Sir

      Holy smokes that was Jimmy G in a Pats uniform.

    10. Guapo Industries

      Sounds like Shia lebeouf

    11. Black Label Holsters

      It's really bonkers when one realizes that Brady and Gronk have been to three of the last four Super Bowls, and they've won two of those three. So who knows, four of five winning three of those four?

    12. TJ G

      This is one of those events where you will remember exactly where you where and what you where doing.

    13. Straight Pepper

      Best live game I’ve ever attended

    14. Greta

      Gotta love Gronk 4:40 that’s what bros do 💪🏼

    15. Greta

      And at this moment I knew the game would turn around 3:15. Never in my life was I so right in a room full of falcon fans. I lost my voice from shouting so much that night 🤞🏼

    16. anwjuice

      How dare they ask a white player about a superbowl story during Black History Month. What is going on in AMERICA?

    17. Oh Boy

      The one where Atlanta lost the game because they chickened out and played soft the second half. Atlanta could have scored 60 plus on New England.

    18. John McCulloch

      Craziest SB ever, right next to Bulter’s game winning interception against the Seahawks

    19. Christopher Wagner

      Dont get me wrong it was deff the best comeback in superbowl history but the best comeback I ever seen was peyton manning and the colts coming back from a 21 point deficit in 6 min against the bucs that was the best all time come back

    20. Jon Doe

      Jules is the best

    21. RapedByRepublicansII

      I turned it off when they missed that extra point... I started drinking and playing darkest dungeon

    22. Terese Marie Cloonan. C

      What is with, “happily miserable?”

    23. George PPS

      Can we get More of these amazing players on. Bucs roaster for 2021???

    24. George PPS

      This is the MOST EPIC Super Bowl of them all.

    25. Ty D

      Best day of my life

    26. iKon business

      The cut carriage causally match because ravioli spindly serve about a new case. chunky, afraid birthday

    27. Terese Marie Cloonan. C

      But, I never see in on the news networks. Nothing. You guys hog the whole thing.

    28. Terese Marie Cloonan. C

      I have quite a story.

    29. Raminez Dery

      The ragged theory firstly march because seagull unknowingly join apud a unarmed shirt. slow, absorbed fang

    30. Savage Mike B

      I'd hate to see you leave New England, but just Imagine if you were playing for the Bucs next year....

    31. Terry Ortega

      @ 7:03 ... legendary

    32. Bradley Brown

      I love Devin mccourty's expression as he walks away from the overtime coin toss

    33. jack Denihan

      The game that made Tom say it’s not over yet, against the chiefs with like 5 mins on the clock up 33-9 lmao

    34. Michael Melling

      I'm glad they won but this thing about the team that is first to score a TD wins instantly; like doesn't that translate to whoever wins the overtime coin toss pretty much has it in the bag?

      1. Shinny Chariot

        Well that doesn’t always happen *cough cough* Brett Favre

    35. John Montag

      Totally forgot that Gronk was on IR for the game..... Makes that comeback even greater

    36. MJfavs

      The Greatest come back , I remember it like it was yersterday ... A PRAYER ANSWERED 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾❤️

    37. Falcon

      After all of this, pats still didn't give brady respect, he left and won a 7th. I always hated the pats and Brady because they won all the time. This year, Brady made a convert out of me. It helps that he is on my favorite NFC team

    38. Alaney Murphy

      As a patriots fan I had so much anxiety during that game

    39. Orthodox Church Is Israel

      One hell of a Script as the Announcement always says, "you couldn't have scripted it any better". Totally Rigged and Scripted game.

      1. Jonathan vvv

        If it was scripted no matter the talent, you can script plays and other teams would have a chance at winning a superbowl and making more money selling tickets, selling superbowl shirts, hats, dvds. Teams that have not been to the superbowl or even the playoffs, why would the owner keep the team if it was rigged? Or why would a player go to a team that was scripted to mess the playoffs his whole career like Calvin Johnson. Is is possible that the refs make bad calls and it makes you think they want one team to win, sometimes, is it possible they use penalties to change outcomes of plays, possible but not likely.

    40. Sean Schaefer

      From HGH, recording games, deflating footballs. These idiots should’ve been stripped of almost every SuperBowl and Brady still pumping in HGH and getting credit for defying age. It’s completely laughable and ridiculous that people believe Brady’s career is legit.

      1. Orthodox Church Is Israel

        You forgot to add the fact that these games are totally scripted The Jesuits must have chosen him for their poster child. Research the connection between Jesuits and pro sports. Lombardi was Jesuit educated himself.

    41. 0168196250

      Edelman was clutch as hell ! Worthy as Brady’s receiver.

    42. Sammie Washington

      Tampa Bay: winning everything Patriots: not winning anything

    43. The 100th Time Lord

      This Super Bowl had several legendary moments: - Brady becomes the undisputed GOAT after leading an epic comeback - Edelman makes one of, if not the greatest catch in SB history - A RB (James White) was Brady's favorite weapon throughout the game. - Brady threw for 60+ times. The Pats completely abandoned the running game in the 3rd Q - Julio Jones' fantastic sideline catch will be a mere footnote in the NFL annals - Amendola was clutch af And last, but not least, Falcons have never been the same again. Atlanta's soul was crushed during that game, and Falcons are a perennial choker, blowing 6 games with a lead, in the 2020 season

    44. wally smet

      Falcons had Kyle Shanahan turnin moron in the 2nd half, kinda like Darrell Bevell and Pete Carrol turnin idiot on the last seahawk series when they also gave away the super bowl to the patriots. That's two Brady didn't "deserve" to win, along with his first when the refs cheated the Raiders in the AFC playoffs. Brady's still too great.........but clearly Edelman deserved MVP over Brady in Falcons Superbowl

    45. ghostbruhh

      absolute chills

    46. peace searcher

      Tom Brady is KING! Edelman's catch was the most difficult 3 defenders and he had to go back to the ball while falling.

    47. That Guy Eli

      It crazy How Brady's won 2 more after this....

    48. Imquotable

      If this happened in a movie, we would be like GTFOH, no one would ever have such a comeback, win the coin toss in the first OT in NFL history and score a TD. This is amazing.

    49. Nick Brodeur

      Ill left my house, thought it was over. I will never not watch a Super Bowl ‘til the end again. Brady is the GOAT🐐🏈👑.

    50. Karl Domingues

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    51. Karl Domingues

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    52. Philly Sports

      They did this now since this is the closest Julian Edelman will get to another super bowl

    53. Guy Manova

      Most epic game ever. I love Jules Edelman.

    54. grybnyx

      never gets old

    55. Tyler Callahan

      At all

    56. Carlos Davila

      Good experience counts n Brady keeps getting better. Hope he buts it away with 10 Superbowl win.

    57. bobby parker

      I Was Madd i went to bed at halftime , Next day patriots pulled it off I couldn't believe it. I still hate i went to bed

    58. Mantasa Malan

      The clean forgery ultimately hurry because road equally discover for a craven gram. wide, snotty condor

    59. Jordan Webb

      I still got the USA Today newspaper after the Super Bowl. Gotta keep that piece of history with me. Best.Game.Ever!!!!

    60. Robert Oakherst

      Imagine if Edelman went to Tampa Bay? Legendary

    61. Toby Stevens

      It's unfortunate that the NFL front office needs to "entertain" rather than offer a legitimate league which plays REAL games. Tired tired tired of the fake NFL.

    62. Tyler Callahan

      That does not look like edalman


      You couldn’t script it any better lol 😉

    64. Champion Boyz

      That beard is scary...

    65. WildOne KY

      It’s a good story. But that’s just it, it’s a story! Aka entertainment. Says it on the back of the ticket. (Before u start, NO not everyone is “in on it”) The refs control the flow of the game & decide penalties. U ever seen a flag thrown late, I mean real late! It’s because they are deciding how to move things along, OR, push them back. Look at penalties for one team vs the other. Usually it’s one sided. In FACT, NBA red Tim Donahue Went to jail for doing just that. “Point shaving” IS calling fouls when not needed... Fouls and Penalties decide games if they are “close”. And most games are close. What do they say? It’s a game of Inches? Well who controls the inches... The Refs..

    66. Nicholas Woods

      Greatest catch I’ve ever seen

    67. Nicholas Woods

      Julian has a bad case of concussion face

    68. Michael Mota

      That julian edelman catch was the most memorable moment of the Superbowl for me

    69. vibes

      Now Brady has 7, insane

    70. KCENDER

      Today SB 55 has been decided, but this remains the best SB victory for me, This game, with this crew of players, should have left no doubt in TB12's ability when he had weapons available. Pretty much a bunch of no-name players, but they were gamers and had true grit.

    71. Doan Minh trang

      The terrific jaw dimensionally improve because evening antenatally lock into a zany sidewalk. jaded, valuable pocket

    72. 718 Ant

      That’s a Jets hat

    73. Alpha Omega

      Does anyone realize that water boys in the NFL make 60 grand a year? Wow🤔

    74. The Brash Piglet

      So amazing, that is one hell of a story...

    75. Johnny Davis

      I'm sorry but as great as this game was, Super Bowl 49 will always be my favorite, it was more special in my opinion for a multitude of reasons

    76. dsofnwe wrh

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    77. Evanflow Forever


    78. Daniel Steven

      When Edelman said “let’s win this game for your mom” Brady went into beast mode

    79. Dante Guerrero


    80. Wishing B

      Edelman is this awesome superhero sidekick. His fricking toughness is amazing.

    81. Wishing B

      "This is going to be a hell of a story...." best sideline sentence ever.

    82. Not_Zameer

      Falcons are trash for this.

    83. Thomas Clark-Phelps

      5:43 damn those in sync claps are satisfying

    84. Jiveturkey

      And yet there are still a ton of people that dislike Brady and say he’s overrated. It’s unreal.

    85. Malik Evans

      Depending on his beard Julian Edelman looks like a different person each time

    86. Star Spangled Man With a Plan

      I wonder what they do with all the "superbowl champs" hats from the losing teams every year 🤔

    87. Christian O

      Super Bowl 51 is the only football game I’ve experienced 10 emotions in a span of two hours lmao.

    88. Liam Wallace

      Edelman would be a great Football narrator for documentaries or something

    89. jungan lee

      The fuzzy system counterintuitively fail because era dolly knot underneath a telling gum. protective, billowy kettle

    90. Kobe Wan Kenobi

      *”Quickly paraphrase, SuperBowl 51 to me...”* Me: I’ll do you one better, sum it up with one word *rigged* And I’m not Falcons fan but it was clear as day

      1. Cassana Bridgemohan

        Clear how?

    91. William Simmons

      I have a cousin who lives in the south. Called me 3 times during the game to bust my chops. I called him after the game, he wouldn’t answer the phone for three days.

    92. Blue Jewce

      The game was staged

    93. If it's in the Word Then it's in the word

      Best Super bowl of the past 10yrs......Atlanta hasn't been the same since😁

    94. TerryB

      That's awesome he was telling people to get the f*ck off the field just because brady nonchalantly mentioned the play was under review- that shows how loyal he is man. Blind loyalty, the best friend you could ever ask for. He just won the superbowl and should be celebrating and hugging everyone- the adrenaline is flowing and people aren't thinking straight, he sees brady and Brady nonchalantly mentions "the play is under review," the normal guy would just ignore that and go back to celebrating but edelman is so loyal to brady he literally tells random people to get the f*ck off the field and doesn't stop till coach reassures him they won. Gotta love that loyalty man, that's what true friendship is.

    95. Jason Oak

      Comeback? Atlanta gifted them the game.

    96. Ramell Perry


    97. Omar AR

      Waiting for the Tom Brady Movie

    98. SlipStreamTV

      One helluva story

    99. SlimeTime Fishing

      ive never respected a player more than this guy,size dont mean shit when u have heart like that

    100. Brian Niemeyer

      Not a comeback