Pets, Interrupted (January 2020) | FailArmy


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    We love our pets, but sometimes they can make life harder. This week we have a collection of pets coming out of nowhere to ruin a good thing! This is Pets, Interrupted.
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    تاریخ انتشار پیش 10 ماه


    1. Aaron

      Buen video me hizo reír 😂

    2. Anbu Hyuga

      6:07 But why though?

    3. Hemlata Mishra


    4. eddie Espinoza

      What the heck at 3:12 two lesbains they said want to marry I feel likeim going to throw UP DISGUSTING

    5. faith britt

      7 page muda

    6. Kellie Thornton

      Political corruption, fires, droughts, hurricanes, plague, racism... I needed this video today lol

    7. Hunter Lucas

      Let’s see what else interrupted January of 2020🤨😅

    8. Estanislaa Dominguez

      encanted me

    9. yuli lopez

      Super que buen video gracias

    10. SquireL Slayer

      Me like when animals stop thots from doing thot shit.

    11. ummay mustafa

      I heard Satan lives in black dogs 🧐

    12. Emitt Evans

      Too cute all of them! I enjoyed this vid!

    13. ana guillen

      3:30 Young Dr. House

    14. PosiTivity' NATURE

      First one is 🤣🤣🤣

    15. أبو نورة

      3:21 😂😂

    16. บ้านนอกสไตล์ By NaySun&Gina


    17. Kelsea Nova

      My cats rule my life. I have to clear my desk and side tables at night so they dont knock stuff over, I also cant leave my office chair for too long or one will take my spot. Moved all my equipment around so my cat had a place to lay on my desk while I work.

    18. pedro cmpns


    19. Sonia D.

      😂stupendo!!!! 👏😂😂💕

    20. raquel febre zabala


    21. Шмелька Сабит

      6 : 05 the best 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👍👍👍

    22. Knight Chime

      porn thumbnail

    23. Heidi Nolen

      The guy on the treadmill. Awesome.

    24. Nonya Bidness

      4:10... Happiest cat EVAR

    25. Dagon Ming

      in that first clip the man must have told the dog and cat to be QUIET but never told them to stop playing because they NEVER make a sound

    26. xxGOKUxx

      In the opening of the video, is that Stephen Root?

    27. Youtoofoo

      That tune reminds of futurama. Nice vid.

    28. Carlos M.Aliaga

      Lovely Pets.... ❤️

    29. Confused Tuba

      Dog biting treadmill guy and dog biting chameleon girl were the best.

    30. The Salazar Law Firm Atlanta

      The guy on the treadmill!! I'm dead!! 🤣🤣

    31. Michael Ford

      For a second I thought that chicken was in a guille suit....

    32. Lorenz Cobretti

      so cute!

    33. Ivanhoe Galahad


    34. YaYa love


    35. bluesky1986

      This is why Dogs are the Greatest animal ever and better than 99.999998% of humans.

    36. gato felix :D


    37. Mr. Nonayabizniz

      2nd clip, that dog's into facesitting/smothering, don't blame him.

    38. Guerrera Gautier PR


    39. Vickey Ortiz

      Pets are awesome ❤️

    40. Guiillle Px


    41. Ana Cristina Santana


    42. Reyna Garibay


    43. Dianis Quezada

      Hahaha I can't 😂😂🤣🤣 they're just perfect 😻🤩

    44. Night Djacket


    45. Loshnee Naidoo

      😂😂so funny

    46. Vinicius Rhuann


    47. Tatiana Mamatcheshvili


    48. Brittany Fields

      Wtf happened at 4:05

    49. Helena Rodrigues Monsignatte

      Coitado do gato ter que ouvir esses ensaios. Kkkkkkkkk

    50. Nico Russo

      Guys, just know dogs can be even worse than cats in the jerk department. Hence clip 3.

    51. Kimberly Collins

      The first one happens a million times a day at my housr

    52. sandra fatima

      É o melhor de todos

    53. Letícia Alc


    54. Ana Maria Pelin


    55. The Cat

      Que lindos

    56. Lara Beatriz

      Muito bom!! ❤️💞

    57. Deplorable 007

      3:34 yes, I am here. I am hypno-kitty.

    58. Miranda Meyhem

      Animals are great lol.

    59. P K

      2:54 ummm, so that is what dogs food fells like.

    60. Акерке Абдез


    61. Yazmyn Montgomery

      Lmao when the gloss said chomp

    62. TE BAfanthroughnthrough

      Lol! Thanks for the laughs!

    63. Belinda Lovely bee


    64. Рита Беретарь

      Ой, как красиво бежит по беговой дорожке мужчина🙂🙂🙂🌹🌹🌹! Как ручкой размахивает 🙂🙂🙂

    65. Лилия Салихова


    66. Renee S

      That was the cutest 😀

    67. Nutria Divina

      1:15 Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii~~

    68. Claudia Tov

      Los animales son maravillosos!!!

    69. keileane Saraiva da Silva

      O que seria do nós se não fosse os animais

    70. Alma Rosa Zarazua


    71. Bmoj Jj

      Cats always interrupt with camera in sexy moment

    72. Christine Duval

      Love it

    73. Clarisse Gomez

      This guy face is priceless 🤣🤣🤣

    74. Lourdes Rivera


    75. Marta Barbalho

      Que lindos amei

    76. Nani


    77. magdalena aleksandra


    78. Titian Titiam


    79. Amber Leitao

      The dog is biting the man’s feet on the treadmill because he’s mad he doesn’t have shoes on… Even the dog knows you’re supposed to wear shoes when you exercise 😂😂😂😂😂 double fail hahah

      1. Rikudo Otsutsuki

        Thqt and he want to go on a walk too

      2. beeveebee

        @Not2008Me They are the form fitting 'toe shoes'. They fit like gloves for your feet. Feels like being barefoot, but with a little protection. Toe socks are really comfortable to me. I wear them in my regular shoes they work out great.

      3. Not2008Me

        even the dog knew he wasn't serious about working out....I'm fat, I can say that lol

      4. Not2008Me

        @Negra what are those?

      5. Negra

        He was wearing Vibrams...

    80. GÜL ANNE

      Süper video my friend süper beatlful Süper 🐕🐩🐶🐈🐱🐕🐶👌👌👌

    81. J.

      0:10 John Goodman

    82. TallestLegend

      Everyone is badass until your pet takes the spot light.

    83. manduheavy vazquez

      4:01 jajajajajaja lol. Greatness

    84. Jonathas David

      The first one is my little sister and me fighting.. Lol

    85. Sir Tko


    86. anaviveri

      0:03 is everything

    87. Thierry Gilliot Marillier

      🤣😂😅 Le mec en premier est dépité

    88. schuetze_jack

      the first man is probably an it project manager

    89. Mikayla H

      So I wasn’t gonna watch but then it auto played in the feed and I saw the man with the cat on the chair and the dog play fighting and I couldn’t resist lol 😂

    90. Da Chemist


    91. Dace Jaunzeme

      :-D oh gosh :-D

    92. Nakama's Heart

      Now we see why the man in the second video cant reach his weight loss goals. That bitch Nixon 😂😂

    93. Marco Furlan

      How Can u say no to them

    94. Jorge Sanders


    95. Isaias Reis

      0:23he's like: here is the good stuff

    96. Denise ALVES

      Muito bom 👏👏👏👏👏👏😍😍

    97. Denise ALVES

      Esses pets são demais amo 🤩🤩🤣🤣😍😍😍😁

    98. Claudia Eréndira Robledo Gámez


    99. Lucia Lopez

      Jaja son unos loquillos ..que lindos

    100. John Blaine

      I love animals ...