Bird is the Word: Fails of the Week (August 2020) | FailArmy


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    It's time for The Fails of the Week! This week we have one truly angry bird, an exploding golf ball, and more!
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    تاریخ انتشار پیش 3 ماه


    1. Bashcrash 914

      Honestly the biggest fail here was Tim Horton’s being sold out of iced coffee.

      1. Kyle V

        lmfao 100%

    2. Russy W

      Hell of a catch

    3. Akeal Manning

      Steve ya dog

    4. Siptom

      "Awww it just destroyed my deck"

    5. Tino Ruiz

      That joker laugh tho.

    6. Marvelcraft 456

      0:42 dude that scream

    7. Allie Kittey

      The first one is my new favorite video

    8. XLandmarkSix69X


    9. TheSteam

      🎵don’t you know about the bird 🎵

    10. Cahill McCormick

      Was that Tom Holland at the beginning of the video?!?!?!

    11. Gongoozler I am

      I love the guy catching the bouquet at the end lol

    12. Gongoozler I am

      Thanks for bleeping out the swear words

    13. PKestenholz

      Lol 1:00

    14. Fun and Cute

      My gawd this video is awesome

    15. Nicolás Perretta

      The last video is the door of the civil registry in Montevideo Uruguay !!!

    16. lucas correa

      DUDE 2:28

    17. Kazuto Kirigaya

      0:48 bruh he be Tokyo drifting up in here

    18. Miller Boer

      For more information check out Max Igan, Deborah Tavares, Ole Dammegard, Jordan Maxwell and William (Bill) Cooper on youtube.

    19. SlicerJen

      Half of these are FakeArmy.

    20. Victor Gomes

      the last guy is a hero 😂

    21. Joe Heath

      2:20 that guy reacted so well! Most people would get pissed.

    22. Wond3r Gurll

      0:32 what is that ? :)

    23. Lord MS

      5:34 That's Ace ventura right there

    24. Elcin Qurbanli


    25. EYE

      Bird: " Do you think I'm playing with you? You think this is a game!?

    26. average viewer

      I’m so proud of my brother! he got him!

    27. Jess P

      2:23 sounds like Kawahi Leonard being a fun guy XD

    28. Lavan Smith


    29. VonStubert

      Kid just accepts defeat

    30. MuzReliz! ✅

      3:37 *Maybe he will change his hobby to soccer? =)*

    31. Noel Novac


    32. Chloe Morrill


    33. Dacoda Figuereo


    34. Javier Esparza

      Why don’t you guys just leave the video audio playing instead of music towards the end, it’s annoying to watch with music!

    35. Danny Boy

      2:23 love how happy he is cos realising his TV is fine 😂😂😂😂

      1. Danny Boy

        no problem lol they should have said somthing in the video that the TV is a fake crack on the tv if u look close enough

      2. Laure Mehrkens

        Aahhh, is that what happened. I couldn’t for the life of me. Figure out what was happening. So I started searching the comments. And now you have cleared it up for me👍.

      3. deshization1

        @Kadin Kopolotski переверни комнату и клади как на пол. Потом назад перевернешь и будет на потолке.

      4. Kadin Kopolotski

        - Народ, а как крепить ламинат к потолку? Только не спрашивайте зачем...

    36. AllyOJustice

      I wonder what that first guy was doing that made his nose smell like fish.

    37. bcvbb hyui

      I keep turning off the video when music starts

    38. neçirvan azik

      Last music ?

    39. Lets_Emanuel

      2:31 my chest hurts from laughing 😂😂😂😂

      1. qopoy dnon

        2:30 the laugh with obvious murder intent xD

    40. CY Thang


      1. bcvbb hyui

        3:40 fail army? Wtf?

    41. Daniel welch

      Get some grilla glue for that shelf ther buddy 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    42. Bingbangboøgie Is here


    43. oiuet souiu

      Finally fails I haven't seen before! 🥰

    44. Janet the HipGyp


    45. dodgers doon1130

      That kid's reaction after he knocked over his Jenga pieces. Was priceless

      1. oiuet souiu


    46. sonfuu

      at 0:55 the guy was telling the cars behind to slow down, we need more people like him

    47. sᴀκнт .ʟᴀuɴᴅᴀ


    48. jesse henson


    49. Rosti Obertas

      2:34 laugh wtf

    50. RestinMurderFace #

      Dude at 1:24 didnt help and just recorded....what a douche

    51. Eryz


    52. Brooks Burris

      honestly screw who ever is laughing in 1:25. sounds like a jealous laugh annoying af

    53. Дмитрий Наумов

      2:30 Jokers laught

    54. 69Tintti

      3:40 fail army? Wtf?

    55. JulzyBoy

      2:25 Wtf happened??

    56. Piotr Kurek

      2:30 the laugh with obvious murder intent xD

      1. FailArmy


    57. pegadinhas pegadinhas

      0:16 Golf ball: hey are you there? *the balls* : thumbs up

    58. SuperTime2Change

      Fails +1. Music -1.

    59. Eiko Final

      " we don't have ice coffee rn" " Well, can I get some fresh coffee on ice then?" " I'm sorry, what?" It's like Tim Hortons employees don't understand that ice coffee isn't some arbitrary creation that, isn't bound by law to be made a certain way. "Oh but, it dilutes the product!" Have you ever had ice coffee in the evening? It's basically all they do. Just keep adding ice...

      1. Eiko Final

        @NitrogenFume but getting a different roast blend at the end of the day before closing is a total whiplash experience. In all honesty, at least at Starbucks. They understand what your asking for when, you do ask for it. Timmies though... You sometimes get people who haven't even started ESL classes at cash or drive through... It's just more effort then it's worth. And Mcdicks... Well, they seem to not understand what a ice coffee is... I used to drink sweetened milk as a child. Thinking that, that's what adult did. I'm 30 now... And it seems that its all they serve is sweetned milk

      2. fuzz428

        It’s the best way to dissolve the sugar, actually

      3. NitrogenFume

        I used to work for Starbucks, and our district manager got mad as shit when he heard the other baristas and I would offer to do that. Never underestimate the pettiness of fast food corporations.

    60. Valentino gento


    61. James Wilkerson

      2:25 that hilarious laugh after he noticed the TV's not broken

      1. Max Parsons

        I thought it was Prince Charles for a second being honest

    62. Young Stretch Music

      Suh dude

    63. Carlos Blank

      5:18 beautiful feet 😍🤤😍

    64. Gabriel Biajoli

      So boring

    65. Васиссуалий Пупканович

      Not funny at all!!

    66. StuckAtHome

      what was mantis doing

    67. Badfinger Mcgee

      Huge water leak. Sopping wet carpet. Electricity on. Barefoot. Hmph.

    68. Beast Barracuda

      4:32 what song is it and what is it called??

    69. Rodrigo Herebia

      Thanks guys for coming back with "fails of the week"! 🇧🇷

    70. Jonathan


    71. - --


    72. GKFC

      3:45 I have no idea what they're doing but damn it sure does make me laugh.

    73. 4 Degree

      1:00 blue nuts right there 😂

    74. Iamtop

      1:37 Could have warned him instead of laughing.... It is a fail at being a human being more than a trailer fail.

      1. IF YOU’RE 555 THEN I’M 666

        FailArmy sure

      2. FailArmy



      4:37 ~💖 I t ‘ s v I b I n 💖~

    76. BLUE PANDA


    77. awallner1

      5:37 reminds me of Tommy Boy.

    78. Blanca rosa Armas

      Jajaja, genial! Me gustó la chica que se inclina como declararandoce matrimonio con un anillo y luego se cae detrás 😁😂👍🇦🇷 saludos desde Buenos Aires Argentina 🇦🇷

    79. Isai Ned


      1. Isai Ned


    80. Phillup Screw driver

      4:44 😂😂😂🤣🤣😂😂😂😂

    81. Misa Velvet

      I keep turning off the video when music starts

    82. Eyy

      4:23 GYAAAAAAAAD

    83. Yolie

      RIP printer 🖨🤣

    84. Martina Kramer

      Some people are just idiots but sometimes people are just having a fail or a bad day 😂

      1. FailArmy

        Too true lol

    85. Last Name First Name

      Even 2020 fails Suck...what a shitty year...

    86. Yusuf Eltalkhawy


    87. Siti Adella Dwi Korianto

      Last one tho

    88. Johnnyp

      Good job on the newer content. Effin funny!!!

    89. Dan Arthur

      4:06 the youngest dead inside ever

    90. Davies Priska

      2:30 that sounds 🤣

    91. Cityvibe5

      5:50 Montevideo Uruguay: registro civil,gracias

    92. Lilithofeden1

      Watched Siegel hang on that guy's nose like 20 times I couldn't have stopped laughing!

    93. Sanjana Korabathina

      Love failarmy

    94. Karl_Drogo55

      3:40 wasnt exactly a fail I mean lol...Talk about a save

      1. Keep Crying


    95. Karl_Drogo55

      They didn't have any Iced coffee??

    96. Tauron Wayne

      O véio da televisão é o Cazalbé? Risada feia, mano! Hahaha

    97. Mélanie Roussel

      3:30 Instant KARMA!!!! 😂😂😂

    98. Steve V

      So, after 10 and past years watching fail/ instant karma/trynottolaughchallenge-kind videos on you tube, and given the fact that most of the people obviously don't know that what they are recording is ending up in a fail kinda situation, then i just wonder: what, for godness sake, just WHAT pepole find soooo interesting in filming themselves doing even the ordinary stuff of life? That is something that i literally just can't figure out

    99. Illogical Media

      00:54 Anyone else pay more attention to the guy on the bicycle waving his knife as passing traffic?

    100. Jamal Belgium

      استغفر الله العظيم الذي لا اله الا هو الحي القيوم واتوب اليه