TRY NOT TO LAUGH - Best BACK TO SCHOOL Fails Compilation 2020 | FailArmy


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    Congrats to the Class of 2020! Enjoy the best fails our education system has to offer! Be cool, stay in school!
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    1. ArashiKorosu

      40% or more reused clips that I already saw on this channel, starting to get boring

    2. Nemanja Nemanjaa

      4:30 ahhhhh again

    3. Charmander Dev


    4. Zariah Ceaser

      He accidentally joined zoom

    5. Neil Slater

      3:38 pain.

    6. Patches33001

      Gotta love seeing clips they’ve reused 5 times already ._.

    7. Broken JPEG

      0:46 Most certainly the best one.

    8. Forgyx Fox

      @FailArmy at 0:57 where can i find that original video ? Where the girl band is busking and the chicks electric piano falls down.

    9. Doctor Jones

      tf was that last one?

    10. iaketano

      Guy at 00:20 got every damn chick around him After that

    11. S D'Silva

      I don't like the last clip. . specially if a poor janitor has to clean it up later .. That much of paper is half of Amazon

    12. Dachshund momma Luv

      The bike😅😂🤣

    13. DamienGamer 15

      4:10 My favorite! 😂🤣😂🤣 He should’ve muted his mic lol

    14. HANSIKA

      00:19 the moment when the principal enters the class. 00:22 when the principal leaves the class And you don't care if the teacher is there or not 😂😂

    15. Christian Durr

      4:00 the only 2020 clip

      1. HANSIKA

        You know it

    16. Harry Tabb Music

      5:30 literaly the entire amazon rainforest fell down those stairs

      1. HANSIKA


    17. Enzo Senyk


    18. Thomas Kelliher

      Those poor custodians

    19. Teri Le Veque

      Fail army used to make me so happy because I would laugh so hard, but now it just makes me feel sad.

    20. 020 AJAXX

      3.07 is like the ghetto Olympics dude

    21. Drewsky88

      2:51 I have never seen somebody run like that

    22. Ray Adams

      Love the paper drop

    23. PokerNick

      Oh, what I would like to bitch slap them so hard that they reapear in the next century. Just because they are so annoyingly stupid.

    24. Mi gi

      It sucks to be a teen in 2020!

      1. Mi gi

        @HANSIKA Good for you 👍🏻

      2. HANSIKA

        I am 12 😉 heehheeh😂😂

    25. SmallDoku Official

      1:56 2Pac & Biggie

    26. Janet the HipGyp

      It was so funny except for the JMs

    27. K Garcia

      My daughter graduated in 2020 we had to do a drive thru graduation

    28. Wassup Maddafuk

      Not one single clip is from 2020

    29. Wassup Maddafuk

      This channel was good in 2016... now it’s recycled bs.

    30. Ernesto Rodriguez

      1:15 top 10 biggest plot twists

    31. Gd Ninox

      Rumour has it, the paper is still falling

    32. UnPocoDeTodo Fuerza y honor


    33. redcinos

      I hope class of 2021 have better IQ

    34. Nayan Nair

      0:49 that girl was just trying to be alone and shit but that guy ruined it😂

      1. Chad Mower

        Nayan Nair that was the best one

    35. Maria Jose

      Hello my name is Kauã de Lima da Silva im from Brazil Rio de janeiro os School Califórnia Los Angeles ?

    36. Moaben St. Louis


    37. David Englebert

      Creepy I am the 667th comment

    38. Sjoerd Jaspers


    39. Christopher Bailey


    40. Aige


    41. Nicole H-H

      Hope that little kid at 2:55 was okay. What a sweetheart.

    42. Mooncookies780

      5:26 🤣🤣🤣

      1. HANSIKA

        Just think if you by mistake fell from the steps and somebody threw a stone😂😂😂 I would have but not on some body I know

    43. Andrew Green

      why was dude 2:02 not wearing any pants tho??? ahahahaha

    44. Darío Cañete

      Thais is fun

    45. sergeant mason

      5:30 Why.....just why

      1. HANSIKA

        They are crazy b***hes

    46. Juanguiii13

      none of these videos are from 2020

    47. AC3 Vlogs

      Fail army: class of 1020 The sign in the background: 2016 ( 0:55)

    48. Fair

      Bruh, the lady hit the short bus

    49. Half Baked420

      Y all these have the same videos in them like can’t u find new ones

    50. Miss Mausoleum

      Some of these clips all I have to say in my best Woody and Kleiny voice is: UN-LUH-GEE!😂

      1. HANSIKA

        Bruh I liked all the four comments...

    51. DeadCanDance

      wtf happened at 3:34, didnt get it

    52. John Doe Smith

      Kids are stoopid....adults are stoopider

    53. Emma Louise

      0:39 what an idiot, what did he think was going to happen? 😂

    54. GiedriusLTU

      0:54 EX-posed

    55. sergio giovanny

      The custodian standing by in the last video 👁 👄 👁


      Thank God I grew up in the 80s where no one recorded what we did.

      1. Chad Mower

        90s here. We would have been in trouble

      2. HANSIKA


    57. The Z

      The best era of technology wasted on the worst generation so far. I hate millennials

    58. AlbinConnard

      Ok so FailARmy just recycle every clip they got, well time to leave then. So long

    59. LeeFred78

      Don't phones have a horizontal mode too?

    60. Clever Fox YT


    61. Plush boy 2000

      0:45 funniest clip

    62. hunner1210

      :57 a Northern European school for sure

    63. wt martin

      Do the camera-phones held vertically also count as fails? If so, this one extra fail-y!

    64. BalloonKidsTV Jazz_Marley_TV

      WTF witch school is this ?? at the end ? i'ts amazing

    65. Sava Steinbergs

      rip the kid at 3:46 XD

    66. Muhammad Rahadiansyah

      I don't get all the "throwing your notes out" ritual like in American School. Like isn't that your notes? The points of writing them down is to study them dowm the line right?


      Those morons still dont know how to film sideways... after 10 years... i lost all hope...

    68. NayLouise24

      Do you get points for hurdles? That guy one but he knocked almost everyone... So, whats the point?

    69. Rjm0007

      0:24 the fail here is shooting an air ball on a free throw

    70. Thabo Motsoane

      Uhhhhh. army....I saw said "what are you doing this weekend?" And it said it was from fail army...

    71. Chris Thomas


    72. FireAmongUs 1

      0:48 I’m dying😅😅🤣🤣😂

    73. DarianFisher

      more fails by this channel showing recycled videos

    74. Panteli Paschalidis

      Nelk boi in online class

    75. 88mates

      Nobody: Janitor: 5:30 i'm not cleaning this

    76. trevor

      i have never seen so many papers in my life bro 5:33

    77. Opal Robinson

      I always just take the Fail Army titles as a suggestion, since clearly they don’t even try to hide the fact their videos are recycled. However, zoom call fails would be appropriate.

    78. Kyle Minton

      I was in tears with laughter with 3:59 😂😂

    79. Chocolate Vodka

      The “almost made it” was the cutest thing ever!!

    80. LS6-SS

      0:12 was she Asian? 🤣

    81. Mon Rosales

      I feel bad for whoever had to clean all that mess at 5:28

    82. awakenedmemories

      I feel bad for the guy who has to clean up that mess in the last clip 😂

    83. ZauzTheBlacksmith

      0:18 I like how that teacher was raving just as much as the students there. I know a lot that would just go "Enough! This is a classroom! You did that on purpose to distract the others!"

    84. Eddie Salgado

      Hence the covid19

    85. William Kim

      2:51 so cute🥺🥺

    86. Sammy Galal

      5:31 I feel so bad for their school janitor

    87. Thomas A

      "can you please put on your shirt, sir" Uh negative, he ripped it

    88. spacewurm

      2:15 hope the "special people" were ok in their special people bus.

    89. Osagie E. Guobadia

      And that is why, I graduated high school since 2016 and never ever let anything go between my education and fun! : )

    90. Stan Keebals

      :35 That rung his bell

    91. SADat4AM

      05:33 janitor "well im not fucking cleaning that

    92. SADat4AM

      03:47 harry potter

    93. Gustavo Gomez

      Bajaron la calidad. Algunos ni se ven. Elijan mejor para armar los videos. Estoy suscripto y me gustaría seguir estando. Mejor tarden más tiempo en subir pero hagan mejores los videos como antes

    94. 900 Subscribe Subscribers without video

      "Don't lie who's been a fan of FailArmy for more than a day" (He just commented on my newest video omg)

    95. Dory Rodriguez

      3:59 MY FAVORITE by far! Shame I graduated I wanted one of these online sessions! This guy had me DYING 😂

    96. DiscombobulatedBran

      Me taint be oily